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As you walk into the lobby of the large building you see elegance and beauty surrounds this quaint place somewhere in the city of Durem. Probably a few blocks from Edmund's shop, close to the outskirts. Spirits pass by as you enter as if it was a normal everyday thing, one pushing a vacuum cleaner.

Creatures of all kinds are allowed to stay here (pets and animal companions, even familiars need to be kept in check however, and are not allowed in certain rooms) so one never knows what they might encounter. However this place has a homely air to it and many are drawn to the counter with their luggage in hand to check themselves in for a short, long or even eternal stay.

A young woman with green hair pulled into a twist smiles as you approach the desk, in fact, seems like her entire attire is green for that matter, except for her yellow eyes. By her on the desk is a little Gramster, and it looks at you with curiously innocent malicious-filled wide eyes.

"Greetings, welcome to the Starshine Inn and Suites, I'm the receptionist, how can I set things up to make your stay enjoyable?"

This hotel is set in Durem, Gaia, as in its part of Gaia, like the people and characters are actually on the world itself and players in the games, events, etc. This hotel is also what you call a warp, characters from video games, OCs, movies, animes, etc as they all have the potential of finding a window or portal that will land them in Gaia. Most of the time, its purely by accident, sometimes, its on purpose.

And as every place...there are secrets that can be discovered, you just have to go looking...in the right place. We're also canon RP based, with our heritage and humble beginnings in the Phoenix Wright area, and though we keep to our roots, we've expanded! We see potential in everything and want epic plot tiems as well as random fun!

  • Follow the Gaia Terms of Service and Roleplay Rules and Guidelines: No trolling, flaming, cybering, spamming, or being generally dodgy or hateful!
  • No harming other characters unless the victim's player consents OOC.
  • No underage drinking.
  • No combat or fighting in the thread! If you feel the need for violence, please find somewhere else to do it.
  • Duplicate characters from the same series are allowed if the current player(s) are OK with it. Characters are as unique as the players playing them!
  • Keep OOC drama and conflicts out of the RP. Contact the moderators or use the OOC thread to settle OOC matters.

  • Enjoy yourself.
  • We accept most forms and styles of RPing and posting: literate, semi-literate, using sprites and pictures. Legible and uncluttered is preferred. Please avoid using too many post decorations or complicated post formats. If you really have to, fine, but keep it simple.
  • Staff members are required to have profiles. Frequent RPers can have profiles if they want to!
  • Use the OOC thread to discuss characters and plots, make friends, and talk about random stuff!
  • PM the mods if you have any serious issues. We'll do our best to help.
  • We don't take ourselves that seriously. Most times. >_>
  • If you want to advertise, please PM this account. In-thread advertisements will be treated as spam.
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Note: This is a place for fun, enjoyment and relaxation. It is random and chaotic (nevermind how the posts are organized) and the creators were on late night highs when they created this place. Just keep that in mind. People from all kinds of worlds, be it movies, video games, books, etc can come here and relax.

Moderators: There are two main moderators of this place, and our word is law(l).

Violetta Cadaverini - Is epicsauce served on the hotel's steak. Tends to quietly lurk around the threads she's on, and will try her best to rp more! More or less a calm mod, willing to give people a second chance if they try hard enough, though it's still has to be unanimous between Mina and her. She enjoys playing little kids and tries to be helpful when it comes to artwork and sprites. Wants to be friends with pretty much everyone, so don't take advantage of her. Oh, and call her Vivi.
.... She loves spamming people with tropes. Shush.

Seung Mina56 - is an avid writer and RPs for fun. Patient when it comes to waiting on art, little to no tolerance for noobs and hates Drama. While protective of her characters, constructive criticism is welcome. She's the mod you really don't want to piss off, but who'll donate to quests and help clothe mules if asked nicely. She can be fun, so forgive her some of her outbreaks. She's also a bit of an anime fan, with 16 complete series and multiple manga and romance novels. She's also fairly sensitive with some issues. If she tells you to drop something, drop it.

>.> Seung Mina56 likes her random pictures lolwut?

If you have questions, feel free to PM either of us, but any big stuff pertaining to this place should be PMed to the receptionist account. *nods* We're willing to hear all sides of a story, but if we come to a final decision after that then that's all there is to it. We want to work with you, but you have to be open to talking. Communication is key.

