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OOC: This RP is for anyone who would like to join. Jump in, and make yourself like home. As for Leo, he frequents his thread here and there, if you want to catch up with him. When the CB is back up and running, I'll invite him and his overly large fan club/harem over.

A scent would wiff through the alley way, one that caught him off guard as soon as his question was spoken. In trugh, it would cut off his last word. A strong, strong, large aura carrying scent. To a normal person, this could seem slightly intimidating, but there were two factors behind this scent; The lack of anti-hostility activity coming from the establishment itself, and the familiarity of this aroma. Uriel, though just became comfortable, shifted his body slowly to see his door swing open. A sight he hasn't seen in some time strolled within the Crimson Blood. He took a walk to where he would had sat many a moon ago. He would then look to his love and lean up slightly, kissing her on the lips. As he removed his own from the embrace, he spoke to her, his breath carrying the aroma of the blood. "I must greet our old friend, seeing how the other me has decided to leave the bar unattended." He would look to the man, slightly unfamilir, but most definitely known to Uriel. While looking at him, he spoke to Alzerina. "That is Auroch, I am sure of it." HE would then look in her eyes, and speak to her one last time. "If you choose to, come join me. I would like someone to man the bar, if you are ok with that." With that, Uriel stood, shaking off the minor fatigue he bore, and made his way to the old new commer.

Uriel walked in an angle that Auroch could see him, so not to make an approach that would put him in a defensive mood. He would greet him by way of a extended right hand, meant to shake his own. The smile on Uriel's face was that of near excitement; this man must have been a friend."Mr. Ravenson, General of the Crimson Guard, my long old comrade and friend... how long has it been?"

It was at this moment that he realized... the CB must be calling all of the old back... what were the odds?
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Don’t leave me alone,
Show me compassion; paint me with death

How long had it been?

How much had changed?
A metamorphosis, an evolution. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of it’s previous demise. Nothing can remain the same forever, my loves. Change is imminent; nothing lasts forever. Even the immortals of old, those who claim constancy must evolve with the times or be lost to the world forever. Whatever changes may come, though, that is for the fates to decide.

A concept that not many can grasp.
It listens to no one, trudging forth relentlessly with each tick of a clock. With each increment passed, something new must rise.
Death, life, stagnancy, renewal.
She had seen it all.

It had been years since this city had fallen into the methodical rhythm of daily life; as it had been years since her home fell to ruin beneath the ever growing pile of sand that was the marker of passage from life’s continuous hourglass. With each grain fallen, another step had been taken – blindly wandering for a new place to call home, a new abode to fill the emptiness that had filled her heart. Though, no matter where she went, how hard she searched, such a place never existed. She tried to revive her home, she had tried to get those who were close to her back into it’s secure, safe walls. Though her breaths of life only lead to further stagnancy – another crack in her already withering heart.

Despite her yearning for a home, despite her searching for something new, something fresh, her feet always seemed to lead her down the same paths she had so fondly trod all those years ago. The busy hustle and bustle of city life always brought discomfort to this particular girl; how every day people pass one another in the street yet never manage to really see one another. Locked away in their own personal bubbles that no one may enter without explicit permission. How blind the masses were. How much was really happening under their noses.
The supernatural, the ordinary, the chaos, the sanctuary.
All of this beneath their ignorant noses.

With each step upon the concrete beneath, with each passing moment, she grew subconsciously closer. Something had reached out to her, something had grasped hold of her heart string and given a decent tug. An aura; familiarity, family, home, safety.. Something was calling, something had awoken her heart.

Time had changed the girl – physical, psychologically, emotionally. Loss, grief, happiness, despair, loneliness, accomplishment, bewilderment, success; all things had plagued her over the years , all things that have brought her back.

Her stature remained the same, 5’3” petite build. From her crimson hair which had once adorned her scalp onyx spirals now sit; bouncing in a lively manner ‘round her thin shoulders. Straightened bangs would still be angled to the right across her forehead, their tips lightly brushing along the curve of her cheek. Were dark red irises once sat, honey golden ones now peer out from beneath dark lashes. Her porcelain complexion gradually evoled into a creamy hue; more alive than cold and dead as she once had been. Jeans with rips along the knees and thighs adorned her lower half, feet encompassed by a traditional black-and-white pair of All Stars tied neatly with laces hidden beneath the flare of her jeans. Her upper half wrapped in a bright red pea-coat, a gray scarf tied neatly ‘round her neck to keep the cold at bay, hands neatly tucked into the pockets at her belly to keep them warm as well – overall her style of dress had remained the same.
Some things may never change.

