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Dante De Stephanoxxxxxxxxxxxx
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You know, it was a nice, calm day. He was enjoying himself; he wasn't alone, at that. Here he was, sitting across from a beautiful lady, one that as the days went by, he found himself easing more and more into a sort of comfort level with. They were 'shmoozing,' enjoying a couple glasses of wine, (in which he finally found some sort of a taste for,) and sitting at one of the table in the bar.

Saorla was beautiful; she was kind. He couldn't understand how anyone wouldn't enjoy her presence. "I almost wish..." he started, his eyes trapped in her a moment. 'Crack!' Something sounded, echoing across the Bar. He glanced towards the wall where something had impacted, a hand immediately touching the pistol hidden in his coat.

A moment passed, and then he was up, crossing the room in an instant smoothing and quietly. He peaked out one of the windows, just in time to see some under dressed Asian rush by, and catch the faintest glimpse of red. Blood. He held a finger up to his lips towards Soarla, then made for the front door, quickly pushing through it and making it across the way to the edge of the building. From there he peaked on wards to the next few events as they proceeded. There was a few minutes in which he was both confused, disturbed, and sick to his stomach. Well... in the end, it was just two people that looked about ready to hump on the beach. Great.

With a twisted expression be pulled back and relaxed, taking a breath before finally stepping out into the open and facing the two of them; "Are you two alright?" Voice calm and clear cut, the Italian accent was just as obvious as his blond hair and bright blue eyes. These two... were soaked and hardly looked like they had any cash on them. Not with shorty shorts and a... skirt wearing man.
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    xfae - irish - sociable

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[[@Onyx: Hiiiii~! Just wanted to say that this Saorla is AU~ Dunno if Sherry filled you in!]]

It was such a beautiful day~ The sun was out, the weather was warm, and the ocean waters just a little ways away from her little bar were a pleasing shade of turquoise. The summer season was quickly arriving, and Saorla couldn't wait for the water to be warm enough to be really enjoyable. And the company that currently sat across the table from her wasn't half bad, either. Saorla beamed at the blonde man she'd come to be such great friends with over the past year. A glass of red wine was poised in hand, which she sipped from every so often during their conversation. It couldn't get better than this~ The relaxed atmosphere was exactly what she needed.

"I almost wish-" He'd started to say, and Saorla glanced up to meet his eyes, looking curious. But whatever he wished for, she wouldn't find out- because before the sentence could even be completed, a crash sounded from outside, shattering the peaceful atmosphere in the bar. Those blue eyes tore away from Dante's to stare at the direction the sound had come from, looking just a bit startled now. A couple of seconds went by and then Dante was up- she was quick to follow, setting her glass of wine down on the table without saying a word.

Whatever it was, obvious it was bad... For when she neared the door after Dante, Saorla saw the same dark red sight of blood on the Asian man outside. The fact that he was nude hadn't been noticed yet- she could only see him from the torso up, gazing over Dante's taller form. And that was when she got a better look at the man... "Ahh, I know him! Barely, but he has been here once before." He'd told her to be quiet, so Saorla stood on her tiptoes and whispered the words in his ear, her face barely an inch away from his. Once she lowered back down off the tips of her toes, Saorla followed the blonde outside- and that was when she really saw what was going on.

Tristan was naked. Completely naked. And the dark-haired woman was straddling him for a moment, but she got up shortly after they had come outside. "Oh...!" Quickly turning the same shade of red that her wine had been, Saorla was quick to spin right around, giving them whatever privacy she was able to. Dante had asked them if they were alright, and though the redheaded fae was no longer looking at the waterlogged, mostly nude pair, she was all ears while she waited for their answer.
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(( Hello berri! blaugh hmm...AU? ))

Location: Solas Shores ~ Ensemble: TROPIC HEAT

She watched him a moment and then followed him by looking around. Truly it was beautiful. She heard what Tristan was saying and noted the sadness within his voice. She had not the heart to ask.
"So...he's been here before..."
"So...is there someplace warm we can go then?" she tried to hide her impatience as he seemed to be remembering something somewhat dear to him. She started to rub at her arms. Pressing her full pout together a moment she sniffled. Another ebbing tide and another bump on her leg caused her to look down. It was her bag. She was happy to have it back but it felt like a slap in the face by the Goddess of the sea's. Scooping it up she grumbled.
"Thanks..." and then she flipped off the ocean.
Was onyx bat-s**t crazy, talking to no one? Not quite. Calypso really did like to toy around with her. Looking back to Tristan she gave him a goofy smile and a nervous laugh.
"Right so...how bout that warmth? I'm hungry." she began to walk. Where to, she didn't know. Just walk.

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