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Seria kept her distance from the water staring at the sink as the serpent crawled out. She didn't have too up at the man who popped out on the other side of the sink, Seria only looked away from her husband who was on the floor and her friend. Automatically her hand covered the jewel around her neck, only when Lotaris was around. For them it served a constant reminder to the two of them. Her own temper began to boil when Lotaris spoke harshly to Kaotix and she turned her own icey glare at him.
"I wouldn't be so harsh Lotaris. Kaotix died that day. Reo killed him. Just like-"
Seria stopped herself before she finished her sentance. Before she reminded him who actually killed her. Taking a deep breath Seria tried to calm her own temper. It had been years since the two of them parted, the last thing she wanted was a fight.
"I helped him take the barriers down. I helped him with this. Why not bring back a place where we onced loved. Yeah there are many dark memories but there were also many good."
Why not give this place new life instead of keeping buried. Looking away from Lotaris, she sighed and shook her head. It was true he did have a right to be upset. Hell she doesn't blame him. But he didn't have to come back. Glancing back at the two of them Seria left without a word, even without saying anything to her daughter and feline who tried to talk to her. Seria left out of the front door and stopped. She needed the cool air and the freash air. Smiling to herself, Seria shook her head. Those two will never change.
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"I did die on that day, Lotaris. And it was one hell of a fight for me to come back. I've only been back for two years at the most." He got up from the floor, staring into the glowing eyes of his old friend. "Most of that time was spent working on this place. Restoring it to the glory that it once had. Your wards be damned. This was our home, where so many good things happened. Forget about all of the fights, the war that waged on while I was dead. Seria and I worked to restore this place so we could have a home again. A place for friends, new and old, to gather and have a good time."

He paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts. It was now that he noticed the rising temperature of the air around the alchemist. "If I could go back and change one thing, I wouldn't have sacrificed myself on that day. I wanted so desperately for the fight to end. If I would've known what would happen, I would've stayed." he said, his mood turning somber for a moment. "I watched the fight continue in my death. I saw everything that happened, Lotaris." He blinked, both eyes burning red as his demonic side took hold for a moment.
"I saw you kill her. I saw the cold, dead look in your eyes as her own life vanished from her body. And if I didn't know that you weren't in control of your own body, I would kill you where you stand."

He sighed, his eyes returning to normal as he moved past the hooded being before him. "But that's all in the past. She's alive. I'm alive. And we have our home back. You are welcome to stay here, my friend. I won't force you to, but it would make her happy for you to stick around. And even if you decide not to stay, you are always welcome. Our doors will always be open to our friends." He pushed open the kitchen door, seeing the bar room empty. "Lotaris...don't tell her that I know what happened. It's not something that I ever want to have brought up." he said, moving outside and letting the kitchen door swing shut behind him.
(Good evening ladies and gents, Its been ages since I have RPed so please forgive any glaring mistakes, But letting me know about them is good. Unfortunately have not read the 11 pages of posts prior to mine, only the last 6 or so. But since I am not really involved with that scenario will just play off the header in the beginning.)

Galick is a pretty average looking middle aged man. He was about 6'2", 180 pounds. He had a light amount of facial hair and short brown hair that was usually hidden under a charcoal grey knit hat. He was in a finely pressed black suit, with a white shirt and black tie. Slung over his shoulder was a leather pack that appeared to be nearly stuffed to the brim. He had a very casual stroll to his stride and seemed in no particular hurry to get anywhere.

He happened upon the old road leading to the Kaganochi. He had never heard anything about this particular Inn which is what really struck his fancy. Hes not so big on crowds. So he strolled down the dirt road until he came upon the building itself. He was very pleased with the appearance of the outside, "The run down ones are always the funnest." he mumbles under his breath.

He walks into the Inn and notices the shear difference in appearance, but he only sees a few bodes in the Inn so he decides to stay. He walks up to the bar and idly chats with the bartender for a few minutes before stating, "I would like your finest Pinot Noir please." He sits on a stool and waits for his drink. He pulls a book out of his sack and begins to read while sipping his drink.

(P.S. Sorry if you dont like my 3rd person style of RP, Thats the D&D side of me haha))

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