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You were sleeping. It was night, and you had been tired. Of course you're going to sleep. It's only natural. The part that wasn't natural was the waking up. You'd done it before, yes, but not like this. It wasn't often that you'd woken up face flat on a hard floor. You don't remember drinking the night before, but who knows? Maybe that party was just too fun. You finally manage to stand up. No hangover, that's good. Really bright though. You see what looks like a hotel's desk. On the front of the desk is a sign that says:

Welcome to the Inn Khaotica!

Fantastic...where is this again? You turn around to see exactly this:

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What you feel is known only to you. Have you seen it before? Only you know.

The Inn is a place not to be taken lightly. Here anything can and probably will happen! People from all sorts of eras, places, worlds, realms and others have visited here, and almost all of them enjoyed the stay. Here at the Inn, we do our best to cater to all your needs, as long as they are within regulations, of course. We have rooms for everyone, dining areas that suit all sorts of tastes, places to test your skills, and many more. You name it, and we most likely have it. Now then, off you go. Find a room that isn't occupied and get a bit of rest. Dinner will be ready in a little while. Enjoy your stay!


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Eloquent Lunatic


- I'm am the owner and operator. Don't piss me off. I like being happy, and so does everyone else. Let's keep it that way.

- There is now a waiting list in effect, please state you'd like to join via PM or OOC post and wait until I give the go ahead. This may take a while, so please be patient.

- You will have to appear at the Inn like everyone else. You do not get to have been there before. You do not get to have always been there. You must arrive by falling asleep and waking up at the front desk, just like everyone else. I regard this rule as the biggest, so please do not try to get around it. --There have been two exceptions to this rule, but they have given good reason for this. You must discuss with me before hand the nature of a special arrival, otherwise, you arrive like everyone else.

- Keep everything PG13 or below that. ((This includes nudity. Your char must appear in rags at the least.))

- Follow TOS. You get banned otherwise, and that's no fun.

- Keep cursing to a minimum. Or edit it out using *** or @%! or something like that. ((I swear worse than a drunken sailor IRL, but I'm trying to keep the Inn a little more 'family oriented'...my apologies to anyone that dislikes this rule. Please abide by it, though.))

- Please try to keep your rp'ing literate. Me, myself, and I rather like it that way.

- If you wish to talk out of character, let everyone know. Use some sort of indication at the beginning and end of what you wish to say. For example: ((Hi there, I'm new and bored. Can you help me out?))

- Due to the nature of the Inn, everyone hears a different language in their own language. For example: Someone naturally speaks French, I'd hear it in English. I speak in English, that person would hear French. Fantastic place, yes?

- I also retain the rule that I can change the rules as I see fit. I will try my best to keep them fair. If you believe them to be unfair, send me a PM and explain why. Please be civil.


Communication devices are removed. Communication devices are null and void throughout the RP, otherwise it'd ruin the immersion and the lore of the story.

( ] What about implanted Coomunications? Do the "Go Away" too, or are they just jammed to ineffectiveness? [ )

More like they simply wouldn't work. If they had other functions, they'd continue to work as normal, but anything related to communications doesn't work. No signals would be sent or received. Like the power was cut to that portion of the device. And no, they couldn't be fixed to work. They aren't necessary in the Inn either way. Anything needed is provided, and entertainment is easy to come by. The Inn itself provides everything }{spoilers there, so I won't say more}{ for everyone staying there.

Weapons are allowed. I just remembered I've already allowed a sword in the RP, so yes, your gun is allowed. However, it's rendered useless against any life inside the Inn. It'll fire, make smoke, but the bullet will leave the barrel and vanish. Nothing life threatening will be 'allowed', so to speak. Anything that does threaten life will be 'retconned' by the Inn, so in effect, if the sword were to stab or slice at someone the sword would cease to be material and would not do damage.

To that effect, you can still get hurt or hurt yourself. You are not invincible, though no one at the Inn will die. Injuries are a part of a defining existence, so the Inn allows them. People will not die, however, because time in their own world and time does not pass while they are staying at the Inn. The Inn must return them to their time the same way they arrived. Anyhow, that's as much as I can tell at the moment. I'm not giving away spoilers this early.

( ] SO, what about Rubber and Marker rounds? do they function as normal? [ )

In theory, yes they would. They can be life threatening, but they weren't intended to be. They would only work as their intent: they would render a wrong-doer immobile. Anything beyond that though, and it's unlikely Mat would allow it. The inn and Mat are separate things, so don't go thinking that. Mat wouldn't allow it because he believes the Inn is meant to take people on an enjoyable journey. Also, I wouldn't try to make Mat mad...it's not a good idea for the people who visit the Inn. And he doesn't get mad easy. You have to really screw up for that.
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::Character Profiles::
(not necessary to join, these are only for reference. If you wish one to be on here, please write it yourself and send it to me via PM)

Character Name: Mat
Player: Matakor
Looks like: An Elf
Other Description: Mat is the Host of the Inn and a very powerful being. He is capable of things bordering on the power of a god, though he vehemently denies this. He is a very old being as well, having lived for tens of millennia. Generally a joyful character who loves to meet new and strange persons, he has met true gods and has even once met Death itself, though that's a story for another time.


Character Name: Khaotica
Player: Matakor
Looks like: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Other Description: The living avatar of the Inn itself, she seems to be a slight bit of a clutz at first, but when you realize she hasn't had a body for much longer than a month or two at best, it starts to make sense why. Being that as it may, she is the avatar of the Inn, and has the backing of the power of the Inn. Before she became conscious, or even an avatar, Khaotica could defy gods and not so much as blink. Every is equal in her eyes, regardless of how much power they hold and she makes this known in her actions. Most warm up to her quickly as she loves to chat with them about pretty much anything.
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::Waiting List::

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