The soft thud of her feet against the ground would become more harmonic as pavement turned to cobblestone. At this point, the girl would waken from her haze of day dreams to the familiarity of her surroundings. A light haze of rosie colour would flash along her cheeks as her heart rate accelerated. Stopping where she stood, the girl would peer down the alleyway. A gust of wind would set her curls dancing in it’s wake, golden irises dilating with slight fear before eagerness would set in.
“Is it this what has been plaguing my dreams? Is it finally time to go home?”
Setting her teeth to her bottom lip the Wolven would lift her foot, hesitantly taking another step forward. She could smell it. Wood, coffee, alcohol, scents… Scents. Natural fragrances from the skins of those she used to engage with. Her feet would once more take hold of her body, bringing her closer and closer to the door, closer to her past and, ultimately, her future.

Her hand would lift from the pocket it had taken refuge in. Pale pads of her fingers would run themselves along the intricate polished door frame, standing outside the closed door as her mind was set abuzz with thoughts, memories, dreams.. The only thing holding her back at this point was herself. A nervous tingle plagued her heart; “What if I imagined it? What if no one’s here? What if I’m just hallucinating..?”
Doubts plagued her, taunted her, teased her; but it can't be true. How could she hallucinate all of this? The scents, the sounds, the way her heart was tugging at her? It had to be real, it just had to.

The small hand would reach out to grasp the handle of the door, wrist twisting to trigger the latch mechanism within. All she needed was a push, just a little pressure and everything will be answered. Either to her dismay, or to her utter relief. Closing her eyes, the maiden would take in a breath, holding it for but a moment as she shifted her weight and pushed the barrier open, crossing the threshold. Golden irises would once more peek out from beneath their dark lashes, her breath being released as her eyes took in what was to be seen.

Someone had been there, someone had cleaned. The Crimson had been cleaned, reorganized, and renovated to match the times, though it still held onto it’s old humor. Honey coloured hues would glitter then, moisture building in a light sheen across the horizons of her vision. Creasing her brow, the girl would step through completely, closing the door behind her as she made her way into the entrance hall. Drawing her bottom lip into her mouth, the girl would begin to subconsciously chew at the flesh she had provided, her hand returning to her pocket as she made her way from the entrance hall to the threshold of the bar; and there she stopped. Her eyes would shift to the corner, a smile falling along her lips upon the sight of her old piano. Her heart would continue to flutter in her chest as she remained where she stood – breathless, invigorated, hopeful, and frightened.
The only thing left.. If anyone had returned. If the scents she had tracked from the alley were truly here, or if she had just whisked herself away upon the wings of a dream.

With your gentle, passionate
And dastardly kiss.

w e [x] a l l [x] w a n t [x] t o [x] c h a n g e [x] t h e [x] w o r l d.
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Kaya’s stare followed the motions of the bar’s owner with interest as the man summoned two souls to the two voodoo dolls. With a nod to Uriel, the Queen allowed himself to be lead to the suite on the 10th story, high black stiletto heels clicking softly against the floor. Without a comment he stepped into the guest room as the young one, or as he seemed to be, explained the room, its capabilities, and expanses. How odd, to be placed so close to the master bedroom... but he supposed it was an honor by the standards of people who created the place.

The Fate-Queen turned to the young one as well as the blood leech that stood behind it. “Nothing else at the moment. Thank you.” Kaya smiled slightly towards the silver-haired youngling, the first of any happy expressions since he had been offended at the bar. The silver eyes roved once over the vampire, long fingers brushing aside a stray lock of auburn curls. Handsome, to say the least, but he did not favor leeches, with their overly long and sometimes disgustingly heavy tapestries of history. He chuckled quietly at the sour-puss expression on the Orion. “You may go.”

A vampire who could cook. Kai raised a brow, eyes still like a Cheshire cat’s beneath the veil as he also took in said vampire’s form. Shrugging away the miscellaneous thought, the poisoner followed his Queen into the room. The moment, he stepped past the threshold, he made a beeline for the four-poster, canopied bed, stripping outer garments as he went... black coat, black shirt, velvet and lace skirt bustle, pink and gold vest... and dived between the white sheets and crimson coverlet.

