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begins talking to himself
goes on the computer and logs into gaia onlie
eh im kinda hungry i think im gunna chow on those special brownies!!! rofl
Clay tired all of a sudden passes out in a booth

(OOC razz M me when some one comes in)
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"I'm afraid that we have no current tenants, Miss," Wraith said formally, looking her over and observing her expression of worry, "aside from Semi and myself, that is."

He noted the youth in the booth behind him with his tumb, that seemingly had taken a bit more of an advantage than he could handle of the open bar, "He's apparently a temporary tenant."

"Semi, would you prepare him a room?" He asked, not necessarily intending to spoil her conversation, "It's not good for business to display those that have passed out."

He removed his boots from the table and put his feet to the floor, and in rising ran his fingers through his hair again, ensuring that it was in order, and approached the table at which the unconscious man slept, beginning to clean his booth's table.

((I'z here for a bit.))
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"Hello? Is anyone here?" She called rather loudly, carefully poking her head behind the giant wooden door, wondering if the place was abandoned or not, before opening it fully and stepping through and across the threshhold onto the hard wood floor.

She dusted off her khaki shorts and wiped her feet on the welcome mat, before raising her head to look around, emerald eyes, dancing about the great hall as she made her entrance. Her neck was stiff from her long walk, and she tilted her neck from side to side, swishing her green to silver hair, tied at the nape of her neck, from side to side, then noticed the sets of eyes on her.

"Hi," She waved sheepishly, her face heating up, feeling silly for thinking that a new place such as this would already be empty.
"Oh...I see. I hope he comes back...I need to talk with him.." she said as she heard the door open. She hoped it was her brother but alas it was another stranger. Being polite she waved a hello at the new girl.

"Hello there."
"Brother? I see. Well he wanted a job so I would think he would come in later." Semi though for a moment, wondering what the boy had rushed off for.

She looked a Wraith " I suppose I could. Look away for a second and we get a little alcholic" she giggled going over to the young man.
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Kayte walked into the tavern slowly and quietly looking around before making her way to a table in the corner. Once there she sat down as quietly as she had come in. She continued looking around the building and absentmindedly played with her snow-white hair.
"I'll be with you in a moment!" she told the new girl that came in as she was just in the midst of transporting the little alcholic though a portal to a bed up stairs. She was not going to drag a passed out person up a flight of stairs.
Orthodox looked at the new girl. She tilted her head to the side but kept her hands folded in her lap. "Hi." she said politely to the white haired girl with a little smile. "How are you?"
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Kayte smiled politely at the woman. "No hurry." she said as she tapped the table silently and a tattered old book appeared next to her she opened it and began reading as she waited.
After making sure the young man was on a warm bed with a blanket over him she closed the portal and headed to the new young lady with snow white hair.

"Welcome to the Tavern. I'm Semi, what can I get you?" she asked giving the girl a warm smile, when she got to the table.
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She set her book down and smiled at the waitress. "Just a glass of red wine please."
She looked away from feel a little ignored but shrugged it off. "Um..Miss Semi could I get a glass of water as well? If its not to much trouble, i thought I would ask you while you were over here." she asked while looking at Semi.

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