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The chill reached Seria who wasn't that far away from the man who walked in. Keeping her arm wrapped around her, she glanced at the other man, looking at him curiously. She shivered slightly, seeing her breathe in front of her.
"Welcome to Kaganochii, I'm Seria, but everyone calls me Skit or you can c-call me S-Seria."
She tried hard not to stutter. She walked over, feeling colder with every step, shivering harder than before, her ruby eyes stared at the man.
"Would you like anything?"
She could tell this being was old, older than she was, since she's been around for a few centuries herself. Fiddling with her red crystal, Seria smiled at the man.
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The Winter demon of a man had not expressed emotion, for quite some time. His dark, depressing past kept him locked away for centuries. It was not easy showing feelings. Blank expression, when the woman came his way, he attempted a half smile, something he did not since he could last envision. Blind white iris were not to scare her away, he was a mystical being and did not wish to cause any trouble.

"A glass of water would be fine."

His words at first low, he hasn't used language either. He didn't forget, just starting over a new leaf was difficult for the shunned Youkai. The chilled effect of his aura beginning to haze over material objects.
Seria nodded with a smile and turned to walk away, stopping seeing the bar slowly being covered in a light frost. Frowning slightly, she walked over got a glass that wasn't covered with frost, filled it with water and walked back over to him.
"Is everything ok?"
She asked quietly, setting the glass down in front of the being, curious as to what kind of Demon he was. Stepping back, she raised an eyebrow, a curious look on her face.
"What's your name?"
Seria asked, looking at man.
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Magical tendrils of ice sprung forth the man's palm as the tentacles ensnarled the chilled beverage. His fingers pulled back, simultaneously, sliding the ice water across the bar, manuevering the life like tendrils like an extension of his arm. Like telekinesis, just with ice and without the mental ability. There was nothing wrong with the man, he was just conservative and rather to himself.

"My name, it's Kira."

His crystline hues gazed in to her's. A man of passion, at one time. A very, long time ago.
Seria nodded, wrapping her arms around herself as she was freezing.
"It's nice to meet you Kira."
She glanced around and notice how frost was covering most of the bar. Seria whispered under her breathe in an odd language. The frost slowly disappeared, the bar warmed up and the coldness seemed to shrink to a few feet around Kira. Seria welcomed the warmth that surrounded her and sighed
"Kira...what kind of demon are you. I don't mean to be rude but after seeing my bar covered in frost within minutes...I had to ask."
She smiled sweetly at Kira, before going behind the bar looking at the man. Her curiosity got the better she knew that but she had to ask. Rubbing her arms to get warmth back in them, she looked at him curiously.
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Definitely, an interesting feat the woman possessed. Instead of casting a spell, however, she should have told him to lower his arcane concentration, before taking matters in her own hands. Yes, it was her place, or so he assumed, but it was also his magic she was interfering with. Not that he tried freezing the place purposely, his entire person was icy. Twas just a little rude, in his perspective.

Feeling his cold aura being pushed back from some otherly force, he backed off with the extreme temperature, even in his vicinity. Maybe it was a little too cold, after all.

Kira's white oculars still gazing into the woman's, a sense of apology would fill the room and he answered her with a nice reply.

"I'm Youkai. The only Winter demon I've encountered. What about yourself?"

