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Mya Moonlight's avatar

Magnetic Seeker

Mya enjoyed the comfort of having someone hold her as they walked. She felt so childish, that Daniel must think she was silly. "I-I'm sorry..." She mumbled, hoping he didn't let her go, "I'm scared of demons that hide in the dark..."

Mya truly did believe that Daniel's control over fire was amazing. Not many people had a talent for the elements like she did. Of course when she isn't shaking her boots, Mya was going to pester him to teach her control of fire. Mya was already a novice with wind, mastered water and earth is the element she was born under, giving her an extra boost in natural skill. Her magic was a funny thing, very malleable and versatile. She could mimic almost anything if she studied hard enough.

Once again they were at the center of the forest. She kept her eyes peeled to the edges of the path to make sure she didn't have a little visitor brush against her, scaring her again. She hated feeling so vulnerable, but she couldn't help it. For the first time in a year, she had someone she could trust and depend on. She didn't have to be so strong all the time. If she wasn't as tired and could use her magic she would feel more confident...
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Profitable Entrepreneur

Daniel was relieved after his pause that Mya didn't protest against his arm around her. He didn't expect her to, but he couldn't help but try and make sure first, as he wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. He wondered if it was the warmth he naturally radiated from his body, thanks to his elemental control over heat. Despite that, she seemed to like being close to him and the man soon came to recognize that he liked being close to her too. It was a striking feeling. Even after her first comment about dark-dwelling demons, Daniel hadn't thought of her as silly at all. If anything, he only wanted to hold her closer and make sure she was safe.

The fire in his palm crackled and danced silently as they walked, causing shadows to play about at strange angles about his mask, making it look grim as ever.

"There is no need to be sorry, my dear," he said, his voice full of as much warmth as his body. He squeezed he gently, very very gently, in a sort of protective manner. It was almost by instinct.
Mya Moonlight's avatar

Magnetic Seeker

Mya felt comforted by his words and was surprised that he was so patient with her. She glanced up at him, feeling the gentle warmth that radiated from his body. The shadows that danced on his mask didn't seem dark to her at all, she felt that it gave him more expression, making the mask seem more human. She didn't want to let his warmth go, but she knew she would have to allow him to release her eventually.

The trees in the forest gradually became more sparse, signaling that they were nearing the exit. Mya could almost see the lights from the Inn off in the distance. Relief began to sink in as she relaxed knowing they were almost back. She knew that the Inn was one of the safest places she could stay. Her dream still troubled her thoughts, unsure of what it meant or what to do about it. She didn't want to talk about it for the fear of sounding foolish.
Kodaka's avatar

Profitable Entrepreneur

Daniel soon noticed that the treeline had thickened and he held up his hand and breathe and exhaled a little, the flame growing larger and giving off more light. The shadows of the trees were now at the mercy of his flames and he smiled lightly at the thought of it. He noticed that Mya looked up at him with a particular expression and he looked back down at with with a curious tilt of his head before the man returned his gaze to the path ahead.

"I had a nice time today," he pointed out quietly, his voice hardly breaking the silence as they walked together. Daniel hadn't spent this much time with a female companion since... Well, for a good long time. He felt somber at the thought of it, but his mind didn't dwell on it for long. With Mya so close, he felt like even the most of troublesome thoughts had only lived a short time. Daniel knew they would probably have to part upon their return to the inn, as disappointing as that was, and he wondered how everyone would react to their close companionship. It was something he was constantly afraid of, the judgement of ther people, specifically people he didn't know very well or at all.
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Magnetic Seeker

"I did too. I've never had this much fun with anyone since I left home," Truthfully, she hadn't. The most exciting thing in her life was that she found a job. She never had a boyfriend, or any male friends for that matter. Of course she knew men back home, but her parents wouldn't let her see them without a chaperone, claiming they must watch over her purity. Mya didn't quite understand why that was, having very little knowledge of the reproductive acts of men and women. Most of the boys back home steered clear of her. She didn't see how spending this time with Daniel put her at risk of losing any purity. Mya should have thought about why they insisted on it, but her parents never gave her any reason to mistrust her. She had much to learn.