1) Rules, introduction
2) Rooms
3) Jobs/Amenities
4) Activities
5) Rooms Occupied
6) Other
7) ....
8 ) ....
9) ....
This hotel offers all kinds of rooms and suites to suit everyone's needs.

User ImageRooms are pay by the week, month, year even, with easily affordable prices. A complimentary continental breakfast is included each morning and guests have access to all the activities and rooms around the spacious hotel. Other services are offered for a nominal additional fee, such as dry cleaning and laundry service.

Rooms with special accommodations are always available, like a vampire needing a dark room or a mermaid needing a tank. If you need a room that has been soundproofed that can be accommodated for you. Room Service is offered on a day or night side, and the foods vary as well to what is offered.

All rooms come with full baths with the suites also coming with a small kitchen area complete with fridge, stove and microwave, and living room. Some suites even come with a personal bath or spa for all your relaxation needs.

If you just came out of the warp and need a room for a night while you adjust, arrangements can be made for that as well. We at the hotel don't like seeing people stranded with no help.

Occupied rooms: (some fit two)

Regular Inn Rooms: (60)
1) Akimoto Lana Michicyo - Akimoto Michiyo
2) Nii Amikasame - Nii Amikasame
3) So Totally Ini - Iney Miney
4) April May - Flirty April May (Escort) + sisters Julie and June
5) Donovan Yuhara - [The Black Stallion]
6) Atsuki Saijou - Destroy the Silent
7) Ran ( ? )
8 ) Saura
9) Officer (name actually not known yet) (Ace Attorney RP)

Starter/Simple Suites: (30)
1) Aria Capriccio - Light of the Tunnel

Elegant/Ravishing Suites: (10)
1) Orochi and Da Ji (and Hoseki too)
Most of the main jobs are covered, however other jobs are open for people who need the work.
You can find the listings here in the character thread because you do need to send in a profile for them.

Extra help is always welcome.

Rules on Escorts:
1) There are special rooms that the escorts can take their clients to, depending on what they're paying and how good the escort is at bringing in 'money' ... nothing real of course.
2) NO CYBERING. Remeber the T.O.S. in our establishment

Special note: The Receptionist, some of the spirits, Katiana and Cais can be controlled as NPCs for the purposes of doing their respective duties. Say if you want a room, but if neither Seung nor Viola are active on the mule account, feel free to say the receptionist signed you up for your room.
If there is no bartender available, an NPC may serve you.
You may not:
Put them in danger, sleep with them (well the spirits maybe but that's creepy), kidnap them (without express permission), mutilate... etc etc. Common sense people.

Of course you would want to know about the wonderful activities about our home and this should expand some on a few things that were mentioned earlier.

Mondays - Swimming and Ice Cream: Pool's open late!
Fridays - Karaoke Night

An arcade with a wide variety of games, not just arcade but games of any nature really connects to the lobby of the hotel as well as the indoor pool and hot tub. While the arcade is open 24/7 the pool has day hours only. It can be rented out for parties and late night events, as well as certain events within the hotel itself can cause it to be open longer. It usually stays locked at night however. There is no lifeguard on duty at the pool, so children must be attended by an adult at all times.

The billiards room includes a wonderful library of books you can read at your leisure. Our librarian usually on staff will let you check out the books so long as you are staying at the hotel and comfortable couches exist for you to read upon, there is even a small fireplace that you can read by.

There's QWERTY... an NPC computer thing... there.

The children's room has toys and games for children from toddler to about 13 years of age. Katiana runs this place and there are plenty of things for children to do, and a wide variety of games. Older children are allowed, but only if they were asked by a parent to stay with a younger sibling. If not, the arcade and gaming room or the library is recommended for them.

Don't worry, there's also a large elegant ballroom that can be rented out for your weddings, or large events. Catering these events is available! So is hiring someone to perform. All services outside of renting the room must be discussed with the receptionist at least two months before the event, to make sure the space is available.
Ballroom Event Side Thread
Have a wedding to plan? Look here for some help!

[Spa side thread here]

The continental breakfast is served in a lounge just next to the lobby, easily accessible to all. Lunch is also served here as well as dinner, though buffet is the most common thing offered, special orders can be made.

The Midnight Moon lounge offers a late night meal or drink to those who are looking for one, as well as more night suitable entertainment. It can be anything from entertainers (song and/or exotic), to open poetry or karaoke nights.

