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If you met Justin Bieber you would...

Scream and cry like a fan girl. 0.047619047619048 4.8% [ 1 ]
Stare like an idiot. 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Throw a water bottle at him which seems like the thing now. 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 9 ]
Walk away. 0.52380952380952 52.4% [ 11 ]
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I reach over and pat Aubry. Says "Do you know where a good inn is around here" Sash picks up the strong vodka and takes a sip. Sash says "WOW that's some strong stuff".
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Koni Sapura

Koni smiled and ran her fingers along the pup's fur. Careful, half of the drinks in here could get a horse drunk off a sip, she remarked with laughter in her eyes. Turning to look to Dark, her smile widened with a smirk. Speaking of drunk, how about a drunken beach for me, love? Been too long since you've mixed me a drink! Her attention drifted to the pup as she started making little grunts and growls, her eyes smiling and her lips wrapping around the odd noises like they were second nature.
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Dark Kunkazi

Dark started making her drink and he smiled. "So, Sash, what brought you to this neck of the woods?" He asked as he took another shot of Vodka himself before finishing Koni's drink and passing it to her. "Its been to long. Sorry, the first drink may stuck a little bit," Dark said as he smiled.

A broken heart is like a broken mirror;
It’s better to leave it broken,
Than to hurt yourself fixing it.
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Says "Well I'm honestly only here because I've been walking for a while and figured I would take a break and ask for directions to the nearest inn".I look over at koni and say "here give her this and she will love you forever then hands a dog treat.
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Koni Sapura

Koni took the treat and gushed some mumbo jumbo Who's a good girl?...Who's a good Aubrey?... You are!!... Ohmygoodness here you go good girl!!! before handing it over the the pup. She sat and scratched behind Aubrey's ears as she turned her attention to the men. Well, Sash, you may just be in luck. On top of having the most wonderful service and dance floor, this place also has an array of wonderful rooms for the patrons to crash in after partying all night, she said with a smile. It had been a long time, but she had once shared a room here with Dark, back when they had tended the bar frequently together.
The moon had been kind to the twins as of late. They were not forced into transformations unlike the past moons. With a pep in jaxs stride he walked through the door with his normal garbs on. His vest worn and aged it looked as if he had it sense birth. Faded slightly his clothes were actually clean for once. Most times he was either covered in the blood of his prey or in the dirt of his labors. Clean and feeling great jax would pocket his goggles and plop down at one of the many tables in the back furthest from the door. Pulling out a folded scrap of paper he smiled as his eyes studied it's content. It was a picture of him and his brother with their closet friend. The image brought found memories of the time they spent together. Taking a break form reminiscing he would look at the inn and notice it's state. With a low mumble he grumble. "This place needs more then just a good cleaning....maybe i should finally do it..." As a voice rang in his head he smiled as his brother laughed at him mocking him. Max knew jax was a lazy worker when it came to cleaning. In honesty jax was better at making messes. That's where his brother usually came in.
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Meep yawned as he came out of the basement behind the bar. He noticed the wolf brothers and purred faintly to them. He didn't say anything as he fixed them something to eat and drink. He set down a cold cut sandwich and a Jack&Coke for both of them before sitting himself down on one of the sofas. He leaned back on it, still watching them with great interest.
Jax Smiled as he would stand and reach up and touch his necklace letting his brother out. In a bright blinding flash the one known as jax would separate into two men wearing the same clothes. Jaz sat back down as his twin brother would pull up a chair next to him. With the twins sitting next to each other they both said "thank you" in perfect sync. Jax pulled out a knife and would cut the sandwich in two.Max started to rock back and forth excited by the sandwich. Max was always hungry so this was the peak of his day. reaching forward he would take a sip from the beverage and sit it back down picking up his slice of the sandwich.Jax smiled and took a sip after max was done and grabbed his slice. The brothers would look up at meep and smile as they scarfed down the cold cut. Every few bites they washed it down with the drink making sure the other one had enough for a swig. Looking up with a satisfied look on his face he stared at the ceiling as he finished his slice. "So meep where ya been?" Looking back down his attention would focus back on meep.Max would be finishing up around the same time as jax as he nodded and looked to meep.

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