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Kurt would bite his lip back, feeling a bit selfish now to think all this effort was simply to get him. No he should have known better. If anything they were probably after Hathmeoi's bow, or Hathmeoi, or both...or perhaps even Sawyer...the he doubted what use a mortal like her would be of use to the faun's old herd...unless they practiced sacrifice. Nah that couldn't be it...his theory on them wanting Hathmeoi and her gifted bow sounded far more legit.
He would give a faint smile, "Of course she did, Sawyer never does anything in halves..." rubbing the back of Hath's hand. Watching her drift off Kurt would nod in confirmation. It was time Hath wasn't the only one doing the protecting around here.

"She fell asleep already?!" Sawyer would say with a huff, entering into the common room to see Kurt holding Hath in his arms to bring the faun to her room.
"You made your...erm...thing rather potent." Kurt would explain, giving a small sheepish smile.
"Well...this broth isn't going to waste, and somebody is going to eat it and it isn't going to be me!" proclaimed Sawyer to Kurt as the satyr in disguise would carry the faun to her room, nodding at Sawyer as she spoke.
"I'm sure it can be re-heated Sawyer." Kurt would say calmly.
Sawyer would grumble off something about it not having the same effects, and Kurt would delicately take the bell voiced faun to her room. Resting her onto her bed, he'd give a light little prayer to Artemis, and Pan, and even Alm Ohi...even though he was far away from said mountain range. "Rest well.." he would say, before exiting out of Hathmeoi's room and returning back down to the common room.

(( Goodnight dear! Sleep tight! Be safe :] *hugs* ))
When finally she arrived at what she believed to be the place in question, she was surprised to find that it wasn't a mansion, nor some old run-down building standing only because the door's hinges were too stubborn to let the rest of the building fall down around them. It was actually, rather normal looking; which, in itself, was a bit odd.

Of course, just seeing the place wasn't enough to satisfy her appetite for adventure, so she approached the door. Should she knock? If it was some mean old hag's cottage, just barging in unannounced would probably not be the best idea, but if it was actually an inn, knocking at the front door would be rather awkward. Well, at the risk of being turned into a toad, she decided to test the door, which opened more easily than expected.

The woman that entered the tavern was a petite young lady, appearing to be approximately 19-20 years of age. Her brilliant red hair, which was cut short enough to be considered a 'boy's haircut,' made no attempt to hid her slightly pointy ears that classified her as half-elven for those aware of specific racial traits. Her eyes were a deep shade of scarlet, but didn't give off the typical sensations stereotypically associated with red eyes. Hers were far more inviting and kind. Her soft, pink, lips held a friendly smile that hid any nervousness she might have had.

Her outfit consisted of; a flexible leather tunic, dyed black and trimmed in silver; a faded red ruffled skirt; thigh high black boots with hardened leather (dyed white) strapped over top to provide extra protection; thick, black leather gloves (with white hardened leather for additional protection), over long white sleeves that reached her biceps and were topped with some pretty lace. Her right shoulder was left bare, while her left shoulder was hidden beneath a large, black, pauldron. All in all, her 'armor' managed to look pretty cute while still retaining it's functionality. A bow and quiver were strung over her back.

((wow, that description took way too long for me to come up with, especially when I had a picture to link anyways. I've got many more pictures too, as this is a character I've created in Oblivion and took tons of screenshots of XD))
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Sawyer would be sitting at the desk rubbing her eyes, at the sight of Kurt returning into the common room she'd sigh and start to sit up.
"I already prepared the mandrake root, bowl and all. All it needs is milk and some blood."
Well this brought Kurt out from his pensive wave of thought, "Blood?!"
"Don't be such a baby, just a little, like a p***k on the finger...I'd do it myself, but I think it'd be better if you did it." she would say rather knowingly while passing the bowl over to Kurt and entering back into the kitchen to get some milk and a needle.

That would be when the door opened ever so easily. The elven woman dressed in flexible armor would find herself being looked at by not an old hag, or some decrepit woman stuffing candy into a child to eat later, but instead it would be a male. Who dressed rather heavily considering the season. With his long eared lumberjack hat that had wispy curls of his dark hair escaping from the rims some. A flannel button down shirt, with baggy jeans and loose looking shoes, a bit of messy hair scruff on his chin and scars over his left cheek bone, and just about anywhere else there was skin. Not to mention he was just gawking back holding a bowl with a mandrake root inside.
"Uh Hullo! Welcome to the inn!" greeted he, giving a dimpled smile once he realized the sort of face he was making.

