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Seph nodded his head at Ash and proceeded to help her find Kino and Cheru, sensing her anxiety and uneasiness about the situation. Seph reached down and swiped a finger across one of the thin lines of blood that painted the grass and leaves on the ground. It was still wet, so he knew whoever's blood it was had to have been here pretty recently. He followed the trail of crimson ink as the trail itself started to get thicker and thicker. It was the tell-tale sign of a wounded animal...or person. Seph had yet to spot the tiger again, so it could be evident that it was just going after something it had killed...almost an easy assumption.

"So how long have you been here at Izanami? Suppose I should try to lighten the mood a lil bit." he said with an awkward laugh. He then gave her a concerned face with a sympathetic smile. "Don't worry....Kino and Cheru are tough gals, I doubt anything's happened to them. At least not without Cheru running at us frantically, screaming bloody murder. C'mon, they're probably up ahead taking care of....whatever it is that's hurt."
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His attempt at distracting her was appreciated, but did little, sadly. At the very least, she did stop her endless gnawing of her lower lip. "..Been here for a few years actually. Kinda funny how I ended up here I guess." It was apparently Ashwarya's turn to be awkward, a lopsided (and half-hearted) grin crossing her lips as they walked. "I'd come here to kill Kino. Somehow, over time, that changed."

This place was weird like that. Or had been. Things were almost eerily mellow lately. Izanami wasn't Izanami without the s**t hitting the proverbial fan every time you turned around. Granted, Seph here seemed to be familiar with the place. Ash assumed he would know all about the general chaos that inhabited the nightclub. "I don't know.. If something was wrong and she had time to do something about it, Cheru normally would have sounded the alarm by now I'd think."

The previous smirk was replaced by a soft frown, half worry, and half deep thought. "I'm not sure you know, but Cheru is married to that tiger-man that came booking it downstairs and out this way. For him to hurry out here like that worries me even more. We're not going to like what we find here."

[ Gonna shove things along a little, if you don't mind ]

Eying the blood warily, Ashwarya finally stepped out of the treeline with Seph likely not far behind. The slurry of sullied weapons was the first thing that caught her eye. She thought she'd seen something like those before. Those weren't ordinary daggers by any stretch of the imagination. As Ash walked over to retrieve one, she felt a soft clink under the sole of her right shoe; recoiling a bit, she pulled her foot back and stared down into the cold grass at something silvery and shining.

What she found was something Seph may or may not have one of (mostly because this narrator doesn't rightly recall how long its been since you've been here). Once upon a time, Cheru had made bracelets for every person in the Izanami Nightclub. They were metal, and inset with a different colored stone for each person. The letters 'Izanami' were also set in the middle of said stone. Most folks there had one. Even Ash herself did, and it currently hung on her left wrist.

However, only one person had a bracelet that was made with many colors of stone. She thought Kino had mentioned it being because Cheru couldn't decide what one color to use, so she'd simply used them all. Suddenly, holding Kino's Izanami bracelet in her hand, Ashwarya decided she wasn't too fond of the idea of looking up to see what had happened. Largely because Kino never would have taken this off. Not out here. She wouldn't have wanted it to get misplaced as it obviously was here, on the dirty, blood-soaked ground.

She could hear a foreign voice asking about Cherushii's health, and that did more than worry her. Nay, it just shy of terrified the ex-assassin. If something was wrong with Cheru... And Kino was missing... "..Oh God, I think I'm going to be sick.."

[[ Sorry for the wall of text, Seph xD Got on a roll at like 2 am ]]
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He'd meant to comfort her, to pull her into a tight hug when she rose. Instead there would be pain and a silent scream as the zap arced between them. Orin simply hadn't been quick enough to let go fully. He may be more than human, but there were still limits.

        Man down.


[********, boy, get your a** up off the ground, you're better than that.' It was a voice that hadn't been heard for years yet existed only in the tiger's mind. Fear spiked - Orin knew what this was and the only other person left in the world who knew was probably lying-...s**t. Electricity...water. A subconcious struggle would ensue between the dormant demon and the overwhelming concern for the health of his siren.

It was a battle the man would lose.

A groan from the weretiger and the man would push himself up off the ground. Just his front half at the start. There wasn't a huge difference just yet - darker eyes, closer to a forest or olive green rather than the entirely feline gold-green from before. Slowly, and shakily, he would stand...and settle into a lazy slouch - quite a change from the easy, confident, straight-backed dancer's posture the man typically held. The laugh that erupted from his mouth was alien as well, a harsh sound devoid of the usual jovial warmth. "s**t, one little zap and down for the count. Hell of a party here."

