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As Clayton approached the tavern he quickly took one last drag from his smoke then flicked it off towards the road.

I haven't seen this place before i wonder when it opened up
Clayton opens the door then walks in taking the time to look around to see how it was setup was a mandatory objective

well with a grand opening sign that big, makes me wonder where everyone is. Did i miss a party or something?

Clay then finds himself a seat at the bar
Clay grabs the mini menu of drinks and begins flipping through searching for his favorite thirst quencher...

151...151...151...151...Wheres the Bacardi 151!!!???
As clay is skimming through the menu list he attempts to ask the bartender if they have 151 but then realizes that there was no bartender!


Clay then walks around the bar grabbing a cup, a 6 pack of MGD, and a good ol' bottle of captain. After getting all of his necessary supplies, he finds a table located near the doors with an ashtray and takes his seat.

Once clay smokes a cig and drinks a beer, he walks over to the jukebox and puts on some Tech N9ne-Absolute Power and begins to party like a rockstar!

Time to get this one man sausage turned into a FATTY PARTY!!!!
Clay looks in some cupboards and closets for random things to decorate the tavern with. Grabbing some balloons, darts, pool balls, and a disco ball. But once he found the Helium for the balloons, he had to take a hour hour get high off so he could have his hour of helium highness

Good S**t!!!
He then starts to cook some appatizers for when other people join. Making pigs in a blanket, puppy chow, special brownies (for those who are just a little more hungrier wink ) and some taco dip. setting them all down on a table once he was finished!

damn, where is everyone? this party isnt any fun alone, allthough im not alone when i hit some helium >.<

Clays walks over to the helium tank and takes another shot of hit
After plenty of Tech has played, Clay then puts on some Twiztid-Green book, and begins thrashing out


Clay wondered if anybody would care if he smoked any weed int he tavern, but since nobody was around, he rolled a blunt and fired it up.
As the blunt started getting half way smoked, Clay walks outside to smoke the rest.

god damn its a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the grass is smoking, the birds are chirpin, and still no person to be seen! what in the hell is going on around here? these people need to get out of their houses and realize how nice it is outside!
bored, Clay takes one more rip from the blunt, then goes inside and plays some pool

the more booze for me then!

(OOC:i seriously did take the last rip from a bong wink )
Clay throws some darts
drinks some beers
and takes some shots
smokes some more green herb

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