"Kurt who are you...?" a female who was probably around the same age as the elven woman before them, her hair a chestnut brown and messily pulled back in a half bun, looking rather normal and smelling of human -if one were able to smell such things-, but had a slight witchy look to her eyes. She was just exiting from the kitchen with a bottle of milk and a needle, following the line of sight Kurt had, she would finally realize who he was looking at, "Oh! a visitor! Come in! I'm sure you must be quite tired! I'm Sawyer, one of the innkeepers here." she would say giving a thin lined smile as she passed the materials over to Kurt who tried his best to balance it all on top of having to hold a bowl of mandrake root. "Is there anyway we can help?" continued she.

((Haha its alright, I enjoyed reading about it :] ))
She stood there for a moment, taking in her surroundings. The place seemed a little creepy, but nothing like the spooky place she had imagined. She realized that she had been addressed, and began to close the distance between her and the innkeepers. "Hi." She paused a moment to return the man's smile before turning to the female and offering another "Hello... Uhm, I'll have a drink. Something light to start." She wasn't really concerned about the specifics of the beverage, fairly certain that she'd enjoy it no matter what, considering how parched her throat was. "So... I heard you've got a dragon in the basement..." Of course, she was fairly certain that it wasn't true, but it seemed like a good way to start idle chatter that would tell her why all the rumors about this place began. "Oh, I almost forgot! I'm Meyrin."

((sorry for the slow response))
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(( It happens no worries 3nodding ))

The idea of making a drink sounded rather ideal to Kurt about to set the wooden bowl of mandrake root down followed by the milk and needle to hop right to it.
"Water is light enough." Sawyer would say giving Kurt an eye that motioned he really ought to not procrastinate with getting the mandrake root fixed up in the faun's room.
Which would cause Kurt to regather the things and shake his head smirking, leaning back some before heading off entirely with the supplies, "You know there might be, I mean none of us have ever been in the basement before.."
"Kurt!" Sawyer would deliver a swat at Kurt's forearm as he snickered away, very amused. Sawyer would sight and rub her temples, "I highly doubt there would be a dragon in the basement, and its a pleasure to meet you Meyrin. Thats a pretty name." She would give another thin lined smile making her way around the counter to fix the glass of cool water, with an ice cube and a side napkin that had a lemon slice on it.
She began to giggle softly at Kurt's response, but quickly silenced herself when the woman berated him over it. No dragon in the basement. Drat. Her cheeks tinted a light pink at the compliment. "Thanks, I like yours too." As Sawyer fetched the water, she decided to set her quiver and bow aside, unstringing it to release the tension and preserve the wood. "Have you been very busy since opening this place? It seems to me like the locals would like to scare away any prospective guests with stories of evil witchery." While she spoke watched Kurt, wondering what he intended to do with the root.

((another screenshot, just because. Meyrin in the rain.))
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Well with so few visitors already Sawyer didn't want Kurt scaring them off already. Sawyer couldn't help but smirk at the compliment, truly grateful for it instead of the ever common 'isn't that a boy's name?' routine.
"Aah, you're just saying that." mused Sawyer feeling rather flattered, fixing herself up a glass of water as well she would look back over her shoulder at Meyrin, "Not at all really, in fact I think you're the first who dared come this far close to the cottage. Makes you wonder what it was the old witch did to spoke the yocal locals so...but really this isn't as bad a place as its proceeded to be.."
Meanwhile Kurt would poor the milk into the wooden bowl that held the mandrake root, and with the needle would p***k his thumb enough to draw a few droplets of blood, which he proceeded in letting drip into the bowl as well. Sucking on his pricked thumb now, Kurt would hand the milk bottle over to Sawyer, who would proceed in pouring the remaining milk into a saucer dish. She would give a few clicks of her tounge and from the near by desk would scamper up onto the bar counter a crossed mix between a ferret and a mongoose. Its long bottle tail swaying as it made its way over to the saucer to lap up the milk.
"Make sure to put it under the bed Kurt, or it'll have no effect." Sawyer would remind Kurt watching as the male would head upstairs with the wooden bowl, still sucking his thumb. To which Kurt would wave a 'yeah yeah' disappearing up the candle lit staircase.
"A friend of ours was recently hurt, the mandrake is to help the healing process quicken." explained Sawyer to Meyrin to fill her in on what is going on, seeing how interested the elven woman was.

