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Mat scratched his head for a moment as he considered how to tell Ukaia what she did. It was better if she'd figured it out on her own, but likely she hadn't been able to make the connection between that and the odd quantum inversion she'd gone through. It was certainly an odd way of doing it, but that's besides the point. Didn't quite phase through like he or Khaotica did, so that'd take a lot more energy too. It'd certainly explain why Ukaia was still laying on the floor after that.

"Well, you kinda used a very convoluted form of quantum teleportation. Great show of power for those who can see it, but also pretty wasteful on energy. I think I'm gonna have you teach you how to phase then. It's technically slower--not that anyone could clock that effectively--but it's much easier on the body than a complete localized inversion." Mat reached down to Ukaia and gently helped her back to her feet. As he did, he noticed that Khaotica started to wander away. For a fleeting moment he wondered where to. Ukaia first though.


After hearing the word quantum, she got bored. Not usual for her, but of course with Mat, there was rarely a simple explanation. Almost always was one, but never simple. So instead of listen to the explanation and already knowing that Ukaia was fine, she turned and went to the kitchen, only to see Ari slap Walt on the rear. She lost her composure completely as her jaw nearly fell off her face; it dropped so fast.
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Ukaia stared blankly at him for a few moments as he said something about a quantum.. whatever... She took his hand and stood up feeling a touch dizzy for a moment but better quickly.

"Ok" She said simply to him smiling. Her tail flicked gleefully behind her. She would get to learn something new!! And hopefully Mat would keep the explanation a bit more simple. He always seemed to go on tangents and use huge words she had to look up later.

"So how do I begin? And why would I do it the more energy draining way then the simple way? I mean.. I'm not even sure how I did it in the first place." she added to him
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