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Location: Gaia ~ Crimson Bar ~ Level 2 dinning hall ~ Ensemble: Class

In her head she saw a conversation in which she wasn't careful with her words. She upset and hurt Rini which tried to storm off and Onyx had to restrain her and explain. As to prevent that outcome she decided to just out with it.

"I hate vampires." it was so blunt, so cold.
"I swore off killing them on account that someone very dear to me was saved by one. I still struggle with them. I am still wanted by a few of them..." she sighed and growled, she bit her lip in thought. Yellow topaz eye's held firm on her plate and then flicked up to Rini's face.

Oni grabbed a knife from a neatly rolled napkin that held a fork and spoon along with it. For Rini it might be horrific, she thought perhaps onyx was going to murder her for her answer. However, that knife went to Onyx's own forearm and without warning she sliced down and hard. An angry bloody wound opened. Blood began to run to which Onyx moved her arm over a water glass so the blood would catch into it.
'Be silent and just watch...' Onyx would cut off Rini's horror and surprise with a command...she ought to be use to it ya?

The sound of slithering, squelchy movement came and upon closer inspection Rini would see tiny flesh colored worms weaving their way in and out of Onyx's wound, sealing it shut. The process was rather instant and sure, it might seem like a pretty amazing ability and it did save her a** time and time again. However, it had so many disadvantages one might wonder in the end how much of a gift it truly was. In her eye's Onyx's actions reflected her initial statement to Rini, as if to say: And now you know why. Now you know why they hunt me.

"It is why I make it a point to not bleed... Why i keep my s**t clean in the face of others as to not stir a fight. I fight only when I have to. When I need to. You wont find me flapping my gums, acting tough and all mighty. It's why you'll find me silent unless i've been angered of course." she told her but continued.

"First brush with the kind...long story short the vampire kept me for three months until i escaped. He used me to feed his army of vampires, his younglings. He through me into a round cell and they would crawl down the walls for me, bite me, and I'd heal..and then the next batch would come down to feed. You have no idea the torture I went through. It isn't that my blood it's self is "special". It's my ability for rapid regeneration that makes it special. It's not just for vampires of course. Any being that needs blood to survive. I am an endless little piggy bank, a blood farm, a single being that could carry the lives of many. I know not all vampires are like that rini...but I am not in the business of trusting or believing in many others. Their lips move but nothing comes out ya know?" she huffed and stared at Rini.

She felt a pull towards the girl and it wasn't romantical. It was fiercer than that. Perhaps it was their similarities but it was similar to that maternal instinct to protect your youngling. So...the thought of Rini being mastered by a vampire of all ******** beings was like being stabbed in the heart.
Rini watched and listened to Oynx quietly. She was in too much shock to interrupt the other woman. There was nothing she could find herself saying until Oynx was done. In Rini's heart she knew her companion was upset. This was one of the points, she did not speak of her past often. Along with the heartache that came with the reflection.

" I am sorry Oynx...."

Was all she could muster for now. So many memories flowed into her head the good and the bad. His death that remained a mystery even several years later. She could feel every kiss, touch, caress, every private moment they shared. Everything she knew, was taught to her by him. Without noticing, she had began to cry. Not a sob, just silent tears that rolled down her face. Even the next time she spoke, one would not know she cried, unless they looked in her eyes. Blue-grey hues looking silver.

"I know not all Vampires are like that, I am sorry that happened to you, but Vlad...he refused to feed from me, except once, and it was right before he died, We were engaged, I made him take my blood, for I had nothing to give, except that...and a woman's most precious gift, later that night, he was dead..."

With that the girl gazed down, another apology nearing.

"I;m sorry"
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Location: Gaia ~ Crimson Bar ~ Level 2 dinning hall ~ Ensemble: Class

Oni sighed and looked away. Her energy signature dropped...she had saddened the neko shifter. After a moments silence oni spoke again.
"You did what you had to do and you fell in love...don't be sorry for that. I..."
"I know how it feels. I fell in love with a vampire too"
"I understand." she said instead.
Onyx stood up and held out her hand for Rini. "Let's get some rest okay? We'll leave tomorrow for the Malevolence. We shouldn't linger."
With that the two would sleep the night off and as promised, in the morning, be gone.

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