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Sitting next to a quiet beach, Solas Na Réaltaí is a small tavern and cafe that houses an inn right beside of it. The tavern itself is one floor, spacious, and quaint. An outside dining area is available, as well as a small deck that serves as a dance floor occasionally. Stringed lights hang from the railing on the deck and outside dining area, giving the place a romantic feel.

Inside, there's a bar along with another small dining area and a lounge area. The kitchen is just behind the bar, where all the meals are made. There's no menus, but the kitchen is large and holds several different varieties of foods, so more likely than not, the cooks will be able to whip up whatever you'd like- seafood is the specialty, though, as it is a beachfront business.

To the right of the tavern sits the inn, which is two stories and connected by a covered walkway. There are six rooms on the first floor and six on the second, all one roomers, but airy and open so that everyone who stays has a great beachfront view.

Come in and enjoy yourself!

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1.] The Terms of Service is there for a reason. These rules should be followed above all others.
2.] No Godmodding. Simple enough~
3.] Staff is in charge while the owner is away!
4.] Keep things PG-16.
5.] Try to keep OOC to a minimum~
6.] Employees should try to be here regularly. If something comes up in real life that keeps you busy, try to let me know. If within two weeks I don't hear from a person, they'll be taken off the staff list.
7.] No destroying the place, please. Drama and chaos is good to an extent, but the tavern and inn need to stay intact.
8.] Hit 'preview' before you post, to see if people have posted before you.
9.] If after two or three days someone hasn't responded to a post of yours, please just move on. This keeps things running and doesn't hold the roleplay up.
10.] PM all profiles to me~ Please don't post them in the actual thread.
11.] This is a semi-literate RP, so try to post, at the least, two paragraphs.
12.] No quote towers.
13.] Try to stick to the post order to keep the flow of the RP going~
14.] The RP will switch in-character days every night after people have gone to bed in RL. Meaning, no matter what's going on, we start a new day. This keeps the RP going. If you wanna continue a certain scene, either finish it up in PMs or ask me and we'll figure something out.
15.] These rules can be changed, deleted, or added to at any time.
16.] Lastly and most importantly, always have fun!
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under construction
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Job Application Form

    This is just for jobs. If you want a room, PM me with your character's name and what room you'd like. Profiles for customers aren't necessary but are definitely welcome.

    Character Name:
    Desired Position:
    Apartment: (Optional)
    Small RP Sample:


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    Character Name: Saorla Siodhachain
    Username: Aigean Suantrai
    Status: Online | Offline

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    Character Name: Aidan Siodhachain
    Username: Aigean Suantrai
    Status: Online | Offline

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    Character Name: Ruairi Siodhachain
    Username: Aigean Suantrai
    Status: Online | Offline


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    Character Name: Hideki Hiruma
    Username: Erasmos
    Status: Online | Offline

    [Two spots open.]


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    Character Name: Halia Gomen
    Username: VaLE3rIa
    Status: Online | Offline


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First Floor Rooms

101.] Dante DeStephano
102.] Hideki Hiruma
103.] Ren Li
104.] Uriel Armand
105.] Aidan Siodhachain

Second Floor Rooms

201.] Saorla Siodhachain
202.] Ruairi Siodhachain
203.] Eli Yamada

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