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Ark's teeth clenched. Another deal. Suddenly her wrist felt bare. She should start wearing a bracelet or a watch just so she wouldn't remember. Ah well, for a good cause and all that. For the moment, Ark stuffed her jealousy deep and was careful not to let it show.

It was interesting to see what half Fae looked like now. "What's the other half?" Ark hoped that wasn't horribly rude.

Ark smiled softly, "I appreciate that. It's more than most have offered, but so far I haven't figured out what to do. Things have to come to a head before I can go on the offensive. Stupid magician hiding out and having others do his dirty work..." The last sentence probably wasn't mean to be heard.
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The magician chuckled at Blaise, oh how happy she was to finally see him feeling better! Blinking, Copperkey's head tilted again. Was she working for Michael now? Sure, she had the apprenticeship going for her, but it had never been made clear exactly what that entitled. The last they spoke on it was when Lethe was proposing another way to dispose of her lycan circumstances. And...well...at the time Key was just inches from death. She wasn't quite lucid at the time.

"I...I suppose so. The deal was to become his apprentice. Besides learning from him, I'm not all too sure on what I'm supposed to do..." She looked down, frowning. "You don't think he would put a stop to my dimension hopping, do you? One of my previous teachers...well, I wasn't allowed to roam outside that world, let alone the dimension."

Turning to Ark, Key smiled. Being as far away from home as she was, the magician was beginning to trust the people she'd come across. They didn't judge quite like those near her own dimension. Copperkey only hoped that the same would prove true of the dear gray haired lass before her.

"The other is just...human." Though the brunette gave the information freely, she didn't bother to name the planet. It was for the best. And those pointed elven ears did their magic and Key locked onto that last sentence with zealous interest. "He's a magician?! Oh, what kind?! And I would be more than happy to accompany you in your efforts to ward him off!"

Having just met the woman, Key knew her offer wasn't likely to be accepted, but she'd grown fond of the lady in their brief time together.

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"Michael tends to be pretty lenient. After our deal, we've hardly seen each other. And if you knew the terms of our deal, that might seem odd." It was odd, but it suited Ark. Her feelings hadn't changed, they never would, but she grew frustrated and annoyed with Michael.

Grinning, Ark took a step closer before saying, "Oh, me too! I always feel like the only human in the room here. There are some others, but they all have so many interesting powers."

Ark shrugged delicately. She didn't know all that much about magic since her own abilities didn't seem so much magic as inherited. For once, Ark was without her hidden honor guard of ghosts. They were busy helping her stall for time. "I don't really know what the deal is with the magician. He uses purely dark magic, but that's all I know." Ark giggled, "Maybe when he finally shows himself."
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Soaking up the information Ark freely gave, Key was happy to hear she wasn't the only human in Haven's Night. And that Ark had also struck up some sort of bargain with Michael... It occurred to the lass that... nearly everyone in the bar was somehow attached to the demonic sire. Blaise, Halo and Bobbie, Angel too. The brunette had never put much thought into it until she herself had needed his assistance.

"Oh, he'd be tough to be rid of then, that's for certain. A magician who uses dark magic is one that must be well watched... They usually let it get to their head.." Copperkey smiled. "And that sounds exactly like what has happened now. Perhaps you can use that to your advantage?"

Suddenly Key's eyes grew heavy, the luminous lines on her face dimming just slightly. She wobbled in place before plunking right down on the sofa. Confound the sudden shifts in energy! She hoped that they would even out sooner rather than later.

"Woah...sleepy..." And with that the magician was out like a light.

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Ark was thinking similar thoughts to Key. Michael just sucked everybody in. It made Ark want to spend more time with someone who was not related to him. Though she really was excited about the whole human thing. For a long while she could count the humans here on one hand. Actually.. that might still be true.

"If he would just act, then I could figure out how to react." Ark wanted to scream in frustration at the situation. She kind of knew that the guy wanted her powers, but she didn't understand much of anything else - like how he planned to get them or why he wanted them.

Ark covered her mouth to stifle her giggles as Key just about fell over. Ark thought that was rather adorable. She got a blanket to cover the girl and then headed off to bed herself.
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With the new day Copperkey was back at the books, yet another page taking up her undivided attention, a pair of glasses settled just atop the bridge of her nose. She kept them on for a minute longer and then took them off, obviously unsettled by the results. Her shoulders leaned against the back of the victorian sofa, her bottom seated on the hard wooden floor of the tavern. The lass rather preferred sitting on the ground than in a chair, tonight was no exception.