The light of the Inn was now quite apparent. They weren't too much farther, another few minutes of walking and they were at the doorstep. Mya wondered if Dan was going to let her go, or if he was going to keep his arm around her. Either way, Mya knew something happened between them that physical contact wasn't needed to prove. A silent acknowledgement would be more than enough for the pair, since the two of them seemed to be fairly shy. Mya didn't care what other people thought.
Kodaka's avatar

Profitable Entrepreneur

The inn came closer into view and soon they were already at it's doorstep. Daniel looked down at Mya with a sort of affectionate way, though she probably wouldn't have been able to pick it up under his mask. He sighed rather happily and pulled her in a one-armed hug. It was a small, quick little hug, but he thought it was nice to at least do that. The fire in his free hand, the source of their light since Mya's orb flickered out of existance, went out as he did so and he returned his arm to his side.

The hug wasn't much, a light squeeze around her waist at the most, but Daniel felt like just going upfront and hugging her was a bit too rash. She might have agreed, but he was more trying to keep her from getting umcomfortable. He didn't know. "I wouldn't mind doing this again sometime," he stated, resting his hand on the door as he slowly loosened his arm around her and let her go.
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Magnetic Seeker

Mya snaked her arms around his neck, hugging him with a moderate tightness. She enjoyed feeling his warm form pressed against her body. Most people would have thought too much into the hug and let it move into other actions, but Mya was perfectly content with a hug. It was meaningful to the both of them, something most people just wouldn't understand. "Anytime you want, I'll go out with you," She smiled at him, having no idea how her words could be interpreted.

She felt the cool air reach her waist where Daniel's arm had been, feeling a little sad that it was gone. Mya knew there would be plenty of opportunity in the future so she let it go. She entered the Inn when Dan had opened the door and stepped inside seeing a few people inhabiting the common room.
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Profitable Entrepreneur

Feeling her form against his was felt nice to Daniel. He felt quite at peace with her arms around his neck and he was surprised at her quickness to her reaction to his one-armed embrace. Her words caused his heart to skip a beat, truly humbled that she had told him that they could spend more time together soon. Her smile was returned with one of his own as he wished she could see his face again. In the back of his mind, he made a promise to himself that he would show her someday soon.

Being the gentleman that he was, Daniel held the door open for her and gave her a slight bow as she walked past. The light and warmth of the inn enveloped them both as they stepped inside and the man felt a breath of content escaped his lips. He looked about the room after he closed the door, seeing that the inn had been more crowded then it usually was. His eyes however were drawn to one particular being. He stopped dead in his tracks, standing transfixed. Was that really...?


The strange horned man looked up from his drink. He didn't need his eyes to know that the pair had arrived. He felt them as they stepped in front of the door. Hell, he could've smelled them if he tried hard enough. This man was a tracker of sorts, that or his senses were much more acute than most others. He looked a bit bothered that the silence of the place had been potentially broken with the arrival of the pair, and in reaction to that his eyes narrowed just slightly. He took another healthily long sip of his tea and he nearly coughed it right back up as he realized who one of them was.

Regaining his compusure, he looked up and looked them both up and down. One of them was a damn beauitful blondy, garbed in a simple black dress that didn't look too shabby on her. His eyes wavered on her a bit longer, and his brow rose a little as he beheld her curvy form. The other, the man, was someone he had met before. More than met, actually. He knew him.
Kawaii Kitsune Ai's avatar

Shadowy Sex Symbol

Luna was looking about as she was thinking. Her tail flickers about behind her. Wondering what she was going to do for the next few hours of off of work. She sighs and then smiles. Thinking of going out to hunt. " Hunting sounds nice " She thought softly. She skips out of the inn like bar and takes off on all fours. She bursts into a running speed. The wind flowing behind her and her fur. She giggles and then jumps over a falling tree. And into a river. She would cool off here. Feeling the waves over her fur and feathers. As Luna was swimming around. She was thinking of what to do.
Auri sat in front of the fireplace, reading a book she had been waiting for months to get her hands on. A cup of tea sat near her, along with a small plate of small sandwiches.
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Magnetic Seeker

Mya smiled and nodded at Luna as she left the inn, seemingly on some kind of mission. She turned and saw Auri so she waved at her. Another man was seated at a table. She went to look him up and down and was nearly blinded by the magic he had around his body. She flinched, throwing her hands up defensively to protect her eyes. She rubbed them and let her eyes shift into that of a mundane human. Her eyes looked glazed over, like she had gone partially blind.

