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" And so, I walked alone in the middle of the night, along a moonlit path of decommissioned railroad tracks, walking away from my past and my origin, looking to start anew. When I came to an abandoned platform that had obviously not been in use for quite some time," Wraith looked up at the ceiling of the tavern, through his thick midnight blue hair, his golden eyes lost in thought as he remembered how this place came to be, "And, on that platform in the middle of nowhere there was a book, brown and bound in leather and gems, there in the open as though it invited me to take it from this place. In the middle of nowhere this night"

He smiled a bit, thinking of the beginning.

"Stepping up to the platform, and glancing at my surroundings and finding nothing and no one, I lifted the heavy book, and opened it to glance through the pages. What happened next? A djinn emerged, and she said that she would grant me five wishes."

He had asked her to build him a tavern, first. His second wish, was to have it made to his tastes. His third was to have it open for business, where people could find it.

Wraith sat up and smirked, staring across the table at his lovely companion, "I said to the Djinn, that I would save the last of my wishes in the event that there was something else that I desired."
“And the Djinn was stuck working for her lovely master…” Semi ran her fingers though her long black hair and made a face that showed an expression of mixed amusement. She looked around, her legs crossed as she sat in her chair.

“Do you think anyone will actually come in here?” the dark skinned woman asked while turning her sky blue eyes to the man. "You could wish for customers you know" she said with a bit of hope.
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Distinct Exhibitionist

He snickered to himself, at her comment. "That would be an idea, however I have no doubt that someone customers will find this place. If you build, it they will come, someone said once," He leaned back in his chair once more, arms behind his head, fingers trailing through his thick blue mane.

"Thus, I'd rather not waste the wish," he leaned back further in his chair and kicked his legs up onto the table and crossed them, his black leather, steel toed boots making a loud thud as they came in contact with the hardwood tabletop.
Semi made a pouting face at the comment. "I do hope so. I haven't been out of that dreaded book in ages. I don't even know what time period it was." she thought for a moment. She always had a hard time keeping up with the way humans track time.

She got up and floated over to Wraith, tugging down her short tight black a-line skirt. "Might as well enjoy things before it gets to noisy, right?" she said relaxing in the air, a feet or two off the floor.
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Distinct Exhibitionist

"Noise is company," his golden eyes fixed themselves on her floating figure as she passed over him, "besides, I figured that you would enjoy the open air versus in the book,"

His face turned a bit to a smirk as he watched her, hinting that he could just command her to go back between the pages of her leather bound prison, rather than allow her to freely flutter about.

His mind wandered for a moment before he found his throat a bit more than parched. "A drink, please, Semi?"
A bead of sweat ran down the side of Semi's face at the thought of those must old pages.

"Oh? Coming right up" she said floating over to the bar "Liquor and or water? Or would you prefer tea?" she asked looking at the assortments of containers of liquid.

She had a bad habit of just floating everywhere instead of just walking.
Wraith at Midnight's avatar

Distinct Exhibitionist

He thought about it for a moment, then came to the conclusion that on an empty stomach, he probably would've preferred a cold glass of water.

"Water, I suppose," He glanced about the silence of the dining room, looking around and glancing at the sun glowing through the amber stained windows onto the hardwood floors, somewhat lost in thought.

He began restlessly wiggling his left foot as it lay beneath its twin atop the table, and thinking about a song stuck somewhere in the back of his head.
She poured him a glass of water with ice and floated over to him and set it on his forehead, still holding it so it wouldn't fall. "Hmm...I thinking of learning to finally use that...box contraption in the...Kitchen, as you put it. The big one. I am pretty sure I can make something to eat. I'm hungry, aren't you?"

Semi had seen some humans use it when it first came out and it looks simple, she just had to get some wood. She was sure modern ovens worked this way as well.
A Silver haired youth of about 18 was walking lazily down the sidewalk when a building caught his eye, "Haven's..Night?"

When did this place get here? The thought crossed his mind as he looked up at this new establishment. "I wonder if I could get a job..new places always mean new jobs..and god I need the money..." he muttered to himself as he walked up to the doors of the place.

He took a breath and turned the door knob to open it and knocked as he did so. "Anybody here?"
She gasped, "A Customer!" Semi almost fell to the floor, surprised by the vistor. After regaining composure she set her feet on the ground. "Welcome, come on in, make yourself at home!" not quite sure why, she was quite excited. I need to get out more often. She thought to herself.

"I'm Semi by the way." she said pointing to herself. The shapely woman waved a hello with a plesant smile.
The pale young man watched the lady almost fall and tried not to laugh. Walking in further he closed the door behind him. He looked around at the tavern, inspecting. "I'm Paradox..." he glanced over at the man with dark blue and wondered he was asleep. "I was wondering if I could get a job here..."

Doesn't look to busy...

"Got any open positions?" he smiled a bit, showing a hint of a fang, trying to see if being nice will get him a nice job.
She set the glass she was holding on the table, also thinking Wraith must be sleeping. She walked over to the boy.

Semi was rather tall for a woman, about 6'1 in her high heel shoes. She was also wearing a button up wight blouse that was undone about 3 bottons, resulting in obvious cleavge.

"What positions are you applying for?" she asked with a hand on her hip.
As the woman got closer, Paradox noted that he was...short in comparison. Not good considering now he has a better view of the chest area. "Uhh....do you have any...um..." he tried to think of something easy and not much work, to get easy money.

"A waiter?"
"Hm...I well we haven't acutally hired anyone yet...." she said looking up and thinking. She didn't think that was a job that was needed right now. "Well I don't know..I have to see with my partner things. But in the mean time, come and sit, I'll get you a drink of water."

She motioned to sit at one of the many tables as she went over to the bar to poor another glass. He looks a little young...

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