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            Over the buzz of the various conversations that she heard going on, Scarlett smiled and started to nod at the woman who was asking for a job – since they currently were no workers, of course there were positions available – when someone else entered, sat, and asked for whiskey and a glass, something Scarlett could easily oblige. She held a hand up to the orange haired girl and turned, selecting a bottle of Jack Daniels from the glass, lighted shelves and a half-sized crystal glass from yet another shelf. Both were placed down before him on the counter with a light nod as she looked back towards the more creatively dressed, orange haired girl. “We are, in fact hiring. Is there any position you’re more inclined to?” She asked, eyes turning about the room appreciatively, enjoying the buzz of conversation and the smell of alcohol from so many various bottles.

            Is there anything else I can get you?” She inquired of the whiskey drinkin’ man, her head canting to the side, easily able to listen to both at once, as well as Sydney down the way. “Yes well, soon it’ll just be you and I, Sydney.” Scarlett said, losing her cheery disposition for a moment, thinking of when she’d have to add two more graves to the memorial in the garden.

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Aurora eyed the vampire and shuddered. She didn't like the aura of a vampire. A vampire's aura was cold and dark and made her bones tremble. The man that walked in was almost as scary. He was huge...really huge. She eyed him with her azure eyes and smiled shortly before pouring herself another shot of vodka and downing it. She gulped and again coughed. "Sweet mother goddess, this is strong. I think I might combust." She spoke to the air, her posh British accent floating into the thick air that permeated in the warm bar area. She unbuttoned another button of her top and rubbed her throat. It was slightly a pinkish hue. A pure hint, this showed others the alcohol was getting to her more than she let on. Her raven hair fell almost to her knees it was so long. She'd grown it out for so long. It was in soft curls. It caught the luster of the dim lighting of the bar.
The man that had just entered had another aura...his was more violent and bright than the vampires, even. He had taken lives, she could hear countless hearts beating when she listened to her psych reading. She couldn't really penetrate his mind, she hadn't learned this trick yet...but Aurora had enough tricks to get to know what company she was keeping pretty fast. She stood and spoke to the french woman. " Excusez-moi, madame. Puis-je obtenir une chambre ici? Je n'ai nulle part où aller. Nulle part. Pas maintenant. Aide-moi?" She spoke, her British accent still showing through. Being British had its perks. Knowing French due to travelling to France often and being a polyglot came in handy.

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Irys walked up to the door and took a deep breath. It had been a long time since he was here. He was a different man then. Losing his spirit of vengence in the process to become something greater. But now, he was better off. He was in control of himself. Irys walked into the thresh hold of the enterance. Taking in the sight and the memories came flooding back to him. He shook his head and made his way to the front desk. He rang the bell and stood there looking around the place. A few things have changed or been added to it. Hard to tell, it had been so long ago to him.

"It feels good to be back here. Feels somewhat different then it did before." Irys spoke to himself to searching around the room with his eyes.

Irys dropped his gear down onto the floor and wandered around the desk to see if he could see someone to help him out.
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                                        xxxThe girl waited patiently as the female bartender saw to her other guest. The girl just watched as the woman got the drinks for the man, then came back to her. The girl grinned when she heard the news. Good! They were hiring! However...what she was good at as a working person...she could clean? Surely this place would need people to keep it looking so nice. "I can clean fairly well." She said with a nod right before the woman spoke to two of the other patrons. It felt she's been doing this for a while, seeing as she was able to keep up with so many conversations at once. Mealen herself could never do that. She just didn't have the attention span to.

                                        xxxThe girl looked back at to bottles once again awaiting her answer. Mary must have been fast asleep in her bag. Seeing as she wasn't making a sound or saying anything. Which was fine, it had been a tiring day. Sometimes their little adventures would exhaust Mary more then the girl herself. Simply due to all the shape shifting the cat would have to do. So the cat deserved a good night's sleep.



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Well that wasn't very nice. The woman seemed to fear him. Just because he was undead and was a bipedal parasite who lived off of the life of others and...oh well that does sound bad doesn't it? "Scarlett, I'd be happy to pay for this fine lady's room." The man said in a deadpan manner as the last words came out. Having sent a curve ball to the woman Sydney stood up at the sound of a bell ringing and gave a knowing look at his friend. He'd go see it to it.

Leaving the bar to the front door the man found himself staring at something that was really odd. "Can I help you?" The man asked the stranger. Well the armored fella' in front of him seemed like a stranger, yet lo and behold the two knew each other once he replied. The voice behind the mask was that of the old bouncer! The surprise showed on the vampire's face as he raised a brow.


1st Ryder

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Irys walked around the desk and notice a letter with his name on it. He picked it up and read it. He grabbed his room key and walked back over to his gear. He saw a familiar face. He couldn't place it at the time till he heard his voice.

