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The presence of food seemed to rouse the creature and, for the first time since it had stopped walking, it actually did something. It anxiously stretched its neck out and hurriedly gobbled down the apple, saliva leaking out of its jaws.

The bridge of Muka's nose wrinkled as she watched it swallow. "Thing's been doing nothing but eat constantly since I got it." She would've thought it would be dead or sick by now, considering it had sampled at least one of every plant they'd passed. Either all of them were edible, or the animal had an iron stomach. At least it made feeding it easy.

As the door finally opened, revealing an elven woman, Muka led her mount over to the side of the building. She tied the reigns securely to a post. "Staay." As if it would listen to her. It seemed content to stand there though, dipping its long neck to feast on some grass nearby.


She was perched on one of the bar stools.

Currently, there was a map stretched out on the counter in front of her. Graaa, this map is useless! She scratched her head, then looked over at the elf. The woman seemed to be in the middle of a conversation, so Muka cleared her throat. "Say, can I have some beer?" No matter how recently they'd opened, this was still a tavern, wasn't it? A sheepish smile crossed her face. "Please?"

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Vibryo Duponte

Weary? Not so much. Hungry? Definitely! Vee looked from the one named Curtis to the lady who had opened the door for them to enter as she waited a reply. She was hoping there was something in the kitchen but if not then the market would be the next best thing. “I can help shop if need be,” she suddenly, voluntarily offered as she took a step closer toward the two. She had found a random place to sit within the vicinity of the others and had been keeping to herself but talk of food was enough to get her active and onto her feet. Hearing the eagerness in her own words caused her to mentally sigh at herself but the offer was still standing. She was willing her stomach to not growl but had the feeling it would be a losing battle if she didn't get something in it and soon.

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Curtis craned his head to look over at the hinged door. He wasn't quite won over. He'd prefer something more fresh, and leftover or salted meat didn't sound appetizing. He was just about to politely decline, but Vee's offer sounded very nice.

"That would be lovely! He said, reaching into his wallet. Surely the meat wouldn't be cheap, but he had no problem paying for at least today. Until Gilrin had more customers, he figured, after buying this place she may be low on funds or need them for something else. "I'm sure we'd all enjoy breakfast, wouldn't we?" Curtis addressed everyone in his question but his glance landed on Muka. The man struggled to figure out how she could stomach beer first thing in the morning. Such an odd woman, with a peculiar scent about her. Is it...reptile?

He leaned closer, inspecting the map she was looking at. He wasn't doing a very stealthy job and may have come off as weird. But what if the map lead to what he was looking for? Unlikely, but he snooped regardless. "And afterwards," He started, as if the conversation was disguising him from lurking over her shoulder "We can help with those renovations. Yes?"
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~Johnathan Cohen~

"It's a pleasure. I'm John, god bless." John said to the man as the others shuffle in. They all seemed to be ready and willing to help Gil out. "I would love to help." John wrote and passed the notepad to Gil. He felt a bit out of place with no one able to understand him. He was excited to have new people in town but it was hard to not being able to be understood. ((sorry for the short post, catching up on HIMYM))
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Overwhelmed was the one English word that rang out in her head.

First things first, the woman with the strange mount and a map. "Certainly. " Gilrin responded and then appropriately prepared her a pint of the local ale and placed it on the counter before her with a smile. "Anything else let me know." She said her warm aura almost visible in the early daytime air.

Time to delegate. She would allow Curtis to generously input his coin and walked her way over to the old fashion register, finding and pushing the button and taking a bit of tender from its drawer. She rejoined them holding it out for the woman who had offered to do the shopping. "Would you like someone to accompany you?" She questioned, volunteering everyone including herself.

Her bright gray eyes wandered over and she smiled a bit at the wolf and the girl. John's notebook thrust her way she took a look and glanced back up at him. "I certainly have no clue where to put all this wine. This place doesn't have a proper cellar." She said this sadly to him.
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And if the dam breaks open many years too soon,
and if there is no room upon the hill --

The eyes of a Watcher turned upon the Abbey.

-- And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too,
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.
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@upper left hand corner of Muka's map:
Guide to Otami National Park and Surrounding Area

If Curtis had enough time to study it, he'd find that the map showed nothing more than a dense forested area, various trails, mountain regions, a few landmarks, and such throughout it.

Feeling someone's hot breath waft past her right cheek, Muka turned to look at the wolf-ish man, not bothering to be as discreet in her actions as he was. Oh! She looked embarrassed as she folded the map back up. "Er, sorry if that's in the way at all." His curiosity didn't matter to her. After all, it was just a simple map, no different than a map anybody would be able to buy at a random drug store. It just seemed inappropriate to be mulling over it in secret so much.

She looked down as she tucked it away into a pocket that was on the inside of her gray jacket.

"Jus' tryin' t' find out where I am right now", she mumbled, something that would be blurred to normal ears.


Her gaze snapped back up to the bar counter as a large mug of beer was set in front of her. She blinked, a surprised look on her face. Eh? Was that a pint? They gave it in pints? Awesome!

She beamed at the elf woman. "Thanks, I will."
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Vibryo Duponte

A little cheer went on inside of her head as the idea of food being served was making progress. In reply to the question about breakfast, Vee simply gave a shrug. Food was food to her no matter when it was being served or what was being served. Though if the mass wanted breakfast then breakfast it was. When the lady walked over and handed her something Vee took it; realizing that it was money. Her grey eyes gave a quick scan of the room before returning to the woman. “Some company would be nice. Breakfast isn‘t a big thing of mine but I want to make sure I get something everyone will enjoy. Curtis, was it?” she questioned as she put her eyes on the man. “Would you mind doing me the pleasure?” She held up the money then gestured toward the door; doubting much more of an explanation was needed.
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"What do you mean you're lost? You certainly got pretty far for losing your way!" He had lost interest in the map just after reading the header, before she even stole it out of his sight. 'National park, pf~' It obviously would have nothing he wanted, unless he had the sudden urge to look at a century old tree or a rock that has an uncanny appearance to a religious figure. Curtis shifted back into his own seat, allowing the woman to have her personal space once more. He was entertained internally by her embarrassed actions, and pretended nothing had happened at all.

