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Kurt would smile kindly, "They are a quiet bunch, you know there are times I think they whistle & sing while they work on a good day. Rather charming really." he would add as if he had never thought about how pleasant it actually was until now.
Sawyer would give Kurt an evil eye, she hated it when people went about the bush on something, irked her even -she would have accepted a simple 'I don't want to talk about it', rather then having her intelligence insulted-. Luckily Meyrin's compliment on the salad smoothed her a bit, "Thanks to be honest I sort of made it on the spot. This is my first time making an egg salad...you see I'm not really much of a chef." admitted Sawyer.

Kurt would nod, walking a little over to Hathmeoi only to step back able to smell the sage and vinegar half way there. Proving to have quite the sense of smell.
"Hell's teeth!" he'd exclaim, "How can you....ah..." he would say about to finish with a question of Haths ability to bear such a smell, only to remember how the mandrake root effects the faun and her nose.
"Quit complaining, its doing her good." Sawyer would say.
"Which I'm more then overjoyed about, really..its just...strong.." said Kurt with his nose pinched.
If what Sawyer said was true, then this proved how difficult it was to screw up a salad. Honestly, you probably couldn't make a bad one if you tried. As long as the ingredients were fresh, anyway. She considered the thought of the sprites singing and smiled. That would be pretty charming indeed. "Have they always been around? I mean, are they pets of the witch or something?" While the others talked, Meyrin would continue to eat, listening to their conversations. Was the scent really that bad? She thought sage had a rather pleasant smell to it.
The faun would roll her eyes at Kurt’s reaction to the stench that she couldn’t fully…appreciate…though she was probably more thankful than anything that she couldn’t smell it. “Can’t wait till this is all over.” She muttered under her breath before she stretched her legs and eased herself up. “If I’m offending you that much, then I’ll just take my leave.” She said with a shrug.

Turning to Meyrin with a warm smile and a polite bow. “It was a pleasure getting to know you, Miss Meyrin! I do hope you stay a bit longer! It would be most fun to practice a bit of archery with someone who’s just as skilled!” Her voice chimed with her sweet giggles as she trotted back a ways, hooves clicking lightly upon the floor as she turned in the direction of her room.
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Sage and vinegar were the only two main scents the medicine gave off, but there were surely others as it wasn't merely sage and vinegar in the medicine. At the sight of seeing Hathmeoi offended though Kurt slapped his palm against his head, excused himself as polite as possible and rushed after the faun to apologize.
"Hath wait! I didn't-"

Sawyer would shake her head and smile kindly at Meyrin answering her question, "It can be assumed they're the witch's, we found them in here when we first arrived too...though at the time all they did was sleep about." She snorted.
"The pleasure has been mine." It may have been a typical, polite response, but that didn't make it any less true. Meyrin had definitely enjoyed meeting the faun. "Perhaps I can learn a thing or two from someone who has had proper training." She wasn't so quick to say that she was as skilled as Hath with the bow. While it was her weapon of choice, she had learned most everything she knew from trial and error rather than from a proper teacher. She smiled and offered a return of the bow. "Until we meet again, then." She watched Kurt hurry after the faun and lightly giggled to herself as she finished the salad. "I see. When did they decide to start helping out? After you met the witch?"
Hath gave Meyrin a wink and wave before disappearing around the corner. She looked forward to the challenge; seeing how well the half-elf was with a bow and potentially helping her become even better.

“-mean to say I smelled so offensive? You’re really one to talk considering you’ve been walking out in the rain. I’ve got a pretty good memory as to what a wet satyr smells like.” Hath said when she was certain they were well out of hearing range. With her good hand gripping her healing shoulder, she gently flexed, stretched, and worked her arm and shoulder a bit as they reached her bedroom door. “I’m just thankful my nose is currently out of commission.” She said with a snort and a teasing grin as she winked at Kurt before pulling his hat down over his eyes.
((a headshot of Meyrin ...because I haven't posted any pics in a while =P ))
(( ~giggles~ It's good to see that the females in that game are so good looking in comparison to the males. My friend showed me his character, and made a point to show me the ears ~has a deep passion for elves~ but...I inwardly pouted at how incredibly buff the character was. xd ))
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Strumming her fingers some in thought she would shake her head this way and that, "Mmm more or less...they would do a few things once they were used to us around, but I suppose thats because after a week or so the witch still hadn't kicked us out, but nothing really major. It wasn't until after the witch revealed herself to us that they really started being helpful, and a lot more consistently to boot." explained Sawyer, "Which inevitably meant less arguing between ourselves on whose turn it is to do what and other such things."