No accent.
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Strange and stranger still. Was that woman....drinking blood? Or rather, lapping it up off of the ground? Saraid found herself leaning down from the tree, eyebrows raised as she watched the scene unfolding beneath her. She'd been forgotten, and she didn't quite mind that, for the moment. And then the rude woman, she was turning to liquid, there was a pale newcomer who seemed completely out of place in the stark afternoon sun....oh, and the man with the tiger ears was getting back up.

"Wha' is goin' on here?"

She dropped, none too gracefully, to the ground, brushing herself off as she stood and placed her hands on her hips. The tiny green woman had directed her question to the only one who seemed competent- and perhaps safe to talk to. Kitty-ear-man. Thus forth, she would think of him as Kittyear, at least until she knew his name.


Normally, one might expect a panicked reaction to someone having another being seem to liquefy at their touch.Of course, November was much, much older than any would have ever guessed, and had encountered many strange things in her long life. So, when the woman's hair turned slimy and quite...liqid-esque, she did not panic. She did not snatch her hand back as though burned. She merely pulled away, mumbling under her breath- something about 'nymphs' although her voice was much too low for any to hear her. With a sigh, she settled on her knees next to the woman, glancing over to watch as the man who'd also collapsed recovered himself. "She does pose a pertinent question. Also, do you care to explain why she's liquifying?"

The pale woman nodded to Cheru, now blatantly ignoring the one she'd so callously insulted upon her arrival. And she did happen to notice something most might not, (then again, her eyes did not diminish with her age, but rather, became more keen and observant) the shift of color of the man's eyes. It was something she tucked away for reference. He needn't know she'd been standing near, watching them, memorizing all she could about each present.

The shift was subtle, but not subtle enough for her to blame it on lighting. Perhaps he was simply one whose eyes shifted with his mood. Perhaps it was something entirely different.

Regardless, she was watching him now.
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Her body began to fill itself out until she was shifting back to her solid state. It was a very slow process and by the time she had even an inkling of a nerve working in her body, Orin was already up. Or...not-Orin,rather. She could vaguely hear voices around her but no words while her muscles strained and stretched as she trued ti regain feeling in her body. Damn. Whatever hit her, got her good. It'd be a while before someone of fantastic hearing may catch the sound of rustling as Cheru moved ever so slightly. "Nnn..." Would be her first sounds as she jerked and stiffly tried to move to push herself up, arms shaking under her weight until she had to stop trying. Her fingers flexed and clawed at the ground for support until she completely gave up for a moment to gather herself up more. Today was just a shitty day.
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Curiosity and fear would finally get the best of the violet-haired islander, and she'd lift her eyes from Kino's Izanami bangle and up to the scene of the crime. As Ashwarya felt her eyes widen in shock, she began to feel as if she should refer to it as carnage, rather than crime....

There truly was blood everywhere. Cheru was.. well.. she was moving. That helped quell at least a little of the fear in Ash. Orin had been on the ground as well, but he suddenly sounded strange. She wasn't close enough (or likely at the right angle) to see his eyes, so she wasn't able to see just how severe a change had taken place.

Granted, this was the least of Ashwarya's worries. While Cheru had proven herself to be alive and becoming coherent after whatever had happened, Kino wasn't quite as lucky. Ash haphazardly pulled herself to her feet and walked over to the corpse, slowly lowering herself to her knees again when she'd reached Kino's side (she'd have gone to the side that Cheru hadn't been laying on). The first place Ash's eyes would go was the bullet wound on the deceased feline's forehead, lifting Kino's upper body off the ground shortly after. The voilet-haired woman's eyes watered a little, upon sight of the 'first' wound on the back of Kino's head.

She knew what that shot had done. At the very least, it might give Cheru some comfort once the initial shock had worn off. Pseudo-related as they were, Ash knew she wouldn't have wanted her sister to suffer at all. Especially not in death. After lowering Kino back down the ground, Ash leaned slightly over Kino to check on Cheru. She had no idea what had gotten to the Siren, but it certainly seemed to have given her a run for her money. "Cheru... what's wrong? What happened here?"

[[ And to those who hadn't already heard so from me, just go ahead and assume that Tarrin is gone from the scene now. He'd have disappeared into the treeline. Probably to find who is responsible for this. ]]
[[If anything is wrong in this post, inform me and I will fix it. For now...*zonks*]]

Casanova indeed. The events of the night prior filled Jax Joseph's dreams and provided him with a deep sleep. There was fine dining and slow dancing, a few adventurous activities thrown in too. They stargazed. The sky was filled with—

CRACK. Ssssssszzzzzzzzz…

He awoke at once. Supernatural activity was the norm in this place, but it was usually kept to the main area. Today it filled the air, and every last finite measure of space in the Izanami, if for only a fleeting moment in time.

He bolted up in bed, immediately looking to his side.

