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The hand flinched slightly at the yell, but it calmed down fast enough. Mat, on the other hand, stared a bit too wide-eyed for comfort. The stare only lasted a little bit longer though before he started to giggle at the whole thing. "Don't worry too much. It wasn't exactly..." Mat's voice seemed to trail off as he suddenly glanced at the entrance. He couldn't see the spot where people usually woke up, but he could see the desk. Khaotica was standing there, staring at the floor where someone would be asleep. Oddly, Mat didn't feel anyone there, but...maybe?


She was staring at someone, in fact. The rather odd man on the floor in front of her right now was still sleeping. Or, rather, he was just arriving. Khaotica hadn't ever actually observed an arrival before. Mat usually made it seem like they just suddenly appeared, but that didn't seem to be the case from what she could see. Then again, maybe she saw it differently? The man wasn't all there just yet, at least to her sight. Very...different. The Inn's Avatar simply watched as he arrived with a very introspective curiosity. He was larger than she remembered, but then again her memory was iffy concerning this one. Most of machine, rather than biological, and what was still biological seemed to be nothing but scar tissue. Hideous, as most would call it, but she didn't really seem to notice that aspect of him.

Well, until he actually arrived. Almost instantaneously, her face wrinkled in complete disgust. Khaotica walked right up to the cyborg-man and kicked him. Hard. Much harder than could be possible for a woman her delicate-like size. Hard enough to actually make him move. And he did. From the spot he was sitting straight into the wall near by. Well, near enough, if you consider a good 4 meters 'near'.


If the armored elf's eyes were wide before, they were pretty much saucers now. "What in blazes...?!" He bolted for the desk without much other thought. What he saw stopped him in his tracks just as fast as he'd started. He saw a large, bionic man sliding down the wall on the other side of the door. Mat's look could only be described as flabbergasted. "Walt?!"

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