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Oh goodness. Since when did the population learn how to talk so much? Viv continued to sip on her drink as Alex babbled on and on. Yes, Alex was apparently his name. Seated, laughing, quite enjoying himself as he... Finished off the rest of his milkshake. Without even catching herself, Viv gawked at the speed as to which that milkshake was gone. Didn't he get a brain freeze or something? Apparently not, because he continued to ramble on and on. He was probably on a sugar high. Upon his idea of giving a daily-milkshake pass, Viv could only shake her head.

"No daily milkshake pass, Alex. You pay for what you buy, every day. You can't afford it, then you don't get a milkshake. It'll be $5.03, every time." Viv had figured that a milkshake was like a sundae. Sundaes were $4.99. Add tax. There it was, the price. The glass of wine? Probably cheaper. Something closer to $4.65. The tequila sunrise? Well, seeing as he was customer numero uno... The first drink was on the house. The second drink was going to be about the same price as the glass of wine. Then again, it was rail tequila. Okay so probably closer to three dollars.

Viv snapped herself out of calculating how much each of their drinks cost and gave a smile to them. The music once more changing up and thus the light show did as well. She noticed the woman sit down, a couple seats away from Alex, Clyde sat as well. The woman introduced herself as Kiana. "Pleasure to have you all in the bar. My name is Viv, I'm the owner and general manager." Figured a small introduction like that wouldn't hurt. They at least would know that she isn't just a simple bartender then. Viv gave a softer smile, not one that would be so wide as to show her sharpened fangs but just enough to let a peak of her pearly whites shine through. Her eyes scanned their glasses. Two were empty. One person's foot was tapping. Viv let her eyes fall upon Clyde's face. There was a glow about his cheeks. Soon, if he had another round, he just might be feeling it a bit more. He was speaking with Kiana, she had landed right next to him on the stools and Viv saw fit to turn and finish off her conversation with Alex. "So, you're kind of gonna be showing up a lot then, eh? Well I'm going to have to start getting ice cream portioned off then if that's going to happen. Make it ten times faster," Viv said with a gentle laugh, though it wasn't one from the heart. Ah, but appeared as though the strange, but very amusing man, was going to be leaving them. Viv nodded to him, fully expecting him to completely dip out and not return with the money. Why would he?

Alex disappeared into thin are and Viv tipped back her glass, finished off the last of her sunrise, and placed the glass in the dishwasher. Another glass was hauled up from a cooler, but this time she decided to go simple. Ice, vodka, sour. Skyy vodka to be exact. Not the cheap s**t. Giving a nod to the other two, Viv stepped towards the little door that led her out from behind the bar and actually onto the nightclub scene. It was a decent song, one that she had definitely loved to dance to when she was on her own, perhaps she could actually dance a bit without being noticed as she went to fiddle with the bass. Only three people, didn't need to have it so loud right now. Those tanned legs seemed elongated as she let her stiletto clad feet carry a swaying body across the floor. Drink in hand, her hips popping to the beat as her head bobbed up and down slightly.

Hey baby girl whatcha doin' tonight I wanna see what you got in store...Ah.
Givin' it your all whenya dancin' on me I wanna see if you can give me some more.. Ah
Hey baby..

Viv felt her body jolt to stop and start dancing to the main course of the song. But it was the middle of the neon colored dance floor and she wasn't about to embarrass herself in front of the new customers. 'Besides. I don't dance when I'm working.' Viv confirmed that now was not the time, and instead she moved herself up to the DJ stand, legs carrying her up to the familiar area and placed the drink on a nearby stool. Bending over, she would disappear from sight for a moment as she located the volume, treble, and bass. The three were located, and soon the three guests would find it to be a much more comfortable atmosphere for speaking, yet on the dance floor the speakers surround the area. It was still considerably louder than by the bar. Part of Viv regretted turning it down, but then again, the other part did not. Viv's head would pop up again, her hand once more grasping the glass of alcohol and she took a long, much needed sip.
As Clyde introduced himself, Kiana looked to him, and returned the small wave with her free hand. "Nice to meet you, Clyde." She smiled at him, and went on to continue sipping her drink. Just as she was bringing the glass from her lips, she felt Clyde, who was now seated next to her, lean in closer to her. At his statement, she chuckled lightly, and shifted her gaze to him. "Well, a classy drink, for a classy lady." A small smirk replaced her smile, and she gently set her glass on the counter. "Actually, I'm not too fond of tequila. The smell is a little too strong for my tastes." As she spoke with him, with the hand that she had used to wave at him, she was running a finger around the rim of her glass. She honestly hadn't had the drink him and the other woman had been drinking, but she could just smell the strong scent of tequila.