"It's been a long time old friend. How are you doing?" He spoke walking up to the man.

He picked it up and walked to his old room. The hallways seem the same with little change. He made his way to his room and unlocked the door. He stepped inside the room and set his stuff on his bed. He changed quick and walked out of his room. He made his way to the bar. He sat down at the bar and stared at the bar table. Yawning and stretched out, cracking his bones in his arms.
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The large man eyed the small crystal glass. Part of him was afraid he'd break it if he tried to use it. He shrugged to himself and removed the cap from the bottle and filling the glass. He brought the small glass to his lips and inhaled deeply, letting the smell of the alcohol fill his nostrils in hopes of drowning out what he could tell about those sitting around him. The Human girl didn't bother him, the witch could be trouble, as could the succubus. It was an internal fight for him to keep his old hatred towards vampires in check, deciding it would be better to down what was in the glass than speak his mind. He set the empty glass on the bar, filling it once again and looking to the bartender.

"I wouldn't mind something to eat. I could use something to warm me up.."
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            Scarlett was inwardly preening.

            There were so many people floating about her bar that the place seemed alive again – for the most part – and it was an ample distraction from everything negative that she was feeling; various flashes of brilliant blue eyes, a dash of long hair, horns, fangs, blood… It all still came to her every now and again while she was doing what she did best, but it didn’t hold nearly the level of power it had before.


            Her ears pricked when they heard the sound of her native tongue slipped through the weak cracks in conversation, and she turned her head from the two people she was working with to the dark haired woman she had served Russian Vodka. “Of course, dear.” Scarlett replied as she pulled out a clipboard from beneath the bar top and pressed it down in front of her, a black ballpoint pen attached to it by a piece of fine, red silk string. On the front page was merely a sign in sheet, name, date and room requested with all guests displayed as well so rooms didn’t get mixed up. Hearing Sydney’s offer, Scarlett glanced his way with a chuckle and a shake of her head; he’d gotten even more generous, and she hadn’t even thought that possible.

            She turned from where Aurora was filling out the form to tend to her other guests in the mean time.

            ”Renata DS”

            Her head canted as she stepped back over to the girl, having watched the contemplative look on her face until she came up with an idea as to what she could do around the building for food and board compensation and Scarlett smiled. “I think we can arrange that. Employees get free food and board, so that they’re pay is free for other essentials. Are you hungry?

            ”Adenn Jiriad”

            It was the big man’s request that had brought Scarlett to ask the question as to the girl’s hunger, for since she was already going to fix him something, why not? She would nod at the man, wait for an answer from the girl and then turn out of the bar and through to the kitchen. Potatoes, celery, carrots, chives and other items were chopped, a stock was started to boil, steak was seared to perfection, everything was thrown in to create a flavorful, tasty stew that was hearty and filling and perfect for a chilly winter’s evening. Had the girl said yes two bowls would be prepared, spoons added, a bowl of saltine crackers for each prepared and a tray laden with all brought into the bar and placed before the hungry customers.

            When Scarlett returned, she saw a friendly, familiar face.

            ”1st Ryder”

            Welcome back, Irys. I take it you found your old room?” Scarlett asked with a smile, her head canting in a friendly fashion. “Food or drink?

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"Vou keep saving me, Upyr"

“Ah, Thank you, Miss!” She cooed softly in a thick European accent. It took her a mere second to reach forth with her hand to a lovely green bottle. Uncapping it, with a light twist of the metallic covering, brought her to pause as she glanced over at the other dark haired woman. A light smile played along her lips, accenting the true beauty of her features, at the reaction this woman had to Russian Vodka. Katarina, herself, couldn’t help but to chuckle lightly. Given the circumstance, she would rather have her beloved Russian Vodka. A drink she could sip on, like water, all day long. But, alas, she was stuck with this façade that brought her to the worst types of liquor, in her opinion.

Those piercing blue orbs moved back to her own business, filling the shot glass with something she was willing to bet she would regret later on. Still, her name was Anna O’Brien, blah blah blah. Katarina lightly took the shot glass in between her slender fingers delicately, silently toasted the bar tender, then, turning to the side, as she felt his gaze on her, toasted the man who purchased the shot. “Thank you, to the both of ya.” Is made her cringe internally to shorten her words. How could he have chosen an Irish name, how?!

With that, the woman tilted the shot glass against her lips and soon felt that instantly warming, and partial sting, of the rough liquor going down. She fought back the light desire to cough before turning back towards the Vampire himself. Not many knew of her past, her training that she possessed and, in trying to appear normal, she simply smiled lightly at him for a moment before turning back to the bar tender. Yes, she felt his gaze on her but she was hardly pompous about it. Her only concern was the worry if she had slipped, or if he had noticed something within her that she didn’t execute properly or fully. Damn it.

