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She nodded, sighing heavily, "Yes, and its about to kill me."
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Mikey frowned, saddened by her news. "Tell me about it. Maybe listing it out will help?" he offered, worried about his friend.
"A 'kissing cafe'?" Alta muttered not-so-quietly. "Well now this is my kind of place."
She smiled, "Im just glad I passed everything." She smiled, "How about you?"
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Mikey shrugged his shoulders. "It was a rough quarter for me. But things went really well. I picked up work and it balances my class load fairly well."

A new customer, a rare sight for the mildly upkept bar, entered the premises. Checking his shirt, and leaving his chair, he left his manager at the table and attended to the new arrival.

"Hello madame, welcome to the Kissing Cafe. Would you care to be seated or welcomed first?" he offered, ending his words just in front of her.
She smiled and spun carefree in her chair as she watched Mikey walk and greet the new customer, she smiled and stopped herself, feeling a little dizzy, "That's good though, I waited til the very last second on mine i'm afraid, so I will have to take whats given to me, and hope for the best, I really didn't want to come back this semester, but I really have no choice."

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