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The demoness traveled quickly and swiftly across the lands. She was after a prize, something she had waited a few hundred years for. Something that was rightfully hers. The mountians had been the largest obsticle, the rest of her journey was mostly flatland. A small village was left behind that she had set on fire. She slaughtered all the villagers once she found out what she had come for was not there.

She had sensed her prize in a dream. She knew exactly where it was. It was like sonar, she could feel the magical signature bounce back every so often. For a while she thought the trail had gone cold, but suddenly she could sense it again. The pure energy radiated, a whiff of something delicious for this demon.

She approached a tavern with a smile on her lips. She didn't need to sense the magic to know what wonders layed within. She approached the door, feeling giddy with excitement. A game was to be played, and the prize was entirely clueless. She put her hand on the doorknob and turned it, pushing it open. Immediately she observed the people in the tavern, seeing one that caught her eye.

The demoness entered the tavern, walking with a sway of her hips. Long, blood red curls bounced down her back. Eyes that matched her hair had her eyes dead ahead at the blonde sitting with the man wearing a gas mask. Interesting company, she thought. With every step she took, her black, six inch stiletto heels clicked on the floor. Skintight black pants clung to her hips with a low waist line. Her mid-drift was visible, revealing a tribal style tattoo in the 'tramp stamp' region of her back was. A corset that laced up the front barely covered the skin on her chest, revealing her skin down the center of her belly and quite a bit of her well endowed cleavage. Crimson ribbon was used to try and keep her top closed. Red lace peaked out of the top of her corset.

Long legs, small waist, she had the perfect sex appeal for any man or woman that might be interested. Of course that was in her nature, but this time she had her eyes on something else. She sat down next to Mya, "Hello, love. What's a pretty thing like you doing around these parts?" She purred with a hint of an accent.
Mya Moonlight's avatar

Magnetic Seeker

Mya was startled to see the red haired woman enter the Inn. In her fatigue, she had forgotten about her dream and the red hair she had seen in it and didn't acknowledge that this could very well be the one. She stared at her, unable to take her eyes off her beautiful form. It almost seemed that Mya was put under a spell, completely mesmerized by this enticing woman. She had never seen anyone like that before.

To her surprise, the woman headed straight to her, taking a seat beside her. Her heart raced, curious as to what her business was. She looked at Daniel with a confused and dazed expression, having no idea what was going on. She sipped her coffee some more, trying to regain her composure. Her thoughts raced a million miles an hour as she struggled to look for her voice. "H-Hello. I'm the cook here, if there is anything I can do for you, just let me know."

Something about the demon was familiar to her, the way she felt was unlike she had ever felt before. She could smell what she could only assume was her perfume. It seemed to draw her in. She wanted to be closer to this woman somehow, but she could not bring herself to lift her finger. That would be very inappropriate. "Do I know you?"
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Profitable Entrepreneur

Kodaka was a practiced charmer in his own rights, even catching the corners of the woman's mouth twitch with a well-experienced pair of eyes. Bingo. As the woman approached he mentallly smirked to himself, congraduating himself in the back of his mind. Now as long as he didn't get smart with her he wouldn't be eating elsewhere for the evening after getting his rump kicked several times. He cocked his head up at her and squinted under his hood. A drink sounded like a helluva nice thing to have, but spending what coin he carried on him simply on rum wasn't on his mind this night.

"Aye, thank'ee. Errrr... madam." Formalities were of little use to Kodaka, but if they could get him places then he was willing to use them as long as there was something for him out of it. In this case, food and shelter. He tried to sound as formal as possible, but his voice was too accustomed to rough-talk and vulgar to really sound as nice. Still, it was the thought that counted, right?

It was then that something, something ungodly mesmerizing, had entered the very corner of his vision. At first, he had remembered his earlier take on every single soul that entered that door might have been a potential back-stabbing spy, but this time he was met with something that looked quite the opposite. He knew looks could be deceiving -and by Hell, they definitely were- but he found himself so distracted by this creature, this... perfect specimen of the female form. It wasn't right of him to stare but he just simply could not tear his eyes away from this red-haired, busty, deliciously-clothed woman. When the strange she-fox approached Mya, he sat in a slight feeling of dismay. Something as perfect as that, and she goes waltzing in toward the blondy? Bloody hell, Kodaka now dubbed this place to himself as the best damn inn he's ever been in. And that was saying alot.

Daniel looked up as he heard the door open and quite a particular form pass under the threshold. He was quite alarmed and hardly believed it for himself as his eyes beheld this strangely-garbed, fiery-haired woman. She was, for a lack of better terms, quite gifted in the use of her feminine form. Bashful, he looked down at the table and remembered his manners until the very same woman sat down beside Mya. That was also completely unexpected, apparently by both Mya and himself. He looked up slowly, looking from Mya to the stranger and growing more uncomfortable by each passing moment. The other woman seemed extremely flirtatious toward Mya which naturally left the gasmasked man at a loss for words. What exactly was going on?