A disapproving click of the tongue sounded in the room, but ebony haired poisoner did not twitch at all from his splayed form beneath the covers. Kaya turned, also stripping his cloak and hood, hanging them by another of his threads from the wall, unlike Kai who’s clothes were littered across the red carpeted floor. He shook his head, stringing up his pet-counterpart’s clothes up as well against the wall aside his own.
Shoulders laid bare, the Queen’s dress had a lace brocade before meeting the squared heart-top collar, too edged in gold threads and the finest hand thrown embroidery. Something like this, was far too precious to strip and leave lying around. Instead, while his servant lazed and dozed in the spacious bed, Kaya took up the center of the room, pulling out a hanging ekoree seat from the reserve of his time-space, attaching it to the ceiling simply by affixing it with two of his pins. He delicately balanced himself on the seat, both hands in front of him.

One grasp of both hand’s adorned fingers pulled the threads of his own cloth to weave a bit of extra time in as well as names he’d had met. Uriel’s was not written in a favored edge, rather, he was placed in cautiousness. The Queen, once offended, did not easily forgive. Carnival’s, neutral. Auriel, Orion, placed close to Uriel, but not quite so unfavored. That just left the vampire whom Uriel had been occupied with. He'd come to know her eventually.

OCC: They'll come down to mix soon ^^v
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[ YAAAAY. Auroch is back. >< I was wondering where he'd disappeared to.]

Carnival would have followed the man with the curious eyes on his tour, her gaze lingering over the furniture, paintings, etc. Her eyes would shift, absorbing the colors of the room. One never truly knew what her true eye color had been, being a Prism allowed one to absorb colors from the spectrum as a sort of.. power source, so to speak. Red colors were usually based around fire, blue were water and ice, greens were sturdy and hard to destroy, earth, and so on and so forth. The basic principle was that the Prism was able to absorb more then four or five colors at a time without running the risk of breaking the halo. The halo was the barrier that separated one from going mad, when they absorbed too much color, and used too much of its power, the color would seep into the whites of their eyes and change them forever, eventually driving them insane. Prism's were rare, and due to the fact they could wield multiple colors many often didn't make it, with the exception of few who could control it.

The woman made little noise as she moved, she didn't speak unless she was spoken to, absorbing what the man had to say as well as listening to the building itself. The shadowed woman was intent on listening as well, for it had been years since she had even set foot in the place.

While Carnivaal was busy, another figure would enter the establishment. This figure was no taller then four feet, her hair a dusty blond. Her eyes were gold and shy, never looking at a person longer then necessary, merely grabbing a glance. This, was Draya, fae and wolf born. The child had a skiddish air to her, fleeting and easily startled. Resting upon the child's shoulder was a small, miniature looking dragon. A wyvern, created by the gods to mock dragons, fea born. The creature watched the occupants carefully, skeptical and judgemental. A small pang or jolt slipped through her spine, no doubt Carnivaal had felt it too. Two of the seven now occupied the same building,
Alzerina smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Uriel sit down. Even the most powerful needed to rest every once and a while. She lifted her hand and started to thread her fingers through his hair. When the question passed through his lips, she hesitated, her hand stopping in his hair as well. She thought for a moment, biting her bottom lip as she did. Alzerina opened her mouth to begin speaking, but then… saved by the bell. Or Auroch, as it were.

Alzerina’s eyes snapped over to the door as she watched another of the Crimson Blood family walk across the floor to the bar. She smiled a bit after Uriel kissed her and made a move to stand as well. She was glad to see Auroch as well. And with him here, she could avoid the origins of where she was for now. After adjusting her cloak, she walked behind Uriel to the bar, but instead of stopping at a stool, she walked behind the bar, feeling as though she never left. It was so comfortable to be behind the bar and it just felt like where she should be. Alzerina walked over to where Auroch was sitting, watching while Uriel reacquainted himself with the Crimson Blood Guard. She propped herself on the bar with one elbow and smiled again.

“Look what the cat dragged in.”

Alzerina would wink and then chuckled, too happy to hold it in anymore. Her eyes caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and she turned. A small gasp left her mouth as she saw another familiar figure standing in the doorway to the bar. Her smiled grew and she lifted a hand to wave at the newcomer. She hoped the girl would come over to the bar and say hi to everyone that was there already. It seemed the building was calling everyone back to it. Alzerina found herself smiling wider at this thought. The bar would be up and running again in no time.

