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Throw a water bottle at him which seems like the thing now. 0.43333333333333 43.3% [ 13 ]
Walk away. 0.53333333333333 53.3% [ 16 ]
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Shortly, a young boy came into the club looking around. He was curious to see what the club has in store for him. He holds onto the map that his friend once gave him. He smiled and said, "Wow... just like old memories..." Said the young boy. "Hi, well you may have already known me before, but my name is Kale Miles Demos. Yes sir, I feel like we're playing a new game. Hmmm... in high definition! Wow... looking better than..."
Ok, enough with that, let us start our story a-new!
"Right!" He nodded at me.

She snapped her ruby lips shut as she turned her head from side to side as she had heard a laugh followed by a kind welcome before someone, a man, pushed by her. “Uh-OH!” Her eyes finally settled on the woman before her, who she noted was much like her in structure. The ivory hues of her cheeks soon flushed in a brilliant dance of scarlet as she brought a slender hand up to rub the back of her next and offered a shy, and rather embarrassed, smile to the black haired woman.
“Th-Thank you, Miss. Sorry about intruding, I thought this place was well, dead.” A nervous little laugh rolled from her lips before she cleared her throat, “When I heard a voice I was starting to think I was getting spooked by a spook. And well, coming in and not finding some Casper, well. . . .yeah.”

Her hand fell back to her side as she tore her gentle sights off of the woman to take another gander around, though this time she noticed a few other a. . . . interesting creatures were about offering greetings.

“A,uh-um. H-Hello!” she squeaked up, her blush not wavering from her cheeks as she flashed a meekly smile.

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((Me too! -huggles-))

"You want a room Alidas?" Rose was shocked at the peoel pouring in that her mouth hung opened before she closed it. She waved to Kale before gretting the man. "Hello Sir, is there somethign I can get you?" Then she saw the drunk woman and wanted to dunk her head in water though she wanted to do that to everyone who overstepped drinking. "Umm. you alright hun?"
Then she turned her attention at the first woman again. The warm smile back on her face with another chuckle. "Yes, I guess it shows you should just anythign by its appearnce." She said smiling. "Is there anything I can get you?"
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The man looked at the proprietor and nodded. "Best whiskey you have, if you please.. And I'll get out of your way since you have so many..." He looked behind himself and looked at all of them. "Customers.. Yes.."

(( I say this but I actually gotta go -_-'''' See you later, perhaps))
"I...am....fantastic!" She said to her, using the bar to hold herself up. She suddenly gave aloud hiccup, followed by a fit of giggling.
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((Alright, just come back. XD))
((Lol, its alright. I'm a bit slow too. >.< ))
((Ok Anju, take your time. >.< ))

Rose raied an eyebrow at the woman. Then she brought out a big bowle of water. "Do you know what this is?"
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Then Kale noticed his friend, the one he received from the map waved at him. Kale returned with a simple with a deep message in body language, in other words, a proud hand wave. He noticed some new people pouring into the club, this made him smile and said in his thought, "Oooh boy, just like the old times..."
Smiling, a man clad entirely in black pushes past the doors and walks from out of the night into the night club, his smile widening as soon as he began to hear the deep push from the bass.

He would look around slightly and walk over slowly to a dark corner near one of the speakers.
She looked down at it. "A bowl?" She said, wondering where she was going with it.
*The silver Dragonoid shared Rose's surprise at the recent income of people, stepping aside so they could order, talons clicking on the floor* Well well, seems we start today. Not now, Rose, thank you. *she folded her arms across her chest, watching everyone with a wary eye but warm smile*

(buwhahah, and thus the thread grew bigger, and went "kaboom". playing zomg again sorry whee )
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"Alright Alidas. Look at the map for later if you want. Not room 11 or 2 or 4. Otherwise you can pick a room. Even if it says locked."
"No, of coarse not. That wouldn't be interesting. Now this... this si a magical bowl. If you look into it long enough you might even see your future..." Rose sounded and looked completly serious.
Then she looked up and waved to the man who entered. "Welcome!" She shouted to him before looking back at the drunk woman.
It seemed as the place was rather busy considering it’s outside image. Well- good for it!

A faint sigh of content, or some other emotion close to it, came from her person as she stepped off the place’s stoop and directed herself more towards what looked like a sitting area near the bar. It was nice to get away from The Black Sands, and get away from certain people inhabiting it. It is a lovely tropical place, but there were things and people there Sweet simply needed a vacation from. In a way, she was taking a vacation from her vacation.

Ha ha. . . Vacation from a vacation. Ahem, anyway.

She slid herself into an empty chair, her body facing towards the door as she leaned back in her chair, crossing her right leg over her left. She folded her hands in her lap as her eyes of sapphire simply watched the other patrons. There appeared to be some drunk woman who the scarred, black haired woman was attending to, and another male came through the door.

"Uh-huh, look, can I just get a drink?" She said irritably. She was a bit too drunk to tell whether or not the girl was lying, but frankly, she didn't care about some bowl.

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