The gasmasked man took on his silence approach, reaching for his neck and adjusting his tie, his usual nervous habit. If he was any bit like Kodaka, he would have told the woman to bugger off but this was by no means his business to stick his nose, or rather, filter, into. He sat by Mya's side in silence, his warmth always hovering around her as long as he was near.
The demoness rolled her eyes, feeling Kodaka's gaze on her body. Of course she expected to get such looks, but some people were more shameless about it than others. She stood up for a brief moment, "Take a picture, love, it lasts longer," She said to Kodaka with a wink before she leaned forward, giving him a clear view of her cleavage and into the depths of her corset a bit. She blew him a kiss, expecting to stun him even just for a moment. That was one of her abilities she had as a demon, to enchant someone with her body.

She turned back to Mya and the gas masked man, flashing him a flirty smile. He was the exact opposite of the other fellow, trying to keep his gaze adverted. "Don't worry, I don't bite, unless we go into the bedroom, then its free game."

Her attention now focused soley on Mya. She could almost hear her heartbeat quicken. She reached out to trail a red fingernail down her cheek, across her neck and let her finger stop where the neckline for her dress ended, closer to the middle of her breasts. "How could you not remember me? Perhaps I need to refresh your memory, Mya," The demoness leaned forward and planted a kiss on Mya's lips. It was a firey kiss designed to leave her knees weak and mind spinning. She held Mya's shoulders firmly, but not too tight, to show her dominance that she wished to take on this innocent, blonde woman.

When she was satisfied with her action, she leaned back to watch the events unfold. "Now do you remember who I am?"
Auri looked up as the demoness come into the Inn, then turned her attention back to the man. "Call me Auri. Let me know what you want; all drinks are free."
She looked over at Mya, a stunned look appearing on her face as the demoness kissed Mya. She scratched her head a bit, unsure if Mya needed help or not.
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Magnetic Seeker

Mya was appalled at how the woman was acting. She was raised to never flaunt herself in such an inappropriate way, yet she couldn't help but let her eyes linger on her bottom a little longer than she should have while she was bent over. She was ashamed of herself, but it was like she was placed under a spell. She wanted to know more about this flirtatious woman, maybe even learn a thing or two from her.

The demon spoke to Daniel and something inside her was jealous. She didn't want her to take him away from her. Especially not to a bedroom. That thought startled her, had she really started to look at Daniel in that way herself? She shook her head and snapped out of it, trying to pull herself out of the trance she had fallen in.

The demon commented on her lack of memory of who she was and spoke her name. "H-How do you kn-" She was cut off by a kiss. Her face had gone beet red, her body seemed to drain of all the energy she had left. Her body tingled from head to toe, her lungs didn't want to grasp air. Memories flooded in of many, many years ago. Things that her family had made her forget. She was in total shock of what had just happened. The demon had ended the kiss and smiled at her.

Mya stood up, knocking her chair down. Fight or flight instincts screeched through her head as she chose flight. Mya ran. She rushed up the stairs and made it to her room, locking the door behind her. She sat against the door with her hand on her chest trying to catch her breath. Why did she forget her childhood friend? What was her village hiding from her by suppressing those memories?
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Profitable Entrepreneur

"Free drinks?" It was a dream come true. Busty babes, and free drinks? If Kodaka didn't have a worry in the whole world right now, he might've agreed to that. But this was an unfamilar place and he would rather grow familar with the locals first, in case any of them gave him trouble when he was in a half-drunken, less concentrated state.

Kodaka had liked what he was seeing so far. When the red-head addressed him, he perked up his chin and stared at her with those magicked, glowing eyes and he rose his brow at the view she had given him as she bent down. Not bad, he had thought. A fine form, as he looked down into the depths. He felt no shame to it, after all she was pretty much inviting him to admire her. Some women were just like that, he guessed. He should have known better though. He's met his fair share of sucubus-like women, most of them out to claim his soul or some stupid spiritual s**t. That was the kind of woman he stayed well away from, even with such alluring looks. The temptation of flesh was a helluva thing, wasn't it?

The mercenary watched as the red-head beauty interected with the startled Mya, eyeing them as they got closer and closer, until finally the foxy one planted a good ol' long kiss. Kodaka chuckled a little, seeing Mya's face and how she reacted. He had no idea what was really going on between the two, nor would he ever, but so far he was enjoying the show. When the blondy rose and screamed, Kodaka winced and stirred a little, lightly perturbed by the sudden turn of events.