Alzerina turned back to Auroch and nodded her head to the shelves filled with fresh bottles.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

Alzerina was a little parched herself, needing something a bit more hydrating than blood to moisten her tongue. While she waited for Auroch to answer, she took a glass and filled it with ice. Taking the bottle of blood vodka from the shelf, she expertly mixed it with grapefruit juice and cranberry juice. Calling the drink a SeaBreeze was a bit silly since it used blood vodka instead of regular, so in her head, Alzerina decided to call it the Dead Sea. She chuckled to herself a bit as she took the first sip. As the cool liquid touched her tongue, she sighed in pure refreshment. Amazing what a bit of ice could do.

Alzerina stopped enjoying her drink and looked to the entrance to the bar once more. There was someone else there. This was one she didn’t recognize. For some reason, Alzerina decided not to wave to this person. There was something strange about the girl, but Alzerina couldn’t put her finger on it. Taking another sip from her cup and turned back to Auroch, glancing at the girl every once and a while. Who was she? Why was she here?
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Uriel #2 would guide his new Operations Supervisor Carnival to the door opposing the entry of the Crimson Room. The stair case would lead them one more flight down to a darkened room. This room, illuminated in blue light coming from a fish tank that was the entire wall. The amount of sea life varied from small goldfish to large sharks. The depth, however, was entirely too large to be imagined part of the building. It would seem the tank itself would stretch 20 yards back, however, it could just be an illusion. The light from the tank would leave dancing shadows upon the walls and body of both Uriel and Carnival, the sea creatures blocking parts of light. In front of this location, yet another bar. This bar, however, was more of a bar-sized desk, many papers, scrolls and other parchments layed here. The bottles wer even fewer than those of both the main and red floors, btu the bottles themselves seem far more odd. Within a few of them, it would seem that light illuminated from within, some with drawn seals. Enchantments could be felt on some of these bottles. Alongside, there were vials and beacons of random looking liquid. When the shelves behind the bar was really looked at, none seem to be a alchoholic beverage, but something else. Within the center of the floor, a rather large magic circle was, barely notible if one did not stare hard enough. This room would give the buzz to anyone sensitive to magic, the hairs standing up on the back of someone's neck.

"This room is The Crimson heart, the emicenter of magic production. I usually concuct spells here, and potions, vaccines, medications, and other goodies. This place happens to be one of the only rooms that is acsessible to all, but one of the most dangerous..."

With those words spoken, the Circle on th emiddle of the floor would begin to glow, and a image would appear. A body, but not easy to determine who. Uriel would immediately smile as to his eyes, a small girl would be seen. Small, maybe 3'8, 4'0, around the age of 5, very pretty. To carnivall, however, she would see a person who she loves the most, who she misses and wants the most in life. Whoimever that person was, it wouldn't sound like that person as it spoke.

"Greetings Lord Zaven Von Uriel-Tennousaki of the Lambent, King of Obhiedeon, angel of the fallen 13. Greetings Ganasti-Eion Von Erebus of the Prenumbra, child of Chaos, lord of the black. Greetings Carnivaal Crii, Heir to the city of Chains, High Prism of the Tower of Arya. I welcome you. How may I be of service?"

Uriel would look to Carnival, the light from the being creating a shadow off of Uriel in the face of Eion. "This is the Crimson Blood Establishment's entity, the soul of the buiding. She can manifest much, and answer any questions you may have." Uriel allowed her to look around and ask anythign, if she willed to.

Uriel #1 would look to the first new entry, a blond woman who seemed intriguing in nature. Her presence reminded him of someone, but in his state, it wasn't something he could figure out. He would see Alzerina take position behind the bar, and knew it was where she felt comfortable. HE would wait for those who chose to speak to him do so, as he would rest his head, facing away at the door. IT was at that moment when the door opened a second time and another woman, who was far too familiar in energy, would enter. His head would raise as she made her wa to her per-determined destination. His eyes looked to her, waiting to see her reaction, not to meantion still waiting on Auroch.

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Carnival's gazed lingered over the giant fish tank, her gaze seeming to follow each fish for a moment before he started speaking. Her gaze then flickered toward the circle, finally able to place a form to the whispers in her head. The scent it gaze off was chilled, rather earthy, and ageless. This particular woman had few friends and little foes, she had no more family, and she wouldn't have been that close. There had been a time once when she had looked up to her father, a man who towered above her, wrapped in chains. Even his wings bore a resemblance to the chains he wore, cold and hard as steel. If such an image was what she looked forward to the woman would scowl, glancing away for a moment before regaining her composure. She recognized the entity, it was enough for her.