Kino wasn’t there.

“…” That in itself wasn’t unusual, but he looked around the room and saw it morph. The wood grew pale and rotten; the walls moved—Kino had once told him that a room could change shape according to the desires of its user. Their wishes were modest; a little more closet space was as far as they took it in their daily lives, though the man had tested its limits purposefully—and found them to be beyond description. But now the room was ordinary.


Murphy’s Law was not present in the Izanami anymore. He could feel it draining from his very center of gravity, and from his own core. Even the warmth of the woolen winter sheets could not take away from the sensation of…coldness…

Yes. He knew. He knew it right away.
All that she had told him.
Everything about this place.
He didn’t know it all, but she was Izanami’s owner.
He had already concluded that one could not exist without the other.
This wasn’t Izanami anymore.
It may have been the same in name and location—
…but the being of Izanami had disappeared.

“…So that means…” He had been through it before, the loss of a wife. Leena. She was an ‘ordinary’ human being, just like Jax…susceptible to human-borne illnesses both ordinary and otherwise. They had taken her, slowly. Her life faded away and her hands went limp one evening, held tightly by the man’s own.

That’s why he went out adventuring after that, by himself, without his family.

He’d been running away from the pain.
He supposed he could do it again.

But they would find him.
They found her, after all. (Damn them.)

They brought him to her. (Bless them.)

They found a lost friend from his childhood. The only one.
They found the one missing piece in his life…

Besides Leena.
But then she had to go and fill that, too.

He fell in love with a fiery, red-headed neko.
She was a woman with a heart of gold.

No, that’s a gross understatement, an insult.
She was…

He could feel the warm tears running down his cheeks, the heaving sobs. This moment was something he hoped never would come, but he trained for it, meditated daily. One could also say he faced this day once before, when Jinn tested him for his wind contract. He had to survive, watching all of his loved ones mutilated and killed in horrible fashions—in such a realistic state of mind that it transcended the logic that it was "just a test." He’d gone through it all…Miles choked, Raison and Jayken shoved off a cliff, Sera raped and ripped apart, Max drowned, Kino…

Stabbed, and then shot.

“She was everything!!” He screamed.


He’d contemplated death a lot since that, and promised to be strong enough, should he lose someone in an untimely fashion ever again.

He didn’t want to face it again.

But anything less would be running.

After a few minutes, his tears and sobbing ceased and he stood. But anyone within three feet of him would not be able to breathe. The pressure of the air surrounding him was chokingly dense. His emotions were being kept in a bubble around him, on the brink of unleashing a (literal) tornado.

Voice still shook, though, as he slowly stepped out into the hallway and brushed past all the family gathered around his door. Ignoring any questions or comments, but to say…

“…I promised I’d be strong for her. That means in life and in death. Come with me, and help me to fulfill that pledge.” He trudged out into the cold, still dressed in last night’s date suit.


Upon their arrival, everyone in Jax's posse (besides him) stood stunned at what they witnessed. Kino...her state took some processing. Cheru was on the ground, half-liquified. Orin stood slouching, and seemed...different. And HOLY ******** WAS THAT REIKO?!

Jax may have done the same, if not for that last part. Instead he rushed forward instinctively as soon as they came over the hill and took in the visuals.

She was consuming...his dead wife's...spilt...blood...

Was this really the perpetrator? He was about to get an answer.

"Get the hell away from her!" A small, controlled geyser of wind formed at the base of Reiko's feet, and if we can presume she was too delirious from blood lust to react, it sent her several feet skyward and arcing off away from the others. It was a warning of sorts...a repression of Jax's own dark urges to take out his sadness and anger in a more deadly fashion.

Even though his urges were nothing like Reiko's, to oblige one would still be the unleashing of a terrible storm. Kino wouldn't want him to live for revenge.

Is this for the best? Perhaps. He'd heard stories about Reiko. But that wasn't going to stop him from protecting the sacredness of his late wife's body, if he had to.

He would...defend...to the death. And beyond it if he had to.

Then he was at his beloved's side, prepared to do just that. He wanted nothing more than to have his own time for mourning, but now simply would not do.
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"No idea, girl." Came the casual response to the greenish woman. Conveniently enough, it was also a perfect response to the gothic chick who spoke up after.

In the time he'd been 'awake', the man had taken stock of his own state. Topless...barefoot...with at least one extra appendage. Just what the hell had Orin been doing in the years he'd been hibernating? A moment of thought and a flare of power and both the tail and the ears would shrink. The ears back to normal human and the tail gone entirely. Little freak, who the hell actually wanted to walk around like that? Had he gotten stuck? Ugh, fangs too. Those had to go, he liked to blend a bit better, after all. There was nothing he could do about the hair - yet - so it was simply shoved out of his face for the moment.