Daniel just sat there. He sat there as the strange woman adressed him, dismayed at what she had said to him, right in front of Mya. If he had as much guts as he wished he had, the man would have stood up and confronted the woman for such words coming from her rotten mouth. Then there was the kiss. The kiss left him in a state of shock. All thought, anything that made him feel warm, was sucked right out of him almost like the energy that was sucked out of Mya. For the first time in his life for a good while, he felt a chill creep in his soul. His very being. Part of the man's already patched-up heart had broken.

He sat there, helpless, unable to say or do anything as Mya broke the kiss, rose from her seat and fled. Daniel just sat there, staring at her cup of coffee without actually seeing it. He could do nothing but sit there like a hollowed shell of a human being. He was still for what felt like forever, before looking up at the red-heared woman. She couldn't see his face, but his eyes held nothing but burning questions. Burning questions, and the horrifying desire to strike this woman.

He rose from his seat and turned away from the woman. He faced Auri, who looked like she was feeling as equally confused, and tipped his hat silently at her before with a whip of his tie, he marched silently up the stairs. Daniel wouldn't directly find Mya right now, but he at least wanted to see if she was alright and needed anything.
A disturbingly evil smile spread across her lips. Her game had started exactly the way she wanted it to. Soon enough she would have raised enough hell to make things even with Mya. Poor thing had no idea what was about to happen. It was too bad she didn't remember, but that was only going to make things more entertaining. "She always comes back," she said to nobody in particular.

She watched the man in the gas mask get up. She could sense that he was not fond of her, especially since she had made a move on what seemed to be his woman. Perhaps he had not made a move yet, judging by the way a kiss had made Mya react. Perfect, she was no longer untouched, at least to his knowledge. How she would be very pleased if he had found Mya absolutely disgusting now, but she doubted that by the way he climbed up the stairs after the little blonde woman.

The demoness took a seat at the bar and winked at the elven girl behind the bar, "Hello darling, could I trouble you for a vodka on the rocks?" She spoke in a sweet, lyrical voice. She had a strange accent, although it wasn't very thick. One could barely tell it was even there.
"I don't appreciate problem makers. Or people who upset my friends." Auri got a glass, filled it with ice and poured vodka in it. She placed it down in front of the demoness and gave her a small glare. She turned away and used her magic to communicate to Daniel. Room Four.
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Magnetic Seeker

Her heart raced faster than it ever had. Mya's magic had been stolen, despite how much of it had regenerated. Her dream came back to her memories, unlocking a part of her she had forgotten about. She curled up into a ball on the floor and tried not to cry. Her memories returned in full force, creating a whirlwind of emotions within herself. The demoness had come to her, disguised as a young girl when Mya was nothing more than a child herself. She did feel guilty for forgetting, but her townspeople had suppressed the memories of the demon for a reason. What was it?

Her heart broke for Daniel. She wanted to go face him, but how could she? She was hoping to save her first kiss for him, would he still accept her? Mya was not the trampy type, and was so hurt at the idea that Dan might have thought that way about her. The tears came. She sobbed on her flood having no idea what was going on, why things were happening the way they were and about what Daniel must think of her.
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Profitable Entrepreneur

Daniel made his way up the stairs in some kind of silent urgentness. He didn't hurry in a sense that he was running clumsily up the stairs, but his mind made everything feel that everything around him sped past in blurs of color. By the time he made it to the floor with all the rooms on, he stopped at the very top of the staircase and looked down the hall, trying to figure out where exactly he was going. As if on cue, he heard a familar voice entering his mind. He's heard it before, but it still startled him just as much. So much that he jolted upward and threatened to fall backward down the stairs.

Thank you, he murmured in his thoughts, wondering if Auri would even hear it. He couldn't and had absolutely no idea how to portray his thoughts back in her direction, but he hoped she had somehow heard them anyway. Realizing he was still only on the first floor, he sighed heavily and turned on his heel to go up the next flight of steps. Never had the man ventured up any of the floors before of this place and he hoped he wouldn't look too much like a lost fool.

Daniel found himself now on the second floor and he was relieved to see that this hallway had many more doors to it, indicating to him that there was a bigger possibility he would find the room he was looking for. The man stepped into the hallway, every step felt like it had taken him an eternity to complete which was odd since everything seemed to go by so fast just a moment ago. Mya's room number sounded off in his head repeatedly as the gasmasked man made his way closer. Eventually he had found the room Auri had mentally directed him to and his heart skipped a beat. Was this the right thing to do.

