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"Tomb raider- heavens no." He shook his head. The idea of digging into old crypts, robbing corpses of their valuables, on the regular just didn't seem like fun. But from what he had heard of this place, it was a little too good to pass up. Plus he hoped that he didn't have to sort through carcasses to access the said riches.

But Shiro's euphemism of 'amaetuer archaeologists' made him grin. The term wasn't convincing of the deed that it defined, but it was amusing. "Right." He simply agreed, before a light seemed to have captured the attention of those behind him.

"Hmmm..? A light? I didn't see one..." He slowed down, and turned around. His vision wasn't keen enough at all to catch something like that at night. "..Beat them to the bridge? It is a race then, against some phantom? Pff...Alright!" Though suspicious of whatever it was they apparently saw, he continued on, just as happily as before.
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The reply that she got from Shiro and Curtis caused her to lightly laugh. It obviously sounded like they were trying to find a legit term for what they did. Some way to justify the action and make it better than what it was. “My mistake. Amateur archaeologists it is,” she stated with a nod of her head as if to accept their reasoning. Though if she really believed it was another story.

When Shiro asked about an alleged light she kept quiet as her answer to the question was quite obvious. She didn’t know what the big deal was in there being someone else going to the Stonewall place but apparently there was something important about it as a race had been started to get there first. With a shrug, she continued to follow and kept pace with the wolf in front of her before a realization occurred to her; one that caused a falter in her step. What is the bridge like…she thought, not knowing what it was made of, if it was one of those that had railing or not or if it was straight across or did it have twists and turns. Bridges were like stairs to her, not something she enjoyed that much for apparent reasons. “So why do we have to beat the other person there again,” she inquired as she picked up her pace so as to not get left behind. “I thought Stonewall belonged to no one and all were welcomed.” The thought of the bridge still had her a bit nervous but she wouldn't admit that to the others. Instead, she would just follow someone’s steps across the object in order to throw caution to the wind and keep up with the group.
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She continued onward, oblivious to the fact that her torch had blinded someone or that there was a group of someones up there. That was until she got steadily closer and could hear the mumble of voices. Melody couldn't make out any distinct words but she could tell tones. From what she caught there was at least one male and possibly two females. Unless the female voices she heard was one. Then there were only two beings ahead. Deciding to stay in the cover of the trees she picked up her pace a bit, walking faster but keeping her light low so that she could watch where she stepped.

After another minute or so of walking she felt a branch graze against her cheek and she let out another small curse. If she kept this up she was likely to end up looking like she fell into a pit or angry books. Mel figured she wasn't bound to run into anyone she knew here so she changed her direction a little bit so that she could make her way out of the tree line. A stumble and another cut to her cheek later she found her self clear of the assaulting plant life and on the main path that lead to the bridge. Her first instinct was to shine her light back the way she had came, the woods looked empty, then she lit up the path that lead back toward the town, it seemed empty enough for her. Finally she brought her light forward at the group and she was now only a mere fifteen feet away from them. This startled Melody since she didn't think she had come so close before leaving the safety of the trees. Nervously she chewed on her lip ring, one hand slowly going toward her back pocket just in case.

If the group wasn't blinded by her light then she would be a sight to see. Long black hair that, funnily, had a twig stuck in it from her trek through the woods, tanned skin with only two small darker lines on her cheek from the recent cuts by trees, womanly curves that were outlined by a light tan tank top, a pair of desert tan cargo pants complete with pockets on the sides, and a pair of equally tan boots that looked more military issue than anything. Melody stood somewhat frozen, waiting to see if this group, that she had mistaken for two people, was hostile.

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"We have to beat the other person because we just do." Shiro reasoned half heatedly as he moved briskly amongst the others. The blonde didn't have a reason as to why but he was curious as to who it was and sadly his thoughts turned to the topic of grave robbing. Maybe this stranger had the same intent. Or maybe his mind was turning to the worst as it sometimes did. If he only knew...

The blinding light once more left the man covering his eyes with his hands. This time the intensity wasn't as bad as it had been with the night vision goggles and for that he was thankful. He wasn't thankful for having to wait for his eyes to readjust. "Would you kindly stop blinding me?" Shiro asked the stranger who he was just starting to make out. A sense of familiarity soon made the man's lips turn into a grim straight line. Hmm he wouldn't of thought he would see her again.

"Small world indeed." The stoic face was replaced with a small smile.
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Because we just do…she didn’t know what type of reasoning that was but it was what it was. With a smile and shrug of her shoulders she kept up with the others as they ended up in second place, it seemed, when it came to getting to the bridge. Her attitude was mostly nonchalant as she took in the signature of the female in front of them; giving a wave in greeting though saying nothing. She still felt this was more the guys adventure than one of her own. When Shiro addressed the lady she looked between the two before her grey eyes finally settled on the woman. As the breeze picked up she lightly rubbed her arms through her coat, hoping that whatever conversation was about to be had could occur inside of Stonewall. She wasn’t sure how the temperature felt to the others but she was obviously chilly.
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Gilrin allowed Shiro's answer to stand as reason for her impulsive idea. The woods were rarely traveled by any worker or trader from the nearby town and so the unicorn was rather curious who would be out at this hour and off the beaten path. Her question soon answered, her own granite eyes shifted from the Russian and a vexed raven haired woman.

"Hello," She greeted brightly, figuring Shiro would take over conversing with his apparent acquaintance. Gil was a creature of empathy and she could tell that Vee had grown cold, which made sense to her reptilian nature. "Nice and slow over the bridge and be sure to hold the ropes," The white haired girl announced this, as if the newcomer had been with them the whole time. The shoddy little bridge would hold them, and the night helped disguise its rickety nature. Made from hand planed planks of wood and ropes smoothed from years of use it was only big enough for everyone to walk single file, with the bare foot unicorn at the front.

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