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The emotions swirling within the room scent a chill through her spine, raising the hair on the back of her neck. The woman wasn't able to see others memories or thoughts, but the emotions they portrayed played a roll with her eyes. These new emotions seemed to add new colors to the already darkened shades, mixing between bright or dark. Shades of happiness or pain expressed as new colors of deep blue or purple,scarlet and grays, mixtures of black and gold. A small tug at the corner of her lips showed she was rather entertained. The revealing of the hooded man who seemed to seclude himself from the rest piqued her interest. Not for his demeanor or aura, but the eyes or lack there of. Those endless hourglasses, the endless sands slowly ticking, grain by grain. What would happen when the sand ran out? Would the man perish or would they simply refill? Or did it mean his life was endless? Her gaze shifted from the puppet queen toward this man as his drink was served to him. Weighing his reactions as it was slid across the bar, and in the process singling him apart from the rest. The loner of the current crowd, it seemed. Considering himself the black sheep, perhaps? His silence spoke for him, the emotions he portrayed betraying his thoughts and words.

Returning to her drink, taking a swig and allowing the tastes to roll over her tongue before sending another glance to the puppet master and his toy. So it would appear he was tied by strings, and she was at the end of it. High class and airy, strong sense of nobility and seduction. She knew what she wanted and what she wanted, she always got. Greed was another scent on its own, strong and thick like molasses. Almost sickeningly sweet.

Her gaze averted once more, back to the two Uriel's now walked about. The bodies were the same, but the scent of the second slowly dwindled over time, becoming faded in comparison to its creator. Pondering her next question, she would take another small sip of her drink before responding. Her tone calm, her words thought out.

"You've probably lived just as long as I have, maybe even longer. You've a sense of age around you that one can almost taste. A sense of power. What may I ask, are you?":
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If the smirk on Uriel's face wasn't noticable before now, the removal of it would have made it noticable. His eyes took a more serious look, his lips seperated slightly. His voice was ominious.


The smirk would return, as he meant it as a joke. not one that had the intent of making someone laugh, more like the diversion when someone is asked a uncomfortable question. He knew that there was no one single answer. This would lead to a barriage of questions, some that could lead to tricky answers. A checkered pass would lead to a awful conversation. In the back of his spine, a vibration would be felt, a voice was spoken in the back of his head. 'You know... you don't have to tell her, Zey. Sometimes, it is a good idea to shut the ******** up, heh heh...' This voice was not within his mind, but it would take some real careful hearing to make out was was said, which was loud and clear to Uriel. He stood up, and turned to the bar, a mumble came from Uriel, something like 'Shutupbitch'. Thankfully, all of this was while his back was turned to Carnival, as he placed glass on the bar, and a bottle of baileys and a bag of chocolates. He opened the freezer he removed the Irish cream from, and produced a small container of coffee ice cream. Within the blender, he blended the ingredients together, enough for five cups, and poured the contents within. He then removed the vile of detoxified Manticore venom and placed a drop in the glass. Mixed and prepared, he began to sip on the creamy beverage, while sitting in front of Carnival.

"What am I... much like you, I am a mut. To be specific, I am a shell."

He took a sip, and continued.

"A shell that once hosted a rather arrogant angel. As for what I am, I am what current and modern people would call 'Vampire'. Sanguinarian Genesi, we were." A chug from the drink. As he lit a cigarette and let a stream of smoke leave his nostrils, he continued to speak." This was before your comon vampire would go and bite someone and they would turn. No... if we could have done that before, things would be great. But back then, you were turned by your elder chief, and then embodied with a demon in order to keep your body from exploding all over the place." Uriel spoke and chugged down the rest of his drink, and refilling the glass. Another drop of the Venom to top it off. A swig, and continued to speak, scratching the marking of the angel XIII on his neck. "For some reason, I have this arrogant a*****e's essence in me and would never leave, no matter how many times I died."

'And with that, I now get to ask a question." He sipped, and got closer. "Why did you sell this soul? Or more importantly, what put you in the predicament that you had to sell it in the first place?"

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Studying the contents of her glass, prism optics swirled with emotions new and old. Pondering the mans words, her gaze fell back on him as he started moving. Noticing that his drinking had steadily increased as he spoke about himself, such topics she'd assume were still rather raw. She knew all too well what it was like to have a pest inside ones thoughts, always listening, always speaking. One's thoughts were never their own, often turning into conversations or debates. As the man had finished speaking, she would sip her own drink as she replayed in her head how to phrase it. Instead coming to terms with the the full story, she was sigh and close her eyes. Not allowing those prism eyes to betray the story she was about to tell. Her tone was soft, distant as if she had placed herself back in time.

"I was born to a city of chains, my father the false god. The humans that lived in that city were lied to, offering their dead to the gods thinking these gods would place their loved ones in the right place. They would throw the bodies into the abyss, where my father would collect the remnants of their souls, pulling their wyrds back into the dead host."

Taking another soft sip, she would allow her eyes to open only to peer into the contents swirling within the glass. The pigments in her eyes slowly picking up those of the drink as she continued, not looking up.

"As time had passed, the false king had built himself an army to try and raise himself up out of the chains and take the city over. I was fighting along side those demons, bone and flesh hanging. They broke into the city of chains, killing the men first and beating the women and children with arms and legs. Ripping them to pieces until the abyss rained with their blood. When the screaming had finally stopped and the false god was freed, he had no use for an underling who questioned his every move. As punishment, he had wrapped a support chain around my neck and left me to die over the ruined city."

As she spoke her hand unconsciously went up to the scar at her throat, thick chain imprints long faded with time though a scar of that size did not simply fade away.