(( Lovely :] ))
"So there really is a witch then?" Their first (and so far, only) customer... Perhaps they needed a better advertising campaign or something. Perhaps 'We have cookies! (and won't turn you into a frog, probably)' Well, at the very least, it was cozy without a ton of people here. The... mongret? ferongoose? The ferongoose startled her slightly, but the surprise was instantly washed away by a childish grin. "Oh wow. What's his name?"
As for the mandrake, she made a mental note of it, as herbalism had always been a slight interest, and it seemed this particular use for it could easily be needed in the future. "It's good of you to care for her like that. Mind if I ask what happened?" She squeezed the lemon into the water and stirred it slightly before taking a drink.

((thankies n_n))
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"Oh yes, there's definitely a witch. You just don't see her around...at all...ever...she coops herself up in the little astronomy tower behind the cottage. I really can't go into details, our encounter with her was a bit...startling to say the least."
They would certainly look into better campaigning...if they knew even where to properly begin.
Sawyer would smile a bit warmer now at how Meyrin took an interest to the little beastie, "His name's Rikki-Tikki after a character in one of my favorite books." Sawyer would explain, giving a light scratch between the little one's ears, "First ran into him when I lived at my uncle's bungalow in India." she would yawn out now starting to stretch some, answering the third question, "To be honest I've no idea what happened. It was our grounds keeper that got hurt, though from the look of the wound it looked as though she was stabbed more so then mauled by a wild boar...and she was muttering something about spears when she came in..." her mouth would twist in thought as a worried look came over Sawyer, the thought dragging out for sometime before remembering there was company, " -ahem- her name is Hathmeoi if you ever get a chance to meet her...speaking of which, would you like a room to spend the night in? Its awfully late to go out and take the trails back to the village."
"Rikki-Tikki" She repeated, bending down towards the creature. He was cute, even if a little odd looking. "Hey there little guy." He definitely seemed to be enjoying himself with the attention. She tried to mimic his joyous expression; probably looking a little silly. "Maybe a spear-wielding boar?" She suggested before considering that it probably wasn't something that she should joke around about. "Will she be alright?" Hathmeoi. Got it. "A room? That would be great." She wondered if the rooms would be nice and cozy or old and dusty. Maybe a mixture of both; that would be interesting. Perhaps if she stayed a while she could learn more about herbalism and maybe even meet the witch. (Even if she had to venture to the astronomy tower herself.) She covered up a soft yawn. It seemed the trip here had indeed tired her, as Sawyer suggested when she first arrived.

((One more post, then I shall get some sleep. It was nice meeting you.))
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(( You read my mind XD I was just about to say the same thing. & It was a pleasure meeting you too! :] ))

Sawyer couldn't help but give a thin lined smirk at how the elven woman mirrored back the expressions Rikki-Tikki was making. Only to flicker away at the idea of a spear-wielding boar, now that was a terrifying thought, "Lets hope not." she would say apathetically, only for the tone to change to that of minor admiration -which when it came from Sawyer, meant a great deal-, "Hathmeoi is a tough cookie, I'm sure she'll pull through. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up seeing so yourself...now keys...keys..keys...hrm" grumble.
Walking out from behind the counter to behind the desk Sawyer would pull open a drawer that had quite a random collection of keys in it. Her hand shifting through the clanking metal to make sure she picked up a key that was still connected to the main cottage -as Sawyer thought there was no point in giving out a room to the adjoining building when there were so many open here-.
"There we are! Room 5 to the left." Sawyer would smile, handing the key over to Meyrin, "Oh and if you spot a bug, I wouldn't swat it if I were you...chances are it isn't really a bug." warned Sawyer with that slight witchy smile of hers, "Enjoy! Oh and If there isn't anyone around for breakfast don't fret too much, you'll still get your meal." she would give her final explanation before giving a kind wave at the elven woman deciding to take leave herself for the night. Though of course, not without double checking some of the paper work she had compiled on to her desk earlier that day.

