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Welcome to
Some Run Down Bar!

A Little History Lesson

This is Some Run Down Bar, formally known as The Evil Ones Bar and Arena. Created September 09, 2003, I wanted the bar originally to be only for the wicked. A place where gambling, drugs, alcohol, and plain out evil would rule. The bar has changed a lot since then, since its official return October 2004 the bar has been called Some Run Down Bar. The atmosphere has also changed, it no longer has that dark and evil undertone, but pure insanity and fun. I guess you could say that this bar, is the complete polar opposite of what I had originally planned, and looking in retrospect, I'm proud on how it turned out.

What is Some Run Down Bar?

Some Run Down Bar (SRDB for short) is a bar for everyone, from the insane, to the evil, to the plain out normal Gaian. We ask that you, "Leave your sanity at the door" because SRDB isn't a normal bar. It is an insane bar; we do things that constantly break the laws of physics, other sciences, break religion, and cause total and utter chaos. We like it that way; it's how the bar came around to how it is. From rebuilding the bar in a few seconds, to devouring anyone or anything, to giant domos, to mutant plants, SRDB is not a normal bar. This is what SRDB is, a bar of fun, insanity, and excitement. What happens in SRDB, if you're new, will probably make your brain explode three times over, then be tossed into the pits of George, our resident domozilla.

The Regulars and Kickass People and Titles

This space was originally for our "Employees" but, seeing as how every regular was suddenly getting a title I decided to fuse the Employees, Regulars, and the ones with titles. So every person you see on this list is an "Employee," a regular, and has a title.

  • Owner/King: Zero Omega
  • Bartenders: Yasai, Joasis, and Zero Omega
Note that Some Run Down Bar is a self-serve bar, the bartenders will serve when they want to serve or are asked to.
  • Official Bumper: SpaRRowS LaSs ^-^
  • Official Backlogger: Kinetic Dream
  • Official Scapegoat: Joasis
  • Official Scary Uncle: Kinetic Dream
  • Official Repeat Post Record Holder: [ ev!lbunny ] (With around 140)
  • Official Bar Religious Figure: Mr. Jebus Well... For those who want to accept him
  • Official Cookie Master: SpaRRowS LaSs ^-^
  • Official Backlog King: Kinetic Dream
  • Official Kick a** Person: .Joker Tearz.
  • Official Nun/Pr0nstar: Neko the Great
  • Official Something:[ ev!lbunny ]
  • Official Bar Nudist: .PinkyXVIII.
  • Official Drunken Pirate Lady: Mistress Kaizoku
  • Official Make-Shift Fort Dweller: The Songbird Avenger
  • Official Cursed Witch Typo Queen and Pron Maker: Leena-nee
  • Official Queen: Gatosa
  • Official Gone but not Forgotten Ninja Kitsune: [.Raspberry the Ninja.]
  • Official Star of the Kitsune Gone Wild Series: Kisa Valentine
  • Official Mad on His Own Power Madman: [maxanas]
  • Official Crazed Canadian: The Crazed Canadian
  • Official Might be a Ninja: Pheonix315
  • Official Shady Runner of the Security System: Cariss
  • Official Gay, Sexy Unicorn: Gallade
  • Official Hotter then You Transsexual: Achilleo
  • Official Super Heroine: [Danger Woman]
  • Title Pending: Dyne the Assassin
  • Title Pending: XxstryderxX
  • Title Pending: The_Oogie_Boogie_Man
  • Title Pending: Unscene
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    Some Run Down Bar's
    Rules and Guidelines!

    The Main Rule

    This rule is the rule that I ask everyone to pay the most attention to, for it is the core of SRDB.

    We at Some Run Down Bar are a peaceful (generally) fun-loving bunch. We don't really want to deal with real life problems because we try to get away from it by going here (hell, just look at the content). Yeah, SRDB is a mask, but it's a well used mask. Therefore, I ask that users try to keep out any drama (that isn't planned out or something, or for fun, etc) or any real life problems. If you need one of us to help you with that, contact us separately. Granted, we all can't act happy-go-lucky when some serious stuff has happened, so if it is something you really need to get off your chest, you slip up, what have you. Don't worry, we just ask you try not to "keep the ball rolling." We are a considerate bunch, but drama seems to get annoying at a point.

