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"Sure" he answered as he walked over and sat down at a table and looked around. "Or maybe a bouncer? I am tougher than I look" Paradox tried to look badass when he said that. "I could totally do that!" he leaned back in his chair and stretched. "Sound good?"
Semi giggled at the though "Waiter it is." she yawned and poked at Wraith a few times. "I'll be back in bit." she stated as she walked over to the stairs and went upstairs. She was tired and wanted to take a warm bath and relax for a bit. "Behave while I'm gone heart !"

((Okay I believe I am going to bed now XD Night))
He sweat dropped at her comment. "Well that's okay, I can do waiter work. Although it would be cool to be a bouncer" he chuckled a little when he said this.

When Semi left he decided to take this time to look around. He got up and wandered around the room, the note the rules that were posted and read them. "Strict..." he stated to himself. But...if I get a real job I can finally get the money I need to make it big. And I can get that loan shark off my back.

Paradox shuddered at the thought of the guy he owes money. The good news is that he doesn't know where I am. Can't repo the homeless.

He smiled at the thought. Feeling rather confident despite being poor, hungry and homeless.
After a little while Semi returned to the main part of the tavern feeling refreshed and a new change of clothes. She was now wearing a differen't white blouse, a black corset, a short tight black skirt and some black shear stockings. On her feet were her favorite black pumps, she had her hair down like she did before.

"That was nice." she said to herself as she floated down the stairway and peeked into the tavern. "Getting a feel for the place?" she giggled as she watched Paradox roam around.
Paradox was startled by Semi's sudden reappearance. "What!? Oh! Um, yeah! Just looking around."

He cleared his throat and walked over to the floating woman, trying to keep his eyes on her face instead of somewhere less appropriate. "So how much is the pay? I'm not to picky, something is better than nothing." He was hoping it would be decent.
"We will discuss that later. We have to see how you do. But in the mean time I will show you around." she smiled and floated down to the floor.

"This is obviously the main Tavern area and we have rest rooms over there. And over there is the Medical clinic in case of emergency." Semi pointed to the right side o the room then the left where the medical center was located. "And upstairs we have the guest rooms, each room has a bathroom."
"Why would a tavern have a med center? " he asked curiously. Taverns don't usually have suck things do they? "Wow this place is really something...must of took alot of work." he stated as he looked around at everything.

Did that guy over there build all this? But its so huge..must of took him forever...
Semi started floating again and messed with a bit of her long black hair with her fingers. "Well you never know when someone will need medical attention." she then heard his other comment.

"I'll say, it was difficult making this place to his tastes. Minus certain things. But over all I am happy with how it came out." she looked around at her handy work and smiled.
He was about to make another comment when he saw what time it was. "What?! No way its that time already!" he said looking at his watch and dashed at the door. "Sorry I'll be back later!!!" he said running out the door.

I better get a good dealer today!

(( I gotta go for a bit. ))
"Ah...alright?" Semi was quite puzzled at the boy's sudden departure. Where was he off to in such a hurry. "I guess he had an apointment. I hope he comes back soon." she said with a sigh as she strolled over to Wraith and lightly poked his cheek.

How does he stay like that...? I guess he must be a master of balance.
The door of the tavern slowly opened as a young violet haired woman walked in. She had silver eyes and was wearing an also violet colored kimono and a blue black scarf. She carried a large spiked club over her shoulder.

"Hello?" she said in a quiet voice, not wanting to be to loud. She had an eye patch over one eye and a bright fire red flower in her that brought out the autumn orange leaves in her kimono.
Semi turned her attention to the new guest. "Hello there and welcome to Haven's Night. Please make yourself at home."

Of course we finally get someone else the boy skips out... she internally giggled at the idea.

"Can I get you anything?"
Walking over to a nearby table she set her club down by the chair and seated herself. "Actually, I was looking for someone...he is a guy about my age with silver hair, and pale. His name is Paradox...I heard he came in here."

She brushed a bit of hair out of her face so she could see with her uncovered eye. "I've been looking for him quite a while. I'm worried about him..."
"You know Paradox? Yes he did come in here but he ran off just before you came in. He was only in here for a few hours." she came over to the girl and leaned on the table.

"Is he a friend of yours?" Semi thought she was probably his girlfriend, she was rather cute, she thought.

((Sorry but time for work, bbl))
She looked at the woman "He's my brother. He ran away from home 4 months ago and I have been looking for him ever since." She looked down with worry thinking about how he could be doing. "I see him every once in a while but then he just disappears again." She looked up again "Is he staying here?"

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