"I'm not sure what to ask, dear. Unless there's an answer for that. This hasn't exactly happened before."


Off in the up stairs portion of the bar, young Draya and her wyvern would approach the bar. The young child's gold eyes flickered around nervously, the complete opposite of the wyvern perched on her shoulder, its tail wrapped around her neck. The creature seemed to hold itself in such a high demeanor despite its small size, much like a small dog would amongst bigger dogs, so to speak. When the creature caught someones eye and they were to look just a little too long, she would give a small princessy hiss, raising her small horned head up a notch as her forked tongue slipped passed razor teeth. Up until the child hushed it of course, then it would turn to nuzzle her cheek in forgiveness.

Reaching the bar, which was just a little taller then her, she would look up at the occupants behind it, her tone was soft however distant for a child, lacking a lot of the humor and laughter.

"May I trouble you for a glass of wine, bread, and perhaps a slice of meat for my friend here?"
Auroch managed a slight grin at the sudden flurry of movement that erupted around him. It seemed that from within the depths of the place a vivid, animated scene of life so many nights past had sprung forth. Differences in the actors, naturally, were immediately noticeable. He mused instantly upon this and spent the next few seconds taking in the new husks of the souls he remembered. His back straightened as he sat up a bit more properly and canted his shoulders slightly while resting his elbows upon the bar, casually awaiting inevitable conversation. Apparently Uriel was around, as it seemed he instantly rose from a wing and made his way over to where Auroch was sitting; it was quaint that he approached from such an angle as he supposed to remain within the beast's view. That the man himself was about was splendid; something the old way-farer had almost expected. And fortune had it that Alzerina was with him as well. It had been a long time since he had seen his old friend and he was glad that she too seemed drawn to the recent call of the place. When Uriel had finally made his was over to the bar and extended his hand Auroch shook it firmly, with an open smile.

"Too long indeed, Uriel. It pleases me to see you're still kicking in one form or another- that the Crimson Blood is doing the same is infinitely exciting."

The thrumming baritone of his voice laid the words out pleasantly, conveying the true sentiment behind them. He was ecstatic to reacquaint himself with such old comrades-in-arms. After their brief exchange his eyes flitted curiously to Alzerina as she propped herself upon the bar top and spoke. As she strode over and took her place, however, it appeared that another, much smaller, silhouette emerged from the mouth of the building. Fae in appearance and playing perch to a whelp of a wyvern the curious little spectacle amused him. Only taking her in for the most brief of moments he returned to Alzerina and replied as she waved to the newcomer before turning back to face him, "Heh, I'll not be having anything I think. How have your nights been, old friend?" After he'd asked his question was superseded by that of the small fae girl who'd just come in. He barely noticed, however, as he was paying the utmost attention to the erstwhile reunion going on to his other side.
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Draya may have had the appearance of a small child around the ages of seven or eight, but the aura that seemed to resonate off her was just as old as Carnivaal's herself. Much like that scarred woman, Draya did not share a soul of her own. Each of the seven hosted part of the shadowed woman's soul, if all seven were brought together, the would die. No doubt Carnivaal knew she was here, just as she knew the scarred woman was there as well. Looking up at the man that had paid her a small acknowledgment, looking up at him like a child in front of a man towering over her. His prescience was familiar, the shadowed woman told her that, and his scent brought back memories that were not her own but the woman's. Thus Draya would look at him cautiously, the wyvern soon turned her attention to him as well.

When the child spoke, her tone was soft yet distant. Hollow almost.

"Sir Auroch... the shadowed woman bids you welcome.. and hopes your experiences away were what you'd expected."
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Orion would scoff at the woman who thought it was coy to look down on him. Sure, he wasn't a legend lke some Vampires, but he did his time, and learned much... well... before his apparent imprisionment. He would give a slight bow as the two would enter the room. The words of dismissal from her was kind of insulting to him. He didn't understand why Uriel released him, only to be ridiculed slightly. Orion, known for his over reactive emotions, and his showy personality would not let his confidence take a blow. It was at this time he would pat himself at all pockets. Auriel would see this, and comment before snickering. "Marcarena?" left Auriel's mouth as Orion began his ever sucsessful smack to the back of Auriel's head. Both of them would then began to progress towards the elevator, Orion still patting himself down, in search of a smoke, only leading to further fustration realizing he has none. The button to open the elevator doors would be pressed, and the two would vanish within.