Attention would shift to the violet-haired girl, oddly ignoring the woman who had just been a puddle. Only said violet-hair was speaking to liquid-woman and was, then, ignored in favor of focusing on the raving lunatic who burst onto the scene.

Well, this day was turning out far more interesting than he could have hoped. Death, freedom, and some wind-wielding freak. It would be good to note that Aiden - for that's who they were dealing with now - did not budge an inch even in the face of the sudden pseudo-tornado.
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Even as she waited for a response, Saraid crept closer and closer to Kittyear, a bit spellbound with a want to touch the fluffy ears. Well, not fluffy. Furry. Regardless, she wanted to touch them, they looked soft....stretching up on her tiptoes, a mere five inches to his left, she reached to touch one of the ears- and right before her fingers touched the fur, the ear was shrinking away, out of sight. She huffed, lowering back to her feet and crossing her arms. "Well, now, tha' was nae fair at all. Bring 'em back, Kittyear."

Should anyone else have said it, they may have sounded quite like a petulant child- but she did not. She simply sounded frustrated, scowling at him, her glowing eyes fixed on his. (Hadn't they just been a different color? Or was that her imagination?) Of course, her attention was diverted as she heard someone yelling, and a whoosh of air. Whirling, her eyes widened as she took in the scene- dog-like-lady had just gone flying, and....and....who the hell was that?! s**t, and what was gothic chick up to?!


November was old. Very, very, very old. Thousands upon thousands of years old. She had a talent of sensing emotions around her- there had been no malice in the air from any gathered when she'd arrived, and thus, she'd noted that none could possibly be the perpetrator. While some might assume the youngling on the ground lapping up blood like it was milk in a saucer could be the one who'd murdered the woman on the ground, the pale woman knew it could not possibly be true. Surely, she was not in control of herself at the moment, but she knew any creature driven by bloodlust would rather rip a victim apart with fangs or claws, not shoot them in the damn head.

Of course, as soon as there was a shift in the tensions laying in the air, she knew it. She knew it, and she rose, bracing herself to turn and face the newcomer. This was not the time for anybody to piss her off. Truly, she had no ties to the ones gathered, but they were going through a tragedy. The man whose name she did not know made his mistake as soon as she trained her scarlet gaze upon him- he thrust wind at the girl who was caught in a sort of bloodlust, flinging her away.

The only warning to any gathered would be the snarl that ripped through the air almost as a blade might.

She vanished. It was half of a split second later that she was behind the aggressor, dark energy swirling within the slightly open fist she held- almost as though she were holding the energy. If you kept a close enough eye on the events, you would see how quickly this dark energy amassed into the scythe that November, herself, had crafted, borne of blood and souls alike. She had gone through a very dark time in her life, as long as it had been- and now, that darkness was her key weapon. A quick shift of the hand that held the scythe, November would crouch a bit, swinging it and slicing through him- though it would not go through flesh, bone, and organs. This scythe was meant to rip at a soul, tear bits off to feed itself and its power- the scythe nearly was a being in itself.

"You have made a grave error!" Flipping backwards, uncaring as to if her scythe had done the damage intended, she placed a good eight feet between them, extending a hand and, with her voice, a pull that was nearly irresistible to any who might hear it. "Look at me, you ******** idiot, now! You will not touch them!"

He was a threat.

Threats needed to be terminated.
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It felt good...even though it was not warm. The liquid as it traveled down her throat smoothly caused her entire body to come alive. Every muscle, every vein, every cell in her being writhed in pleasure---which only caused a moan to roll from her lips. This moan would only be silenced by her crimson stained tongue running against the surface of her lips--though it's sound was present in the minds of those nearby and in the troubled air about her.

Finally she had found herself well satisfied by the still draining liquids of her previous object of affection. Her body slowly lifted from it's pose on all fores and folded it's legs underneath it's self. Soon her body began to radiate a red energy about it's self....and darkness grew with-in her in a way it hadn't before. Unholy energies filled every inch of her being...and the only physical response she could give to the sensations that rose was to let her body hang backward slightly without losing balance. Her neck became limp and thus the top of her head idly pointed toward the ground behind her as if she were a reanimated corpse. The crimson red whirlwind of crimson blood lust faded and weakened into that of an oddly calm air...though still this red force about her still crackled and shone about her---growing in it's presence the more the blood had time to process through out the legions and legions of evil existences that plagued her being.

Her eyes became black---as they opened wide and lost focus. Pupils seemed to overtake whatever color there might have been...and if inspected closely would reveal many terrors writhing and roaming about in the darkness of her eye sockets.

Her head soon became full of nothing but noise...a combination of things that were, had already been, and were to come....

"Ki...Kino....", She breathed.

