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Satsui closed her eyes for a bit. When she opened them again, she barely noticed her utility belt was gone. She shifted her location and suddenly found out her item was gone. Frowning slightly, she looked around for someone who could have taken it. At first, she thought a stray animal could have taken it. But then she saw a woman not far from where she is. The woman was holding something familiar.

And it was her utility belt.

Satsui stared at her for a minute, before calling out to the woman, "Hey."
"You know," she started. "You shouldn't leave your things around like that. Someone could steal them. Like a cat."

Zetsumei turned her head to finally look at the woman who the belt obviously belong to. She didn't really want it, but there's a lot of things people never know they want or need. She kept the belt in hand as she kept in her standing position.
Satsui narrowed her eyes at the woman, almost as close to a glare. This b***h..., she thought. That belt belonged to her Uncle which, of course, he gave it to her before he got killed.

"You know.", she said, putting great emphasis, "You shouldn't be taking things that doesn't belong to you."

"First of all, why would you? Are you that bored of an a*****e to take someone's stuff that is obviously not yours? And no, I'm not being careless. I was just not informed that there are kleptomaniacs bugging around this place."
The girl's retort was understandable, but she was not going to get any sympathy from Zetsumei.

"A lot of people are never informed that there are killers around, either. And once they realize it, it's already too late. Being naive is not an excuse if you want to keep living in this world.

She started to twirl the belt around her wrist, hopping off the pillar and getting onto leveled ground. She moved closer to the girl's position as she did so.

"It is pretty funny, too. There's no one else here other than you and I. If something were to happen...no one would be around to witness it."
"Oh, lecturing me on this, are we?", she smirked, though halfway pissed, "Being the 'oh, I sound so mature. No, you listen to me, bitches.', are we?. Well, look at this. Your reference is somewhat closely relevant but I don't give a LIVING ******** on your shitty old sentences that is suppose to spark realization on someone who is that naive. Think again, b***h. I am not."

Satsui kept a wary eye on her, keeping a close glare at the annoying excuse for a being.

"Well s**t, I'm so scared. I had pissed my self at the horror of that void threat.", she said sarcastically, "IF you are NOT retarded like what I have thought, prove it and stop acting like a douche of a ********. "
As she continued to blurt out every swear word in the dictionary, Zetsumei's left hand hovered itself over the pool. In it, there was a portable walkman with music faintly playing through the speakers. It sounded like 80s rock n roll if one were able to listen close enough to the beating drums and the roar of the guitar through the speakers. It was an electric device, and everyone knew how much water loved electric devices.

"You don't have to be scared."
"Holy s**t, I hope you are faking that you didn't detect that sarcasm, dumbass.", Satsui said, close to facepalming herself.

She looked at the woman's hand then back at her face. "And okay. Since you are more likely to ignore what I just said a while ago. Let me summarize it for you."

"Shut the ******** up and put back my belt back to where it should be."
This was one of those moments where Zetsumei had to make a moral decision. She didn't care for the good vs bad morals that everyone else had. Her morals simply went to: should I let the walkman drop or hold on to it? Her eyes even went up as she thought about this. Then she smiled. She'll just let her choose her fate.

"Okay then. You can have them both."

Zetsumei then tossed them both out into the water at the same time. They were spaced apart, so the girl was only going to have to choose only one of them to catch. Catch the walkman and save herself from being shocked...or catch the belt and save the knives within from possible rusting. She supposed she didn't tell her that she opened the belt pouch, either. Zetsumei was very mischievous.

I swear to god horrible karma falls upon this b***h., she thought as she made a swim to the belt.

Being skilled with knives for almost a year and a half now, Satsui snatched one knife in mid air to swing like a kunai to the walkman and grabbed the remaining ten knives, holding five in each hand . The flying knife made a bullseye and the electronic gadget got pinned to the fence near the hot spring, in danger of falling apart.

The belt floated peacefully on the hot spring while Satsui went to the edge to place down the knives. Then she swam back to the belt and picked it up, got out of the hot spring with a towel covering her, and squeezed the belt dry.

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It was without a doubt. Resonating from the rafters a familiar scent, that deep purr, those sharp crimson eyes gazed below. He could hear a dervish of cursing and arguing. His ears folding back at the voices. His purr turning into a growl, vibrating through the air like thunder rolling through the sky. The panther's large paws took a step, a creak sounding with every step, creeping on the ends of his paws as if to sneak. 'Where was everyone..?' His nose wiggled as he could catch the scent of familiar bodies that he had once befriended. It seemed he had finally awoke from another deep sleep, resting his body for what was to come for him in the future.
((My character is a trouble maker. She has mother issues. lol ))

Zetsumei was impressed with the way the girl remedied the situation. Normally, she was either going to save the walkman, die from electrocution, or have some powers save her. Instead, she used sheer technique to not only save her knives, but get rid of the walkman as well. She could not help but clap at the performance.

"That was amazing!"

She normally did not show a great amount of emotion. Even now, her exclamation was a bit drowned out.

"I guess you are one of the ones who deserve to still live in this world."
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Satsui flailed the belt after squeezing it dry. It was pretty damp yet though. Not enough to put the knives inside. Sighing and let her hand rest for a while, she looked at the woman, with a slightly pissed off look.





"..and not to mention retarded.."

"...of you."
"You saved your life, so why are you angry? Do not be mad at me for trying to kill you. Be joyous that I did not succeed."

Twisted, yeah.

"I guess not everyone here is a pushover."
"Well! Let's just say I'm ******** pissed for pathetic deranged bitchy psychopaths who can't even get a ******** life to live up to. And you are one of them.", she said.

Then Satsui put the belt over her shoulder, took all of her knives yet ignoring the one that impaled the walkman, proceeded to the changing room. There she just changed to dry and clean clothes. Thinking of something, she used the belt to tie up the bunch of knives by their handles. Ok, this works well enough. Then she went out carrying her stuff carefully while going to her room on the third floor.
She looked angry. She should avoid her at a future date. Or maybe pester her with more death-defying situations later. Zetsumei decided to leave, too, though her disappearance wasn't through a door. The steam just enveloped her, and she was gone.

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