Uriel look to the small child that requested such a request that most adults don't. His nose flared as he took in air, smelling her scent.She smelled normal, as any normal 8 or 9 year old comming to such an establishment, located in this neighborhood, would smell. With that thought, there was no such thing as normal. Power came in all shapes in sizes, and according to his left eye, her power was not small. It was familiar, however. Realizing that his spliced self was still occupied with whatever he was doing, and two dolls are currently busy, cooking would have to be left either to one of them coming back, or yet another summon. His power was low, rest would definitely be needed...

"Sweet child, please forgive me as our kitchen staff is currently away. If you would grant me a few moments, one of my staff will return, and meet your request. As for the wine, Red or white?"

Uriel awaited to hear her response, while continuing his conversation with Auroch.
"Yes... I returned. The Crimson Blood called, I guess it got tired of being aone. What have you been doing yourself, old friend?"

Uriel the tourguide would approach the glowing figure and make a simple request. He spoke in a language not known to most, words of the charter was not that of ease to know. Each word, each sound, bared a force behind it. The walls would begin to wave, maneuvering in obsure angles. The room would then melt away into a large loft-type office. The top most floor, one wall made entirely of windows, the rising sun in the distance. The large round table with laptops in front of each seat rested in the middle. Large comfortable seats. Behind each seat, a flag post was there, missing a flag, however.

"This is the corperate office, where we meet and stuff." Uriel began to yawn, it was time to return to his body...

"We must return, I fear I must discontinue this tour to a later time..."
He walked to the door, which led to a elevator, baring both Orion and Auriel in the elevator. They would move aside, allowing the two to enter, and return to the main floor.

OOC: Ok! I think that covered everyone. Im sorry, im dead to the world, i tried to touch everyone's last posts. I need sleeeeeeeeeeeep...
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The child looked up at the man with the curious eyes, her own golden optics seemed to peer through his soul. Distant and hollow, her gaze seemed to see through him as if seeing what his other form was seeing. The other Uriel and his conversation with Carnivaal had came to an end, for the man was slowly draining himself to exhaustion. Draya seemed to look past that, her gaze returning to the Uriel in front of her. She would nod curtly to the request that her and her companion wait for the kitchen, and would return to answer his question.

"Red, please. Not any particular brand."

Not everyone would enjoy serving alcohol to a child, she was sure. But such a drink was not just for her, but for her wyvern friend and her shadowed mistress. The wyvern would move from its perch on her shoulder and flutter up to sit on the bar with a small yet strong beat of its wings. The draft created by those small wings would cause strands of the child's hair to slip off her neck, revealing druidic markings across her skin. Such markings would have gone unnoticed to the eye, if it weren't for the slight tinge of color that gave them a slight sheen to them, like tiny scars. She was indeed no ordinary child, half fae and wolf, possessed by an ageless soul and thus granted its power, Draya was the shadowed mistress' channel. As the wyvern now rested on the bar, the child would take a seat on a vacant stool and softly stroke the side of the creatures head with her finger absentmindedly.


The scarred woman would follow him to the elevator, her gaze shifted up to its two other occupants in which she would incline her head in acknowledgment. She did not say much, unless she was spoken to. Upon entering the elevator her gaze shifted back to Uriel, studying him for a moment. Her tone was soft, not a whisper but of concern.

"Do such things happen often? Splitting yourself into separate forms? Or was it simply the introduction of your other counterpart that has drained you?"

