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Tilting her head a bit more in thought, Hath’s brown eyes sparkled at the thought. “Oh! So you’re only half-elf! How neat! I’ve never seen an interracial person before!” She said with a light clap of her hands as her tail wiggled with delight. “Ah! Skill with the bow is a good one to have. Will help to get you out of a bind early on if your aim is accurate and true!” She added with a nod, before her hand went about massaging her shoulder again. Needless to say, she was enjoying getting to know Meyrin!
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Sawyer would smirk some, giving a little scratch between Rikki-Tikki's ears, she wasn't surprised of Hath's excitement towards finding out the half elven woman was also an archer. It must be a popular weapon to have around these days, or something. "Hath is quite the archer herself." added Sawyer conversationally.
Only to look a bit more 'down to business' when the order was received, she could become rather serious rather easily when a task was brought forth to her, "Eggs and an egg salad, got it." Sawyer would say somewhat to herself to keep track of it, only to pause, half way from picking up a tomato, leaning back some, "How would you like your eggs? Fried, scrambled, over easy?" she would inquire while walking about the kitchen as she awaited the answer, thinking best to work on the egg salad first.

Kurt's heart skipped some at being pointed at by a sword, cowardliness was a tough thing to get over sometimes. But he would gulp, hands raised -well somewhat as the other with an even firmer grip on the vodka bottle tightened- in a sign that he bore no ill will nor had any sort of weapon up his sleeve.
Though his brow did raise, and his tattered ear did give a quirk at the way the centaur spoke, something wasn't adding up right.
"I'm not playing at anything my strong friend, and I brainwashed no one, and I fail to believe how someone blessed with Mother Moon's bow would betray anyone, unless you doubt Mother Moon's judgement...?...and since when do centaurs rely on fauns to be their priestesses and holy men? My friend, I believe you are the one who is confused, this is more then me leading a mortal through the forrest...isn't it? "
She nodded. Without Sawyer's addition, she could tell just by the way Hathmeoi spoke that she herself was a great marksman. Meyrin's bow came in handy more often than she'd have liked during her little 'adventures,' she would have preferred if everything could be done peacefully, but wasn't naive enough to go without it (despite what her mother might say.) She noted Hath rubbing her shoulder - it must've been where she had been injured. The wound looked like it had healed for the most part, probably thanks to the mandrake Kurt had been preparing the previous night, but it clearly still irritated her. She wondered if she could do anything to help, but kept her concern to herself for now. "Erm, I meant just the egg salad, no need for extra eggs on the side." Turning back to Hath, she continued the conversation, "So whats it like being away from home?"
“Fauns are not the only ones who train to be priestesses in our forest, fool. But out of all who trained with her, Hathmeoi was the most dutiful. If you hadn’t entered into our domain with your mortal friend, she wouldn’t have left us to be filled with such blasphemous ideas of integrating with the outside world; forsaking the safety and sanctity our elders built when Pan disappeared!” She glared down upon him, still remaining where she stood. “I would never doubt Mother Moon’s judgement…if anyone was worthy of her blessings it was that faun. I just don’t believe in betraying all of what our elders worked for.”

One of the centaur’s front knees started to quiver; her anger was causing her too much distress. “I promise you I won’t attack you tonight. Even I’m not stupid enough to risk causing myself needless injury in your capture. But if you don’t leave me now to regain my strength, I will make you regret. Remember this, satyr. I am not your friend.”

Hath closed her eyes a bit at Meyrin’s inquiry. “Hmm…scary and exciting all at the same time. I was trained to leave my home forest, but…I found that things are far different than from what I was taught. So…I opted to stay and learn abroad.” She said for now with an affirmative nod as she caught the half-elf’s gaze. It was the truth, if only partial.
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"Ah, that does make more sense..." Sawyer would say, feeling rather foolish of herself. To which Sawyer would go on gathering up the ingredients necessary for an egg salad in silence. Allowing the two to bond and talk amongst themselves. Giving the vegetables a good rinsing under cool water -which were all fresh from the vegetable garden in the green house-. Sawyer would begin on dicing up tomatoes, radishes, the lettuce, and would add grounded parsley and basil too.
"Excuse yourself Rikki-Tikki." she would say to the little mongoose ferret mix, brushing him aside some to get through the cupboard and grab a bottle of olive oil. She would add the olive oil and after giving the salad a good mix place sliced hardboiled egg around the top in a circular formation.
"There you are." presented Sawyer politely.

It never came to him the idea of centaurs and fauns working together, it was different upon his mountain...they were also far more peaceful and easier to reason with, but ah! that is the glory of a world, as great and terrible as it was.
Her glare would be returned with Kurt's patience, and a sense of calm and tender charming smile, sympathetic to the centaur's pain despite her threats.
"Is it sanctity to keep something based on nature and the wilds itself from changing...when change is what nature is all about? 'When a river ignores its brothers it is sooner to dry up' everything is connected, there are invisible strings around us all." To which the satyr would bow graciously, "I hope to Pan a healthy recovery for you, my friend." He would lean forward and step to place the bottle of vodka down a little bit near the centaur, and step back into the underbrush to give the centaur its requested peace.
Kurt would hear no more from the centaur, other than the sound of her shuffling through the forest away from him…if anything, to further distance herself from any more aggravation.

