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Natalie chuckled. "Yeah, I am gettin' tired. I think I came in mutterin' somethin' about needing chocolate and dinner and bed!" she admitted. "So I might actually have to take a raincheck on din---whoa! Are you okay?"

Jorgen was dripping blood everywhere, and Natalie was alarmed, to say the least!

((I can do one more and then I have to send Nat to bed. My brain's beginning to shut down! crying ))
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==== ☠ ====

xxxxxxxxIt didn't take to long to blast the stuffed thing to ash, but Nico was satisfied anyways. That unholy, blue, jerkish, soap-opera-watching, dog-like fairy was probably gone by now. Though Nico swore she wouldn't miss him. All she could think about was how her ex-best friend Hope had a much cooler partner... an ANGEL. And what did Nico get? An annoying blue fairy who had the loyalty of a goldfish.

"It's times like these that I envy Hope for having Crystal as a partner. God if you're listening, please give me a better partner.

xxxxxxxxNico left her bazooka by the rows of comic books and plopped back down on the couch.
==== ☠ ====

【==== ☠ Location: ====】 Cafe.
【==== ☠ Feeling: ====】 Better.
【==== ☠ Thoughts: ====】 ❝Someone like Crystal...❞
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Vincent looks over to the guys, "It is a very messy situation when you have to deal with him. A lot of times he will play mind games with you to drive you crazy. Then once you go crazy your guard be let down and you could be trapped in the illusion world or he may kill you on the spot. All of these people here except for 4 people he played the mind games." He keeps looking around and taking more sips out of the chalice.
Watt remained in his silent introspective mood, startlingly silent. Lester, on the other hand, was watching Jorgen with barely restrained curiosity. Neither seemed overly worried by Nico's coping mechanisms involving large explosives and stuffed animals.

"Mind games?" Lester asked. When Jean's answer was her gaze flicking toward the kitchen and then back again, the man sucked in a breath. He understood. This 'Hatter' had crossed a line most feared to tread.
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"Hrm? It's abnormal, but I'm ok. It's not mine." He avoided rubbing his hands on his pants and scrambled to grab some tissue as a little more dripped from his nose but he gave up and held his hands to his nose, "I'm just having a day. Rain check for sure, though we have more in those by now than real cash." He smirked and gathered a bit of white fabric between his hands to stop the bleeding, and it worked just fine, it wasnt gushing but his ears were dripping more steadily, "Really." It was just an annoyance but more so for the kind of attention it brough, "Get your chocolate and get to bed, hey?"
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Natalie chewed her lower lip. The fact that it wasn't Jorgen's blood was more disturbing than the idea that it was. Maybe his race is like vampires or something?

"I--I do need chocolate. And bed," she murmured. She gave him a ghost of a smile and said, "I've got a long shift at work tomorrow, but I'll see ya later this week, okay? Sorry I have to cut out on ya. Just so tired...G'night!"

She refilled her iced mocha and scurried upstairs to bed, shivering. I don't know why I'm all shook up by a little blood, but somehow...I think there's something wrong here!

((Sleepytime for Alvie. Good night, everybody! See you guys Tuesday! emotion_zzz ))
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Moo walked in to the cafe, shivering from the cold rain outside. Hanging his raincoat, he stood by the fire for a minute to dry off before walking over to the brewer and making himself a very liberal amount of coffee.

((Out Of Coffee: ))

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