When the elevator would reach its destination and the doors would open, the scarred woman's eyes would fall upon the child and her expression fell cold. If her mind had walls they would have been boarded up by the strongest steels, her thoughts being frozen over. Draya shouldn't be here, her mere existence in the room was a danger. The pull the vessels shared due to the soul they carried merely amplified the strength, or signal, as it were, to the other five. The five would be drawn by sheer curiosity, not knowing why they would travel is such a direction. As if their subconscious were telling them were to go, each of their actions would result in their destination.
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"Red Wine it is, then." The silver hair shifting to the side as he stood, the metal arm's absurdly sharp claws clanking against the bar, cutting minor holes within it. His fleshed right arm assisted with lifting him from his seat, the gentle touch to the crystal. His movement, though exhausted, was fluid, smooth, serene, never exaggerated. Left foot to brace, right foot to lead, and his body shifting to the side as he would turn, angling his body to walk around the bar. His right hand would trail along the bar as he made his way around it, the side entrance giving more than enough space for his form. His left arm would grab a bottle of Sweet Biitch, the daggered tipped fingers no longer sharp, but round as fingers should be. The slight clank was the confirmation of bottle within his grasp. Most wouldn't know, but his nerve endings have found its way into the alloys, and integrating senses within it. The sensitivity was off slightly, being that steel was a much more in density than skin, but it left a ping feeling to it whenever he touched something. A deeper appreciation for the vampire gene, he would have, for regeneration and science can meet with wonderful feats. The left arm currently holding the bottle would be uncorked by a cork remover, to which the right hand grabbed a mere moment ago. His hand would then, that being the right hand, grab a deep bowl wine glass, some would even call this the "fish bowl" glass, for it’s larger than normal size. The neck of the glass between his middle and ring finger, the bottom of the glass in his palm, he slowly poured the contents within the glass and would gently rotate the glass as he poured, for the oxygen to mix in, allowing the wine to breathe. Gently, he placed the glass in front of the new tiny patron, and smiled as he removed "ever fresh Elder's bread" from a box from the small refrigerator. A small napkin acted as a plate.

"That will be 8 silver, 2 rubies, 14 dollars, or blood."

A ding would be heard to his left, the sound of the elevator coming to the main floor.

Orion, not moving, looked to the woman who entered. Her scars echoed pain, and instantly, his hand would grace his left ribcage. His eyes saw Uriel's and immediately would lower his head, in fear of disrespecting him again...

"Who do you think you are?" The renegade vampire Orion would phase in and out as he fired shots to the silver haired being with the red scarf. His speed was insane, but more disturbing was the way his body moved. Its not normal for anyone to dodge a bullet from this gun, but to make it seem at ease. His fangs bore wildly as the firearm released more shots to the silver haired man with the red scarf, phasing out from this plane and fazing back in another location, hoping to catch him off guard. A blur of red, however, would barely be seen as the red scarf man caught Orion off guard, a fist harder than steel connected to the right temple. A mash rush of air, spirling to and fro, Orion's face and upper torso was torn to shreds as he lay on the floor, a pile of blood and bone. His regeneration skills were not the keenest, but the nanomachinery worked on overdrive. Blood met with blood, and traveled back to the source. The Orion mess began regerating to a more visual appealing state, but not in time, however. Another fist, again steel, would come down on his solar plex, again the mass amount of pressure and wind tore through the body, destroying the concrete below. 'Two punches... I’m dead in two punches... how...' "I am Uriel..." His hand would produce a red voodoo doll, its eyes glowing purple. He held it over where his head was, currently not attach to a body. "... and you are now mine"

Uriel took a moment to respond to her question, allowing space for all in the elevator. "A little of both... I only came back to life recently, not really having much time to replenish lost energy. Resurrection takes a lot out of you, honestly..." Auriel would smile a wide smile to the woman, waving gently to the scarred woman. "Hi Carnival, I am Auriel. This guy over here is Orion, it is pleased to meet your acquaintance." These words were spoken, however, as they would exit the elevator, possibly unheard as she seem preoccupied.

The establishment would grow in response to Carnival's emotion. The bar would change color slightly, gaining a hint of red to it. Both Uriel's would look up to the building, feeling out of place as they were not the cause of the action, nor do they even know why it is happening. The building did not speak, however to Carnival, it would grant her a slight sense that she is protected, though not of a shield or anything like that. More like, 'I got your back'.
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The scarred woman had heard the other two voices in the elevator, turning her head to smile lightly over her shoulder as if saying, "We'll catch up a little later." and continued to follow Uriel from the elevator. She noted that his movements were a little more sluggish then usual, and thus wouldn't say much. She would merely incline her head and offer in a hushed tone only the two would have been able to hear.

"I understand if you must take your leave and rest, dear. I'm sure there will be business to discuss at a later time."

The woman had felt the buildings presence, a small smile crept into the back of her mind even though she doubted there would be any problem. Draya was not a creature to provoke a conflict, she was a mere messenger, a strong one but it was what he was. She was their voice, the one who would talk to the mistress. When the child slept, she dreamed she was with her, dreamed that the mistress would stroke her hair and laugh with her. She may have looked innocent enough, but she was a nuisance. The presence of the child unsettled her, such could be seen in those prism eyes that would slowly seem to suck the color from the room.