There is a dojo and a workout room complete with everything you'd need for a well rounded session of fighting practice or merely working out. This area is in the basement and slightly different from the other areas, as this place can be destroyed as the things in it can, for once the fighting is over or a break is needed, the area does repair itself. However this is resorted to physical fighting only. Please take all magical battles outside.

One final thing... There is a Greenhouse on the roof of the hotel, that houses exotic plants and is quite humid inside, but a good place to relax if one doesn't want to take walks outside when it might be rainy or snowy. Who tends it? Well, its rumored to be the security force, but its not like anyone sees them at all.

Disclaimer: These pictures do not belong to the hotel, they are used to give an idea of what the rooms and scenes look like. Thank you.

Our daily menus vary from a day to day basis with a variety of vegetarian, meat, dairy, and soy bases as well as other items to try to attend to all kinds of needs of someone who has food allergies. This is just a basic menu after all, and most times it is served buffet style.

Breakfast will usually always have:
Cereals, Fresh Muffins, Bagels, Milk, Donuts, Eggs

Lunch will usually always have:
Salad, Soup, Rolls, Simple Sandwiches, Pizza

Dinner will usually always have:
Some kind of hearty Meat, Potato dish, Salad, Soup, Pasta, Pizza

Drinks are available upon request, alcohol aside from Mimosas are unavailable until after Noon.

Specials of the Month/Week/Year:

Themed foods at discount prices. More available later.
Current Events: Hotel Events going on, HELL YES!

Past Events:
Prom Masquerade Thanks to all who showed up to hang with us! We had a fun time.
Durem Library Event Spontaneous events are spontaneous, and this one turned out to be quite fun. Thanks for participating everyone.
Demon Tag event at Hazakura Temple Thanks to everyone who participated. Even if the forums made it hard to do much with all the "FOLLOW ME" spam.
Carnival Xmas - We may try a carnival again, mun's heart wasn't in it this year, but thanks for the RP everyone.


1) Why make a hotel like this?
We love our crossovers and crack. And I've explored Barton town some, and all the crossover places I see include 'chat' crossovers where you have to pretty up a post, (to the point of unreadability for me) and all kinds of other nonsense. I think meeting a person in ... 'reality' is easier in a way than in a chat room. And most canon characters, and even some OCs, technology? What Technology? Definitely not any chat rooms. Fantasy aside, wanted to make a more applicable meeting place in my opinion.

2) Why use a character thread if its like a place of business?
Because it helps the muns keep some balance of sanity. If you're going to be a regular, or want to see what canons and OCs frequent the place, what better place than a character thread? Also, this may be a business place, but its also a crossover OC place...and thus exists on multiple planes.
Having tons of profiles crowding the front page is just like...yuck. Just looks messy.

3) I wanna RP a canon, but one already exists, what do I do?
PM the person playing the character and ask permission. And that ONLY applies if you're going to be a permanent resident, or wish to be. If you're allowed or given permission (and the mods can override a no by another player if you'd do the character justice, or think your version of the character would be fun). A person can also note in their profile if they'd allow a double or not. If that's the case then Mod override is the only way. PM a sample RP of said canon in that request.
Sub rule to this is please don't enroach on their plot points (if any). If they're involved in a plot, don't take that away from them.
User Image
Violetta Cadaverini
*PridePride* mrgreen

The plant is totally symbolic, it represents the hotel.

Err... Yes, it's quite cheesy.

Birthday art for Seung. >.> Its too cute.

Regulars: If you stay at the hotel enough, or are RPing someone from like a game, movie, anime, etc, we might ask you to tell us a little bit about yourself, the person behind the character that is. 8D

- A cutie who joined up with us around the time of the masquerade, and Craig took a shine to her and now she's his minion. With a cute corgi named Babe she adopted, she's been a regular here now since the event and is adorable too boot. We love having her around.
Links out and Links In

Just PM with a link and we'll link up!
It was a new night for the hotel, a grand reopening of sorts. Time for something new! The receptionist was hard at work getting the front desk organized, and worked with a smile on her face.
Craig_the_Vampire's avatar

Fashionable Vampire

Craig was at work in the kitchen, cooking the meals for the next day. He smiled and hummed a little as he stirred a pot of soup and checked on some baking.
Katiana was in the main lobby of the hotel working on some paperwork while Kish walked around, then sat down to play with her foam puzzle pieces.
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Familiar Hoarder

Chris bounded into the lobby with a smile on her face. "Lady Katiana!" she exclaimed, running towards and pouncing the rogue. "He's back! He's home!" The bard was over excited.

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