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Jade simply followed the smoke trail her companion had left behind, batting the smoke away furiously. Spotting him already at the bar and already ordering a drink, she made her way to him and slipped onto a stool beside him, propping an elbow up onto the bartop and placing her chin in her hands and blinking through the still lingering smoke cloud. "You can suffocate someone with that cigar of yours, y'know?" she teased, rolling her eyes to peek over at him.
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Dapper Smoker

The dark man raised the glass in appreciation and took a sip from his drink.

"Thanks, mate. Oi, by the way, 'ave ye seen Rose at all lately? Been a while since I've seen that lass?"

Shnorth turned and grinned as Jayde sat down beside him. Taking another sip from his drink he exclaimed in his Irish accent.

"Oi! I thought I smelt some foul demon enter these parts." He said with a laugh as his alcohol laced breath spewed from his mouth towards her face, possibly raising her BAC by at least a few points by contact alone.
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Zeke shook his head. "I haven't seen Miss Rose since I had the eggs. For now, I just stay here and do my job. I don't want her mad at me." He nodded to the girl, glad she didn't try destroying the place as well.
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Shnorth raised an eyebrow at the man across the bar. Clearly confused as he took the cigar from behind his ear and inhaled a mixture of tobacco smoke and god knows what else.

"Eggs, mate?"
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Fuzzy Pirate

A faint blush spread over his tan furry muzzle. "Yes... I had three. Two for a friend since he wanted kids, and one for me and my mate."
She gave a small nod in return to the one behind the bar before slowly turning her gaze back to Shnorth. She simply grinned, exposing two jagged canines in the process. "I thought this foul smell of mine was a turn on to you." she murmured, reaching out to pat him roughly on his cheek, resisting the urge to smack his cigar from his lips just to watch him get frustrated. It was always so cute when he was drunk and frustrated with his Irish ramblings no one could understand and his flailing about with his hands.

At the talk of eggs she raised her pierced brows and turned to fully face the one behind the bar, stretching heavily tattooed arms across as she leaned in some. "Eggs...? But aren't you..." she shot her eyes downwards at and towards his crotch and then back up, "a...dude..?" She meant no real disrespect, but even as a Succubus, that was a tad weird.
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Zeke frowned at the girl. "You mortals are so one mind sided. I've had a curse on me for the past sixty thousand years now. I can have eggs. It's complicated and painful, but I can."
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The man continued to raise his eyebrow, even standing up to look over the bar as if expecting to see a hen's nest between the fellow's legs. Seeing nothing he sat back down, still confused as he did a french inhale with his cigar.


Shnorth reach out his hand and tugged a little bit on one of the eyebrow rings in Jade's face, causing an annoying amount of pain he knew. It was quite funny to watch her squirm under the effects that pain had on a creature like her.

"Three week old haggis smells better than ye, lass." Shnorth said with a friendly wink.
She blinked a few times, a bit confused by the 'mortal' comment. After a moment she laughed heartily and banged a fist onto the counter once or twice and waited a moment before calming herself to respond. "I can see where you mistake us as mortals. Anywho, it sounds like it'd be a painful thing... Laying eggs.." she brought a finger to her lips and tapped thoughtfully. "I mean.. Where do they... Come out--" she ended her sentence abruptly and gave a slight wince, the corner of her lips twitching ever so slightly as Shnorth tugged at her piercing.

Indeed she did squirm, just a tiny bit but that didn't stop her from reaching out for his wrist and give a hard squeeze as a playful warning for him. Taking a deep breath and settling herself, "You keep coming back for more though." Jade snickered and licked her lips at him, red and black marbled tongue ring clicking against her teeth as it retreated back into her mouth.
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Shnorth smiled smugly as Jade squeezed his hand and gave her a light pat on the bottom in return. Before responding he downed the rest of his scotch and slammed the glass down with great force then turned to face her.

"Of course, lass. Haggis is delicious!"
The smack on the bottom caused her to jump a little, as if it were unexpected. Not much was unexpected of Shnorth, though. She just smiled and leaned against him some, "You sure thought that the placenta you mistook for haggis was delicious." she nodded matter-of-factly at that and folded her arms across her chest. "I even think you were sober at the time, but I was off and doing my.. Thing that I always do."
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Shnorth made a disgusted face at the mention of placenta, and took another few puffs from his cigar. He pushed his empty glass forward towards the edge of the bar, hoping the bartender would come back so he could order something else. Responding to Jade, he took up a smug grin.

"What is that thing ye always do?" He paused, rubbing his chin in thought which had just grown a bit of stubble. "Oh yes that's right, sleep with any living thing that anything that resembles genitals."
The disgust on his face satisfied her therefore she turned away from him, hoping to put in an order for herself as well. "So what, I like genitals?" she shrugged, strumming her nails on the bar. "You do the same as me, except my excuse is 'cause I'm a Succubus." After a few moments of her observing what the shelves beyond the bar had stored, she glanced at him and gave him a once over. "What's your excuse, hm? Drunk Irishman?"
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Shnorth simply shrugged, puffing away at his cigar as it quickly was starting to burn away to a stub. Brushing the tips of his black mohawk back with his hand he blew smoke into the face of Jade.

"I am a horny, thieving, drunk, Irish, assassin who wants to know..." He suddenly raised his voice mid-sentence. "WHO I HAVE TO BLOW TO GET A DRINK AROUND HERE, EH?!?" Shnorth yelled picking his glass up and slamming it down again.
As the smoke hovered around her head, she reached out and gave him a hard shove to his side even though it probably wouldn't phase him at this very moment. "Oi, how I wish you were the first of those few you listed.." she pouted some.

"You could blow me." she stated as she stood on the rungs of the bar stool to help her stand up and lean over the counter without really having to leave her seat. "Just grab somethin', maybe?" With that, she leaned completely across the bar, legs flailing slightly in the air as she tried to keep her balance now on her stomach.

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