The child never moved, and if she had it would only to place her hand upon the stem of the wine glass and raise it to her lips and take a small sip. Her other hand, appearing empty, would rest palm down upon the bar as a small glowing energy seemed to heat a spot on the bar top. The heat that resonated from her hand was hot enough to scorch the very counter, but when she removed her hand in place of a scorch mark was the gold in question for her meal and drink. The counter was flawless, the gold untainted. The child would say nothing for a time as she sipped her drink, allowing Carnival to regain her thoughts. When the wyvern had caught sight of the scarred woman it would utter a low hiss, lowering its stance upon the bar counter and causing the woman's eyes to narrow upon the creature.

When the child chose to speak, her tone was low and hollow, a touch of arrogance and age. Her tone was like venom, by the way she talked to Carnivaal it was clear the two did not appear to like each other all that much. It would have seemed as if the child were talking down to her, as if she could hear the nasty thoughts raging through the woman's mind. She knew the scarred woman had wanted to kill her, and the only thing stopping her was the presence of her child like body. Thus it was the only thing that had saved her.

"The mistress has been watching, Carnivaal Cri. She has taken notice of your presence in her home, the ransacking of her own Inn. She wishes an radiance, as well I'm sure you are aware.. the others are already on their way..."

Again, she would take another sip without looking up, her gaze resting upon the contents of her glass. She had paused in mid sentence as if listening to something, as if relaying what the mistress had been saying.

"It will not be a permanent transgression, but I want you to simply be prepared to die. I know you and I have never gotten off on the right foot, but as you know I too shall die, even for a moment. If this is to give you some satisfaction given the bad news I've just informed you with, then we shall be able to continue our disagreements once your contract has been fulfilled."

With her next sentence, she would turn to look the woman directly in the eye, fear no longer present in the eyes that now stood cold and defiant.

"You are her Champion. Her pet. You will do what she asks, and you will like it. If our mistress wishes to walk upon this plain of existence just for a moment, then I will not allow you to defile her orders. She will be here when the moon rises above the highest tower, the others will be here long before then. So I suggest you get comfortable."
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The two Uriel's would come to eachother, both looking slightly exasperated, and exhausted. The energy of both took a rather low level, and it was time to call it a day. But, as the energy within the room would seem, maybe not. Seals on both foreheads would appear, and they would walk into eachother, as water touching water would seem. Uriel was now one, and with that, his exhaustion would be less severe. The now one Uriel looked at the conversation. He heard her about taking a leave, but he might be needed. He thought about it, as he looked to both Auriel and Orion. He stepped from the bar as they approached him.

"Do you guys want to stay out?" Uriel asked the two, looking mostly at Auriel. Auriel, in response, would smile wide and hug him by his mid-section, squeezing as tight as he could. A gglint in the corner of Uriel's eye would appear, as if he would cry, but instead, he respond with the hug with one of his own. He took the embrace as a yes. Uriel's gaze would make it's way to Orion, to which Orion shrugged and began to ask Uriel a question. A question that would never come, intent on his fearful distance. Uriel released Auriel adn removed a pack of cigarettes from his hidden arm-pouch, lit a smoke for himself, and tossed the pack and lighter to Orion. He looked to Auriel, and spoke once again. "I am going to leave Mitsuyoshi with you, ok? I need rest..." Auriel would grown and have a somewhat foul face, as if me smelled something unruly.

Uriel removed the third voodoo doll from his hair, the second to last one he bared, not counting the one in his ear. He would wisper to it close, and toss it to the side. Almost immediately, glowing see-through swords would be shot out from the voodoo, 29 swords revolving around the doll now glowing green. The light would leave, and intwine as it made a form. Large spikey hair, an eye patch, one large bright green eye, a scar across his face, clothign that would match the other two. The swords would be binded by light, then become solid bundles of swords. Four bundles, on the shoulder/back of the newcommer, Mitsuyoshi. Mitsuyoshi turned to look at Uriel, a face of boredom. "Eh? What are we killing now?"

Uriel walked to Mitsuyoshi and shook his head. "Yoshi, protect, not kill. Get it?" Uriel wouldn't wait for his response as he turned to Auroch and placed his hand on his shoulder. "
I'll see you in a little while". He walked behind the bar to where Alzerina fell asleep unsuspectingly, and swooped her in his arms. He then made his way to the elevator, knowing Auriel would keep the two and the bar in check. He would travel to the master bedroom, and fall asleep in his large soft bed, laying Alzerina beside him.
(did we all die and I didnt know?)

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