"I don't know how long I had been dangling there, I'm not even sure if I was fully awake. If I dreamed, it was of a woman shrouded in darkness. Every night, the same woman would appear. Each time she would ask me if I was ready, I didn't know what she meant until one day I'd had enough. She came to me in the dark, asking again if I was ready. When I had said yes, I'd woken up in the ruins of that city and the chain in a melted heap infront of me. The woman never came back, only when she wants something does she speak. I can't see her clearly, but I can hear her as if she's standing right beside me. I know what she knows and she knows everything I do."

Clearing her throat softly, she would down the rest of her drink before shifting somewhat in her seat. Her next question..

"Where are you originally from, my dear?"
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User ImageOOC: I had a really long post a day ago, and it didn't go thorugh, which has me pissed off. so, im going to try to get as much down as i remember. IT was epic, sheesh... Oh, and there will be alot of spelling errors, bare with me. It was time consuming to type this while at work. cat_burning_eyes

The question imposed to him, it wasn't a simple answer. She wanted to know him, and URiel wasn't one to let such a question go unanswered, but it would require more than a simple words. Uriel's smirk left his face, as his eyes closed. He sat in front of her, his face directly in hers. A space of twelve inches was all that seperated these two. IF she was sensitive to energy, she would feel a slight pulse emititing towards her from Uriel, more specifically, his eye.

"Your Question, it cannot be answered by word. But, I can show you..."

His eyes opened, and the Kuriryougan, the galaxy eye that bared slight dots that resembled stars, now showed a picture of a universe. If she looked into her eyes, she would be compeled to stare, not moving a single muscle as she would look. This image would reveal a universe far off within his eye. The image of his face would seemingly grow past her line of sight, as if he was coming closer to Uriel. The eye growing, it would seem to her as if she was falling into his eye, though no vision of her own body. The universe would become larger, and blackness of space would consume anything within her perifial vision, other than stars an far off planets. She would soar through space into a galazy that closely resembled the milky way galaxy, the stars and space rocks flying by her. A cluster of rocks flew by near, some as large as mountains while she traversed to a unknown location. Planets of various colors, one a deep purple planet to her right, a large silver white and brown planet with four rings surrounding it. Moons and implosions of light in front and passing by. A bright sun she would see now, in front of it, a large planet that resembed Earth, and it was this planet that was her destination.

"This was my home, a long time ago" a voice, ominious and internal would be heard, Uriel speaking to her as the planet now visably covered in much green and water, grew and grew. She would fly to the right, it would seem that the spin of the planet hastened, and a continent was growing. She would eventually see the green trees of the planet, large and wonderful. Inbettween this emmense forest, a small village was seen. She would see this at ground level, the people of light soft amber skin, eyes of silver and gold, braided or dredlock hair of a bright blood red. These people, clothed in similar fashon. Men wore harem-style pants and vests, both as thin as silk and as strong as kevlar, arm bands that held feathers, darts or nothing. Some even wearing Ponchos. Most bore weapons of small swords, spears and tubes that were used as blow dart guns Women wearing long half skirts of the same material, leaving a single leg exposed, the thigh holding a leg quiver of small bolts. Their tops varied, but most wore the fabric across their upper torso, most tied in a 'X' fashion, others wrapped around them, all covering their breast. Children rinning arouns playing, most with loincloths or ponchos. All had a cross bow and a knife on their back. No man or woman, however, wore anykind of shoes. Coincidently, their feet, even when their nails were sharpened to claws, looked maintained and not weathered. Pretty, some would even call. It would seem that their evolution would make them a climbing and running humanoid, their feet slightly wider than a typical human, their toes curled downward slightly, their nails digging into the ground. All of the four wing Machinati were beautiful, not a single person seemed to appear unattractive. Their hourses were brown, made from mud, dirt, and sand-like material. IF one would investigate, the material came from the odd looking trees.

"This is the land of Arricubar, Planet Obhideion, year 35280, E.F. This tribe you see is one of the three Machinati Tribes known as the tribe of the four wings, the swift asassin tribe."

The image would pan to the line of houses, and travel to the 8 house on the left, slightly bigger than the ones on the strip, but not the biggest. The archway, blocked by a cloth, bared a large sphinx looking animal engraved on the top most part. Beside this building, a market with many different foods, varioous hand made products, and some small electronics obtained from the Obhideon scientists. Beside that, a building with tailors making and repairing garments, and a blacksmith behind that. The building originally viewed would open the front flap, allowing the vision of Carnival to enter. Wtihin, a man who bore two medium length blades crossed on the small of his back, was seen strapping his shins with greves. His face, like everyone else, was unrecognizable, but his demeanor would be recognizable. Beside him, a child, five years of age, mimicking the man by tying a leaf on her leg with string.

"This was me, before the change. This was my home, and the small girl was my daughter. Arianna, her name. Mother died a year prior by a enemy clan."

Another man, shorter hair, but bigger frame, enterd his house. He bore a belt with many blow darts, a black tube for the gun, and a sword of blackened alloy on his back. He ran in filled with haste, excitement in his eyes. A parchment rolled up in his hands, another in his belt. He spoke to the Uriel tying his greves. 'Zaven', the new man spoke, 'our dark gods are picked. They gave me martikhoras!' The man was excited, as he showed the drawing on the parchment, a lion head and body, evil smile, bat devil wings, scorpion tail. He gave the other to the Uriel, who the man called Zaven. As Zaven unrolled the parchment, a wild looking demon was drawn, a smile of pure evil, blood on the mouth.

"That man is my brother, Mekkah. Your 'Host" might recognize him, as his image never changed since these days. A proud day for him, but I never wanted this for us."

