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Eyeing the tiara he decided he wanted to have a little fun. So he stood up and in a crack of a whip and his plume of black smoke he appeared behind her and snagged her tiara off her head then in another crack he appeared in the rafters. "Hehe look what I have!" He smiled to himself thinking he was all that and a bag of chips.
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The door to the bar opened softly. A small girl walked inside, her red long red hair in soft curls around her shoulders. She shivered as the night air blew in behind her and closed the door quickly. Her short maroom dress hugged her slim figure,but did not suit the present cold state of the night. Her delicate black heels clicked across the floor as she made her way to the fireplace to warm herself up.
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He took a seat, this time at the bar on a stool just wanting to observe the group, and nothing more. He fished his pocket and unearthed a pack of cigs, and popped one between his lips. Apparently there was quite the lively crowd this afternoon.

He flicked his lighter and lit the cig, taking a quick drag and exhaling a cloud of smoke. "I told you, if you build it, they will come, Semi."
Acadia just laughed at him when he snatched her tiara. She dug in her bag and pulled another one out. She fixed her hair and put the new one on. "You can keep that one as a souvenir, hon. What you did to my hair though is a different matter." She rose up into the rafters next to him and flashed a fang filled grin. "Wanna play?"
"Indeed. You were right." she smiled as she "They are a lively bunch." She giggled at the random antics of Brandon. "Welcome to Haven's Night." she said to the new girl.

Wow now this is getting busy!

"Make yourselves at home"
He smiled putting the tiara on himself. "I thought someone would never ask!" He chuckled to himself. "Ohhh..." he reached out and poked one of her shiny teeth. "Now those are cool! How do I get myself a set of those?" He asked with the most naive nature.
Paradox did a grabby hands guesture at Acadia but then saw the new girl. "Well hello!" He walk over to and welcomed her in. "Have a seat, can I get you anything?" he asked the red headed girl.
Acadia snapped at his finger when he poked her fangs. "So, you wanna be a vampire? I can change you." She grinned and crawled almost on top of him. "I'm sure your blood would taste delicious."
He made a huge gulping sound as a sweat drop ran down his face. "Vampire? No thank you..." He made a nervous giggle before he dissappeared into a plume of black smoke and a crack of a whip and reappearing behind semi. He whispered into her ear. "Save me..." He laughed nervously.
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He took another drag of his smoke, through two of his fingers, then exhaled and pulled it from his lips, savoring the flavor for a moment before calling out to the new arrival.

"Welcome to Haven's Night," he called to the young lady that had entered, making her way towards the fire place, "make yourself at home."
Acadia jumped down from the rafters and landed very gracefully. "How can anybody think of you as evil when you're scared of a little ol' vampire." She giggled and went back to her seat. "What about you Paradox? Are you scared of me, hon?"
Semi blushed a little, looking away for a moment.

He's...he's so cute! she thought as she resisted the urge to hug him. "Don't worry Sweetie." She giggled as she turned around and patted him on the head. "I won't let anyone bite you." She had a thing for nice innocent guys but she wasn't going to let anyone know that. Especially Wraith, she did not feel like him making fun of her.
He looked back to Acadia "Oh me? Nah, I'm not a vampired but i do get mistaken for one. I think its cool." He opened his mouth and pointed to his own fangs. "I don't know if I could handle being one though.
Acadia smirked at Paradox. "It's not hard to be a vampire, hon. It's actually quite fun. I can do all sorts of neat things." She winked at him. "If you're lucky I must just show you."
He stood tall as she patted him. "I am not scared!" He said raising his fist. "Much..." He muttered softly under his breath. He threw his arms around semi resting his chin on her shoulder. "Thank you for the protection." He chuckled softly. Then standing up he took a sip from his whiskey sitting on the counter.

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