"Okay, so...griffins might not be so hard to bypass. I get the feeling an invisibility spell won't work with these guys though... Maybe this assignment is a bit too...much." She looked up thoughtfully.
Ark stretched and yawned loudly. She smiled at her own lack of propriety, but since she was alone it didn't matter all that much. After a few more minutes of lounging, she got out of bed feeling tons better. Even later, she stepped out of her bathroom with her hair still wet and slipped on some light blue skinny jeans, a purple tank top, and a black zip up hoodie. She stayed barefoot as was her preference when in the tavern.

Now that she was happy and better rested, Ark headed out into the main part of the tavern. She didn't notice Key sitting on the floor and headed into the kitchen. Ark was a little annoyed to see all new appliances. Something must have happened... again.
Not much later, a mature lady with dark brown skin and black wild hair came down the stairs into the man hall of the tavern.

She enjoyed her time with Halo and was still feeling the effects from that night. "Such a cutie" she chuckled before making her way to the bar.

"Oh ho, looks like someone has beat me down here. Two someones!"

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It was only when Key had to flip the pages that she brought her attention out and into the world around her. The gentle padding of...what was that...feet? Yes, feet crossing the tavern floor brought her head up and out from behind the big couch. But she saw no one in the main room. Her brow furrowed and she poked the very tip of her elven ear between those rust hued locks.

"So...I'm losing it. Great." Back down the lass sunk, her attention honing in on the book once again. "I can manage the spikes... Even the icicles...but...oh... Drat. I don't know enough fire magic to get beyond the enchanted columns-"

Then a voice entered her ears and the young lady really did feel like she was losing it. Up her head perked again and Bobbie entered her view.

"Oh thank goodness I'm not as crazy as I thought. Good evening, Bobbie!" She called to the woman.
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Reentering the tavern Blaise scanned the room. Upon seeing Key a grin grew over the demon's face as he appeared behind her. "Buried in another book I see....Whatcha readin now?" he asked as he leaned in closer and peered over her shoulder to find out for himself.

Hearing someone in the kitchen Blaise glanced back and sniffed the air for a second to check who it was, noticing that it was Ark and not some random person he shrugged and waved at Bobbie before turning back to Key's book.
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It had been some time since he last came to the tavern. He finally got some time off so he thought he might as well visit...that and he heard of the new addition.

"Half Fae huh."

In to the tavern, entered a tall slim man with bright red hair that was tired in a ponytail that almost reached his knees. He wore black slacks, a button up shirt and black jacket. Around his neck was a black choker. The could be seen due to them being in his pockets but he also had on black gloves. "Oi! Nice seein you all on a sunday night!"

This man, whose name was Loki, headed right over to Blaise. "Hey there you. Haven't seen you in ages, even though we live in the same house!"

The red head paused for a moment, "Then again...that place is huge..."
Ark was happily playing in the kitchen. She'd woken up once much earlier in the day and gotten together some of the ingredients for an mixed berry and apple pie. Now she compiled them all in the pie crust and wove a top crust over it. Whistling happily to herself, she popped it in the oven and made herself a sandwich.

Munching happily on her sandwich, Ark stepped out of the kitchen. Apparently, people had come in while she was baking. "Ah, hello."
Bobbie looked around at everyone and smiled. "Well this is a nice turn out! Hey there Key, I see you're doing much better. I"m glad. Can I get you anything? Blaise?"

She glanced over to the kitchen to see Ark as well. "Hey there. Would you like a Drink Miss?"

And another one came in, though she knew this one. "Loki! I never get to see you? Like a Drink?"

As she spoke she was already getting ready to open the bar, making sure the glasses were in order, that there was enough Ice and what not.
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Key nearly loosed the book from her grip as Blaise's head popped up over her shoulder. Her green gaze grew wide, she hadn't sensed his presence at all! Just like Michael's! The lass wondered if maybe she simply couldn't track demons...but it amused her, the proof was a grin on those copper hued lips. She grabbed up the glasses, enchanted to read text in almost any language, and popped them over his eyes.

"On a way to reach some treasure~ See? Right there." Her finger pointed to the center of the paragraph, describing a rather maniacal cave. "I know I can get there, just not how to get in."

The magician tilted her head up as a gentleman wandered in and directed his attention to Blaise. Oh! A friend of his! Key smiled and bowed her head in greeting, but said nothing otherwise to interrupt. Her attention refocused on Bobbie for a moment and she shook her head.

"No, I'm good. Thanks! Oh! And hello Ark!" The young lady waved to the gray haired lass leaving the kitchen.
"You should wear a bar maid's wears just once! You would look smashing!" he called over to Bobbie with a smile. "If you can get me a pint of Ale I would really love that! Any Ale is fine."

The had red, firey eyes that matched his hair. He didn't remove his hands from his pockets as well.

Loki peeked around Blaise to see a little bookworm of sorts at the table. So this was the new young lass the boss man took an interest in! Poor girl, who knew what molestation she will receive from the pervert king.

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