The image left the house and turned around, but it was night, and what was supposed to be some houses was a big hut, with both Zaven and Mekkah laying on a table. They were convulsing, jumping and thrashing on tables while being strapped down. Coming to image, Two seven or eight foot cloaked beings, both biting the two men. Blood was pouring from their wounds, as life was leaving their eyes. Tribal markings appeared on their skin as they began to undergo a vampire transformation. The stomachs of the two men would turn pitch black, and then bright red. Hands would be seen clawing their way out, then faces. Mekkah had a man with red fur attempting to leave him, 5 rows of sharp jagged shark like teeth would be see has he tore through the portal of his stomach. Zaven's would bare pure white hands, and being of maddnes, eyes of black, hair of pure white. When they were halfway through the now screaming men, several men casts obscure spells that woulb bind the demons to the dying men. The demon's images changed, matching the hosts, their essence being asorbed into the body. moments later, all was calm.

"Sanguinarian Genesi, the oldest of Vampires, their blood couldn't mix with himan without killing the human. At some point in time, someone learned how to pull a demon from the pits of some hell, and infused it with the man, while being turned into a vampire. The demon would bind the body, and give that person power. The vampire blood would kill a part of the demon's mind, ridding it from the ability of taking over the host. It was a dangerous process, but the power gained from it was astronomical. It was good, for a time... but then everything went to s**t..."

The vision wouldn't pan out, instead, it would warp to all the wars. The fighting between the tribes ending at the blow of Mekkan, the assassinations completed by Zaven. The two parts of this tribe made ending for all the wars. 16 different bloodfilled wars, all of them, the four winged clan arising to victory. The final war, the war of the Machinati, would mark the superiority of the four wing clan, as they overthrew the other tribes and became lords of machinati. Mekkah leading his savage group to murder the men, as Zaven ripped the head off of the Machinati king and his queen. The chief of the Four winged clan, the father of both Mekkah and Zaven, now sat on the throne. The vision would return to night at Zaven's house, his now 9 year old daughter sleeping in his left arm, Mekkan running into his house and awakening him. He speaks of seeing odd looking Shaman coming into the village, and speaking to the chief.

The vision, all at this point was thorugh Carnival's eyes, would take a different flow. Now, it wasn't Carnival looking to Zaven and Mekkah, but now, she was looking from Zaven's eyes.

'Mercilous training. The constant training and killing, fighting and bloodshed for a lord who gave no explination. Us warriors of the Four-wing Clan surpassed all trials, and knew not what failure was. We are born infused with a demon watcher. Throughout the months, I have witnessed my comrades die of impossible means, death by some... mysterious foes. We started out at 40, the elite of the elite, not we are down to 14. Something is going on, and our warlord Meta will not tell us what is happening.'

The image would show the bakc of Mekkah, as they crawled and dashed through the trees as they make their way to the target.

'Today, Shaman from the neighboring village came to ours, for reasons unknown. My brother Mekkah, barer of the Martikhoras and I decided to find what was happening that we couldn't see. We were the stealthist of all the wings. The dark sky, illuminated only by the eyes of god, gave us fortunite cover for our intell gathering. Together we left the hut and made our way to the warlord's center, where the fire burnt the biggest. Behind the tent, we listened deeply. A shadow from behind would make this event short lived.'

The image would show a quick turn, Carnival would have no control, but it would feel as if her head jerked quickly to the left in order to see the shadow that crept behind the two. She, within the body of Zaven, would jump back quickly and dodge the large club that was aimed at his head, but fail to see the second one that cracked him very hard across the temple. The blow would surely kill any other man. The image would be seen through slit eyes, fuzzy vision as being dragged into the tent.

'I regained conciousness, both brother and I bound to marble slabs. The Shaman prists surrounding us, speaking a language I know not. Maybe they weren't Shaman... He plunges a knife deep into my chest, but pain isn't felt... I dont understand. I hear Mekkah screaming out Zaven, calling to me by my name. I am so confused. The priest removed the knife, and my heart... I must be dead... but... I can see fine. I still breathe. I cannot understand what is happening... And then the greatest fear overtook me. A man, who wore four wings. An angel. He said his name is Uriel. He asked me if I want to be greater than what I am now. To give up myself, and life forever as his... shell. I am Zaven four-wing, barer of the Eion, first child of Erebus. I need no more than what I have.. But I know if I refuse him... I would Die.

Is this why we were created? To be hosts for Angels? My brother... he refused... He isn't moving...

what do I do?'

She would leave the body of Zaven, and images would be stretched and fuzzy. Time jumped and the image of Zaven was no longer, but the look of a more current Uriel. He bore armor, bright silver huge bulky armor, and had wings. four wings. He stood next to twelve other men, one was mekkah, but in black armor. Uriel bore a large claymore broadsword on his back, his eyes blank. His left arm emitted a white flame. The image was not nearly shocking untill it panned out and showed what they stood on. Bodies. Thousands and thousands of bodies. A mountain of Men, women and children, including infants. These 13 angels looked past the corpses, till the millions of men and women, and children, kneeling.

"Long ago, it was decided within the heavens that no angel of god would possess those who were made in his image, as it is a direct disrespect to take over something that god made. Thousands, maybe even millions of years, the seraphim served their lord's will. A plan was made by a number of the angels to rule outside of heaven. I couldn't say if they made this galaxy themselves, or they just picked one that they liked, or one that god was more blinded to, but whatever the case, they chose this one. The plan was to inhabit bodies that could sustain them, and rule over that dimention. My clan was prime for this decision, for with demon and vampire, the Angel could take over completely. I never knew, and if I did, I would had killed myself. Instead, I allowed him to take over my body. Such a mistake."

