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YES, I WAS DEVASTATED. ;__; 0.30514705882353 30.5% [ 166 ]
Yes, but became resigned to it. 0.064338235294118 6.4% [ 35 ]
No, I was glad to see the last of her. 0.029411764705882 2.9% [ 16 ]
Indy was gone? 0.056985294117647 5.7% [ 31 ]
Who's Indy? 0.54411764705882 54.4% [ 296 ]
Total Votes:[ 544 ]
She started walking around the bar as a huge sheep dog. "Wow. How do these dogs see Anything through these bangs..." Wolfy asked as she just about ran into a stool.
"Yeah i wonder sometimes too."
Wolfy looked up through a curtain of white, fluffy dog hair. "But I must admit. Sheep dog are very cool looking." she beamed.
"Thats true also."
Wolfy sat and sighed, "Wow, business is kinda slow... At least there's some people here." she smiled and turned back human. "Daily question, can I get you anything?"
"Uhhh my hands are kinda full right now holding down red."
"True." Wolfy said thoughtfully. She pushed over a recliner to Justine with a smile, "I'm sure you could have a seat though." she said with a nod.
"Im sure too but i have more leverage if i stay standing."
"Ah, I see." She said and replaced the recliner, not sure what else to do or offer.
"Yeah.....so how are you doing?"
"I'm doing pretty well. Just a little cold but that's nothing I can't fix." Wolfy said beaming, "And how about you?"
"Im doing well even though the postion im in doesnt seem that comfortable it actually is comfortable."
Wolfy nodded. "Poor girl." she said with sympathy, "Wonder why it happens.." she wondered aloud.
"I wonder too wolfy."
Wolfy streched her arms above her head and gave a sigh.

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