She looked behind her and saw that Daniel was stopped in his tracks. Was this an unexpected visitor? She wondered what their connection was. She faced forward again to see the man's gaze linger on her body a little longer than she would have liked. At first she thought it was the demon from her dream, but she realized he was someone completely unrelated. Mya let out the breath she discovered she had been holding in, allowing herself to relax.

Mya looked at Daniel, wondering his relationship between the two men was. They both seemed to be shocked to see each other. "Hello..." She said to the man in her soft voice, tilting her head out of curiosity, hoping to break the silence that had happened when they entered the Inn.
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Profitable Entrepreneur

Daniel hadn't moved an inch from his frozen position in just in front of the door's threshold. He stood still for quite a bit longer before he cleared his throat and fixed his tie, loosening it slightly around his neck as he stepped forward to stand beside Mya. He too saw the girl run past them, but she was out the door before he could so much as wave at her. He shrugged slightly to himself, looking past the strange man, who's eyes had never left Daniel, and seeing Auri. Once again, before he could so much as greet her, the strange blue-garbed man rose from his seat suddenly. Daniel winced, the sudden movement startling him.

The bare-chested, blue-garbed man stood rigidly for a second and he looked as if he was about to lunge forward. Then, he relaxed and leaned backward on one leg then folded his arms. And laughed. It was a dry, slightly humorless laugh and when it subsided, a simple smirk was laden across his pale face.

"Well, hello there," he cooed, his voice thick a cool smoothness with a hint of an icy rigidness. His greeting was both to the pretty woman and Daniel, but his gaze now lingered on the gasmasked man, who stood staring back at him. Daniel didn't move, so the strange horned man snorted and approached them with a lazy sort of stride in his form. He stopped about an arm's length away and examined the business-suited man, his smile growing wider.

"Well I'll be damned, it is you," he said before turning his steely gaze over to the blonde woman, "my, you've been busy, Daniel."
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Magnetic Seeker

She could feel how tense Daniel was beside her. She wasn't sure if she should be afraid, or worried. The man approached them, sending a chill down her spine. Ice was his forte, that she could tell. The strange man's voice seemed to pool around her, making her feel like she was walking into an icy cavern. Mya curtsied slightly to him, still unsure of what was going to take place.

When Mya was nervous she often needed reassurance from the people closest to her that it was going to be alright. She wondered if Daniel was the same way. Mya reached over and grabbed his hand by just the fingertips, hoping that her presence would some how relax him. She tilted her head up at the man that stood in front of him, looking him in the eyes. She looked like she was nearly blind in this state, her emerald eyes had begun to grey. She could see everything a normal person could, just nothing supernatural. She took note of his unique scars and horns, finding herself contemplating what kind of story he had. Honestly, she had no idea what was going on and didn't know what to say so she kept her mouth shut until she needed to speak for herself.
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Profitable Entrepreneur

Daniel stood in silence for a short while as he stood beside Mya. He said or did nothing as the familar man he knew all too well by now approached and stood before them. At his words, he scowled a little beneath his gasmask and he could tell by the other man's smile that he must have somehow felt his frown. Magic users had all sorts of ways by telling didn't they? He felt Mya touch his hand, a small wrap around his fingers. A short breath escaped his lips and he rubbed his thumb lightly against the part of her hand it could reach to acknowledge her and the fact that seemed to feel slightly less hesitant around her.

"Indeed," he said as a-matter-of-factly. The other man's smile seemed to falter after he replied and he saw a flicker of annoyance in his eyes. Touche. "Lady Mya," he began, casting his gaze over to Mya and nodding toward the bare-chested man, "this... is an old friend of mine."

"Kodaka," the man cut in, with a mock-bow to retaliation to Mya's curtsie. He looked down at the girl, nearly a head taller than Daniel without even counting the height of his horns. Someone in the woman's eyes made her look like she was blind and he glanced into them for a moment. She wasn't blind. Strange. Behind the glowing state of his eyes, lay a normal pair of ocean-colored eyes, laden with a labyrinth of emotions and history of his own experiences. He was old, but no part of his physical form could depict that.
Auri looked up from her book and smiled as Mya waved to her. The smile quickly faded as she noticed the tension in the air. She put aside her book and watched the scene before her, ready to help her friends, should they require it.

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