The image would pan out past the clouds to the space of the galazy, and would look at the planet, now half red. The image would look to the sun that no longer existed. Instead, a planet, bigger than the sun itself, took the spot. A white planet, that beamed with light bright enough to be the sun. The imaze would zoom to the planet, and again, Carnival would travel to another location. this planet was one large city, white and silver, clean and green. Statues and buildings took over. The royal civilians all bore wings and wonderful clothing, and for each single one of them, 1000 slaves existed.

"This was the angel made Heaven, built by the blood and bone of my people, and the people of this entire galaxy. The 13 angels enslaved this entire galaxy, all for this planet. My family, my daughter, all warriors died by their hands, all for their rule. And for a thousand plus years, they reigned. Until something happend."

The image would show Uriel laying on the ground. Uriel, naked, missing his left arm, and his left eye. Blood pouring from his arm socket and eye, his right eye looking around, now a golden cat eye. Running to him, a man and a woman. The man, his brother Mekkah, the woman unknown. Mekkah hugs his bloody brother, as he holds up the black org for Uriel to take. The image focusing on the orb, growing and getting closer once again till all was seen is the orb. Carnival's perifial wouild see the outline of Uriel's eye lids, panning out to Uriel staring at her, his arm resting on the bar.
Uriel, staring at Carnival, as her vision shoul be completely normal, neither of them leaving the bar for a single second.

"My question. Hungry?"

The forest outside the town was quiet, the breeze taking the night off from tormenting the trees. The moon projected its light through the branches, seeking out some sort of enjoyment on the forest floor. Not a single thing moved. It was almost as if time where standing still. One could enjoy peace in such a moment.

But it would stay as such for only a moment. The disruption would start off with just the faint sound of beating wings, almost too light for any normal person to hear. A calm breeze filtered through the brush, announcing its disgust at the disturbance. The disruption would not end there, however. The beating wings grew louder, causing a few rodents to take cover. The crack of a few branches filled the air followed by a bit of cursing. A loud thud followed, accompanied by more branches snapping. The hard intake and exhaling of air suggested something had come to rest. Silence followed only to be interrupted by the sound of a few liquid drops hitting the dust below.

A few moments passed, stillness settling in once again. Then, in the shadows, something moved. A shape moved into the shaft of light caused by the persistent moon. Black cloth shrouded the figure in darkness as it started to move across the forest floor. A bit of a limp suggested a rough landing as well as the small trail of blood it left behind. Even though the figure was hooded, it seemed to have a very keen sense of where they were. No trees were bumped, no streams were stepped into. Slowly, but surely, the figure made it to the edge of the forest.
To the city.

Not trusting the streets at night, the figure took to the skies again, wings reflecting the moon’s light in blue and black. The being flew with purpose, as if it had flown around the city before. It hovered around a few corners, as if it were unsure of where to fly next. Finally, it reached its destination. The rooftop of the Crimson Blood.

The figure crouched, looking all around at the rooftops of the other buildings, checking for other life. When none was found, the figure lifted its hands to remove its hood. Pastel blue hair was revealed, tossed about in the violent breeze atop the building. A smile spread across the pale face as bright blue eyes shifted down to the rooftop on which she was squatting. Her hands settled on the roof as if it were made of precious crystal. Her eyes slid closed as she felt the familiar energy of the place flow up her arms and warm her heart.
A wince interrupted the soft moment, her hands flying to her side. A few drops of blood stained the rooftop as she shifted to sit. Even though it was probably not the safest place to be at the moment, flying back and spending some time with the Crimson Blood always made her feel better.

Even though it was just an empty building.

But wait…

As more contact with the building was made, the woman felt more than just the building’s energy this time. There were other beings inside the Crimson Blood. One felt very familiar.

Her heart almost stopped in her chest.
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As the woman stared unmoving into the man's eyes, her own would seem to change the longer they absorbed the color from his own, mirroring them whether she willed it or not. The transgression through his memories, through the galaxies and stars. Each color played its role, each color displaying emotions. So unfamiliar, the pure image of the mans daughter would have shattered her heart, the images of him being slashed at and dodging, it wasn't up until the club to the head she'd regained her senses. Memories, even little ones were painful, even if the pain hadn't been her own it was the most familiar feeling she had. Separating herself from the scenario while watching the rest play out before her. The main question she had would have been simply, Why? When one mans life seems so full, what causes the necessary change? The man had been lied to, she had seen that clearly. His scenario however had been far more grave, for he had lost so much more.

When all was said and done, the main question was, How the hell did he get here? She knew that some cultures here had angels of sorts, feathery winged creatures supposedly so pure they s**t halos. The angels she knew were bred for war, for battle. From the time they were born, it was selection. The strongest won and the weaker were archers. They had always been on the chopping block, and thus many were arrogant. They always sought to best each other, even if it meant killing their own. It had taken her longer to figure that out, and she'd sold her soul for the answer. Perhaps she was being lied to by the shadowed woman, just like she had been lied to by her father. Used as a pawn, a playing card. She had pondered this for a moment and it wasn't up until his words changed that she'd realized it was over.

Her eyes through those memories had reflected the colors of each scenario, not like a pure image but melting into one another. Oh gods, how her eyes hurt. A small sound escaping her, her hand going up to cover her eyes as a light groan escaped her lips. It took her a few seconds before she spoke, indeed finding new meaning to color blind. Her tone was soft, holding a slight tint of laughter despite having her mind completely blown. What did she get herself into? Having seen just a bit more of the world then she'd ever have expected, she merely smiled.

"Uri.... reminded me never to have a staring contest with you."

Drawing a breath, the drink would have been a worthy adversary however... it was gone. She couldn't remember if she'd drank it or not, thus she'd merely rub her eyes before looking back up at him. Despite having seen what she'd seen, she knew it was greatly personal for him and best not to say too much. Replying to his question instead, she'd tilt her head lightly.