He placed down the glass with his hand, the tendrils evaporating in thin air. Not like magic, it was magic.
Clear sky, stars shined overhead and a light breeze whirled around outside. A stark contrast to the clap of thunder that rang out though the woods. There was a distinctive feeling in the air, one that made the hairs on the back of a persons neck stand on end. A pair of icy blue eyes watched though the window into the building from the cover of the trees. Glancing at the people inside as if looking for someone in particular.
If this is the place, then I don't see why he'd would be so interested in it. Still this is such a demeaning job, why didn't he simply have the snake do this.
The creature stepped out into the open. It had an appearance similar to that of a wolf or a similar large dog. Covered in a pelt of of grey/blue fur which at first glance, almost seemed to faintly glow. Small arcs of lightning flicked off into the air around the beast or arced between a few strands of its fur. Around it's neck was tied a small canister with a series of runes etched around one end.
Seria stared back at Kira and nodded. A winter demon, that explains it all. Looking down, Seria felt bad now casting her barrier around the man. Glancing back up she looked at Kira and smiled.
"I'm sorry if I offended you...I ment nothing by it."
Glancing out the window she heard what sounded like thunder, then that feeling as if someone was watching them. Not something she wanted to feel for a long time.
"I'm a demon of sorts. It's a long story about my abilities and my blood line. I'm an immortal demon."
Seria answered Kira but her eyes fixed on the doors. Who was out there? Smiling apologitic at Kira, the woman grabbed a shawl from behind the counter wrapping it around herself heading for the door. The wind seemed to pick up as she stood on the deck, he red hair flying around her face as he ruby eyes looked around for someone.
"I must be going mad. There's nothing out here...I'm being too paranoid again."
Seria whispered to herself, but something continued to tell her there was someone outside her bar.
Outside the strange feeling was far more prominent. A person could feel the charge in the air, and it could only be described as the feeling you get right before a lightning bolt strikes a few feet away from you. The beast heard the door open and saw a woman step outside to look around. Taking a few more steps forward to get a closer look at her it noticed how she looked somewhat familiar. She was definitely one of the two he was sent to look for. Though the message was to be delivered to the other one it was told that she would be able to take her to him.
Slowly the creature walked out of the woods, the initial idea of it being a wolf fit but it was large, easily about four and a half feet high and over eight feet from nose to the end of it's tail while walking. It stopped once again when it was sure the woman would be able to see it as another electric arc lanced up along it's shoulder and vanished into the air.
jumping back from the lightening she saw, Seria stared at what only she could describe as a wolf. A big wolf. Blinking in shock, the demon continued to state, a feeling of something is wrong growing stronger. Seria wrapped the shawl around her tighter blinking still.
"Who goes there? Who are you? Friend or foe?"
Seria called out to the creature. Something about the creature put Seria on edge. If friend, they were more than welcomed to come inside. If foe, she didn't want trouble or to fight. The many years that she spent fighting, Seria had enough. Raising an eyebrow, slowly getting over the shock, she pushed her hair out of her face.
"If friend, please your more than welcome to come inside out of this cold. If foe, be gone for I will not have any trouble at my bar."
She wrapped her arms around herself, staring at the wolf. Hoping that it could speak and for it to say it was a friend wishing for a place to stay.
The beast barred fangs but didn't approach. Instead it just continued to stare at her though piercing blue eyes for a few moments before raising his head to the sky and letting out a thunderous howl. The small lapping sparks flared up all around it, illuminating the front of the building as though it were in the middle of the day.
"I am called Raiju, bound am I into aiding one who knows you. I carry a message for the one that's demon and divine. He spoke of you as though you could bring me to him."
His voice was loud for still being some distance away from her. Once again the canister under his head gleamed, the runes warding off the lightning from damaging the contents within. A few seconds later the lightning receded and it began slowly walking toward the front stairs.
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Kao came downstairs, having heard the cracks of lightning within his room on the fourth floor. He didn't even notice the chill in the main room, eyes fixated on the wolf entering. More specifically, on the runes glowing upon the canister around its neck. "...You are bound to serve Lotaris, aren't you?" he said simply, having recognized the ward to be in his old friend's style. "What news do you bring to me, wolf?" He wasn't sure what to expect. Obviously the old man had known of his return to the living. But what news could he have already? "I take it that he is too old to make the journey here?"
Raiju growled at the mention of the name, no doubt he wasn't very fond of the servitude. Even so the beast looked up at Kaotix, as if studying him. This was who he was sent to deliver the message to? True he could feel the powers the man possessed but this task was beyond beneath him, it was an insult. An arc of lightning passed through the string supporting the canister and there was a pulse of magical energy as the ward broke. The string quickly burning in half causing the container to fall onto the floor with a thud. The meaning of the act was obvious, whatever was inside there, the creature was ordered to deliver it straight to Kao's hands.
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Kira stood from the bar, after hearing such vigorous sounds of lighting striking torment outside - though it seemed, that way. The feeling of dark energy, if not dark, very cruel demanding power and it was so strong, the Winter Youkai felt it pulsing against his own energies, endeavoring to overcome. The One Thousand Year demon would not allow such disturbing magic to interfere with his activities - The woman looked puzzled, there was another man he had never seen that came from up stairs outside to follow up on the disturbances. It only was right if he went, too.

Exiting Kaganochii, the 5'9 Jap would find a wolf to be the trouble maker ..... But, was here for somebody? Kira posted at the door way, leaning against it's frame and quietly bystanded. His arms folded, his naked chiseled abdomen exposed, his feet crossed over another.
Seria jumped back when the wolf roared, she had noticed her husband come out and speak to the demon. She was scared, didn't trust the wolf. Gripping her stone protectively, the woman noticed Kira had walked out of the bar, just standing there. Then she heard it.
"Lotaris? Your a servent of Lotaris? Where is his? Is he alright? I demand you tell me!"
Dispite the fact she was scared of the creature, Seria spoke with fierceness, still gripping her jewel. She owed Lotaris her life, literally, if he was in trouble she would come to his aid.

The young girl came down after hearing the roaring and crashing. Jade looked around seeing that everyone had gone outside. Stepping onto the main floor the young demon went to go see what was going on.
"I wouldn't go out there Jade. Not yet anyways. Let your parents and the new comer deal with what's going on out there."
Jade jumped back from the voice to only stare at an orange tabby.
"Milo...you scared me. What is all the noise about. Kotaro and I were curious. What's going on?"
"I do not know young one. But stay here, it might has something to with an old friend of theirs. Jade listen for once and stay here."
Wrapping her arms around her torso, Jade looked outside with the same worried expression her mother would wear. Milo smirked for a cat, only thinking if Seria could see her daughter now, identical.

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