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[ I'm changing my characters actual name to Avriel, but her nickname will be Angel ]

"It is a pleasure Master Loki I am Avriel" She said with a smile "And it is quite alright I do it as well." She looked at her tail then him "Would you like to decorate it?" She didn't know why she asked, maybe she wanted to see what he would do. Her left ear twitched slightly, soon after he did not reply she realized he had fallen asleep. "hmm, I'll leave him" She stood once again and began cleaning the already spotless Bar

[Aye, and I will be going soon as well]
"there, that should do.....OWWW" again the insect takes to the air and smacks into his head. "thats it, i'm turning you into a toaster!" he snatches the bug from the air and places it back into his pocket. he nurses what remains of his drink as he gingerly touches both bruised spots on his head.
Avriel jumped when Vari shouted in pain. She then made her way over "Are you alright Master Vari?" She questioned, not noticing she said master.
((i would say i'de be leaving too but i'm wide awake))

Vari was still rubbing his head when Angel approached him. "yeah, sorry about that. just an experiment gone wrong......and trust me thats nothing new." he takes a piece of ice from his glass and places it over one of the bruises. he looks up to her with a half smile "sorry i yelled but for a little thing it sure is hard." he gives a soft chuckle more at his own failure with the machine than anything.
[I was gonna go because i have to be up at five and its 1230 now but now i'm wide awake stupid gum...hehe]

"It's fine" Angel giggled, disappearing into the kitchen and returning with a small bag of ice wrapped in a towel "Here, this will get both of them at the same time." She smiled warmly before her tail twitched. "Would you like another drink?"
((i know the feeling. its 3:40 here...i blame caffine for this!))

He takes the ice happily and places it over the quickly darkening bruises. when she asks him about the drinks he looks up to her with a warm smile. "depends. do i get company with it?" he cant help but let loose a booming laugh. here he is injured with a bag of ice on his head and still he did his best to be as charming as an old mechanic could be.
Angel blushed slightly but hey smile didn't falter. "I don't see why not." She spoke, a little of her Russian accent coming out, a little two much to her liking. She never understood how her sister got rid of it while she was stuck with it. She shrugged it off and went to get the man's refill, she also made herself a green jolly rancher. Sweet but with the taste of vodka, perfect. She returned to the table Vari was at and set his drink down, then sat down beside the man.

[Oo, ouch...lol...yeah its caffeines fault ]
((damn you caffine! why must you be so tasty!!!! lol))

At her answer his smile widens, his eyes seeming to take on a light of their own. it was not often he was graced with such a charming presence. "So, tell me about yourself. its not often one hears an accent quite like yours around here"
"Um, well the accent is Russian, and it was acquired after living in Russia from birth to about three years ago. My older sister, Andrea, easily shed her accent and I don't know how. But it bugs me that I am stuck with an accent that comes and goes when it pleases" Angel sighed contently before sipping her blended drink. The three years was a lie, it was more like three hundred years, but she knew not his race so she said three. "What of you, where is your background?"

[because it hates us sleeping?]
his shoulders give a small shake as she asks about his life. ahh, where to start? "well i've lived in this area most of my life except for a few years that i spent traveling. i've always loved machines and spent many years learning all i could and perfecting my art. other than that theres not much to tell. can't say i've lived a very exciting life really." he shrugs softly before taking a sip of his drink, he notices her tail out of the corner of his eye and motions to it. "may i?" he motions as if to ask if he may touch her tail but stops short as he realises perhaps it was rude to ask that. "i mean if its alright that is...." he stammers the last line out a bit hastily.
"No it's quite alright you may" She brought her tail around so to was a little more in his reach "She chuckled at his stammering " She thought of what he said, "Mechanic. hm? Pretty cool" She said with another sip of her drink.

[Sorry it took so long, I walked away from the comp]
He gently takes her tail in his hand, running a finger lightly along its length. "yes. when it comes to metal i can make anything you ask me to. as i've said i've spent years working to become the best at it." the whole time he spoke his eyes were on her tail, his unblinking gaze was as if he were analyzing it in his mind. after a while he breaks away and moves his head back to meet her eyes. with a warm smile he lets go of her tail and moves back to his drink. "you should be quite proud. i havent had the chance to see many tail up close but from what i gather yours is very nice indeed."
((its quite alright. i was on another rp anyways so i kept myself entertained in your absence ^_^))
Angel smiled a warm and inviting smile. "A-ah" She was slightly confused "How do you not know your own tail?" She asked again thinking about his magic gift with metal. Her eyes wandered down his body and back to his eyes, looking for a chance to figure his race out.
He gives a small shrug before motioning to her tail. "some of us were not given such a gift at birth." he waves his hands emphasising his body. "with me what you see is what you get. i'm as human as they come.....well almost...." a distant look crosses his face as he thinks back to his travels in the world. a few seconds later he snaps back and smiles. "so you can see why a gift like yours would interest me so."

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