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Bar and Inn ]: A Literate Role Play

s t a t u s // open for business
t i m e o f d a y // early evening, sun is setting.
w e a t h e r // clear night, slightly cooler than yesterday.

ooc thread // l i n k
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I decided to simplify the list of rules I have always used;

1 ]: Don't GodMode, Spam, or Stretch the Page.
2 ]: Do use proper language skills. No text talk, l33t speak, or anything like that.
3 ]: Do differentiate between IC and OOC or just use the OOC thread.
4 ]: Do follow the T.o.S.
5 ]: Don't destroy my bar.
6 ]: Do have fun.

That's it for now, folks. I may revert to my old rules later but for now these'll do just nicely.
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Welcome to Rose Red;

The road leading to RR goes from pavement to dirt as you enter the forest, from dirt to cobblestone as you reach the gated driveway, leading you all the way up to the grand white stone and blue slate roof house that has been adapted to compliment a yield of at least forty guests ( two per room ). Upon first entering through double doors you'll find yourself in the dark, intimate foyer, accented with red upholstery and wall fixtures that appear as modern candelabra. To the left is the bar, a lighter variety of wood with dandelion yellow accents, back wooden stools, leather booths and plenty footstools for lounging. Behind the counter is pretty much every type of alcohol one might crave with ales and beers on tap.

Going out the back entrance of the bar you will move through the winery and storage room with walk-in freezer and refrigerator

( also in that room is a blended door that select few know where is. The door is equipped with hand print sensors that read for both finger print and pulse, the only individual authorized without such being Sydney, and inside here is the armory, brightly lit and equipped with enough weapons for a small army )

and onward into the kitchen, a brightly lit, sparkling clean room consisting of cherry wood, all modern, stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops. Through the secondary entrance to the kitchen you enter the lounge, another dimly lit, intimate setting complete with pool table, poker table, red velvet couches, fireplace and mini-bar.

The lounge leads to a small hallway that connects back to the foyer, the only door being there hosting Scarlett's office which is always locked unless she's inside.

Back in the foyer is the staircase that leads up to the rooms, the first floor holding style one and being above moderate but not nearly luxurious as the third floor rooms where Scarlett herself is housed.

Out back is the pool inlaid with more cobblestone, a sparkling fountain and crystal blue waters, as well as Scarlett's rose garden which spans over a touch more than two acres of land and is fully loaded with plants of every color, statues, fountains, flagstone pathways and a large white gazebo in the very heart. In the left hand corner is a small memorial dedicated to Matthew, Kitty, Green and an unknown man caught in the crossfire.

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Owner ]:
          Scarlett Rose ]: Rose Scented

Managers ( Non-Requested Position ) ]:

Bartenders ]:
          Celeste ]: Rose Scented

Chefs ]:

Wait Staff ]:

Housekeeping ]:
          Mealen Brodwell ]: RenataDS

Bouncers ]:
          Irys Shepard ]: 1st Ryder

          * Will add more as they come to my attention.
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[ Second Floor ]

          One ]: Mealen Brodwell ]: RenataDS
          Two ]:
          Three ]: Mina Firewall [ Rose Scented ]
          Four ]: Yusa Misaku [ Ronove Misaku ]
          Five ]:
          Six ]:
          Seven ]: Tyrell Firewall, Celeste [ Rose Scented ] & Anna O'Brien [ Iris Lunaria ]
          Nine ]:
          Ten ]:

[ Third Floor ]

          Twelve ]:
          Thirteen ]: Irys Shepard ]: 1st Ryder
          Fourteen ]:
          Fifteen ]:
          Sixteen ]:
          Seventeen ]:
          Eighteen ]: Scarlett Rose ]: Rose Scented
          Nineteen & Twenty ]: Riku Neil [ Ajukutusikael ] & Damien Neil [ Rose Scented ] & Layla
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[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Job Desired:[/b]
[b]Room Desired:[/b]
[b]Appearance:[/b] Link, not image or a detailed description.[/size]

          * Do not change or alter the profile skeleton or format when PMing me.
          * Remember to read the rules.
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          Username: Rose Scented
          Character Name: Scarlett Rose
          Job: Owner.
          Room: Eighteen.
          Appearance: ]: X :[

          Username: RenataDS
          Character Name: Mealen Brodwell
          Job: Housekeeping
          Room: One
          Appearance: Mealen Brodwell

          Username: 1st Ryder
          Character Name: Irys Shepard
          Job: Bouncer
          Room: 13
          Appearance: X

          Username: Rose Scented
          Character Name: Celeste
          Job: Bartender
          Room: Seven.
          Appearance: ]: X :[


          Username: Iris Lunaria
          Character Name: Anna O'Brien.
          Room: Eight.
          Appearance: X
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            Sitting at the polished, cherry wood bar at her old and beloved establishment now opened three times, and closed just as many, Scarlett Rose was flipping through an old, leather bound volume of ancient spells she could only ever dream of casting, and sipping on a glass of wine.