    The Other Rules

    These are the other rules of SRDB, I generally don't enforce them strictly I just ask everyone follow them to some point. The only thing I really request is that you pay the most attention to the rules as they are stated, meaning pay the most attention to one, pay the least attention to four, and so on.
    • Follow ALL Gaia Terms of Services!
    • Generally, everything said here is in good fun and should not be taken seriously.
    • Insanity is a must.
    • Backlogging is a must.

    Your Rights as a Customer

    These are your rights as a customer, generally anything goes, anything can be taken, etc, but here are some things that are strictly exclusive to you.

    • Right to be drunk.
    • Right to fight.
    • Right to steal drinks from others.
    • Right to steal money from others (not literally Gaia gold).
    • Right to fish for whatever you figure is inside the bar.
    • Right to serve yourself.

    Mr. Jebus's Ten Commandments

    Ten Commandments set forth by our official religious figure, Mr. Jebus.

    Mr. Jebus
    1] Thou shalt flame the n00bs.
    2] Thou shalt drink mass amounts of alcohol.
    3] Thou shalt not underestimate thy Crazed Canadian ((Ke ke..))
    4] Thou shalt do what thou wants.
    5] Thou shalt not kill because you can't kill pixels.
    6] Thou shalt lose thy insanity when they first post.
    7] Thou shalt love all, except the n00bs and those who are illiterate and n00b-ish. ((>>'))
    8] Thou shalt curse a blue streak.
    9] Thou shalt love those who post.
    10] Jeebus knows where you live, where you sleep, and what you sleep with!

    Heed them well, my children.

    Mr. Jebus

    Our lager,
    Which art in barrels,
    Hallowed be thy drink.
    Thy will be drunk,
    (I will be drunk),
    At home as in the tavern.
    Give us this day our foamy head,
    And forgive us our spillages,
    As we forgive those who spill against us.
    And lead us not to incarceration,
    But deliver us from hangovers.
    For thine is the beer, The bitter and The lager.
    Forever and ever,


    That is all for the rules, onward to the other stuff!
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    Miscellaneous Some Run Down Things


    This is where all the updates for Some Run Down Bar go.
    2003.09.09 - The Evil Ones Bar and Arena is created.
    2004.09.09 - The Evil Ones Bar and Arena celebrates its first year anniversary.
    2004.10.-- - The Evil Ones Bar and Arena is renamed to Some Run Down Bar.
    2005.09.09 - Some Run Down Bar celebrates its second year anniversary.
    2005.09.13 - The first, second, and third posts are completely redone in order to commemorate two years.
    2005.09.16 - The edition of the "Art" section in the third post.
    2005.10.05 - Combination of Regulars and "Employees." Announcement of Some Run Down Story. Addition of art to the "Art" section.
    2006.01.01 - Joasis has represented SRDB and made the New Year's thread seen on the first page of The Masquerade 2k5/6!
    2008.03.23 - Front page finally got a make over

    The Rooms and Objects of Some Run Down Bar

    We have many various rooms and locations in Some Run Down Bar, here they are with a small description of each one.

