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Welcome to the Alchemist Cafe



And shew comes with important information:The Cafe's very own Karma The Last Sin is now making a video or youtube- featuring members of the cafe!
He says that if you would like to be in it, please PM him and he'll tell you all about it. 3nodding

Oh, I cant wait to see how it turns out! heart

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exclaim Follow the Gaia Terms of Service.
exclaim NO CYBERING!
exclaim No making fun of, attacking, or in any way harming newbies!
exclaim Absolutely NO SPAMMMING!! This includes advertising of any kind, as well as anything else the owners or bouncers consider to be spam. I'll put you on the Black List!
exclaim Treat all newcommers with RESPECT! (Please try to at least aknowledge them!)
exclaim No begging for gold!
(SinOfEnvy Says: There's a whole different forum for that. Take your begging THERE. The Charity/Quests Forum)
exclaim Don't act in any way that could be explained as "n00bish behavior"! (or else you face me, Reiya *scaaaary* or Momo! Or worse?Yumi! If you are a n00b, she will be the bane of your existence due to her freaky way of making you seem like a moron without actually saying anything against you xd )
exclaim No major fights/god modding. If you MUST fight, make in IN-CHARACTER, make it FAIR, and make it FUN. If it's not fun, then it's not a duel for the sake of roleplaying a duel, and must therefore be classified as nasty unwanted violence.
exclaim Please report ANY fights/arguments you see/are involved in! I MUST take care of these issues to ensure peace in the cafe!!
exclaim Any talk or fights about "the tape" (referring to an RP that got out of hand) will be either banned or warned, depending on the circumstances. scream
exclaim No posting of pictures that have blatant sex or sexual parts or anything pornographic in them. This is a violation of the Gaia Terms of Service and you will be IMMEDIATELY placed on the Blacklist for it.
exclaim In most cases, Blacklisting is on a three-strikes system. This basically means that if you commit a blatant, deliberate violation of the rules or of the Gaia TOS three times, you will be placed on the Blacklist. Bouncers can reccomend people for the Blacklist, but samuraigal329 has the final say in Blacklisting.
exclaim If you have been put on the Blacklist and post in the Cafe anyway, you will be reported to a Gaia moderator.
exclaim Do not troll/attack anyone RPing an anime/manga/video game character. (Like Edward Elric or Cloud Strife) If it happens that you meet an RPer RPing the same character as you are, please just take it as a funny coincidence. No fighting over "who is a better RPer", please.
exclaim Please, try to keep your pants on. sweatdrop

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I. OWNER: samuraigal329

II WAITRESSES------------------------------------VI DJs

1.) Khana Naragumo------------------------------1.) marauderrei
2.) Yumi Arishima ---------------------------------2.) Lacus.C
3.) angellpup070 -----------------------------------3.) Spicer24
4.) Marie Gourmont -------------------------------4.) MrsAizuElric
5.) UchihaKaren------------------------------------- 5.) NinjaTails
6.) Hinata_07
7.) T-demon aka Kuma

III WAITRESSES-----------------------------------VII CHEFS

1.) ryukosuaru---------------------------------------1.) Ji42792
2.) blakat1313---------------------------------------2.) U.S.M.C General
3.) Darth Karros-------------------------------------3.)wizkid17
4.) akirui

IV BARTENDERS----------------------------------VIII BOUNCERS

1.) Dragon Alchemest-----------------------------1.) Blazer-Z
2.) shadowlink4 -------------------------------------2.) Blu Ryder
3.) SharinganPhoenix -----------------------------3.) Yumi Arishima
4.) T3h.Sill3h. ----------------------------------------4.) Appallo
5.) ScaredCrow the Spiffy------------------------ 5.) Areo_Rake
6.) dArth~Angel04----------------------------------- 6.) Sirus7009
7.) loser265 ------------------------------------------- 7.) Veridel Hibiki
8.) Ranmyaku Inferuno
9.) takahashi1
10.) Miso Ramen

V EVENT PLANNERS------------------------------IX ENTERTAINERS
------------------------------------------------ (singing, dancing, stand up comedy, ect.)
1.) [~.Akira.~] ------------------------------------------1.) Altan_1038
2.) Luna n Flora ----------------------------------------2.) Sakura_Miyamoto
3.) Chrono Q Clepsydra -----------------------------3.) Veridel Hibiki
4.) ilovcandi ----------------------------------------------4.) dragon_queenie
5.) kyo_kun_luver --------------------------------------5.) Henada
(Owner Helps) -------------------------------------------6.) Dark Bliss

X SUBSTITUTES----------------------------------------GARBAGE MEN

1.) LiLchiRikO -------------------------------------------1.) timeinabubble

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(4-28-06 = Jobs List Updated! Shifted things around a bit to try to get the numbers more equal on each side. ^.^)

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

1.) junior_99_99_99
2.) vivo2330
3.) Mr. Skippido
4.) Guardanith
5.) ~=-Hitlers_swastika-=~
6.) [muffin.of.death]
7.) Maikuno102
8.) Brandan Cromartie
9.) Demon_godess_of_satan
10.)The Obsidian Spear- ON PAROLE

