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I noticed a lack of RP forums during the wee hours of the morning, between midnight and seven am, US Eastern Time. So, I decided to make one. As for the Rules, do I really have to spell them out? Probably.
Follow the Gaia standard rules, no god-modding(duh), and uh....that about covers it. Oh, flirting is highly encouraged, but keep it PG-13. And I could care less if you cyber, but do it in PMs, not out in the open. And, uh, no bumping or spamming. I'd like this to be an RP forum. Anyway, do what you do, and have fun. I've given a basic description of the place, so use your imagination to fill in the blanks. If something happens not covered by the rules, I'll handle it then.
Rules update:
A new rule, no advertising. If you have a guild or thread in your siggy, no problem. But no active advertising. Stop it.
As you walk in through the heavy oak doors, you see a large room with tables and chairs scattered about. Straight ahead is a large bar, to the right is a stage that looks dust covered and unused for years. To the left is a set of stairs leading down where empty rooms are kept for weary travelers, or passed out drunks, or whoever else might need a room for the day. The walls are made of stone, rough cut and stacked however they'd fit together, with no windows anywhere in them. Torches line the thick walls, with a large chandelier that appears to be made of bone hanging from the high ceiling, providing all the light in the place.


Waiters:Thesam aka: Sam
Blue Gender Fan45
Bartender: Fire_Ace aka: Ace

Security: If you work for me, your security. It's everyone's responsibility to make sure this place stays safe.
I'm Zarrel, owner and employee for the moment. My new place isn't much yet, but I hope to improve it as business picks up and I hire some more people.
Zarrel looks around at the dusty place and smiles.
Any minute now, someone will come along. Until then, I'll just clean a little.
He steps behind the bar and starts cleaning glasses, humming a low, sad tune to himself.
Well this is beginning to become rather boring and dreadful.....
Hmm.....it's gonna be hard to hire people if no one shows up....
He begins to walk around and sweep, trying to get rid of some of the dust.
*walks in* hi
*walks in* hi

Zarrel's grey eyes light up and he jumps behind the bar excitedly.
My first customer!! How may I help you, sir?
your hiring correct?
your hiring correct?

I am! What exactly would you be interested in doing?
im willing to do any job you have
Really?Hmmm.....well.....let's see.....I need a bartender.....waiters or waitresses.....chef.....you know....all kinds of positions. What are you good at?
Oh, and advertising. I need that too.
Hmmm.....guess he wasn't interested.....

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