As soon as the words left her lips a single heavy and husky breath her body writhed and threw forward into a curl. Her mind was then quickly overpowered by memories drawn from the remaining residual fragments of the dead's soul. Feelings of fear, anger, and all other things having to due with a struggle for light overwhelmed her already broken mine causing her to hiss and grit her teeth---eventually wildly roar into the sky while clutching her skull until she finally abruptly fell silent.

Her eyes widened once again....but her movements became calm and slow.

Images of a first person experience...What had become of her love filled her mind and informed her of the horrors last seen. Her mind filled with the cries of her precious Kino...the struggle and fight that was put up---and the men that held her---trying to force her into submission. Like a wild torrent...the sight of the three--four...No five men came into her vision. The wild instance that followed them and the horrible end they caused.

It probably wasn't until Jax's voice caught up to her ears and shook her from her daze that she'd even realized which world she was in---until she at least could understand that she herself was not her beloved. That was of course...when Reiko finally slowly drew herself to her feet---allowing her many tendrals of black hair to dance about wildly in her once again whirling dispair, and dread causing presence. When suddenly her body would fly into the air without any movement to stop the sudden change in air pressure that occurred around her. This whirl wind became powerful enough to wrap around her form and thrust her foward.

Wait...something was...attacking her? Attacked? Getting...attacked?

Though everything happened at sudden speeds her mind caused the event to slow. Thousands and thousands of minds struggling to understand caused the event to slow with pure mental will alone. Her eyes though tranquil in nature became focused. In the rush of the wind her sights momentailiy fell on Jax whom was the obvious cause of this.

Attacked? Getting attacked...?

The more her mind struggled---the more their minds struggled---the more it made sense. Those violent images involving the object of her affections---the source of the blood that was her's. Violence....being attacked...Men attacking.

Oh...I see...You're trying to take her away from me...You're trying to take Kino away?


The image of Kino in her mind--though fragmented in nature provided a dread she could not understand. A hidden truth that her mind...her minds did not allow her to fully understand came so close to touching the surface she almost screamed in horror from the deep sense of possible loss that followed. Her teeth gritted---and in the small amount of time that she shouldn't have been able to react...she did so like a beast. Her monsterous howl shook the forest as she was blown back toward a tree...and with instinct drawn from an unknown source she used that tree to throw herself forward opposing the winds that pushed her away.

Her movements were faster than any movement anyone here had exerted.

Which was why when Jax's vision became full---it was not of the scythe that vampire woman possessed...but it was of Reiko's preditory golden amber orbs burning brightly as if it were a pitch black night. The mass that the vampire's scythe would strike in the process would not be Jax's soul...It would be Reiko's back and in her horror she'd find that her scythe wouldn't even be able to pass through. The spiritual density of Reiko's existence wouldn't allow it at all...not even for a thousand upon thousand yearold vampire. The reason of course was simple...A single scythe no matter the strength behind it...would never be able to cleanly cut through a legion of anything with just one swipe...especially if that legion....was beyond the thousands. Especially if that legion...was beyond just simple darkness...

Suddenly noting the danger of something even slightly becoming capable of harming it---this leigion of existences inside of Reiko's form caused her many long black tendrals of demonic hair to wrap around the chine of the scythe and attempt to forcefully fling it, and whatever was attatched to it away with the strength expected of a kind such as Reiko. Along with this various tendrals might rush in to impale the source of this object as many times as necessary so that it would not attack Reiko again.

...Forefront on Reiko's mind would not be that however...whatever occured to that vampire was beyond her concern. She did not know that being---she wasn't even aware of the weapon her body responded to. Her preditory gaze was fixated on jax...and her blackened lips spilled forth no threat or warning. She was currently in the state of trying to understand what she was looking at...if it needed to die or if it was just another unimportant existence. The visions of violence fragmented in her mind--his words 'Leave her alone' echoed in her ears.

"...You....won't take her away from me.", she'd reply softly--with something of a small smile coming to her lips.

Suddenly...Reiko's right arm rushed forward with surprising quickness and strength. The thrust forward would be for Jax's stomach...where if it connected the blow would surely rush right through him like a spear. But it wouldn't stop there if it managed, and every sense in his body might tell him so if he had the moment to react. Her arm would mutate upon impact and suddenly various demonic features would come tearing out of the limb to forcefully shove into his organs like thorned roots looking for sustanance. Her entire arm would turn black from the process and sap whatever energies it could---

"..I'm afraid...I can't let you do that, Reiko.", Akira's voice chimed in. As fast as Jax might have found himself looking into the golden amber death gaze Reiko had provided for him--he'd find Akira standing slightly in front of him while tightly gripping Reiko's forearm...which was notably already trying desperately to worm and dig into his palm the same manner it would have Jax's gut. The silver haired Edennite would possess no smile on his expression. His eyes were cold--but not without emotion. He looked pained...but no sign of this emotional weakness was in his stance or his words," You'll regret it when you come back."