Meanwhile upstairs Kurt would bite his lip some looking rather ashamed. Before his shoulders jerked at the satyr comment raising his hands instinctively in a 'sshh' manner, "The skulls will hear you.." he whispered, only to look back at her and give a slight dimpled smile, "Though you're right...I must smell pretty awful." his expressive eyes revealing a slight tiredness in them -though they would soon be covered by his hat, "Hey!" snorted, adjusting his hat some, only to pull a needle he placed in there from pricking his finger out, "ouch.." a faint sigh, but he was rather patient about it all, even with his forehead slightly pricked, though certainly not pricked enough to draw blood.
((males can be good looking too... it just takes a HEAVILY modded game to get either to look that good. (particularly, I use a custom race with much better textures, nicer hair, and plenty of other graphical mods) and in addition to that most of my screenshots are touched up in photoshop too =P ))
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(( Oh wow! She's gorgeous! What a close up! : D ))
Seeing the needle shimmer as he plucked it out of his hat after his faint pained expression, Hath gave him a weak smile. “You should be more careful about where you keep those things.” She murmured some, rubbing her tired eye some, before placing her good hand on his shoulder…catching his gaze with her doe-brown eyes. “I’m glad you’re back, safe and sound.” To which she would turn, open the door to her room and enter. “Good night, Kurt.” She would say quietly before closing the door behind her. She would soon dump the mandrake root out the window before sinking into the downy feather soft mattress and slowly doze off to sleep.
She laughed softly at that, imagining that Sawyer probably ended up doing most of the work inside, while Hath took care of the outside of the place, and Kurt probably got away with being lazy most of the time. "Well, I guess it's a boon that they're around then." The critters taking care of simple maid duty and such would be helpful in getting the inn off the ground and running. "It seems you could use some help drawing people here though. Perhaps I should go into town and show the locals I'm still alive." A cheerful smile accompanied the words. It wasn't likely the place could last long off of her pockets alone, and she liked it here, so she figured she'd help out where she could.
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"Oof tell me about it." Sawyer could just remember the headaches of it all as she rubbed her eyes tiredly, only to brighten up and look at Meyrin blinking, "You'd do that? For us?!" only to smirk at the thought of someone running back saying they've survived as a major accomplishment, the image was rather amusing. "That would be most helpful!" Sawyer would say who couldn't quite stop smiling at the thought.

Kurt would rub at the spot and smile sheepishly, "I heard someone say once that should is an irrational word." snorted the satyr in disguise, only for their eyes to catch. Kurt would give a light smile on his part, and pat Hath's hand that was on his shoulder, and give her a nod glad to be back, and say, "Rest tight Hathmeoi." as her hand slipped from his shoulder and he watched her enter into her room.
Kurt would give a stretch and a yawn, feeling the days excersions to be quite tiresome and make his way downstairs while adjusting his long earred lumberjack hat.
"Kurt! Meyrin said she'll go and tell the locals she survived the place and try and help give us more business!" cried out Sawyer in delight.
"She's...? Oh!! OH! Thats wonderful! Miss Meyrin you're a saint to give such an offer!" Kurt would say with a beaming delighted smile.
She blushed lightly, not expecting to get such a reaction for offering to just prove to the locals that she's alive. "On top of that, I'll even tell 'em I didn't even get turned into a frog or anything." She stuck her tongue out and laughed playfully. In all seriousness, they could use something to draw in the masses. Perhaps some sort of live entertainment? She wondered if any of them had any stage talents. "Hmm... can any of you play any instruments or anything? How about stand up comedy? That might be something that would draw in more business."

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