10.)Forsaken Decay

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samuraigal329 - Blade Alchemist
Kimana - Onyx Alchemist
Satouki - Elemental Alchemist
Rubai Sora - Frozen Alchemist
diverguy - Aqua Lung Alchemist
Genken_Storm_Alchemist - Storm Alchemist
angelpup070 - Dark Alchemist
Reiya Mustang - Aqua Mist Alchemist
T-demon - Thunder Alchemist
Drake_The_Fire - Thermal Core Alchemist
Youkosama - Death Alchemist
Sakura_Miyamoto - Pure Light Alchemist
Veridel Hibiki - Sonicboom Alchemist
Appalllo - Wandering Samurai Alchemist
Blazer-Z - StoneWall Alchemist
Chrono Q Clepsydra - Oblivion Alchemist AKA Midnight Thunder Alchemist
isan_de_la_rose - Mirror Zodiac Alchemist
crazed alchemist - Crazed Alchemist
Nitane_Miyamoto - Time Alchemist
`Ed Elric` - Atomic Number Alchemist
Yunimori_ColdSteel - Coldsteel Alchemist
Hawkuro - Santryuu Alchemist
HokageAlchemist - Snowfire Alchemist
T-demon aka Kuma - Thunder Alchemist
BambooPanda124 - Lightning Alchemist
Shuina_Minamino - Animal Alchemist
Sirus7009 - Angel Alchemist
satzuni - Aqua Alchemist
Alex Wolfshadow - Crimson Flame Alchemist
[~Soka-kun~] - Electric Alchemist
Loki_16 - Lone Alchemist
ryukosuaru - Sub-Zero Alchemist
Ame15 - Daydreaming Alchemist
inuyasha_lilsis - Fire Alchemist
Crusader74 - Genocide Alchemist
Shadow of the Destined - High Kick Alchemist
angelic kitty44 - Rouge Alchemist
Disturbad_Angel - Water Alchemist
Thalia Ravenscroft - Silent Alchemist
Blu Ryder - Dark Raven Alchemist
Yumi Arishima - Shadow Alchemist
x^x Edward Elric x^x - Wandering Alchemist
Kanaowri Jelakai (Username: Ashari the Warrior) - Blue Sea Alchemist
Khana Naragumo - Earth Alchemist
Jennaveve - Wind Alchemist
Renalla - The Blood Alchemist
Kuro KibiKibi - The Medical Alchemist
Vattie - The Electrical Alchemist
Gloria Elric - The Bloody Angel Alchemist
Dragon Alchemest - Dragon of Ice Alchemist
SharinganPhoenix - Darkfire Alchemist
blakat1313 - Magic Bullet Alchemist
darkkeyrin - The Chemical Alchemist
ilovcandi - Aznmoonlight Alchemist
Elyen - The Jade Alchemist
shadowlink4 - Demonic Twin Blade Alchemist
Jennaveve - Wind Alchemist
Theherooftime - YTriforce Alchemist
Mithos ~ Yggdrasil - Hellfire Alchemist
Noah Illumanus - Marid Djinn Alchemist
=Manifest Destiny= - Al Na'ir Alchemist
wizkid17 - Planeswalker Alchemist
RubyDragon1391 - Flare Alchemist
Rip Bluesummers - Silver Alchemist
Rikku Stampede - Death's Angel Alchemist
raven2364 - Blood Water Alchemist
Pashchan - The Fangirl Alchemist
x^xWinter Moonx^x - Ice Heart Alchemist
Sunaruku025 - Sun Alchemist
SeraphymPriest - Sound Alchemist
MrsAizuElric - Phoenix ALchemist
The Original Prof - Forbidden Alchemist
riniT - Nature Alchemist
timeinabubble - Garbage Alchemist
Lacus.C - Lily Alchemist
Keigoku - Regaling Alchemist
evil_ruler_of_the_devil69 - Bloodlover Alchemist
Narukai - Crimson Alchemist
kyo_kun_luver - Kawaii Metal Alchemist
[.Yuumei.] - Eternal Ice Alchemist
Phader - Reality Alchemist
Sh4x0r - Hyper Alchemist
Spicer24 - Haylin Alchemist
x~x Miko x~x - Light Angel Alchemist
vashfan19 - cursed alchemist
LiLchiRikO - Mist Alchemist
thunderlot-Wolf Alchemist
Xx_Riku_san_xX:Creature Alchemist
Reioskei - Kyonshee Alchemist
naruto.hokaghi - Organic Steel Alchemist
elemanata360 - Blind Alchemist
Izumi_Shaman - Burning Water Alchemist
Damion Xai- Shade Steel Alchemist


User Image
In case you're new, or you don't already know, the Alchemist Cafe is primarily (keyword primarily) a role-playing thread. If you need some help with role-playing, go here.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Veridel's Circle Shop! For all your transmutation needs.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ethenae's Avi Art Shop! Alchemist Cafe regulars agree: Ethenae-sama's art rules!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Note From the Owner

