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Brown eyes glanced towards the figure in the doorway, a small smirk forming on her lips. “Thanks to your skills.” She said before adding…”Besides, can’t stand staying in a room that has a remedy that clogs up my sinus and prevents me from smelling anything for so long”…with a subtle chuckle, before sipping the last of the broth. “I’d say this tastes good, but…I can’t be so sure at the moment.” She snorted before setting the bowl down…only for her eyes to trail along as the sprites took it back into the kitchen.

Looking back towards the witchy girl, she bowed her head a bit in guilt. “Kurt didn’t worry too much when I passed out, did he?” She really didn’t mean to worry him…until she wondered where he had gotten to. Hopefully he wasn’t doing anything foolish…
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"Ah well, you know what they say about remedies. If it tastes bad or is really nasty its probably good...or something like that." she would say rolling her eyes slightly not really bothered that she couldn't get the phrase right. A thinned line smile would emerge on Sawyer's face, "Yeah its pretty brilliant, you can take my word for it." as she would settle herself down in a near by chair, guiding Rikki Tikki down off her shoulder so he could roam about. Her mouth would swerve some in thought when it came to Kurt.
"I was in the kitchen when you passed out. So I didn't quite see Kurt's first reaction. But when I did see him, he was holding you ready to bring you upstairs and had his eye at the bar...so that either means he's alright and wants a drink, or he's troubled and needs a drink. He gets so fidgety when people pass out for long periods of time, and yet this time...he seemed..well nervous yeah...but also...I don't know...the word isn't coming to me...I don't want to say stern...or confident...But anyways, he perked up when a new resident came around, pulled a few jokes out of his hat, tried to scare them off or something when she asked if there was really a dragon in our basement." she would shake her head some, "But yeah, I haven't really seen him all day except when he asked if I needed anything from the village." a shrug on Sawyer's part at the end of her explanation.
Her eyes were closed as she listened; nodding here and there…yeah…the drinking either way was understandable. The new guest lightening the mood a bit sounded good. Her brow quirked in a raise at the idea of a dragon living in the basement…”There’s a basement here?” She questioned aloud until the mention of him having gone to the village. “He went alone?!”

Now, Hath had been really good about not jerking around too much. Her movements had been slow, steady…fluid, but with her ears and tail perked up at alert…her own well being was put aside as she pushed herself from the chair. And that’s when the streak of pain clawed into her shoulder, causing the faun to wince, whimper, and flop back down in the chair as she whined. “Owieeeeeeeeeee!”
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"Eh sort of yeah, but I can't quite get into it, and Kurt tried getting in there too, and no dice. Its probably another 'room' that leads to nowhere like in the adjoining building or something." a shrug, only to raise a brow unflinchingly at Hath's reaction.
"Of course he went alone. He's a big dude I'm pretty sure no one needs to hold his hand to walk across the street." She would then sigh standing herself up to go look through the cupboards to find something that could sooth Hathmeoi's pain, "Even if he does walk a little odd." she would add under her breath. "Aha there we are...Kurt left so suddenly and I didn't have enough time to bring this to you, so I suppose now's great considering." she would motion to the pain filled Hath with a vile in her hand. Bringing it over to Hath she would unscrew it, a thick smell of sage and vinegar protruding from it that probably smelled worse then mandrake covered in milk and satyr blood. And with the attached water dropper that was under the cap would place three drops on Hath's shoulder. It would give out a sizzling sound, but no pain, and felt like oil.
"Rub that in. It'll ease the pain and keep it from getting inflamed. Do so regularly three times a day after every meal." she would then close the cap tight and place it on the table.
Despite the spooky glowing eyes of the 'bugs' occasionally watching her, Meyrin's sleep had been fantastic. In the morning, she had gathered her washing materials (including her own personal towel) from her dimensional bag and ventured off to find the public bathing room.

A while later, feeling clean and refreshed, Meyrin would head for the common room. Today the outfit she wore was more casual and comfortable than the one she arrived in (not that her leather armor had been that uncomfortable, as it was designed more for flexibility, only offering the stronger protection in areas that weren't supposed to bend anyways.) The clothes consisted of the same color scheme as her armor, and was in many ways similar; a short sleeved black blouse and a soft red skirt. Her white stockings only reached the top of her shins rather than being thigh high, as she also wore much smaller boots. Her hands were free and gloveless, but the same red ribbon was tied around her right bicep. As usual, a welcoming smile remained upon her lips.

"Ah, hello." She offered as she entered the room. It seemed that while she was off in the shower, Sawyer and another had awoken. Judging by the fact that this person seemed at home here, and Meyrin was the only guest thus far, she assumed the faun was the groundskeeper, Hathmeoi, that Sawyer had told her of. "You must be Hathmeoi. I'm Meyrin. It's a pleasure to meet you." The half-elf girl offered a nod and a big smile. To Sawyer, she offered a "Good morning." It seemed Kurt was nowhere in sight as of yet.
Ears sagging as she followed Sawyer’s instructions, the faun would nod…only to keep her thoughts to herself about Kurt’s odd walk...and the real reason why she felt he shouldn’t have gone alone. Gently massaging the poignant ointment into her shoulder, she let out a deep rooted sigh as she silently prayed for his safety. If that centaur had gone back to her home forest…the satyr should be fine…right…?