"I've heard cheeseburgers are supposed to be delicious... what is it?"

Even in the depths of her mind, far far back into the very pit of that hollowed soul. The shadowed woman smiled.
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OOC: Character placing: Selik, Carnival, Kai, Kaya (?) -_-; Timing?
Kaya smiled, watching the bartender, and whom was the owner as he had glimpsed from Kai’s consciousness, peel off another of himself to attend to both demands. Faintly he wondered if the man too was made, for one could perfectly embed one within another, with the right tools and skilled enough hands. The poisoner slid off his stool, offering it to his queen who alighted himself upon it like a graceful bird. The Velgreed stood aside, between Carnival and his Queen, somewhat at ease, one elbow against the counter as he continued to sip the exquisite drink made with many things from their home. The queen, lifted back the mauve hood of the cloak he wore, letting generous auburn curls fall past his shoulders and down to the middle of his back. Eyes opened to reveal the color of blood wine but with a single ring of silver around circumference of the iris. They lifted to match a polite gaze with the bar owner’s double.

"A corpse reviver if you would with a dash of sugared absinthe," Kaya spoke softly, in a rather androgynous voice... He wouldn't be able to hide his identity quite so well if all that came out was a husky tenor. Sitting quite upright, Queen Lathivius placed his hands in his lap, threads whose ends were not in sight appearing around his fingers. He hardly fidgeted, but these were one of those few awkward moments. After all, he hadn't told Kai he was coming.The poisoner twitched some, feeling the threads bound around him, connected within him, twitch ever so slightly. What the... he turned to set both golden eyes on his Queen curiously. Kaya however watched the discourse pass between the Uriel and the cloaked, scarred woman whom Kai had offered relief to. How he’d like to capture such a feeling... An exchange like the one Uriel had given were rare like those born on blue moons.

Queen Kaya leaned back some, Kai already moving back so his Queen’s back was against his own. (After all, the bar stools did not have a backing.) With eyes half-lidded, Kaya raised both hands like a conductor about to bring forth music, threads appearing already at the second joint of every finger, hanging limply past long, decorated nails. He dipped past this plane through a small slit to what seemed a dark, bottomless place, fingers nimble in their undertaking. Kai stood guard not only as just something to lean on, but when in creation, his Queen saw nothing but his creation. Someone had to keep an eye out no? Otherwise there might be a little extra in the making... which wasn’t always a good thing.

When Kaya’s wrists, hands and fingers all reappeared back in plain sight, he cradled in his hands a perfect replication of what appeared to them as Uriel, inorganic arm and all. He set the miniature version of the bartender gently down where it stood unmoving. The gossamer disappeared from his fingers as the Queen sat upright again and Kai back to his drink aside his companion. Fine chin in the palm of his hand and a small smile appeared on the auburn’s full, burgundy lips.
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Without a single warning, both Uriels would drop to a knee immediately, clutching their chest in an identical fashion. They would, also, look to the ceiling, staring at the same spot. None would understand why this happened, but a sudden thump in their chest brought them to their knees. A second later, a slight moan would echo through the walls of the establishment. As both returned to their feet, a smile on both faces existed, and both began to walk towards each other, talking.

"Should we?" "No. Give it time." "The door?" "Yeah, unlock it" "This is such a surprise" "Yeah, but it might not be a pleasant thing. Do you smell" "Blood, yes. Yes I do. Should we..." "No, time must be given. There is no reason to rush the inevitable." "Then let us continue to tending to our guests." "You do that, I have to cook a burger." "Sure. No, wait. Where did you put the..." "It’s right there, near the register" The Uriel pointed to the bottle next to the register. He would look to carnival with a smile, and a nod. "To answer your question, it is a lovely treat of slaughtered animal. I shall prepare one for you." and left the bar area, as the other Uriel took to preparing the drinks.

Uriel took to the kitchen that was on the second landing, near the terrace. His hand at cooking wasn't master chief, but it would do the trick. Especially burgers. It would seem that her question would represent the lack of ever knowing one. So, with this wonderful moment, he took to wash his hands in the sink, and placed gloves on. HE removed a pack of fresh defrosted ground beef, and placed it in a bowl. He removed Italian sweet basil, grounded parsley, adobo, salzon, onion powder, and garlic power from the cabinets. He would put an amount of seasoning of each on top of the meat, and then put a tiny pinch of paprika for color and slight flavoring. HE then began to mash the meat together, while kneading it to allow the seasonings to be evenly distributed within the entire bowl of meat. He would then remove a package of fresh mild cheddar and parmegean cheese, and slice two pieces. He would grab a bottle of almond oil and salt, and spread oil into the bottom of the pan, and allowed it to heat up. After a moment or two, he shaped a patty from the bowl, and placed it on the hot pan. He topped the meat with very little sea salt, and fried the patty. HE would chop onions and peppers, and placed it in another pan, while removing fresh plump buns from the bread basket, and placed it in the bottom of the oven, to toast. He looked around, but realized he was missing something. He would then walk over to the terrace outside of the kitchen, and scream to Uriel currently at the bar...

The Bar bound Uriel would look to where he pointed, and grabbed the bottle. As he returned to the center, he noticed a small doll, one in his exact image. "How adorable, did you make this? Or is this sold somewhere that I didn't know?" Uriel knew that there was no way a toy would be made in his image. Curiosity took over, but for a moment. In his mind, he knew that power was something that never came without intent of giving scars, and so, he refused to touch it. HE knew, by the three voodoo dolls in his hair, that something small can cause very devestational s**t. Ignorance isn't always blissful. And so, to honor her....... HER.... the individual's request, he began the process.