Hearing that Alex had to be leaving, Kiana looked to him, and offered a wave. "Bye." Her brow quirked though, as she saw the tear open in front of him, and him disappear along with it. "Huh, Kia, that's a new one." She chuckled a bit, and looked back to Clyde. As Viv introduced herself, Kiana changed her gaze from Clyde, to Viv. "So, you're the owner, huh? Well, It's nice to meet you Viv, and this is a very fine establishment you have." She watched as Viv made her way from the bar, to the nightclub portion of the establishment. She shrugged slightly as the volume was turned down a tad after a few moments, and looked back to Clyde.

She motioned to the glass he had been drinking out of. "Cute umbrella you have there." If one caught her eyes before she turned back to her drink, they would've seen the mischief present there, and the smirk on her lips was a dead giveaway as well. With the same hand that had been playing with the glass, she picked the glass up, and took a few more sips of her drink.
Almost just as soon as Alex started to warm on Clyde, he would make his exit, Clyde shrugging lightly and tossing a quick wave to the gent as he vanished in a similar style of Clyde's very own. Alex traveled through space it seemed. Clyde could just...teleport. It was instantaneous and sudden. So sudden that if you were to blink you would miss it. It was actually how he cut the distance between the entrance the the bar, though Viv hadn't apparently noticed when he arrived. But now Clyde was the solo male in the equation, both stunning women drinking within his company. He however, the first to show color from the alcohol. Clearing his throat, his gaze would follow Viv as she crossed the floor, the vision in his mind slowing down the moment as she strutted past, a small smirk turning the corners of his lips up as Viv swayed just a slight to the beat. Go cinderella.. He thought, Kiana capturing his attention while she spoke to him.

Crimson eyes widened slightly as he had been caught in his moment, eyes meeting with her lips as she spoke of the dislike of tequila and being a classy lady. With that he would lean away knowing that the scent of the liquor must've been strong on his mouth. A hand lifted to shield his lips while the other slipped down into his pants pocket, he having to stand for a moment to retrieve his gum. "Oh S-Sorry Kiana." Clyde apologized eventhough it wasn't necessary. Tanned fingers fumbled with the gum package in his pants and produced a single piece, the foil crinkling free of the gum as he then deposited it into his mouth, chewing a few times.

There. Much better. He smiled as Kiana spoke to Viv once more, complimenting the bar just as he had done when he first arrived. Though the smile would faulter as Kiana brought up his bright pink umbrella, a rather embarrased laugh tripping over his lips as his gaze fell and cursed the umbrella. "Ha! Cute? You think so?" Teeth chewed at the gum as it stretched in his mouth, one hand reaching to retrieve the umbrella and instead, hang it on the rim of her wine glass. "I'm not too fond of pink..Maybe you can appreciate it better than I?" A single eye winked to Kiana as he leaned against the bar, eyes moving to find Viv once again. "Don't take it personal though Viv.." The smirk returned as he teased, tanned fingers lightly tapping at the surface of the counter.
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Lavish Lover

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Viv had returned in time to hear Kiana appreciate the bar and compliment her. The establishment was... fine, sure. That would probably be a good compliment from a lady drinking wine at a dance club. She would take it nonetheless. "Thanks, Kiana..." though Viv's voice trailed off as she commented on the pink umbrella that Vivian had so painstakingly made sure to put on the rim of Clyde's glass. It had been a joke of her own, and she was very glad someone else had appreciated it. Viv tipped her glass up, hiding that smile of hers that she hadn't thought would have appeared so often this evening, as Clyde second guessed the 'cuteness' of the fuchsia pink umbrella. With a reach of his hand and the careful placing with his tanned fingers, Clyde had moved the pink umbrella over to Kiana's wine glass and thought that she may appreciate it better than himself.

"Don't take it personal though Viv..." Viv's eyes, deep pools that held a shimmer to them. It was almost like looking into the night sky if you paid close enough attention. Those eyes took a turn towards Clyde and a playful pout was displayed over her features. The glass of vodka sour had been pulled away, carefully cradled in her petite, tanned hands. "You don't appreciate my little gift to you? Oh but I thought you loved pink umbrellas..." Viv gave an exaggerated sigh, turning her gaze upwards from the male customer. "I suppose I just won't ever be a good bartender then, if I can't read what my customers like and don't like..." Of course this was all an act. A wonderful play put on by Vivian Stoleck herself. In her mind, the audience was applauding with gusto. And that, ladies and gentlemen, broke her little act and the pout slowly turned to a sly grin. Obviously, she was not offended. With a gentle laugh, though mostly muffled by the still continuing music, Viv brought her gaze back down to the two patrons in the place. Ah, but not without a final look at the clock under the bar.

