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Since the fighters had left, Light had been in a sate of unrest. In her wolf pup form, she could be seen wandering from room to room. There was a lost look in her eyes, like she couldn't remember where she was or why she was here. She would spend some time in each place she wandered, looking around and listening before it seemed she did not find what she was looking for and she would move on somewhere else. Doors and doorways gave her paused and she would spend some time looking up at the top of the doorway to see if anything was going to jump out at her before hurriedly passing through.
Light had gathered enough courage to wander outside. Following the sound of voices, she caught the tail-end of Samael teasing Eirian. However, her eyes saw Eirian as Silver, her mind contorting the image of her granddaughter into that of her son. Her small wolf pup form shifted into that of a full-grown wolf and her lips parted in a raspy snarl baring her sharp teeth at Samael.
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"Whoa whoa there! I am not hurting her, I swear!" Samael said releasing Eirian and getting off her. He didnt really want any trouble plus animal bites was something he didnt want to deal with.
Eirian was glad about the intervention, she didnt like the way he was making her feel. Her body felt a little heated by their rather intimate contact.
Eirian sat up and Samael offered her a hand, which she gratefully accepted, and he helped her up. Now that she was on her feet, she brushed some dirt and grass of her skort and shirt.
"You ok there, nothing hurts, right?" Samael asked softly, not making any sudden movements to not alarm the angry animal.
Eirian shook her head and said she was fine, then without any warnig, she did a roundhouse kick that caught Samael on the jaw and knocked him to the ground.
"Dont you ever make me feel like that!" She said blushing bright red, her body still feeling excited and
heated; and marched back to the Inn
Samael simply sat up, groaning and rubbing his jaw, and said with a pained tone 'Touche, didnt see that one coming, you win this time' though the teenager didnt hear him since she was far away already.
He looked at the wolf pup and raised his hands as a peace sign "I mean no harm, really"

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