The room was certainly dark, and looked as though it hadn't been lived in for quite a while [as well as a few other details that I'll leave to you since its now your character's room : ) ] . But what Sawyer said about the bugs would turn out to be true. For in the dark of the shadows would peer glowing eyes, looking as if they had just finished making the bed and giving some finishing touches to the room. These so called bugs, were actually the sprites that tended to do some of the housekeeping, and would probably be the same magical fellows that would be making breakfast if no one was around. And yes they had a tendency for vanishing.
Before accepting the key, she reached into the small pouch at her side and pulled another (strangely larger) pouch out. From the way it jingled, it clearly contained some type of coin. She set it on the counter. "Keep the change, I plan to run up quite a tab anyway." She said with a wink and a smile. With her key in hand, she gathered her weapon and turned towards the hall. "Alright, no bug-swatting, got it." As for asking what manner of creature the 'bugs' actually were, she would wait for another day. "Good night." She offered a farewell as she headed for room five. Her room.

The room itself exceeded her expectations. It was small, but plenty large enough for her to be comfortable in. The full size bed took up approximately two-thirds of the room, leaving just enough space for a very antique-looking dresser and an oak nightstand. The bed had been freshly made, but the other furnishings had a layer of dust to display their lack of use. Aside from a little dusting that was needed, the room was surprisingly clean - no spider webs in the corners or anything like that. It also had a tiny closet that she could hang probably about five or six outfits in. Unfortunately, it seemed there was no private washroom, but she was alright with that. She stripped down to her undergarments before sliding under the covers and relaxing in the soft bed. She was asleep almost instantly.
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"Night." Sawyer would manage to half say and half yawn.
The idea of someone running a long tab sounded promising...but also painstaking when it came to the paperwork it was bound to lead to for Sawyer to do. Aah well, comes with the job. To which Sawyer would maintain her polite smile, taking up the coins and giving a bite into it when the elven woman was out of sight. She would jot down a few notes when it came to the currency in case she would have to reference it later.
Spending a few more minutes, which turned out to be thirty, in front of her desk Sawyer would no longer be able to take this work by candle light. Rubbing her eyes and pushing the papers away, "Come on Rikki-Tikki, I think I've had enough for one day...though it is nice to have our first resident isn't it?" cooed Sawyer as she gingerly picked up the mongoose ferret mix. The little beastie then scampering up her arm to take roost on her shoulders. Sawyer would go about in fixing herself a chamomile tea and head off to her own room.

As for Kurt, he ended up going to his own room practically right after putting the bowl of mandrake, milk, and his blood under the faun's bed.

(( Good night : ] ))
Hathmeoi really hated the mandrake root. It tended to clog her sinuses, making it hard for her to smell. She groaned as she awoke to the pitter pattering of rain…just as she had predicted, rubbing her aching shoulder that had been injured the night before. Thankfully, the injury was sealed up thanks to Sawyer’s abilities, but it would simply take some time for the tenderness to ease up.

Dressed in her usual attire, a slender tunic made of a resilient silken material that had been gifted to her by the Mother Moon herself, the faun checked to see that her bracers weren't loose and belt was secure with its pouch and dagger before making her way out of her room to see about something to eat. “Right…Sawyer was making me some broth…” She murmured some as she went into the kitchen to see if the sprites could help her pinpoint said meal. Hath ate quietly in the common area, gazing out the window as she watched the rain drops quench the grounds, but keeping her doe-brown eyes focused on various areas of the surrounding forest. A sigh and a subtle shake of her head. “Blasted mandrake…” She muttered after trying to sniff the air…and found it hard to even smell the broth.
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"Ah glad to see you're up." said a voice from the kitchen door, which would turn out to be non other then Sawyer. Leaning casually against the door frame as her foot blocked the door from closing on her. From her messy hair that curtained her shoulders some would pop Rikki-Tikki's head, wiggling his whiskers about.
"I knew you'd be on your feet in no time."

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