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Lupus walked around the grounds under the trees admiring the beauty of the contrast between nature and the human constructed manor, he saw a child running and playing in the distance approaching calmly he spotted Silver sat watching the children play. "Innocence has its own beauty doesn't it"
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"Indeed it does." Silver nodded to Lupus, then turned his eyes back to Sayori, who was sliding around on the frozen stream. "Too bad it doesn't last forever."
"That is the curse of the mortals, you never keep anything forever" He turned and looked at the sky watching the clouds float serenely in the wind. "If you mortals ever overcame your hate and malevolence you would become a truly great race" He walked forward and placed his hand on the the trunk sensing the slow life flowing through its body and leaves.
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"Maybe you high-and-mighty beings should step off your pedestals more often..." Silver scoffed and kept his gaze on his baby sister. "And try to understand how truly perfect our imperfections are."

~Little Sayori sensed her eldest sibling's growing tension and turned to make her way to the boulder. After a few slips, she stepped off the ice and bounded through the powdery snow, Indigo and Chaos frolicking around him.~
"Your anger is like a shroud why do you shield yourself with it?" He turned to watch the children run to silver, smiling he walked towards them and knelt down looking to the young girl. "Hello little one my name is Lupus"
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"I'm not angry, just irritated. There's this thing called humility, you should try it some time. " Silver smiled at his baby sister and opened his arms to her.

Hi.. ~Sayori shyly smiled and backed up the boulder, hiding behind it and snatching one of her brother's arms. She clung to his arm tightly and hid her face somewhat behind it.~ I'm Sayori.
"Thats a pretty name, how old are you?" He smiled ignoring silvers comment on his humility, this human emotion he had not heard of before. He would ask Light when she returned to explain it to him, while he thought of light he let his consciousness float out to seek her out in the world.
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~Sayori held up two fingers to show her age, then quickly returned to grasping her brother's arm.~

"Sayo, don't be rude. Use your words when you're talking to someone." Silver smiled and playfully shook his arm, knowing full well his comment to her would probably be ignored.

Sayne entered the Inn through a shadow portal, holding Light in his arms. Light was loosely wrapped in a blanket, her head against Sayne's shoulder. Her eyes were slightly open, but did not bear the usual bright vermillion in her irises. Instead they were a dead grey. Her soul was not present in her body and she lie loosely like a rag doll in Sayne's arms as he carried her.
Lupu's head suddenly swiveled to the left looking back at the house suddenly, he sensed Saynes return with the shell of Light. "Silver return to your home now" It was a strange thing to sense a mortal with no soul standing slowly his eyes glowed with the silver luminescence as he stepped forward vanishing and re-appering in front of Sayne. "Why is her Body like this?"
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Silver rolled his eyes and made a shadow portal, waiting till Indigo and Chaos stepped through before picking up Sayori and stepping through himself. He dropped off Sayori and the animals in her room before going to his mother's room.

Sayne carefully slid Light's body beneath the sheets of her bed, pulling the covers up to her neck before turning to confront Lupus. "Relax, Lupus, she's just fine and will return to normal before you know it."
"Relax?" He looked puzzled at the term "I merley inquired to why he mortal soul was no longer residing within her body?" He held his hand above her forehead his eyes glowing silver as he attempted to watch her past shadows.
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"Her soul will come back soon. She left her body to escape seeing Taka and dealing with the immediate pain." Some of Light's neck was still visible. Her old neck wounds had been reopened, but the bleeding had stopped, and deep bruising in the form of finger markings wound around her neck.
"And you did what to protect her?" He hovered his hands above her wounds slowly watching them close under the silver light emanating from his hands. "For a mortal you do not show the protective instincts that the rest of your race do." He watched the rest of the wounds around her neck heal before turning towards Sayne a new emotion was opening inside him he wondered if this was anger, it felt like the same emotion Silver had displayed at his arrival but subtly different.
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-Light's eyes gained back some color and she gasped softly. Her wounds came back after Lupus finished healing them before Light's eyes closed and she lay limp again-

Sayne's gaze remained steady and cool as he watched Lupus, his voice the same calm and soft tone he usually spoke in. "There is only so much I can do, Lupus. I am still bound by my master."

Silver growled but said nothing, moving over to stand by Light's bed.
"Can you speak light?" He turned his back to Sayne and looked down at the woman, more emotions were flowing through him new ones he had never felt but hate was the predominate one. "Sayne where is your master now?"

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