“Thank you.” It was taking a lot of will power not to go dashing up to her room for her bow and quiver and go hunting for the satyr. The faun was steady in movements as she placed the vile into her pouch as she looked up towards the half-elf who came into the common area. Her doe-brown eyes blinked for a moment, nose twitching at the want to pick up Meyrin’s scent…but again, was reminded of her clogged sinuses and gave a quick snort before flat out sneezing. “Mm…sorry!” She excused herself before giving the other a small smile. “Yes, I would be her. Good morning to you as well, Miss Meyrin, and the pleasure is all mine.” She would respond quietly, massaging her shoulder a bit more.
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Sawyer would smile kindly and nod her head in greeting, "Good morning Meyrin, did you sleep well? I know the cottage can take getting used to sometimes."
And indeed Kurt was no where to be seen, smelled or heard, not even out on the grounds working on the recently transported flower plants he and Hath worked on yesterday.
Meyrin nodded, "Quite. The room was most comfortable." She took a seat next to Hath while examining her unique features. "Er... You're a faun, right? I've never met one of your kind before." She was genuinely intrigued, as despite being half-elven, she had spent most of her life living amongst only humans.

((sorry for the short/slow post - my GM for a D&D campaign I'm gonna be playing just signed on and we're discussing character creation >.< ))
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(( No worries it happens :] ))

Her thin smile would appear once more, a witchy look in her eyes that showed she was rather pleased "I'm glad to hear...you must be hungry, care for anything to eat?" offered Sawyer in between Meyrin's curiosities of Hath being a faun.

Meanwhile out deep in the forrest between the cottage and the village. Would be Kurt, though this time without his disguise, the spare clothing he used to conceal the fact that he was actually a satyr was tied around his dreadfully marked body, with a shoe in one hand and armed only with a bottle of Vodka. Quietly he would search and look about the forrest, and on occasion talking to a few animals who would give him some spare time -the last one, was a rather sensible pregnant rabbit-.
" He took the days for pageant Became as mad as rabbits With bushels of bad habits..." he trailed off as his good ear and tattered ear picked up on a suspicious sound.
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Hath politely moved aside to allow Meyrin more room, giving her a nod. “Yes…a faun…but not like those that are related to satyrs.” She made sure to point out with a subtle wag of her tail. “Instead of being descended from Pan and some breeds of goat, there are some that are related more to deer. My herd has traced its lineage to the hind, sacred deer of the Mother Moon herself!” She said with a brightening smile as her tail wagged a bit more.

“But if it helps, I’ve never met an elf before.” She said, tilting her head a bit as she examined the girl’s ears a bit more. “Are you a really young elf…? Will your ears grow longer when you’ve aged a bit more? I always heard stories that they were longer.” The faun questioned curiously, as this has been the longest she’s ever been away from her home forest…

The strange sound was probably of a strong and sturdy hoof digging into the soft ground as a mare ground her teeth as she tended to the injuries a certain faun had given her the day before. Snorting and grunting, the centaur had spent the night cleaning out her wounds, pulling an arrow from her side and bandaging them up until she could gather the supplies necessary to treat the injuries. Now, she braced herself against an old but sturdy tree as she sewed up her side while cussing in her native tongue in between huffs, snorts, and whinnies.
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Looks like Hath truly did her number on the centaur, which Kurt couldn't help but smirk at. Gently untying the spare clothes that were on him -besides his flannel button down, which wasn't buttoned at the moment-, and placing them on the ground gently. He'd keep the vodka with him though, as he inched a little closer to gain a better view. She looked like she was in pretty bad shape. Thats when a thought came to him...acts of kindness can sometimes speak louder then pain.
"I don't envy you my dear..." Kurt would say in a rather sooth voice, "Those are some nasty wounds." he'd say walking in hiding around the centaur so when he would gradually reveal himself it would be at a distance but also with the ability to look at the face.
Her ears perked up at the voice, the mare looking around suspiciously until Kurt came into view. She snorted some…picking up on his scent, as well as the fainting lingering of Hath’s. She eyed him a moment before snorting some more…”You’ve looked like you’ve been through far worse.” Commenting off-handedly, which made her wonder why the faun would be protecting the satyr, if he was so capable of holding his own…or at least surviving the injuries he had obviously sustained. Thus far, she didn't believe him to be a threat...yet...
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Kurt would smile faintly at the comment, "Well, thats life I suppose...but my charm makes up for it." his smile would widen a bit warmer now, his dimples showing through as the scar on his cheek would move along with the smile, accenting his cheek bone.
"Were you able to clean it out alright? The wound I mean...I have some vodka if you still need to clean. It'll hurt like crazy but at least it'll burn any risk of infections." offered Kurt, though he wouldn't dare move from his place until the centaur would give her answer.
She considered what she might want to eat while Hath explained about her lineage, but lost track of the thought when the conversation shifted to a question about her ears. She blushed lightly and looked away, lifting a hand to gently brush back the hair over her ear. "Actually, my mother is human. My father died before I was born, and so I've only met a handful of elves myself." Not many elves could fit in a handful either. A soft smile lay upon her lips as she turned back towards Hath. "Mother says I've inherited his skill with a bow and talent for charming people, while I wound up with her naivety and kindness." She laughed softly. "Oh, eggs please, Miss Sawyer... Actually, an egg salad sounds delicious."

((alright, I'm fully back now))
Yanking at the thread that she skillfully knotted, the centaur glared towards the satyr as she quickly drew her sword and pointed it towards him with a snarl. “What are you playing at, traitor? Trying to brainwash me the same way you did to one of our priestesses? It’s not going to work. Hathmeoi might have betrayed our forest, but I refuse to be lured into the same treasonous act!” Though, there was a sense of hesitation in her eyes. Something about what she said…the way she said it that could give the impression that she might not fully stand behind her own words. What was it that prevented her from rushing forward and attacking Kurt right away? Then again...she could still very well be in pain, and cautious of needlessly reopening any of her stitches.

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