    • The Bar: Simply put, the bar. Zero will occasionally go back here if he feels like serving others. It is where all drinks are stored.
    • The Bar Counter: Where the drinks are served, also, under it is Zero's second bed if he does not feel like going into his office.
    • The Fridge: It's a fridge, located next to the bar counter. It has been said to contain something mysterious. A note has since been added to the Fridge: Do not open unless you wish to face a terrible, horrible creature of terrible, horribleness.
    • George's Wall: The wall where George, the resident domozilla, live and eats.
    • Zero's Office: Zero's office, rarely lets anyone in. His own personal space.
    • The Gay Bar Across the Street: Not necessarily a room, but something that has been with SRDB for years. It is said if you go over there, you will be pelted with beer bottles when you return, probably because you left SRDB for another bar. As of 2008, resident Regulars Gallade and Leena have taken over ownership. It is said you have to be super cool and secret to enter.
    • Kisa's Rafter: Kisa's own little spot up in the rafters. Generally invaded which upsets Kisa, therefore invade at your own risk. It is currently being over run with Gnomes.
    • Leena's Underground Dwelling: An underground system that spans the enter length of the bar, it is unknown how deep it goes. This is the witch's home and very few people have ever set foot in the mysterious rooms. The entrance is unknown.
    • The Security Room: This room is central control for all the security cameras in the bar. Cariss is the only person to have stepped foot in here and is presumed to be the operator of said system. The door has unpickable locks, unbreakable glass and indestructible metal. Cariss also sleeps here.
    • Gallade's Box: An empty Kitsune Gone Wild box that the unicorn girl emeraged from. It is infinite in space inside and if one is to enter the box they would find an entire new world, complete with beautiful meadows, large forest and blue skies. Gallade's home is also built here, which she shares with Leena's moon bunnies.
    • Kai's Hammock: This is where the Pirate Captain can be found drinking large bottles of rum and sleeping off hangovers. It is set up in a slightly shadowed part of the bar, there for it usually escapes notice. No one has ever tried to lay in the Captain's hammock while she is gone, many fear the consequences.
    • Jo's Throne: A large stone throne that sits in the center of the bar. From this throne he used to command his gnome hordes, however Jo-sir has been missing from the bar recently and Max has since taken over the throne and the gnomes.
    • The Crater: Created during a fight between a witch and an unknown assailant. The result of an attempt to use a Dragon God to solve one's problems. The Crater takes up the entire front half of the bar, leaving about two tables before the bar, and about two feet inside the doorway.

    The Backrooms

    Recently, backrooms have been appearing everywhere inside of Some Run Down Bar. Anything can happen in these backrooms, here are the most common ones.

    • Zero's Backroom: Zero's backroom, once shared with Berry. Generally not in use anymore.
    • Berry's Backroom: Berry's backroom, has been shared with many other females, no one really knows what went on in there. Generally not in use anymore.
    • Neko's Backroom: Neko's personal backroom, it has been said that she makes many hawt lesbian pron movies in there to be sold on E-Bay, but none seem to have hit the market. Generally not in use anymore.
    • Pheonix's Backroom: Pheonix's backroom, has been said to store loads of sake, however no one really knows what's in there. Generally not in use anymore.

    The Creatures of Some Run Down Bar

    Here in Some Run Down Bar, we have creatures that seem to pop up here and there, the most memorable is George the Domozilla who can be found at his wall. Here are a few beasts at SRDB.