He removed a bottle of gin, a thin bottle of Cointreau, a chilled bottle of Lillet Blac from the fridge, and finally, a lemon and a cherry. A tall silver cup was taken from the bar to pour in exactly one shot of each. HE would then take a bottle of green liquid and a silver filter. The filter was placed on top of a shot glass, as a cube of sugar was topped. He would then pour the green absinthe onto the cube as it trickled into the cup. From there, he would stop pouring and shake in circular fashion as the contents mixed. He would then pour the contents into a teaspoon, and then the teaspoon into the silver mix cup. Uriel then took the lemon and chopped it in half, and took the two pieces to a hand juicer, located at the other end of the bar, and squeezed them to death. Realizing he didn't have enough, he went and acquired another lemon, and repeated the process. The strained lemon juice was brought to the silver cup, and finally, a scoop of ice and then topped with another mix cup. The soon to be made beverage was then shaken. A scream from the top of the terrace, apparently the other Uriel was heard. "WHERE ARE THE POTATOES" was the question, and in the same tone, "OVER THE STOVE, IN THE RED BAG" was the response. How one clone knew, and the other didn't was anyone's guess. The shaken cup was then poured into a martini glass, and then garnished with a maraschino cherry. The rest of the absinthe was placed into a glass, and served to the patron alongside the drink. HE would wait to see if the person would like it, and also explain the doll.

'OVER THE STOVE' was the response, to which Uriel slapped his forehead. How would he forget where he placed an entire bag of potatoes. He chopped up the spuds and deep fried them in a steak fries fashion. After all was done, he placed the burger, topped with the cheeses already melting on the bottom bun, and made a small bed of lettuce and tomato, and to the side, onions and peppers. The fries, which was topped with a little of garlic powder and salt, was placed alongside of the plate. HE would return to the bar, and served Carnival with the food.

"A cheeseburger, though made my way. If you don't mind the peppers and onions, I’d suggest you put it on top of the cheese, alongside with the tomatoes and lettuce. Put the top bun in, and dig in."

The door that leads inside crimson blood would fly open, inviting the visitor {Alzerina} inside the building. If she could feel the energy, she would know that the establishment was pleased to see her. All doors would open before her, if she approached them.
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[ Lmfao. I got a blue gift box with flower wristbands in it when I clicked to reply. xD ._. I rarely ever get those anymore... Back in the day, one would come across a Pink Link, A Blue Gift Box, Wooden Treasure Chest or a Pink Gift Box one or twice like... every week. Even if it was just a cheap treasury trinket thing. ]

The woman didn't exactly come from a time where one had such things. Sure, the age she was from had it usual butchers, but nothing that ever came out of those shops resembled that of ground beef. The shadowed woman had retrieved her from a time of chaos, food was scarce in the city of chains, and she'd often seen lesser families resort to cannibalism. The families that could afford to eat often housed slaves to tend to the livestock and crops, and such things were on the other side of those chains, on sturdy land that didn't shift with the seasons. Also, the cattle had a tendency to fall off the edge, if they didn't die in the safety nets they died on the landing to the abyss. Needless to say, the woman's sense of smell seemed to have been on over drive. She hadn't smelt anything like it before and was quite keen on seeing what it was. When all was said and done and the plate was set in front of her, she looked at it for a moment with a perplexed expression before following as he'd instructed. Placing the condiments upon the burger before taking a small bite and chewing, finishing what was in her mouth before speaking.

"Fantastic... thank you."

And then it was back to eating. As she'd worked through her plate, she was well aware of her surroundings. Glancing at the other occupants as if keeping them in check. The poisoner was with his mistress, back to her in conversation. Then the doll had appeared and her eyes transfixed on it for a moment, her senses dulled by what was placed infront of her. A cautious thing, but she would think little of it as she returned to her meal. And alas, the burger had perished and the fries were made short work, although it would appear she was slowing down upon reaching the fries. Her eyes roaming over the details of the establishment, studying it a little more carefully as she nibbled on a fry. Draya would have been able to understand the building better, for Carnival only heard whispers of what the building spoke of. With Draya, it would have been as if it were a person or entity standing right beside her.
OOC: I'll make this look pretty when I get home, but for now, this is it till later. Im leaving work.

IC: Uriel took the comment as someone who enjoyed the food. Many an age, Uriel had to cook, but for some reason, it was nothing he had a passion for. Cooking wa always for someone else, or due to boredom. The hands of cullinary would be great, if killing didn't stain them with blood. Measures would be taken, however, to never let guilt entre the food. It was kind of bitter. Uriel sat in front of her as she ate, wondering about this woman. He was intrigued to rip her out of this body and put her in a new one, but the time that would take, and the amount of deaths would be more than staggering. Besides, being frankenstine comes with problems. His imagination turned from that of savior, to that of predator. His thoughts became slightly evil, peverted even. Thoughts that no host should think while serving his guests. The thoughts...

He snapped back to reality when the other Uriel bumped into him, intentionally as it would seem. It would seem that his little demon friend wouldn't let him be. The two Uriel's then connected at the forehead, as if they would kiss, even after they closed their eyes. After three seconds, the Uriel that was speaking to Carnival walked over to collect the dirty dishes, as the one who wasn't went in front of Carnival. Apparently, the two switched. He spoke to her, with a smile on his face.

"I have a favor to ask of you. How social to others outside of me are you? Cause if you do, I would like for oyu to help me manage this establishment."
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The woman had finished eating, the dishes taken back to be cleaned up and ready for later use. Her eyes moved from the room back to the Uriel's when the first.. or second.. she'd lost track at that point. Her sense of smell was slightly dulled at the current moment, and due to the contact between the two, she couldn't tell if the scent had faded off the clone. Blinking lightly as found him staring at her, she'd study him a moment before he spoke. Cautious of course of her answer, she'd tilt her head softly, pondering. The woman was in many places, contacts spread out across this modern realm. She usually stuck to the shadows, watching from a distance unless something sparked her interest. Her tone was reasonably calm, absent even.