"Ah, my two lovely patrons, I am sorry but I must bid the two of you adieu. Business must be taken care of early in the morning." They didn't need much more of an explanation than that. Hell, the two of them didn't even really need an explanation, but Viv felt obligated to let them know it wasn't because she was bored of them. On the contrary, she had wanted to spend more time with them both. Clyde, obviously had piqued her interest first and what woman didn't want to get more compliments from an attractive male? Viv tipped her mixed drink back, downing the rest of her addiction in only a couple of gulps and placed that glass as well as Alex's milkshake glass in the dishwasher. "Please, do come back. And tell your friends if you're so inclined." Viv gave a smile to the both of them, and took her leave. Of course she would be up at 2am to clean up and close up the rest of the bar. What was nice is that surveillance cameras had been installed so that she could pay attention to the occurrences right from her own home. Which was actually above the bar. Viv's body slipped away from sight, disappearing into a darker area of the bar and if one listened closely enough they could hear the shutting of the door, the lock clicking into place, and a steady thump of footsteps as Viv ascended the staircase to her modern apartment right above.

[[Gotta head to bed. Early class. I'll try to be on late tomorrow but I have a research paper to work on so I make no promises! Thanks for being my first few customers! :3]]
Kiana wasn't affected by alcohol too much, so it would take a lot for her to even get buzzed, but she wouldn't let anyone in on that little secret just yet. As Clyde spoke, Kiana looked to him, and held up her free hand. "Oh, don't worry about it." But, before she could've stopped him, he already had the gum out, and in his mouth. "It really wasn't a bother. The smell just bothers me when I'm drinking it, really." She looked to Viv as she entered, and nodded at her thanks. "No need to thank me, it's the truth."

As Clyde seemed to be embaressed about Kiana's umbrella comment, Kiana chuckled a bit more, and looked to Viv with a small smirk. "You hear that? He doesn't appreciate the intricate detail you put into his drink." Kiana smirked a bit more, and looked over as Clyde moved the umbrella from his glass, and placed it in her own drink. "Aww, thanks for the gift. I will cherish it forever." There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice, and she looked to Viv once more as she played her dramatics. The scene made her chuckle, and she stopped to watch with interest.

As the scene was over, and Viv said that she need to be heading off, Kiana nodded and looked towards the clock. "Damn..." With that, she stood from her seat, and stretched a little. "I think I have to be heading off as well, I have to take care of something before I head home for the night." Kiana offered Clyde a bow, headed towards the doors, and disappeared into the hallway, letting herself out into the night.

((Night! I had a good time, and I'm glad I could be one of the first customers. I need to be heading off as well. Byes!))
Both women seemed to enjoy teasing Clyde about his dislike of the pink umbrella, the spotlight on him as the smirk remained present on his lips. He laughed softly, crimson eyes dropping down to his hands as they continued, his confident gaze lifting to Viv as she acted out, the over dramatics making him laugh harder. His head shook as he slipped off the bar stool, lifting hands to clap, applauding Viv on her wonderful scene. "Bravo, Bravo..Did you know that you were an actress and have a sidekick?" A thumb motioned over to Kiana as she dished her own jokes, eyes peeping over to her from the corners of his own. Both of them were just full of wise cracks tonight.

But the jokes would cease and both women at nearly the exact same time would announce their departure. Nodding in agreement, he too would decide that it was a bit late for him, and it would be a good idea to leave before the alcohol he consumed would hit him harder. Waving to both women as they left, his smooth gaze would drift back to the empty glass on the counter, his head tilting slightly while a tanned hand reached into his back pocket to produce his wallet. Flipping it open, fingers retrieved a twenty, pulling it out and setting it on the counter while replacing the wallet into his rear pocket.

Fingers picked up the twenty once again and folded the bill over several times, crimson eyes shifting along the corners as he tugged and tucked them over and out, flipping and shifting the paper. Once finished, he would slide the freshly crafted umbrella twenty into his empty glass and grin, sliding it away from the edge. Now this was more his style..

With a soft sigh, boots scuffed lightly as he turned away from the bar and took several steps across the room, yet while in mid step, his figure would shimmer, and then in an instant, he would vanish, out of the bar and out of sight..For now..
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Dapper Fatcat

V10 engine purred, Doc Marten easing down the gas pedal to send his Porsche Carrera GT flying from 0-100km in 3.9 seconds flat. City lights and drunken figures curdled to a blurred spectrum, music blasting above the rushing overhead wind.

