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Welcome to Haven's Night

Welcome to Haven's Night Tavern/Inn! This place is for those of us that feel we've got nowhere else to go, and just want a place to kick back, have a drink and make some friends. Feel free and welcome to chat and role-play in our world, get a room and stay a while or just be a regular patron, either way we're happy to have you.

Haven's Night Tavern/Inn has more than enough rooms to accommodate its guests, and even has a built in hospital for those of us that feel the need to burst in the door covered in blood/half dead.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Table of Contents:
Post #1 Welcome and Intro -- You are here.
Post #2 Rules
Post #3 Persons of Importance
Post #4 Roleplay Tutorial and Battle System (for those who don't know how)
Post #5 Current Events / Updates
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The Rules of Haven's Night:

Here at Haven's Night, we like to think of ourselves as open minded individuals, and are generally fairly laid back about a lot of things, however, there are a few things that absolutely will not be tolerated and will get you a boot in the a**.

One can find these things staked to to the back wall of the Tavern behind the bar for all to see.

Rule #1 - No cybersex. Don't ask for it and don't do it here. If you've got to have it, find it elsewhere. Anyone that is found asking for/soliciting/performing cybersex in Haven's Night is immediately black listed and reported. No exceptions.

Rule #2 - Common politeness is a must. Everyone's character will have a sense of social etiquette and respect for the tavern staff, residents and owners. Uncalled for rudeness will not be tolerated, and you will be warned and/or asked to leave Haven's Night. This means OOC.

Rule #3 - Keep your advertisements and begging to yourself. This is not the chatterbox. We do not care if your grandmother is sick and dying and a donation or purchase from your shop will make her dying day less painful. Advertise/beg/bump here and you will be reported for spam. No exceptions.

Rule #4 - There is no such thing as chatspeak. 1337 5p34k will not be tolerated here. You will receive a warning and then will be asked to leave Haven's Night until you learn to talk like people. Typos are made in moderation, because no one is perfect.

Rule #5 - No flame wars. Arsonists will be warned and/or asked to leave Haven's Night and/or reported if they are persistent. If it gets out of hand, take it to the private messages, and come back when you are finished. If your fight gets too intense, the staff may ask you to leave Haven's Night, at their discretion.

Rule #6 - Join or Contribute. Do not burst in and try to take over the scenario to weave it about your character if a scenario is already in progress. Either join and contribute or wait until the scenario is over to begin a new one. Violators will shall receive face palms and vein pops (( stressed )) because it's annoying.

Rule #7 - Use our role play system. No offense is intended by this rule, but it helps keep things simple for those who are new to roleplay, or are not as linguistically gifted as those who write epic essays for each post. It also makes things simpler to follow for all. See the Role Play Tutorial for questions. This rule is not strictly enforced, but is encouraged for the sake of maintaining harmony and non-brainache among the experienced and inexperienced rp-ers.

Rule #8 - If Haven's Night must become the grounds for your battle, there will be NO GOD MODEING, and YOU MUST USE OUR BATTLE SYSTEM. If you God Mode, I will god mode and remove you from Haven's Night (posts deleted and everything). If you do not use our battle system, the fight will be interrupted and you will be warned/asked to leave Haven's Night. See the Role Play tutorial for god mode questions and battle system instructions.

Rule #9 - Recognize that people have the right to refuse your challenge. Not everyone is a fighter, and there will be no random attacks to characters that have already refused to fight.

Rule #10 - NYPN!! - Not Your Personal Narrative. Though Haven's Night does not have a structured story, we are not the place to execute your character's personal narrative. Any scenario that you bring into the tavern must be able to include all others in the tavern, and not as just your sidekicks. If you have an idea for an event or scenario good or bad discuss it with Semienigma, or Pyro_Jess and Rohrchi in her absence before implementing it. This is so that everyone can participate and not be either side stepped or just plain ignored because they are not apart of your narrative. If you'd still like to make Haven's Night the place for your character's quest for ultimate destiny/true love, you're more than free to make your own role play thread or to write a novel.

If any rules are forgotten, you will be kindly reminded of the rules or warned before you are asked to leave Haven's Night, with the exceptions of spam and cybersex, at the staff's discretion.

Table of Contents:
Post #1 Welcome and Intro
Post #2 Rules -- You are here.
Post #3 Persons of Importance and the Black List
Post #4 Roleplay Tutorial (for those who don't know how)
Post #5 Current Events / Updates
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People of Importance:

Those listed here are the owners and staff of Haven's Night, and those who will be respected. Also listed here are the available positions in Haven's Night Tavern/Inn.

To inquire about a position pm me an application, but only pm me about a position if you are actually serious about sticking around Haven's Night as a regular. It is not a paying position, so please do not apply expecting to get gold, because I do not charge for imaginary food and drink.