“Just hang onto the card. Charge me for the whole bottle, please?” She asked as she moved to stand. She would head towards the front and pass through it after moving it from it’s frame. Shutting it lightly behind her, she stared out into the road that led up to the place, as if searching for the first sign of headlights. A signal that never came. A light sigh passed through her naturally pink painted lips as she moved to the side of the building. She would lightly unscrew the cap of the liqiour and, in tilting the bottle, pour a good chunk of it out. “Really, Upyr…Irish?” She shook her head, tossing her short and black tendrils from side to side as her accent broke into something beautiful and fitting; Russian. “Vou better be alright..” She concluded, tilting the bottle upwards while feeding her heart with the guilt of getting both him and Celeste into her own mess. Should anything happened to him, or Celeste, she would never forgive herself.

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╔═══════════≠__V E T I S__≠════════════╗

ང་རང་རངཆོག་མཆན་སྤྲོདསྲོགཁས་ལེན་བྱེད ∞

『 burrowing to your soul... 』
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Was it a good idea to be walking around in a meat suit instead of getting the job done? No, but he never really treated himself anymore now did he. It was always work- work- work and no play; didn't it go something like, "all work and no fun makes someone or something ...dull..." Whatever it was Vetis was just going to run with it. Besides he only had a limited amount of time anyway, so why not wreak a little havoc before moving on eh? Well, a little more than usual anyhow.

Currently residing in the meat suit of a human being, Vetis has the wonderful soul and life of Kadmiel Mali Jhones literally strung up at his fingertips. Oh Kadmiel couldn't have been a better target really, there couldn't have been a man more devout aside from the Pope himself, this human was practically dripping faith from his pours. That was what made the whole exchange easy actually, finding a victim radiating faith and he would simply burrow his way into the Human. Quite literally in fact. Now, of course to others faith wouldn't look the same. Some people think faith is just an exchange of words like 'I believe in-' this or that. Others may believe it's more the practice of some pantheon, but to Vetis is was another thing entirely.

Faith to him was pure Holy energy. It didn't matter if the Human claimed they were devout or not, Vetis could see straight into the soul and practically grab it. To him Holy energy looked like the sun against a night sky and during his many journeys only few has he found with such a thing. Though that was a story for another time. Currently he was striding around some forest he didn't even remember the name of. Yes it was weird to even be in such a location, but Vetis could see that far off into the distance of his mind there was a shinning white light that radiated more Holy energy. It excited him for certain so taking the detour was welcome.

Cane in hand he strolled down the forest path till he reached a three pronged fork in the road, figuring out where to go obviously wasn't the issue with this light as a beacon. So the path of the Red Rose it was and off he strolled, leather dress shoes imprinting into the dirt before coming into contact moments later with pebble gravel. The light getting brighter and brighter till he reached the mansion that had become his final destination. Now mind you, Vetis wasn't here for business; well at least not yet. He would enjoy a little bit of fun before his time ran out after all, so you could say it was a personal paid vacation.

He admired the architecture while exploring the first floor, which of course eventually led him straight to the bar where quite a few others were enjoying themselves. Taking a seat off to the side by the warmth of the fireplace Vetis found that the light in his mind had become dim once again, like coming out at the end of a tunnel where light blended into your surroundings. It was easier to target someone when they were alone of course, shinning like a beacon midst a sea of darkness, but around others it looked all the same. Though this is why he was the expert, he couldn't give away all of his secrets now could he?

What never failed to surprise him though was the diversity in the room, it didn't escape his notice that there were quite a few otherworldly people 'chilling' together- as he had heard it being called. Of course Vetis dealt strictly with the mud monkeys of Earth, he knew better than to deal with other planes and their rules; so instead he just struck to his orders. Much easier that way after all.

Thankfully having taken this vessel instead of someone ordinary was that he blended in with the rest of these unique looking... beings. The nice thing about Kadmiel was that he certainly knew how to hold himself. An expensive tailored suit, custom carved cane, top of the line cologne and a delicious soul to feed off of for the evening. So far everything was going swell for Vetis, a drink and some company for a little while and he would be set before moving off to his next unsuspecting victim.

A gloved hand gingerly swept across the arm of the seat he sat in, crossing one leg over the other as he observed his surroundings. A few humans, a few otherworldly folk, a... was that another demon across the room? He sat quietly staring for a moment before averting his eyes to the fireplace beside him. Well this was uncommon for him at least, running into another demon while simply exploring? Sure you were bound to hit something I suppose but when you worked his sort of job, it wasn't often you saw something just as evil as you.

▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀
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I see black light 』
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            "Of course, mademoiselle O’Brien.” Scarlett said with a smile, accepting the platinum credit card and sliding it into the slot in the safe for later use. The demon watched as the woman stood, and turned through the doorway once more before disappearing, probably back upstairs and to the room that her sister had called in and reserved, and Letty shook her head softly at the depression that rolled from the dark haired European, wondering if that’s how others perceived her when she wasn’t distracted by customers and orders that needed filling. She frowned, eyes casting down in thoughtfulness before they lifted again as the door swung open again, admitting another male presence into the foyer where he then moved through into the bar, and one of her eyebrows peeked in interest.

            B e a u t i f u l D e r t

            She could have told anyone by the clacking of his dress shoes that he was a sharp dresser, after all, if anyone knew fashion it was Scarlett and this man screamed of it, though he also whispered of power and evil in delicious, sweet nothings that spoke to her destructive heart like nothing else on this planet could anymore. She moved from where she stood, pausing only to tap her cigarette out into one of the various crystal ashtrays, leaving the spent vice behind. She circled the marble counter and moved to where he sat, fingers folded together behind her as her head cocked casually to the side. “Bonsoir, monsieur.” She started lightly, French accent curling her words like satin sheets. “What can I get you?

            Being the only tender of her bar was a touch irritating at times, making her feel as though guests weren’t getting all that they required, but until such a time when someone applied, she would just have to do the best she could.

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                                                                    The Life Eater

                                                                    ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃

                                                                    Knowledge? Him? Hah, perhaps he had learned thing or two in his time traversing the world. Made a name for himself to a few and remained a mystery to most. A force of power that never showed up unless paid very well, or had personal motivation. "I like you, Alex. You get some very simple concepts of this world that are lost on so many undeserving of the air that they breathe." More and more flesh bags walked through the doors, and call it rude, or indifferent, both more than likely, but Zeno could not bring himself to care for them in any sense. Even a passing glance was too much to give, his attention already more than split on Chance, Eneru, and Alex. Their bodies taking up space in the room, that was the perfect description of how he described them in his head. Right, best not to focus too hard on that or it might ruin his lovely little image. "What kind of surprises me is that you actually don't seem to mind how my thoughts wander off, how the sentences I let go turn down alleys of much unrelated topics. You're better suited to handle my ramblings than even I." Then a chuckle, light and in no way befitting of one who spoke about eating gods, but then, where in the books did it state that one of his viciousness and power needed to lack a sense of humor. He'd burn that text and the archive it sat in for sure.

                                                                    Now we were getting to the nitty gritty: occupation, lifestyle, information he could use."Work? I know that feeling. Moving around for business is all a part of my job description. From his breast pocket of his coat, the monster would pull a simple, white business card. On the table it would be placed and like the glass slid over to Alex in full expectation of it being taken. The paper had only "Zeno" printed on one side in bold black letters, with the other side left entirely blank. "I'm a bit of a freelancer myself, but still work under a sort of network. Complicated to explain, really." How could one explain his organization? After all, they'd been around in some sense longer than himself, perhaps longer than the creature that birthed his current state. "Easy answer, though, is that I'm a problem solver of the group. Can fix nearly anything. Should you ever find yourself in need of my services, you merely hold the card and call my name. I'll be there." Hopefully, that never would come to be, but who was Zeno to say no to a fresh young lad in his debt. Which was why he never discussed payment until the moment of his need. Far easier to get someone to agree to any price when left with no other option.

                                                                    Zeno turned in his stool, his body now facing the room itself rather than the wall of bottle behind the counter, though his gaze still averted itself away from anyone other than his primary three. Enough time had been spent chatting away on such a boring topic, even if it pertained to his livelihood. He wasn't here to work, observing Chance would always take precedence. Until a more interesting prey came his way, at least. "I dunno, this place doesn't really fit me, and I'm not one to judge so quickly, but if my gut tells me no, then I'm inclined to listen. She has to deal with everything I eat after all, so the gal gets some decision making powers in this relationship." Yet another creature would make its appearance in this far too prissy and establishment. Only this one would catch his frost laden stare for more than an instant. About the man felt a presence not unlike his own, similar, but not the same, of course. Zeno was a truly unique class of evil. Still, it was nice to see a true demon, whether or not that was what the creature was he could only make vague assumptions at. There were far too many posers in this plane who lacked the know how of how to properly handle themselves as such a race. Like with the others of the room, Zeno parted his gaze and returned it to Alex, still occasionally slipping peeks at Chance like a wounded pup.

                                                                    ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃

                                                                    location: The Rose Red - bar counter
                                                                    feeling: Absolutely peachy
                                                                    ooc //:

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