I wanna get you in the back seat windows up
That's the way you like to f -

Rubber screamed bloody protest against the asphalt, spinning out with terrifying velocity. Ephemeral fire flared and deceased below the rapid rotations of chrome rims come alive in the moonlight. Snowy hair smacked leather with a muffled thud, laughter reverberating from the driver's seat as Vince tapped the gas once more, sliding his sterling sweetheart home between designated parking lines.

He fell back with his reclining seat, long fingers folding to cushion his head. He wasn’t sure how long he’d be waiting, so in the mean time…

I wanna, li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes
And I wanna, move from the bed down to the down to the to the flo'
Then I wanna, ahh ahh - you make it so good I don't wanna leave
But I gotta, kn-kn-kn-know what-what's your fan-ta-ta-sy

Eyelids settled shut, concealing the cobalt beneath as smiling lips mouthed the words. The top was down, night air seeping in around him to mingle with that new car pheromooooaaaan, fresh leather wafting out deliciously in a tantalizing perimeter around the vehicle. Stark white settled against denim textile, cuffs rolled up taut forearms to reveal a single magnetic bracelet.

Everything about the set-up screamed his identity; his lady friend would have no trouble finding him.







Anemic pallor adorned in milky veneer, a varnished strapless mini dress that glistened spasms of chemical prisms. Echoes of strappy heels that bound half way up elongated pillars, bows embracing each side in ornate decoration, and steering footfalls guided her toward a new threshold of delights. Still, each bounding stride bobbed colorless locks, stellar cosmos danced onward, illuminating the doll more so than usual due to cadaverous attire. Cancerous pale lips pressed in a frozen kiss, livid glints beaming from wet gloss, and yet there was that sheepish grin, the one that knew he was waiting for her patiently.

In the midnight hour baby,
more, more, more...

Translucent fittings etched out along her back in spindling criss-crosses, tendons shifted, sways ticking against times pendulum with a left-right-left-right chorus; the little dancer came pumping to his door. Shangri-la licked her morphine petals, smokey shadows around silver slivers, those tender eyes gazed at him from behind onyx lashes, a million times for you.

A white-washed china doll called coyly, a heaven's siren singing out his name.

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Dapper Fatcat

Sapphire hues opened to a starless sky, awash in the contaminants of city lights and air pollution.


And still the angels called, descending from the heavens to serenade unworthy stature. Lips pulled taut in a growing smile as his head rolled to the side... and he launched up in his seat, his features a mask of ridiculous incredulity, mouth carved in a genuine ‘o’ of astonishment as he bathed her bleached form in his gaze. “Clio... You… What the [********]

Boosting himself out of the car was no trouble, long legs folding in as they had many times before to clear the door, Doc Martens b***h-slapping the pavement for existing in the presence of total… purity. Vince caught her hand in his without a moment’s hesitation, raising it, spinning her seraphic self in a circle as he drank in ghostly pallor. Even her hair, her beautiful ebony hair had taken a turn for albino, just like his own.

“You look… lovely.” A sheepish smile toyed across lips void of pigment, rock solid forearm gentlemanly offered to escort the divine doll in the direction of their chosen establishment.

A devilish smirk formed on the celestial dolls face, showing pearly whites while ashy orbs blazed blanched flickers. Pivots of heeled twirls gave him splendid views in a full panning 360, a ballerina spinning in delightful show and tell.

she hides through love behind those silver seals

"You like?....Thanks Viviii-"

The marionette followed with each tug on her heartstrings, digits laced, weaves of new stories kissed, lush lips whispering sweet nothings with each spark of touch between the two. Educated in such interests, minutes spanned into eternity and then it came down to her pulling him, begging ashen orbs staring at him from their bare chin-to-shoulder barrier. Complicated, who wants to play the game? Sledgehammer pounds roared inside steelo cages, adrenaline pulsated in waves, rushing currents slamming against its prison and engines purred, moaned. Her fiery curvature smoldered against icy stature, sunshine in the middle of winter.

Any justification for the two strangers to appear in such an establishment never sounded from faulty loose lips, no sinking ships. O wicked friction and hums as the monochrome pair shuffled in to the center of attention, into the troposphere they rocketed, strobes buzzed, bass quaking, along the milky way they rollicked.
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Dapper Fatcat

Opaque pleasantries pierced by silver starlight, soulful ministrations indulged and delivered with every lash of sterling tongues. Pallid digits lace with fervor, statures separate, oscillate, entwine in a never-ending symphony of visceral motion. Prismatic shatters splash pigment to the open canvas of their flesh as the sun pierces winter's promise, lifeless locks alive with vibrant hues.