"I wouldn't be opposed to going." He offered, to Gilrin now. He didn't trust giving his wallet to just anyone, and was surprised she would. It was too naive, he believed. These other two women, and the priest, they looked kind but the had just met them! So he decided he would tag along either way. Just to make sure no one would bolt with Gilrin's cash.

So it was quite surprising when the woman asked for him by name to accompany her.
"Oh, yes- yes." He stammered, thinking he would have to insist on following her. "I wouldn't mind a bit!" Curtis grinned, and hopped out of the bar stool to join her at the door. He held out his arm, to be a personal escort.

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Vibryo Duponte

Vee smirked at his stammer; obviously catching him off guard with her question. As he approached she removed the black drawstring bag that had been riding her person and put the money in it before returning it to its rightful place on her back then taking the offered arm. She smiled up at him then took the initiative step that would, hopefully, lead them out the door. “Thank you for joining me mister Curtis. What is it that you would like for breakfast?” The second the question left her mouth she realized that it may have been the wrong thing to ask. “Maybe a better question would be what do the natives here have to offer for breakfast.” The smell of all of the goats was called to mind as if to answer her question. She grinned and chuckled as the thought amused her. "If anything, goat milk and goat cheese won't be in short supply."
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"I actually have no idea what the natives have. I only arrived last night." He realized that he wasn't much of a help there, and he didn't even know the path to the market, but how hard could it be to find. "We'll see what they have. I know what I want, but- I obviously can't speak for everyone." He nodded to the other two woman, still at the bar. He wasn't absolutely positive, but they didn't look the type to really enjoy a good plate of raw meat. That'd be terrifying, actually...

"I see you know my name though, but what should I call you, Miss..?" He stepped out the door, and immediately turned to follow the dirt road only to find strange reptilian equine creature tied to a post nearby.

"Dear lord, what is that!" He jumped, pointing at Muka's tied mount. If their arms had not been interlocked, he probably would have backed back through the door frame. Though the creature didn't seem threatening in the slightest, the initial shock remained. "Never seen anything like that before..."
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What do you mean you're lost? You certainly got pretty far for losing your way!

Her face remained as neutral as possible as she shrugged. It was a weird story. Luckily, it didn't seem like she would have to take the time to explain it to him...or get him to believe it. Then again, she had to consider some of the other entities and things that thrived in this plane of existence. Weird s**t happened all the time.

With the man's interest lost and his attention elsewhere, Muka turned away and took a large gulp of her ale.

Outside, the strange three-legged creature that had brought Muka to the village didn't seem to notice or care about its sudden notoriety. It had a relaxed stance, half-lidded eyes, and was slowly chewing some plant it had uprooted, saliva leaking from its scaly jaws. Things were all good.
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Vibryo Duponte

Well darn. That plan had crashed and failed already. She was hoping he was more familiar with the place than she was but that didn’t seem to be the case. “Hopefully they will have something that is popular or well liked among the traveling masses.” A small shrug followed the statement as if to say it’s no big deal. Or so she hoped. Sometimes native cuisine ended up being experiments which one could only hope they were getting something good.

Vee smiled and was about to respond to him with her name but as she opened her a mouth words that weren’t her own sounded in surprise. Apparently the creature who had been left outside was something to behold. She couldn’t help but to giggle at his reaction as she now really wondered what the beast looked like. Could it really be that shocking? “Seems to be a reptile of some sort...maybe. Not exactly sure. Can’t say I’ve come across anything like it before. It belongs to…is the companion…partner of…” she wasn’t exactly sure what phrasing fit there so she just let it go and continued with what was she was going to say, “the other female customer.” Whatever it was seemed to be extremely docile as it didn’t really react to Curtis’s reaction at all. Yet, it hadn’t spoken either. It made her wonder how sentient the beast was. And for that matter, the guy who was standing outside with the woman and the beast when she arrived. He had yet to say a word to anyone as well. Things were starting to feel a bit odd.

Not wanting to get caught up in though Vee let it go as she smiled to Curtis once again. “Vibryo. My name is Vibryo. No miss needed and you may call me Vee if you would like,” she stated in reply to the question he had asked before running into the creature outside.

((Logging off for the night. Shall return tomorrow.))
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"It...It looks like a-" He struggled to find an accurate comparison. When nothing came to mind, he could only shrug to agree with her guess. Some hybrid reptile thing. It was believable enough. "Companion? Like a pet? Where I'm from, we get a dog if we want a companion." He took a step towards it. He'd already noted it was a herbivore and quite...uncaring. He doubted it'd mind his approach.

"Miss Vibryo you say?" He asked, ignoring the small bit about 'No Miss needed' out of respect. He reached out a hand to touch the creature's head, hesitantly though. Leaf-eater or not, those jaws could cause pain if startled, he assumed. It didn't stop him from wanting to touch it's snout, like one would for a horse. Handsome beast, that is. He commented to himself, watching it's saliva nobly drip from it's jaws. "Not a name I'm familiar with either. Are you from anywhere around here?"
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His hand came to rest on the animal's striped snout.

And nothing of any significance happened.

Its gaze was dull, murky, and uncaring. From underneath thick brown folds of skin, its beady brown eyes glanced up at him once, studying this new unfamiliar face. All the time it continued chewing with its latest mouthful of grass.

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