Owner: Wraith at Midnight -- Markus
Co-owner / Event Coordinator / Monster Manager and Pokemon Master/ Person with really freaking long title: Henichi the Russian & Semienigma -- Michael & Angel {Same person, many avi's}
Person of Very Much Importance/ Minion of the Epoch: Pyro_Jess --- Blaise
Person Also of Very Much Importance/ Co-Event Coordinator : Rohrchi --- Ark

Positions Available/Filled:

Hospital Staff:

Cook: {OPEN}
Bartender: Markus ---- > Wraith at Midnight
Waitresses: {OPEN}
Waiter: {OPEN}

1. {OPEN}
2. {OPEN}

Janitor: {OPEN}

Repairman: {OPEN}
Plumber: {OPEN}

Regulars: Without you guys this place is dead. Thanks for being the backbone of Haven's Night. I can't thank you guys enough.

Every once in a while we get those that absolutely must break the rules and / or be a d**k. These are the names of those persons. Those persons are the few, the shameful, and the douchebaggish, and they are on:


-- Empty biggrin

Table of Contents:
Post #1 Welcome and Intro
Post #2 Rules
Post #3 Persons of Importance and The Black List -- You are here.
Post #4 Roleplay Tutorial (for those who don't know how)
Post #5 Current Events / Updates
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The Role-Play Tutorial

Here at Haven's Night we want to keep things simple and fairly easy to follow so we've provided a basic format for how we'd like posts. This is not strictly enforced, but it is very much favorable for you to do so.

For starters, we'd prefer that your posts be at least 3-5 sentences at the bare minimum. One liners are hard to reply to. For those that like to write epic essays about every fold in a shirt, please keep in mind the notion of: "less is more". For all of our sakes.

These are not meant to offend, but it's so that role play newbies are not blown out of the water by seasoned participants, and so that seasoned participants are not frustrated by newbies' lack of description, etc. For further examples see the spoiler tags

Role-Play Sample
Jeannah walked through the door, her shimmering blue hair bouncing as she walked towards a table and seated herself. Her amber eyes spotted the waitress and she smiled at her. "Good afternoon, can I get a menu?" she asked, with twinkling eyes. Her stomach growled audibly and she blushed.

Above is an example of a good way to post here. It's simple to come up with a reply to and interact with, and wouldn't take long to reply to either.

Because there is no real escaping it, here are the guidelines for out of character chat. If you are not going to actually make a post to participate, please talk in the pms, but if you'd like to OOC chat while participating it should look something along the lines of this:
OOC Sample
((Hey guys, you won't believe how awesome this poster looks in my room! ))
Hilary smiled to the guest and walked over to her, lightly placing the menu on the side of the table. "Welcome to Haven's Night Tavern/Inn, what can I get for you?" She giggled some, hearing the woman's stomach growl. She thought she had a rather cute blush.

When speaking a character should speak in " " quotations. It is almost impossible to discern when a character is speaking and when they are being described, otherwise. If this concept confuses you, please don't hesitate to observe others.

Italics = Thoughts

Italics= Telepathy

Those are to help us discern whether or not your character is talking to him/herself or if others can hear them or not. Again, most of these guidelines are to help reduce confusion and frustration between newbies and seasoned participants.

The Battle System: (Updated: 04/07/13)

Since Haven's Night has become your chosen battleground for your role play fighting, we designed a point based battle system for combatants to follow.

This system has been implemented to eliminate god modes from fights, moderate how long these fights actually take, and actually declare winners and losers.

Please note: Due to the amount of space and time that fights take up, only one fight may take place in Haven's night at a time. This makes it easier to follow and manage the fight to keep it fair, and keeps the other patrons of Haven's Night from being flooded and lost in a mass of fighting posts from 7 super powered bar fights going on at once. Despite what one may think, excessive fighting can kill a tavern thread and we have taken this into consideration, thus only one fight at a time.

This is how it works:

* - Each fighter begins with the agreed upon set amount of hit points (No less than 10, no more than 50.)
* - Each fighter must begin with the same amount of hit points as their opponent. No Exceptions unless ok'd with Wraith at midnight, Semienigma, or a listed regular (because those guys know the rules like the backs of their hands)
* - During the battle, the fighters will roll two 20 sided dice.

* - To Attack you MUST label your character's post with the [[Attack]] label followed by the role play of his/her attack action. So that we clearly know if you are Attacking or Blocking when it's time to calculate damages or grant CounterAttacks.
* - The attacking fighter will roll with his attempted attack prepared.
* - If the attacker has the higher roll of the two, then the target takes the difference of their rolls to their total remaining HP as damage.
* - If hit, the defender must write in their next post, that their character took the attack and reflect their damage taken in their HP total.
* - If blocked, the attacker must write in their next post that their attack was blocked along with their next move.
* - If both are attacking, the higher roll wins and the lower roll takes the difference as damage to their points.

Blocking / Dodging!

If/When the Attacking player rolls high (EX. 38 which is very hard to surpass by any means since this fighting system is chance based.), their opponent can choose to ATTACK as well or they can attempt to BLOCK or DODGE.

