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"fine i guess"
"Ok....."She got up and walked to the bar and poured herself a cup of coffee."La la la la love love love......".She put in lots of cream and sugar in her cup and walked back to the table and sat down.
"hows your band doin?"
"We're doing good expect...my drummer and keyboard players got into a fight.....so we only practiced for an hour and a half.".She sighed and took a sip of the coffee."Those two always fight...then I had to stop them..shesh..It's like I'm their older sister though but I'm the youngest out of the 4 of us."
"at least you stopped them oh ya and renitas not gonna be your auntie we broke up"
"Aunt Renita!?".She almost dropped the cup but caught."What but what happened!?You two were perfect together!!!"
"apparently not her ex asked for her back and she took him"he said as a tear ran down his cheek
"What.....how could she!She loved you didn't she!?So how could she do that to you!?".She started getting angry but for many different reasons.
"calm down and i dont think so"
She calmed down but still looked angry."What happened.........".
i guess she loved her ex more than me he said sitting down across from her
".................".She kept quite.".I have to go....goodbye Uncle Blaine......".She walked out the door.
uncle blaine???
Shut up ok ive always wanted to be called uncle
She walked in drenched because of the rain."Wet.......wet...wet...very...wet...".She dropped her book bag on the floor.

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