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With a heavy heart Kurt would take up the extra clothes he had placed and begin his walk back to the cottage. He wasn't entirely ready to don his disguise just yet.
Once reaching the out skirts of the cottage open grounds he would look into the forrest some, and then the clear view of the cottage up ahead.
Another sigh and he would begin to don his disguise once more.
"That's very brave of you." Meyrin knew from experience that many humans tended to be a bit cruel towards those unlike themselves. "I too have been out seeking to learn of the world. Perhaps it's my mixed blood or something, but I seem to have a knack for finding trouble." She grinned, clearly pleased about this. "I guess I just love to have fun, which probably is why I wind up in sticky situations." Last time she had 'gone adventuring' she wound up tied to the underside of a burning bridge over a raging stream. That one had been a hoot to get out of.
Hathmeoi rubbed the back of her neck, her voice chiming with light hearted giggles at the idea of finding trouble around every corner. “Yeah…yeah…you’re bound to find trouble when experiencing something new, but…guess it comes with the territory.” She was a bit hesitant in trying to relate any further with any of her own adventures. “So…eggs, huh?” Deciding to change the subject some. “I’ve never had them before, considering they’re normally made to bring life into the world and all. Strictly vegetarian myself, but I’m curious what the appeal is.”
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Sawyer would smile resting the plate before the half elven woman.
"Would you like something too Hath?" Taking a few steps back to begin to make herself some tea while waiting for an answer. Only to stop mid movement at the skulls about the cottage to suddenly start chattering, whispering about Kurt heading toward the cottage. When in moments time the door would open and in would enter Kurt, looking as human as ever heavy lumberjack hat, baggy pants and all.
"I'm back." he'd say closing the door behind him.
She shrugged at the question. "Actually, I think vegetarians are okay with eating eggs - it's vegans that don't. It doesn't really matter either way. I completely understand and respect the viewpoint, but I enjoy being an omnivore." She paused a moment to think how to actually answer the question. "I can't speak for everyone, but I guess I like variety. I won't be so audacious as to say meat tastes better than vegetables, as that would be a completely opinion driven argument, but rather, it tastes different. I personally prefer the blend of them. It keeps things interesting." Hath's question probably didn't intend to provoke any philosophical views, but Meyrin offered her answer as best and complete as she could. After another moment, she added on, "Of course, I don't mind cutting it from my diet while you're present if it offends you."

With the entrance of Kurt, she twisted towards him and offered a smile, a wave, and a simple "Hey."
“Hmm…? Oh…um…” She hadn’t thought about eating, since she was still rather full from the broth. But at the sound of the skulls chattering, Hath’s ears would perk up, and her head would immediately turn upon Kurt’s entrance. Her doe-brown eyes would inspect him closely, oh…how he was lucky her nose wasn’t working as well as she would have liked.

A sigh as her tired eyes closed some. At least he was safe. “Mm…no thank you, Sawyer. The broth is still working through my system…” To which she’d look back towards Meyrin as she answered, giving a subtle shake of her head and a warm smile. “Nonsense! I’m not in the least bit offended. I understand that every being has their own nutritional standards, and thus need things like either meat or vegetation, or the combination of the both in order to survive. I would never think of depriving you of that nutrition, especially if you enjoy eating!”
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Kurt's disposition certainly brightened when he realized he had been addressed.
"Ah hullo Meyrin!" he would say with a dimpled smile, "Sleep well? The sprites didn't bother you?"
Sawyer would nod at Hath in understanding looking over at Kurt "So, what did you get at the village Kurt?" asked Sawyer while pouring herself some already boiled water.
"Oh uh...vodka...but I drank it all." Kurt would say with a sheepish smile.
Sawyer's eyes would narrow, not amused, "Is that so? But I though you left with a bottle of vodka already."
"Right, but I, finished that too." which was a slight lie, as he had left it before the centaur in the forrest.
"So...you're running on two bottles of vodka?" said Sawyer sounding unconvinced.
"Pretty much. You never believe me when I say I can take alcohol well." he would smirk, "Oh! Hathmeoi your up! How's the arm?" giving the faun a dimpled smile -and slightly covering his tracks on the matter of the vodka bottle, though he was truly concerned for Hath-.
Meyrin offered an appreciative nod, thanking her for her consideration. To Kurt, she replied, "Didn't even notice they were there most of the time." She was surprised to see how sober he seemed for being on two bottles of vodka and made a mental note to never take him on in any sort of drinking contest. Well, at least not one that she intended to win. She turned her interest to the egg salad by request of her stomach, muttered something to herself under her breath, and dug in. "Mmm. This is really good!"
Even Hath wasn’t all that convinced that Kurt had two bottles of vodka under his belt. He was usually far more cheery after just one, from her experience in drinking with him…even if he had been spent the day nursing it, but she made no extra comment on it. She blinked slowly, watching him for a moment before giving him a small smile. “It aches at times, but Sawyer’s giving me more remedies to help ease the pain a bit.” She answered honestly.

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