*- To B/D you must label your character's post with a [[Block]] / [[Dodge]] label, followed by the role play of their blocking / dodging action. So that we clearly know if you are Attacking or Blocking, etc. when it's time to calculate damages or grant Counter Attacks.
*- If the Defender roll is More than than 1/2 the Attacker's roll, it is counted as a partial block and the Defender takes 1/2 damage of the Attack roll rounded up.
*- If the Defender roll is Within 2 points of the attack roll it is counted as a successful block / dodge and no damage is taken.
*- If the Defender roll is Higher than the attack roll, it is counted as a successful block and the Defender may perform a CounterAttack.

Counter Attacks! (Pyro_Jess gets the cred for adding these!)

When the Defending player rolls and their roll is Higher than the Attacking player's, the Defender may immediately post again with an attack roll of two (2) six-sided dice
and this is a deemed a Counter Attack, at which the attacking player will take full force damage (Maximum :12 damage)

* - If Awarded a Counterattack based on the rules above apply a [[COUNTER]] label to your character's post, followed by his/her actions.
* - The fight ends when one player reaches 0 points. Counted as a KO.
* - Character death does not occur at 0 points unless the fighters agree on this before hand.
* - All fights will be one-on-one. It is too much trouble to keep up with any other odds.

UPDATED 05/30/11
* - Fighters have 1 hour to respond to their opponent's posts. If they fail to post, the fight is forfeit. i.e. you leave you lose. No exceptions without prior permission from the opponent and either Wraith at Midnight or Semienigma. It is not fair to start a fight and leave the opponent hanging.
* - There is a 3 strike rule in regards to attack posts during fights that don't have rolls. You're only allowed to edit once to add an action roll because it's not fair to change your post to respond to the other person's roll. That is cheating.
* - After your 3 strikes are up your posts without rolls, whether they are attacking or blocking will be counted as a 0 roll and they will take full force of the attack roll against it.

Note: In the event that the two rolls are the same number, the fighters will lock, and this will be counted as an effective block, no points will be lost. The following post will be how the fighters deal with it and the fight will move on.

The next section will be how the battle system should look, however please do keep in mind that this example is here to demonstrate how the dice system works. The actual posts the fighters submit will follow Haven's Night's required format of posting.

Attack Post Example

Special Note: Disputes between fighters shall be PMed to either Wraith at Midnight or Semienigma to be resolved. Also, remaining point totals shall be posted in ((OOC)) at the top of each fighter's post to keep track of scores.

A dice rolling tutorial slide show can be found here for those that do not know how to roll dice on Gaia.

UPDATE: 06/24/12 (WIP begins!)
UPDATE: 10/23/12 - Counter Attacks for fights have been Re-balanced so it's not so ungodly unfair when they occur. You're welcome.

Big Monster Battles:

Note: This is a WIP (Work in Progress) and is subject to change after test runs have been performed.

Every once in a while, Haven's Night becomes the chosen place for a Monster or some other large creature to lurk and said large creature or villain may need more than one person to defeat it. The Following is the guide to the Haven's Night, Big Monster Battle System.

Please Note: Due to the complexity of this type of fight. No other battles may take place at the same time as the Big Monster Battle (BMB). No Exceptions.

This is How it Works:

* - The Amount of Fighters for the BMB will be no more than 4 Fighters vs 1 Monster
* - Participants Will PM their wish to Join the fight to Semienigma, and make a post in ((OOC)) just in case she is on an alt so that she knows to look for your PM i.e. ((Sent you a PM Semipoo!))
*- Each participant before the fight will roll ONE 20 sided Dice in the designated thread to determine turn order.
*- The Standard rules for 1v1 Combat apply for the Participants
*- Each Participant will Roll two 20 sided Dice and their post will contain either their Attacking or Defending action.
*- The creature attacks via AOE and not versus one person, thus its single post and rolls whether attacking or defending counts against all rolls against it. (It would be too complicated otherwise.)
*- Participants have no more than 20 minutes to take their turn before they are removed from the fight and the turn is skipped. You leave, you lose. It is not fair to join, then keep your teammates waiting waiting while you go walk the dog.
*- If one must leave the battle due to real life issues, it's understandable, but please LET SEMI KNOW. The amount of participants determines the Monster's HP and affects turn order.
*- If one simply does not wish to fight anymore, it's also greatly desired for you to make an exit post if you can from the battle. Ex. Your character is afraid, is not strong enough, gets called away, whatever as long as it is not disrespectful like "My character just doesn't care anymore emotion_dealwithit "

*- --- This is it for tonight Will continue updating after Semi reviews ----
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Current Events/ Updates!

Officially, Haven's Night has no plot. However, sometimes we can be directed into scenarios. This space is reserved for when those scenarios arise and newcomers need to be brought up to speed on what's happening in the thread.

09/13/09 - Haven's Night: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

11/20/09 - DarknessAssylum and Kayte Adrastea's Wedding!
11/29/09 - Darkness vs. Lazarus/Angel

06/19/12 - Haven's Night: Re-Open'd For Business!

7/4/12 - Updated the Battle System to improve Blocks and to add Counter Attacks, Added #10 to the rules, Promoted Pyro_Jess to Thread Mod.

10/24/12 - Fixed the unbalance in Counter Attacks so it doesn't have the potential to lead to all out annihilation because our Fight system is based on chance. Enjoy.

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