I thank you very much for visiting my humble caf顠I hope you enjoy it here. I would like to point out that as of 2/2/06, we had remodeled the cafe. If you have been absent and have just arrived back, please contact me (samuraigal329) and I will add you back onto the jobs list/nicknames list. Please title this PM "add me back on". Thank you! Also, if you have any complaints or reports, please PM me!! I MUST know about ANY major fights/arguments going on! Also, if you have any suggestions about how to make this caf頢etter than it already is, please don?t hesitate to PM me at any time! Last, I would like to point out that the nicknames/Homunculi list is ONLY for people who want to be regulars here at our caf鮠We cannot have titles taken from ones who will come more often than the one who wants their title there just to make themselves feel special, got it? Also, do not be discouraged if your title/job is not posted immediately. I wait until a certain time until I update. Thank you!

Thank you for listening to my rambling, and I hope you enjoy yourself at my caf顛/size]

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SinOfEnvy's Notes

Hi guys, it's your friendly co-manager of the Homunculus List and layout-person of the front page, SinOfEnvy speaking. I'd just like to say...if Chrono has to be so harsh in his notes, it really says to me how much crap he's gotten over this list. This is just wrong. Really. Chrono is doing a great favor for everyone by working on this list for everyone, and the fact that people give him grief about it makes me want to do nasty things to the perpetrators. stare So you people who gave Chrono grief (and you know who you are *points Accusing Finger of Death*), STOP. And you people who have no idea what we're talking about, just be friendly to Chrono in requesting to be put on the list. Respect is mutual, remember, guys? So yeah. Let's all just play nice, please, and then everything will be okay, so we don?t have to do anything drastic like taking down the list again. And if everyone doesn't play nice, the beatings will begin. *pounds fist into hand* wink mrgreen

P.S. - If any of the Homunculi on the List would like thier name in a different color (like it is for the Seven Deadly Sins and Chrono) please PM me (not Chrono or Sam; PM SinOfEnvy) with the color you'd like it to be. mrgreen


Yumi Arishima's Notes

Hey Yumi here, and the updated layout completed as of 3/15/06 is done by me! I?m proud of myself because I accomplished something today. I'm such an amateur, I can honestly say I really didn't know what I was doing. Really, Envy-san, was it necessary to make it so complicated?? If I made any mistakes?gomen!! but I had so much fun doing it...!

Something I?d like to make clear. I am not a nice person. I wish people wouldn?t take advantage of what little niceness I have and beg for donations, which, sadly, I tend to give because I am such a kind soul.
Oi what an oxymoron. But really. I have a dream too, you know?and if I keep giving out gold at the rate I am now, I?ll never get to my goal. If 1600 people donated 100g each, I would reach my goal. But seeing as that is unlikely, I had better keep my gold. My gold. Not. Yours.
P.S. - For all of you who give me grief about being x^xEdward Elricx^x's girlfriend...seriously. Grow up. And while you're at it, STOP flaming me! You know who you are.


Featured Icons

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Each are individual pictures. Right click, save as.
Credits: Right - jinglestan; Center - lady_redrum; Right - Icon by skycons, Art by hime1999
SinOfEnvy's Reason for These Icons This Time Around:
OMG Movie spoilers! *covers eyes* wink

User ImageUser ImageUser Image


Writer of Front Page and Cafe Owner: samuraigal329
Manager of Homunculus List: Chrono Q Clepsydra
Front Page Layout Editor: SinOfEnvy
Front Page Layout Co-Editor: Yumi Arishima

Please Note: I can only give credit where I can find and/or remember it. Unfortunately, the credits weren't recorded for all of these images. If anyone knows who made the icons or did the art for any images that don't have credits, please PM me. ~SinOfEnvy

"Rules" Icons:
-----Left - Skycons
-----Center - care_chan
-----Right - Skycons
"Jobs" Icons:
-----Center - Art: hime1999; Icon: Skycons
"Blacklist" Icons:
-----Right - tekla
"Nicknames" Icons:
-----Left - kaylachan14 of livejournal.com (link not availible)
-----Right - Skycons
Homunculi List Icons:
-----Left - animethief92
"Links" Icons:
-----Left - Skycons
-----Center - Skycons
-----Right - Skycons
"Note From the Owners" colorbar: Bratja, an Edward and Alphonse Elric Shrine
"Note About the Homunculi List" colorbar: Skycons
Credits Header Icons: See the Illusion of a Bluebird Community

Fullmetal Alchemist is the property of Hiromu Arakawa, Square-Enix, and Studio BONES.
*walks in* This... is interesting.
*Walks inside then looks around* Hm... Seems friendly enough...
*walks in* This... is interesting.

hello. would you like something to drink?
*Walks in* Hm...
Babblement. D: *tumbles out of thread*
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Aren't we all?
Dude, i don't understand why nobody would reply to this. I LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist!!!!!! 4laugh heart

SO DO I! heart
Wierd place here... 0-0
Hey..glad to see you all love FMA
*walks in* This... is interesting.

hello. would you like something to drink?
Koolant please! ^.^
Need any bartenders? I'll apply 3nodding

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