With those words he forced her back with a powerful telekenetic blow. She'd hiss of course and fly backward of her own accord---as if she had sensed it coming. With that she flew off into the forest like a blackened blur....confused, not understanding what was going on anymore, and decidedly retreating until her brain could make sense of all the nonsense that flooded it. With Reiko's leave Akira eased himself and sighed before standing straight.

He didn't even move to look at Jax---or speak to anyone. He just stood straight and turned to walk away from the scene.

He was already aware of what happened.

He had already mourned the way he was going to...and for Kino's sake he saved Jax....though.

He slowly came to a pause and turned slightly to look at where the vampiric woman had gone if she was still about," ..."

He supposed he'd stay just in case anyone else decided to do something stupid today. Reiko had an excuse due to being out of her mind, Jax also had a simular excuse...but no one else here did as far as he was concerned.
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Slowly, but surely, her feeling started to come back in her limbs and she tried again to push herself up as people began to show up and start another mess. Couldn't they understand? Why were they fighting? KINO. IS. DEAD. WHY ARE PEOPLE-

"Stop.....Pl-....ease..." Her voice was so small as she pushed herself to her elbows and knees, arms still shaking, and her head hanging, long hair creating a curtain of pure white silk. She had heard Ash before, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't form the words to explain. Cheru had no clue what was going on with Reiko, and was still unaware of Orin, and there were a few voices she didn't recognize. But she thought she heard Jax yelling, and-...God... Really? Right now?

As the Siren attempted to pull herself to her feet, she may or may not be surprised to find how easy it suddenly was. A glance to her right would show why. "This needs to stop. There's not much I can do, I'm not like you guys." Ash's left arm would wrap tighter around Cheru's waist, helping to bear as much of her weight as possible. Cheru's right arm was also pulled securely over Ash's shoulders, which helped to steady her and provide more support. "I'll handle the standing part. You should try to do something. I doubt words are going to work, seeing as words are part of the problem right now..."

"Ash..." Cherry clung to the woman as if she were her saving grace, using her as a support beam to keep herself up. "But..." What could she do? What was going on? She heard noises... BIG noises... A shaky hand combed the left side of her hair back just in time to see the woman she didn't know trying to stop Jax in his rage. Fighting. YELLING.


Those people that did this... AND THEY WERE HERE...FIGHTING? " CUT-....IT..." She inhaled again." OUT," Cheru demanded in the loudest volume of her voice she could muster without letting out a screech comparable to that of a bansee, being catious of Ash's and Orin's ears(she hadn't realized yet that he didn't have them). Her chest heaved and she shook her head.

" Kino's dead! STOP. FIGHTING."

To her horror, Reiko had regained herself and she tightened her hold on Ash as she went for Jax, closing her eyes tight." STOP IT!" And in that moment, things went quiet and she dared to slowly open her eyes, relieved beyond what she could comprehend to see Akira. A soft sigh escaped the Siren and she put more weight on Ash. This was too much... And as soon as she looked down on her sister's body, she turns her head to keep herself from breaking again..." Everyone...just...stop..."


Cheru lifted her head.... That's right...he was still here, right? All she could remember was that he had been singing, she turned to do something, her ankle touched something, and BAM. Hadn't Orin still had been touching her then?" Orin..." She looked to the weird a** bracelet before looking around for her husband, spotting him on the other side of Ash, a little behind. Relief, and then... "Huh..." Cheru blinked once, then twice... His eyes... His tail.. His Ears... Even the way he stood... Cherry would try to slip away from Ash, but would almost tumble over, grabbing onto Ash for dear stability. "Orin... Are-... Are you okay...?Your... Your tail...and ears..."
There was no time to react. Jax had misstepped by not taking into account this new stranger, and the possibility that she could become an enemy. How many Darkwielders was he going to have to battle today? Should we throw Jayken in for good measure? Sheesh...

Regardless. Had that scythe hit its mark, it wouldn't have done the intended damage...at least, not the first time. Its dark effects and a somewhat novice blessing placed on him by his son, Miles, would have cancelled one another out. Were that fight to continue, he probably could have withstood a second direct hit through willpower alone, though even a wielder of wind would have his sanity tested by such an ancient weapon...especially whilst emotionally distressed. A third hit would have popped the Bubble of Emotion and unleashed a tornado of proportions unknown. It can be assumed that such an event would have had devastating consequences, in trade for the total consumption of its user and all of his life energies. The avoidance of such is what Jax has devoted a good fifty percent of his training time to.