"If the need came up after watching a few in particular, I will contact them on a personal bases to inform them. It is usually not out in the open, but private conversation. If you need help my dear, ten I shall be of service. I don't have a main place to call a home, as it were, I'd probably remain here, however and still continue such service."

After she'd finished speaking, her elbow raised to rest on the bar as her chin came to rest upon that. Looking up at the man with those curious eyes as one would waiting for reply, patient and observant.
Alzerina leaned forward, placing her palms on the rooftop once more. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the bit of familiar energy. As soon as the realization was made, her eyes flew open and a soft “Oh” escaped her mouth. She hadn’t expected to fee anyone in the building, but she really hadn’t expected to feel HIM. A smile erupted on her face as she looked down at the building. The place has always been a source of comfort, but today, it was a source of pure joy.

Completely forgetting about her injury, Alzerina pushed herself up and adjusted her cloak. She looked up at the sky and thanked anyone who might be listening. The city seemed brighter now, more cheerful. Alzerina walked to the side of the roof and looked down. Down below, the balconies created a sort of staircase for her, right down to the front entrance. With a bit of a hop in her step, Alzerina jumped down to her first “step.” The memories that flooded her mind pushed out everything that had been running amuck in her mind. Even though everyone had been born of different people and even breeds of animals, they all seemed to come together as a family under this roof. There was a kind of unity that reverberated through anyone that stepped through the doors. Whether they were seeking shelter from the elements or just looking for a place to have a drink, the moment they crossed the threshold, they were a part of the Crimson Blood.

As she hopped down to the next “stair,” Alzerina also remembered the hard times that caused that unique family to become even closer to each other. She smiled again, this time with the hint of a few tears threatening to escape. They always came out together and intact…for the most part. Sure, there were injuries, but the healers that resided at the Crimson Blood were the best of the best. Even when other establishments tried to take out the Crimson Family, they were always denied, the members not willing to let the place they loved to be destroyed in such a manner.

The fact that there was life once again filling the rooms of the building brought hope to her heart once again. It would be the Crimson Blood once again, with different members taking up the family name. Excited and a bit anxious, Alzerina hopped down the last few “stairs” and landed before the stairs of the entrance. She lifted her eyes and saw that the front door was open wide, welcoming her home. Her mouth formed another smile as Alzerina started to ascend the stairs. As she came to the doorway, she lifted a hand and lightly caressed the wood as someone would do a dog or cat after being away for an extended period of time.

Alzerina’s pale blue orbs shifted to the room before her as she continued into the building. Warmth that had nothing to do with the temperature flooded her body, letting her know that even though it had been some time since she had stepped foot in the building, it remembered her. As she walked into the bar area, she scanned the current occupants. The faces were new to her, but she was glad they were there to breathe life into the place once more.

Alzerina’s feet stopped moving as her eyes met someone that she WAS familiar with. Her eyes widened slightly as she felt her heart speed up. A small smile graced her face as she lifted a hand to cover her mouth, not trusting her lips to keep the sob she felt working its way up her throat from escaping. She swallowed hard a few times as she watched copies of Uriel run to and from customers, making sure they were attended to.

Just like the old days.
User Image

The response of Carnival was one he hoped for. Not to many could assist in running the Crimson blood, and even less would do it, for only one who knows the darkness could see true light, light that existed even if there was no shine to prove it's existence. The Uriel that spoke to her smiled, he knew that this was the start of a good business. He walked over to the bar exit, and went downstairs, to his crimson office area. The beautiful ambiance of the room gave off that of peace, able to calm even the most violent of beasts. While there, he opened a door on the side wall that led into a blue room with a large fish tank for a wall. The room itself was illuminated by the fish tank only, causing shadows to dance along the neighboring and opposing walls. There lies a table in the little, round, and a bar, though not as stocked as the main floor. Behind this bar, he removed an aged parchment, and a red feathered quill. He unrolled the parchment and saw many names, to which he would touch each with his index finger. Each name would bleed off the paper, into that very same finger. After this, he grabbed the parchment and exited the shark office, back upstairs to the main bar area.

He would return to the door open, apparently the one one the roof decided to take the scenic route downstairs. Both Uriel stared at her, the last woman his heart beat for, before his trip into death. It was her who he left behind last, the last one who met his lips filled with love. All knew that Uriel was not one to be tied down, jumping from woman to woman, but his heart... That was rarely given. The Uriel at the bar already began to make his way to her when the one holding the parchment called to him. Jealousy ran through the second Uriel, which would make proof that neither were clones, but Uriel divided. The parchment Uriel touched his forehead, as a symbol glowing in blue appeared. The first Uriel smirked, and did the same, and walked to each other. The hands both seemed slightly liquid, the merger between the two would look like two masses of Uriel looking jelly becoming one. And then, he made his way to her.

At the front door, he would bring this bloody woman into his arms, the left hand holding the parchment pulling her in by the lower back, the right hand touching her cheek, then the full embrace of a hug. He wanted to kiss her, badly, but he couldn't know if that was the...

Oh ******** it.

He pressed his lips against hers, regardless if it was wrong or right. If it wasn't rejected, he would continue until he seperared slightly and spoke to her. At the same time, the symbol returned on his forehead, but not glowing blue. This time, it glowed red. And as if he were not solid, the second Uriel left him from his back... Only this time, he looked different. His hair, jet black. His left eye no longer bore stars, but instead, a iris of a sky blue. The arm that was once mechanical is now... Something else. Organic... But black, and constantly in motion. It was this being that left Uriel, who seemed to not realize what has transpired from him, hopelessly lost in the current moment.