He adjusted his tie for the milllionth time that evening, stepping quietly toward the door until he was directly in front of it. The hallway was so silent around him that he could hear the quiet sobs within the room and it hurt Daniel to imagine her in a state, even hearing it was made him freeze up. He placed his hand on the hard surface of the door, he didn't knock or otherwise call out to her, he just stood there. Maybe it was too soon. With the smallest of wheezy sighs, Daniel turned and sat on the floor directly by her door frame, contemplating on what he would even say. He wasn't mad at her or felt any different toward her based on what had just happened. The only thing he felt at this moment was his worry toward her.

Kodaka sat at his table and continued to watch the red-haired woman leave the table and head toward the bar. The mercenary cast Daniel a slightly, oh-so slightly concerned look as the gas-masked man walked past and disappeared up the stairs. He didn't let it bother him now, though. The blue-garbed man hissed something to himself and rose from his table, eyeing up a seat at the bar that was just a few from the new woman. Pleasurable company wasn't on his list of things he wanted right now, but why not hit up a game of good old fashioned flirting?

The mercenary stepped through the group of tables and chairs, his metallic talons clicking against the hard floor in oddly rythm-inducing patterns. He wasn't trying to be quiet about anything. With a sniff, Kodaka lowered himself onto a barstool, just two stools away from the other woman.

"So," he said, using his icily smooth voice, "which level of Hell are from, tutz?" It was a joke of course. Kodaka always believed that the most dangerously attractive and alluring women had come from the bottom of the earth. Never had he guessed that this woman was actually a demon in disquise, unless he went very deeply into investigation with her. There were ways to be able to tell but the merc wasn't acting as suspicious of her as he ought to be.
The demoness narrowed her eyes at the bartender, "I'm not causing trouble. No more trouble than she caused me, my dear." Her gaze was cold despite all the red in her coloring. A switch flipped in her mind as she became more pleasant, "I won't hurt a single hair on her pretty little head, if that makes you feel better." Was she lying? Or could she be telling the truth? She had a pokerface, completely unreadable. Years of practice made it possible for her to hide anything from anyone, like she had done to a certian someone many years ago.

She grasped the cup in her hand, bringing the glass to her full lips. She could feel the cool liquid create fire in her belly. To her, there were only a few more satisfying things in the world than a good drink. The demoness sat the glass back down and licked her lips.

The other man that was present had sat down next to her. It was in her nature to flirt, just as it was to cause pain. She turned on her seat to face him, crossing one long leg over the other. Her black stiletto heels looked like they would be uncomfortable, but she had long since gotten used to them. She liked how they made her legs look longer. Of course the demon knew how hot she looked, it was part of who she was. "Hell? What makes you think I'm from hell?" She batted her eyelashes innocently at him, knowing full well that she was obviously lying this time.

"What if I was? If I told you who I was that might ruin the fun."
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Magnetic Seeker

Mya knew she would have to face them sooner or later. Unfortunately for everyone, it was going to be later. Mya had been embarrassed by the demon. She felt ashamed that she didn't have her guard up. Who knew that she would show up here, of all places? Its true that she had kissed this woman before, but that was out of childish innocence. Kisses on the cheek, not one that was clearly meant for a lover.

She had cried for a short time before she had quieted down. Soft hiccups were all that was left. What had been done was over. Mya knew she had to go apologize to Daniel. He might have not even cared, but she knew better. The man seemed to return some of her feelings, or at least hinted at it with all the nice things he said to her, allowing her to be herself. It was a friendship where neither of them had expected anything from the other, exactly what a true friend was lilke.

"What if he hates me?" She said out loud, unaware that he was sitting on the other side of the door, "What if he doesn't want me around anymore?" Just the thought of it brought tears back to her eyes.
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Shadowy Sex Symbol

Luna Silver wolf Goddess Yuki Kitsune Ciel

Luna had walked back into the club. Or inn. But now it had this club feel. She shrugs it off and then sighs softly. Moving to her post once more. She picks up her note pad and then smiles softly . Seeing a few new faces in the inn made her feel like this was worth it. Meeting new people from all around. But for now she would stand and listen for any one that needed a order of drinks or food. As she was listening she caught the wift of something. She smiles as her golden wolf eyes look down at the young pup. " Sakura " She picks up the only child of Ciel and Negi. " what are you doing down here ?" she asked the young pup.

Ciel had come down stairs to get something to eat for her baby and Negi. But had lost her as she came down the steps. She sighs as she hears her daughter laughing and giggling in the wolf anthro angel. She waves to the female. " hey " She smiles at her. She then smiles at her young one " What are you doing Sakura ?" Sakura looks at her mommy and then giggles ".. auntie.. " she points to Luna. Ciel laughs " All right all right " She chuckles. Her nine tails flickering behind her lovingly.

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