Control of wind offers power and tranquility. Disruption of that control offers only a violent ending.

Passively, the Bubble in itself, constructed of raw, transparent, swirling emotion, temporarily increased the power of Jax's five senses, and thus, his reaction time. "Ah--!" Even so, his hypersensitive hearing only bought him enough time to turn around and face directly the sight of something swooping down-- and then, something coming between him and that swooping object. Amber. Dark amber.

Calculating, then predacious...and finally a smile so sinister it could mean nothing less than a death sentence.

There were many voices. His family screamed his name in unison, all running desperately towards him. But not even Sera and her time manipulation could close the distance by the time she was alert to the danger...and not even Raison, his guardian, could possibly foot it fast enough to save him.

...He hadn't even reached Kino, let alone saved her.


No! He wasn't going to die here!

His arm pulled back instinctively, and immediately all the emotion in his bubble rushed to that focus point, swirling violently around it in a howling, whistling circumvolution. He tensed, preparing to pull it forward to meet Reiko's own dark forearm...hoping with all of his willpower to at least do enough damage, or at least shield himself enough for a precious few more seconds, until someone else could jump in to help.

Had it come to that, the best possible outcome would have been the loss of an arm. That attack was his last resort.

He did still strike forward at what he perceived to be the right instant. But what he hit was not darkness; it was a barrier that immediately broke and dispersed the wind with no severe harm to his limb. (Though now there were severe cuts and scratches as a result of the flurry, and obviously the long-sleeved material of his clothing was a goner.)

All the help he could have asked for...came at the perfect moment. Akira saved him from what would have been excruciating pain of his own (and Reiko's) doing, as well as the sad fate of not being able to hold his lover in his arms just one last time.

"...I..." Ninety-five percent of his stamina had been drained, immediately, by his attempted countermeasure. His subconscious barely recognized the fact that Cheru had just screamed at them to stop fighting. There was little choice to do otherwise, and he certainly didn't want to add any further to Cheru's suffering. He fell to his knees the moment Akira moved away, and crawled helplessly over to Kino's body, collapsing into the snow as he...finally...got to embrace her.

"...love you...Kino..." Spiky orange hair came to a rest on her shoulder as his consciousness faded out and he continued his slumber from earlier, once again dreaming of the moments he had shared with his wife and friend throughout his lifetime.


"D-Dad!" Miles was at his arm immediately, getting to work on healing the cuts via light magic. Thoughts of mourning for his stepmother, as guilty as it made him feel, had to be pushed aside to ensure that he didn't lose two parents in one day. Jax was his idol throughout his teens and headed all the way here into his mid-twenties. Even though he's usually very sensitive to the emotions of others, frankly, no one else mattered to him at the moment. He had to make completely certain that the main was in a stable condition. "Geez..w-what were you thinking...Don't you know that I...I'd be lost without..."

Jayken took a similar stance for Miles that Orin had for Cheru, and kept a comfortable distance. Any impulses of making a wise-a** remark were pushed aside, as even he had to accept this was not the time nor the place. "Miles..." A glance at Kino. He shook his head and sighed. "This is giving me one colossal ********' migraine."

Max, if he successfully made eye contact with Akira, would nod him the sincerest, most gentlemanly 'thank you' he had ever expressed to anyone. His son...almost certainly would have died without Akira's pseudo-divine intervention. Furthermore, a cautious eye was kept upon the vampire who had first attacked Jax-- provided she still lived, that is. "I do believe you owe us an explanation for that assault..."

Sera clung to Max, leaning upon him for support. It was a rare moment for him, and probably once in a lifetime for most others, to see her so dismayed and without composure. "Bullshit..." she sobbed. "This...This is bullshit!!" A scream. There was only one thing that could really piss her off, and it was not being in control of a situation. This mess was now beyond her influence to the point that it was simply too painful to try and comprehend. Her daughter-in-law had been murdered, and there was nothing she could do about it. Why did she ever have to track the b***h down, anyway?! All it caused was pain for her son! It was her fault...all her fault...The damage was irreversible and it was clearly all her fault...Sera Joseph was a wretched, terrible mother... Such irrational thoughts plagued her. Accepting that she had no hand in this tragedy was beyond her right now.


As Jax's parents and eldest child gathered around him and tended to his wounds, Raison chose to keep right on running. There was a time in the past where he would not allow anyone else to protect Jax, but the years here at Izanami had loosened him. In a split second, he entrusted the man's safety to his family and decided to tail Reiko.