The black haired Uriel left with the parchment over to Carnival, and places the quill and parchment in front of her.

"******** gross... Anyway, sign here with this quill. By the way, this b***h of a quill will drain your blood and use it as ink. Everything is a filthy vampire these days"

His eyes were cynically evil, his smirk was that of the same.

The moment all the clones looked in her direction was one that she would remember for a long time. Everyone and everything else in the room seemed to fade into the background as her mind was yet again assaulted by memories of the past. Questions started to float around in her head as her heart continued to beat at its quickened pace.

Will he remember who I am? Does he recognize my energy? Will he welcome me… or throw me out?

Alzerina opened her mouth to let the generic words of greeting pass through her lips, but she faltered when she saw that the multiple Uriels were joining together. Even though she had seen the various things that he was capable of, it was always something she enjoyed witnessing. Even it was something as simple as joining the pieces back together. A smile that traveled to her eyes graced her face as it seemed there was some sort of recognition concerning her.
Alzerina lifted her left hand in a small wave and opened her mouth again to attempt to get the greeting out. Much to her surprise, Uriel didn’t stop when he was within a couple feet of her as was the usual distance to converse with someone, especially when one hadn’t seen the other in quite some time. Alzerina’s eyes widened even more when she felt Uriel’s hands encompass her body, the warmth she felt from the building no match for the warmth she felt in his arms. Alzerina’s eyes shifted closed as she lifted her own arms to wrap around his shoulders, joyful that he did remember. Her eyes clenched even more as she found herself craving this even more than she had expected. Her hands gripped Uriel’s shirt and hugged him tighter, as if to make up for hugs lost in their time apart.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better… it did. Alzerina’s eyes shot open when she felt Uriel’s lips press against her own. As she eyes drifted closed once more, Alzerina moved her hands to frame his face, returning the kiss. It was just as she remembered. It felt like home. She belonged here.

As the kiss ended, the smile took up residence on her face again as she looked into his eyes. She saw that many things had happened since they last saw each other, but none of that mattered in this moment. With her hands still framing his face, Alzerina placed a soft kiss on his nose before looking into his eyes once again. She let a short laugh escape her lips before she parted them. The words that left her mouth seemed too simple for the reunion, but any grouping of words would prove too mundane anyway. No amount of words would be enough to describe the happiness that filled her heart at this moment.

“Hi, Uriel.”

Since she was so focused on the Uriel before her, she had no idea when he split once again. Alzerina would only recognize his voice as he talked to another person in the bar area. She didn’t hear the words that were exchanged, but it didn’t matter at all. She had what she wanted in her arms. And this time, Hell itself would have to pry her away.
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Kai smelled blood even as he watched the bartenders drop to the floor rather comically and... the walls moaned? The question was pushed through the links between him and his Queen.

Yes, it itself... lives.

He smelled blood always, no matter where as long as it was within a certain vicinity of him. When he was especially deserving, Kaya would spare some for him. And if it was his, the Queen Lathivus’s blood, just a single drop, pricked from one of the poisoner’s own needles, dripped between the metal piercing his tongue and the wet flesh itself would be far more than enough. The drink was already on its way to sinking the seemingly young man’s senses into mushy, floaty goo that only a fantastically strong, strong drink could do. Mm... what ever was releasing the blood though... it was coming... closer... door. The ebony’s gaze drifted to the entrance he too had come through and made out the form of a blue-haired woman.

Kaya smiled sweetly at the Uriel, a very... convincing ‘sweetly,’ if the thin circle of silver around his iris did not glint like a cursed jewel as he watched the Uriel’s original form move about preparing his requested beverage. He recognized this one as the original for the threads holding its time, its life, its very being, the strings of the cloth of its life were strongest. His gaze barely wavered from the bartender’s work, careful to make sure the intensity of his gaze was not overtly strong or intruding. After all, humans did have a true saying: “It’s rude to stare!” The drink was placed on the counter, and presented forward to Kaya.

The bartender, at the opening of the doors or rather, the doors flung themselves open as if to embrace the new visitor within its walls, left their vicinity in such a hurry. The pair smiled at the thought of the house itself having such emotions matching so well with the establishment’s owner. They turned some, Kaya swiveling on the bar stool. Uriel embraced the woman, and the scent of blood was stronger than ever. Kaya's threads wound about Kai's neck, body and legs. The Queen himself rather ... holding back some; he simply raised his index amongst his relaxed right hand, fingers slightly spread. The doll in the image of Uriel seemed to rise with the finger by the neck, the head hanging lifelessly. Kaya was still watching the bartender and his interaction with the lady. A kiss between the two of them, the ebony tasting Uriel's hesitancy the moment before his lips met the hers. Of course, it was so very… sweet to see such a heartfelt reunion.

An appropriate smile...

Kai followed the command through, fixing a perfectly innocuous smile of delight as his expression. Another double of the bartender split off, like stepping through an illusion, a dark- haired Uriel whom approached Carnival with a piece of parchment and a quill that reeked heavily of blood. At the mention again of blood, this time to be drawn from the scarred woman, the poisoner's near-glowing gaze slowly turned to them. Kaya decided to watch the incoming lady instead. He dropped the doll back to the counter where it lay curled up as if one would after being hurled against a wall. If the wound she carried wasn’t closed, he would have to send his servant further away before the Velgreed decided to attempt a few of his exploits that were only awoken by fresh blood and that meant that too would carry over between their link. The Queen hated closing off the connection between them, it was like rendering half of one’s limbs paralyzed. Selfish could only be the slightest of words to describe Kai’s exploits, for they were every bit the antagonizing, agonizing “just, a bit, of fun.”

OCC: had to rewrite.

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