            It had taken her a great deal of convincing in her own mind to want to be here again, where so much pain and loss had taken place, but here she sat drawn back to this big old house just across the meadow from where she and Titus had once lived, and right below the room where Jexen had promised his love, even still just around the corner from her and Sydney’s – her best friend – last fight, and let’s not forget she only sat a handful of feet from where Matthew had been killed by a horde of zombies. Scarlett found herself chuckling, and shaking her head at all the ridiculous things that had gone on here, her head dropping into her hand as her other caressed the top of the familiar bar. “Mon dieu…” She uttered softly, lifting her head to sip from her wine.

                      With: Herself. Wearing: This.

                                What's love got to do with it?
                                    What's love but a second hand emotion?
                                        What's love got to do with it?
                                            Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken?

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                                    Honestly, just what do you think you're doing?

                                    That was the question that had been plaguing his mind. Perhaps... perhaps he was losing his touch; never would he have dwelt on another's memories so agonizing. So quick in the minutes they shared. So... close to home.

                                    Whatever the reason, it had better be a good one now that he stood just beyond the doors of the Rose Red. Lifting his gaze, he'd find the name intricately below the practiced calligraphy in bold print: Scarlett Rose. Upon further inspection, the establishment was well above an upgrade of the taverns he's visited in the last year or so; inhaling the heavy waft of natural roses that did all his senses right. A foundation served perfectly for a very classy woman indeed. Peering over his shoulder, he sought the gravel/dirt road from whence he came, contemplating if this was the right choice to follow through.

                                    Eneru made it this far. So why turn now?

                                    Undoubtedly would Scarlett hear the doors open, hear his boots coming closer against the dark, hardwood floors. His pace was of no hurry, still marveling in awe of the fine architecture and warm ambiance the mansion emitted. But the incubus was here on a mission and wasted no time turning left into the bar room where he found her sitting with a glass of wine in hand.

                                    "Quite the place you've got yourself."

                                    His voice rang softly, marching to the woman's backside where his fingers trailed along her shoulders and down the arm clasping the glass nearly empty. Looking aside, he grabbed the wine bottle already uncorked and helped refill.

                                    "This is where it all happened, huh?"
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            The strikingly familiar masculine musk that Scarlett had encountered just a short week ago – or however long it had been, she didn’t keep track of time very often these days – was detected long before Eneru entered the building, though she didn’t pay any mind to it, at first figuring it to be a coincidence, or a passerby that perhaps shared the same cologne ( yeah, right ). She’d gone back to her spell book, not minding that no one had shown up for the grand re-re-opening, or whatever this would be called, and fell into the scrolling Latin incantations, absorbed by the text and the possibilities it would hold if she had any sort of witchy abilities.

            When the front door swung open, however, Scarlett lifted her emerald gaze to the door and braced her senses as Eneru strode through with a familiar thud-thud of dark colored boots, and the soft rustling of his clothing as he spoke and rounded to where she sat, pressing behind and trailing fire down her arm. Scarlett inhaled deeply, quietly through her mouth, pupils dilated even through the briefest contact as her wine was refilled and his voice sang out again, her vision following his question around the room as faint memories burbled from the dark pools of her mind where she’d drown them nearly a year ago upon taking her leave. “This is where everything happens.” She said lightly, and as dramatic as the statement may have come off there was no further explanation for why she was always drawn back here, to where “everything always happened”.

            Her life had been fine up until Rose Red.

            Why are you here.” She intoned, French accent curling around the question that was said like a statement, demanding an answer to his presence.

            She had shared with him, a complete stranger, her darkest feelings of pain, abandonment and remorse brought on by the immature hope of living a semi-human lifestyle before leaving him high and dry without a single word of goodbye only to have him show up however much later. Why on Earth would he do such a thing? It surely didn’t make sense to her, she couldn’t even get people that she knew and cared for to stick around.

                      With: Eneru. Wearing: This.

                                What's love got to do with it?
                                    What's love but a second hand emotion?
                                        What's love got to do with it?
                                            Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken?


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