    • George the Domozilla: He needs no introduction, George is a giant domo that was created by Zero. Sparrow seems to love George with all her heart and George feels the same, he can be found at his wall generally sleeping, or if Sparrow is around, eating cookies. He is one of the few things the Tentacle Monster is afraid of.
    • The Tentacle Monster: The monster who lives inside the fridge. It has a taste for virgins and school girls. If your a virgin schoolgirl then your seriously screwed, literally. If neither are available it likes to try and take advantage of any girl in reach of it's slimy tentacles. Luckily it will only emerge if the fridge is opened. Many of the female regulars put their lives and limbs on the line to prevent this.
    • The Studio Audience: No matter how many times they are blown up, massacred, burned to death and otherwise utterly destroyed, this annoying group of people keep coming back as if they had auto-regn. These guys will do everything a regular studio audience usually does: Oooh, Ahhh, Cry, Laugh, etc...all at the most annoying moments.
    • The Hobo in the Men's Room: No one is quite sure what this man does other then hand towels to occupants using the sink in the Men's room. However...he has been seen a few times emerging from said bathroom and dragging drunk, unconscious customers back to his domain. They usually wake up in a bathtub full of ice.
    • Clowns: Every so often a group of Clowns are dumb enough to try and over take SRDB.They are quickly and painfully utterly destroyed by the hands of Captain Kai and her First Mate Jo though anyone is welcome to join in the fun. Their corpses are often seen decorating the floor.
    • Jo's Gnomes: Jo's gnomes are of the garden variety. Their city can be found in Kisa's rafters which infuriates the Kitsune and often causes her to go rampage through the city looking like a giant Kitsunzilla to the gnomes. They took up the pron business that Leena abandoned after finishing the Kitsune Gone Wild Series. Their skills have gotten so good they now make fake pron, where they record the bar regulars going about their business and shop their faces onto existing videos. Their numbers have been getting smaller recently due to Max's take over and the habitual killing of them by the Regulars.
    • Max's Gnomes: These Jo's have been converted to the dark side by Max. They are distinguishable from the other gnomes by their black robes and disturbing ability to turn into a tar like substance. They obey no one but Max and are incredibly hard to kill. If they touch another gnome, that gnome is then converted. The regular gnomes go to great length to avoid them.
    • Sparki and the Moon Bunnies: Sparki is a round, one eyed, feather covered bat-like creature. He serves as sort of messenger for Leena and avoids the other regulars for fear of being squashed. Leena seems to be the only one who can understand him. The Moon Bunnies are White rabbits with gold tails and golden wing-like ears. They are often used for house hold tasks and are quite smart and playful. Gallade has recently been breeding them in her box, officially taking them off the endangered species list. They are both summons of Leena.


    Recently we were just given art by the kickass Blu, so in honor of that I decided to create this portion for any and all fan art. If you want your art up here just post it in the bar or PM it to me and I'll add it.

    User Image
    By Blu - September 16, 2005

    User Image
    By Leena-nee - October 04th, 2005

    User Image
    By [.Raspberry the Hokage.] - December 18, 2005

    Link Dump

    Need a break from Some Run Down Bar? Want to see the past? Then enjoy the links blow!

    Some Run Down Bar's Halloween Thread
    Some Run Down Bar's Halloween Thread: Some Run Down Bar's first appearance at an official Gaia event, Halloween Bash 2004.

    Some Run Down New Year's


    --------------------------------Black Halo Bar

    And that is it! I hope you all enjoyed this, learned a few things about Some Run Down Bar, and have a great time here!
    Interesting... 3nodding Too bad most people think I'm nice stressed Why won't they learn I'm evil... sweatdrop Good luck in your business ^_^
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    Interesting... 3nodding Too bad most people think I'm nice stressed Why won't they learn I'm evil... sweatdrop Good luck in your business ^_^

    I actually meant it to be for those that are evil but then not everyone would be able to come so I just used the Evil Ones as a title. *shrugs* Couldn't think of much.
    Well here I am. *takes my clothes off leaving only my black pants on* *begins to do some work on the cage up there* *the sparks can be seen flying from the ceiling hitting the ground as I put some adjustments on it* *He looks down seeing a girl talk to zero* pfft already attracting women.
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    Sephiroth Oukoku
    Well here I am. *takes my clothes off leaving only my black pants on* *begins to do some work on the cage up there* *the sparks can be seen flying from the ceiling hitting the ground as I put some adjustments on it* *He looks down seeing a girl talk to zero* pfft already attracting women.

    *sits the girl down and gets her a drink, goes to the cage*Seph get down here, I've got two workers, a DJ and a Fight Judge. Their names are Sakura-Spirit (Fight Judge) and trunksson (DJ). What do you think man, we in business or what? *throws him a beer*
    he walks in with interest in his green eyes. they flashed red once in every great while. he looks at the others in the room
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    *eyes Cell3*'Ey, and you would be? Besides that, you thirsty? Need a smoke? Want a fight? Welcome and make yourself at home.
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    Hmm, where are those two new workers. They were supposed to be here, this ain't good.
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    : Walks in and sits down at the nearest table: Im here, and i've read the rules you sent me

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