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Katiana, while stunned and surprised, merely hugged the bard back. "Oh by the gods you're safe. Chris, you completely vanished! I was so worried!"

"Cis!" Kish stood up and walked over to Chris, and climbed up onto the couch to hug her too. "Big Cis is back!"

"Where have you been all the time? Where has Don been that you were completely off the map?" she asked.
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"Somewhere with a fighter and an old guy," Chris said. "I dunno if I should go into many details... 'cause Sir Donovan and I were in danger. Its why he vanished on me completely. But he took me home and we got a good night's rest and tons of sex and I didn't have any nightmares!" She was practically bouncing but remembered to let Lady Katiana go so that she could breathe. She did however hug Kish tightly to her.

"I was so worried about him but he's okay. Aurora thinks something's changed with him a little but won't tell me what," she mused. "And there's still so much I have to talk to him about. We didn't do much talking." She blushed. "Ah, well Kish, how've you been?" Trying to change the subject she was.
"Been good!" Kish said. "Mama says Imma big girl now."

"Yes you are," Katiana said. "I'm trying to think of some ideas for Christmas. Considering Kish's birthday is coming up on the 8th of December, we could try to combine the two?" She was accepting the subject change. "Or for that matter is Craig going to do anything special for thanksgiving?"
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"You are a very big girl. And you're almost older too," Chris said. "I'm so happy for you."

"Oh? For Christmas... why don't we decorate the tree on her birthday?" Chris asked. "I think we did something similar last year, didn't we?" She frowned, thinking. "As for Thanksgiving, doesn't Sir Craig always make a feast?"
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Craig was taking a break from his cooking upon hearing a familiar bard out in the main lobby. As well as an elated Katiana. "So that's where you are. Welcome back Chris."
"Yes. Be four!" She even held up four fingers for emphasis. Kish was the cutest.

"I think we did, didn't we? That actually could be a lot of fun," Katiana said. "Oh, and speak of the devil, there's Craig. Hello!" She gave him a wave. "Don't think I could talk you into making a cake for Kish this year again could I?"

She fished through her purse for a fresh pen, as the one she had used was dying.
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"Sir Craig!" she said, smiling wide. "Its good to see you! I am back. Better then ever. Did you need something?" She tilted her head at him. "I mean, I'm not in heat right now."

"Four years old is a big number," Chris said. "You're becoming all grown up. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to decorate the Christmas tree for your birthday?" Kish might just be old enough to decide what she wanted to do, but Chris didn't know. She didn't have kids of her own just yet. That was something she looked forward to, but didn't know when.
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"Not really, just checking up on you, you've been away a little," Craig said. "Though now that you mention it, I was wondering if you'd be able to get me some of Don's blood. I have something I'd like to try, but it requires something special." He didn't mention that Excalibur was the one who really wanted it, but since Chris didn't like Cal much, he thought it best to leave that part out.
"I'll be a princess!" Kish said. "Decorate tree, be a big tree Cis? Want big tree!"

"What do you want with blood?" Katiana interjected. "I mean, you've been doing something with Chris's blood, but now Don's? How soon till you ask the rest of us."
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"Hrm...well, I do have some PJs that have some of his blood on it, do you need it fresh? I just haven't gotten around to cleaning them up yet," Chris said. She listened to Lady Katiana's interjection. "Well, I don't think he'd have the same use for your blood right now he does mine."

"Yes, it'll be a very big tree, we could even dress you up like a princess," Chris said. "Sir Craig, Lady Katiana, this little one will need a big princess cake." She giggled at the thought of it.
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"Well, you should bring it by and I'll see if it won't work, I can't be too certain until I run some tests and all, but it could be what I'm looking for," Craig said with a smile. "I'm sure it'll work just fine." He really didn't know overall, but it couldn't hurt.

"All right, I can make a princess cake," Craig said. "Fitting for one of the youngest in the Starshine hotel, right? She is the cutest."
"Big tree and a princess cake, got it," Katiana noted with a chuckle. "She'll get more demanding than that as she gets older I'm sure."

"Mama! Imma princess!" Kish said. Kish wasn't letting go of Chris however. She was enjoying her hugs.

"I know sweetie," Katiana said. She turned her attention back towards Craig and Chris. "This has me a little curious as to what Craig's doing."
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"Me too, but Sir Craig's been helping me out...so I suppose its for something good right?" Chris asked, looking at Sir Craig. "I suppose I am a little curious. I don't know when Sir Donovan'll be stopping by if you need fresh blood though, so I hope it works." She certainly didn't want him leaving her again, for that she was a little afraid.

Chris kept hugging Kish. The well rested bard was happy to hug the little one for as long as she needed it.
It was a new day, and the receptionist was once again busy with life. Well, not so much life so much as her daily duties. Keeping track of the books, the guest log, and making sure the spirits were doing their duties while Kate was sleeping. She enjoyed the work, and the pay, including danger pay was very good.
The farmer from out of town carried his good and even more goods by a buffamo as he made his way up to the hotel. It was time for delivery to the hotel, he hoped he'd see Miss Viola, but he knew she was busy.

"Hello?" He came up to the kitchen and knocked, seeing a spirit answer the door. "I got a delivery for today, lots of veggies, and some stuff for Miss Shinja as well." Yup, he'd brought some ores and gems for her to work with. Because he'd been asked to do it.

"These are heavy, so Craig should be careful," Jack commented as he started unloading everything. He knew where they went in the kitchen and since it was day, Craig was probably asleep. So he went about putting everything away from milk, eggs to flour and tons of vegetables and fish.

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