Initiating a fight would be suicide. As the hyena man disappeared into the treeline, he reminded himself of how crucial it was that he act stealthily. Should Reiko discover his presence, he was certain nothing would intervene for him the way that Akira had for Jax. After all-- the choice to follow this monster was a selfishly rooted decision, based on the desire to prove to himself that he still had what it takes to help the guy he'd looked after for decades...since his childhood. If he couldn't keep himself alive to accomplish that, then so be it. "Alright, then. Let's see what there is to see."
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How very ******** foolish.

To say that November was a tad bit amused would be an understatement. She cared not if this...this thing was stronger than her. Her attempts to block the damage of the scythe would be useless. You see, while Reiko might outmatch November herself in strength....no being that held a semblance of any good in them, any mercy, any love could possibly go unharmed from the scythe. Let's give a bit of an explanation, shall we?

November was well over six thousand years old- now, a woman who feeds off of lifeblood itself, who, for a good portion of that time, would kill for the ever loving fun of it, how many do you think she had killed? How many would you think could have died in such a time? The number is one unimaginable, yet take that number, and take the seperate living energy and power of each different creature she'd ever killed. Oh, and she did not survive on killing only humans, she also liked creatures with spunk. Combine all of the possible strength of these creatures, a portion of which would make her look like an infant in age comparison- and you have a slight inkling of the true power of the scythe.

In truth, the scythe was just as dangerous to her as it was to anyone else. The souls were not hers to command- by living, feeding, breathing, becoming darkness incarnate for well over four thousand of her years on the planet, and then imbuing that energy and mass into the souls to allow them to bind into a form of their choosing- she'd made a deal, of sorts, with these souls. As long as she killed with them, they were pleased. They consumed more souls as time went on to join them, and as such, this simple scythe was truly a force none could claim to be immune to, unless they truly held no emotion whatsoever. Emotion of any sort was weakness. A weakness the scythe could exploit.

However, today, the scythe decided to play a little game. Barely visible, a noise much like a delighted cackle rose from the blade as those tendrils slipped harmlessly through it- for, as stated before, at that time, it had no formal shape. Save for where November's hand was, it was not touchable- it was a phantasm. The cackle was, truly, more a chorus of cackles, varying in sound and such; followed by a sudden vanishing of the scythe. November smirked, knowing they'd decided that they did not wish to intervene any more in that precise moment, and she shook her head.

"Lucky. Extremely, irreversibly lucky, the both of you."

As the scene unfolded before her, the vampire, crossed her arms, shaking her head. "Stop, all of you. STOP!" The noise was too much. The strangest thing would happen upon her speaking- her tone became musical and commanding, all at once. A power of her bloodline, of the bloodline she herself had begun, a power that she commanded with no effort whatsoever. Forced silence, not through violent measures, but through use of her voice. Little did she know that a true Siren was present- if she knew, she would surely be pleased. The wave of force that would creep into the minds and beings of all gathered would be a colossal attempt to get them all to quiet and listen, if only for a moment, and truly, it shold work on all gathered. She was as talented as a Siren- if not more so.

"I do not know any of you, but what has happened is clearly a tragedy. I understand the need to mourn, but you must all think of the fact that clearly, she was murdered, and forgive me for being so cold, but any one of you may be next. Perhaps it would be best to carry her inside for now. And I will say that if anyone else intends to start a fight with an innocent, you will go through me. These two....Ash and...whomever she is helping, they're right. Now is not the time for conflict. I will watch for any attacks, but you all need to get inside."

Her tones were not loud, but they were firm and held the same singing lilt her other words had. If they stayed in the open, they might be in danger. Who knew how many the murderer might want to kill? She had gestured to Ash and Cheru, having gained Ash's name when the other woman had spoken it. She now allowed her ruby eyes to scan the area, making sure nothing else unexpected jump out of the woodwork.
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[[ Skipping ahead about an hour, since things appear to be at a standstill. At this point, I think its safe to assume that someone's gotten the body inside. Most likely laying on the couch, at least for the time being. Other than that, carry on as usual. ]]
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" Sit her on the couch"

Cheru directed as to where Ash could lay Kino's body now that they all made their way back. Cheur had to drag herself and take small breaks often. but once she had gotten her feeling back, she could walk back with them fine. However, the Siren soon found herself collapsing into a couch and sighing... Man...She just wanted a long nap... "Hmmm." Her eyes raised open and she glanced around... Had someone taken Dori? What about the kids...? Without any words to anyone, she got back up, very slowly, and began to walk to the stairs, taking a deep breath. "Coooonnnnoooor! Mooooooooorgaaaaaaaan," Cheru began to yell, hitting a pitch that was a hair's width away from turning into something pretty unbearable, even to human ears. After that one call, the fishie woman went quiet, waiting for them rply as she looked around. Her best friend was just murder. the kid's safety was a top priority.... While waiting for calls back, Cheru thought she should go ahead and check the other rooms, heading for the kitchen.

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