Their motions tell a story of open, vacant places in the cusp of daily segments, mundane primaries cast in bursts of viridian and chartreuse, periwinkle splendor shining neon in twin azure optics. The world spins in the cusp of galaxies unhindered, fraternal spirits burning in seraphic illusions as the tune plays ever on, the piper to their every synchronized nuance, every breath, every shift of every ephemeral moment.

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

A love so divine, so void of fundamentals in its faith. They fall not to cognitive dictations, but to rapacious tendencies towards their formal selves as they ascend to greatness on the cusp of dusk’s embrace.
Greedy fingers nurse bleached ripples, going up and coming down, scratching a way, the river was loaded and in its crimson embrace they decayed. Petals parted in tribal pursuits, murmuring speech of addiction, cancerous ahhs that wormed inside his cranium, branching out elongated tendrils to grasp a silver grin.

Irradiated sways of pristine gyrations, a revolution seizing containment.

Clio blossomed, wilder than the wildest dreams, livid petals closer to the thrill, and in azure gazes she escaped velocity. Whirls, twirls, whip-lashing white-washed curvature copulated sibilations, blank canvases doused in vermilion, emeralds, cobalt, searchlights. The current of bodies wavered to and fro, slow-mo magnetisms combusted, kaleidoscopic shutters shattering piety with curiosity and again the rekindling expeditions flooded.

Blurs and buzzes deafened, vacant orbs stared into his soul, devouring, forsaking, tenderly grazing over smooth mounds and to a field of silky hay.

"Do you want to leave and go for a ride?"
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Dapper Fatcat

A single nod as frozen digits wrapped slender structure, hulking stature parting rivers in the City of Dis to guide the fallen back to desert surface. Into the night they burst, alight with kindled fever, silver gusts fleeing parched vessels. Onyx lacerations parted frozen rivers, torn canvas seeping onto denim granules as blooming ink stains saturate white textile.

Unsure of yourself
You stand divided now
Which road will lead you there?
Last time you fell and you hit hard
Your wounds have healed by now
But you still see your scars

A crescent of starlight shines through parting clouds, gleaming jewels half concealed by covetous shields. Idle fingers toy with her lengthy ashen strands, platinum ringlets wrapping and unravelling in his restless grasp.

“Yours or mine?”
Sweet words make appealing, but they only serve to mask the smell of what you buried.


A nodding confirmation given in to the rumor seduction, run by fear and all the good intentions. Silver slivers widened, widened fractionally still. Lattice appendages link up, satellite feeds stream static in cognitive illusion-nary visage. A hypersonic connection formulated, love deep and wide, seas of variety, heartfelt and open, wide like a life, unique, yet so alike.

What do we have but illusions where one man's absolute is another's choice?

Arctic breezes encompassed pure in simplicity, elegantly tufting silky milk locks. Fragments of lives reeled on movie screens, tongues held at bay with joyous serenity, yet, what was held dear, laid slaughtered in lines of onyx ocher. The man made wonder slid into a monstrous mechanical carriage, pigment-free curvature caving in to the leather embrace, slick veneer peeling, rippling to scorching persona.

All of his glam and flashy materials never minded their lack of visual appreciation, instead mercury hues fixated to another, gazing with drunken flushed cheeks.

We're in for a race that never ends.

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Dapper Fatcat

Ignition sparked, internal mechanisms waking with dulcet, revving purrs, pleased by the capable hands that steered her. Saturated-blues slide to flushing hills and hazy eyes, tracking their riveted path…

Something ugly this way comes
Through my fingers sliding inside
All these blessings all these burns
I'm godless underneath your cover

A sly smile flashed pearlescent extensions with all the disapproval a masochist could muster. One hand navigated, steering smooth circumference, the other worked the shift as they streaked along in silence, urban structures giving way to open sky, a sea of fire sinking greedy fingers into the horizon.

Black black heart why would you offer more
Why would you make it easier on me to satisfy
I'm on fire I'm rotting to the core
I'm eating all your kings and queens
All your sex and your diamonds

Fissures scrape and crumble, sand giving way below the low-riding machine. Ignition cut, the music stops, giving way to fragile waters breaking in a melancholy nocturne. Slamming alloys precede indolent strides towards the beckoning abyss as heaven and hell collide in a ravenous embrace, the sun consuming the water as the ocean devours the sky.

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