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*~Fangs and Fur~*

You are wandering aimlessly through the woods on a mild, warm afternoon, just walking down the leaf-covered path. Sunlight filters gently through the trees above, bathing everything in a soft golden light. A bird drifts down from its nest, twitters as it flies past you, and vanishes. Startled by the sound, you look up from your thoughts and freeze.

What time is it? you wonder, shaking off the golden day in alarm. Where am I? Looking about wildly, your heart sinks as you realize you are utterly lost. Even the path from whence you came seems to have disappeared. Suddenly breathing hard, you take off in the direction that you think you took to get here. As you run, you think frantically, I wish I had never left town. I wish I had never come here. I want to go home!

Suddenly you burst into a clearing that leads directly into a lazy river. Skidding to a stop before you hit the water, you double over to catch your breath. As you calm down a little, you realize that steam is rising from the river in front of you. You stoop and touch the water: yes, it’s a hot spring!

Rising up, you suddenly hear a strange musical sound, like a cat walking on a piano, one key at a time. You listen curiously as it grows louder; then, inexplicably, the sound stops. You turn around…and are immediately face-to-face with a tan elfin girl. Startled, you take a step back, nearly falling into the hot springs. The spry elf beams.

"Hi! I’m Indy," she says with a big smile. "Welcome to Fangs & Fur. I knew you’d get here eventually." She steps closer to you to gently pull you away from the river’s edge, and as she does you hear the piano-key noise again. "What is that noise?" you muse aloud. Indy looks at you, puzzled. "The…music," you clarify vaguely, looking around.

Indy lets out a tinkling laugh. "You mean this sound?" she asks, taking a couple of steps forward with a merry twinkle in her eye. Sure enough, the piano keys move with her. You nod, and she laughs again. "It's in my feet," she explains. "I spent so much time convening with the natural music of the world that it absorbed into me, too." She shrugs, winking her eyes delightedly. "Strange, but what truth isn't?"

"Oh. W—wow," you manage. You swallow. "Well, that’s interesting." Indy laughs again and maneuvers her strumming feet over to your side, taking your arm. "Let’s go," she suggests, pointing gracefully upriver to a small building bobbing serenely in the water a little ways away. "That’s Fangs & Fur, my bar and inn. Come with me. We’ve been expecting you."

As you start walking, you realize that that’s the second time she’s said something to that effect. "How did you know I would come here?" you ask abruptly, and a little skeptically. "I didn’t even know myself. I’m only here because I got lost."

Indy’s face lights up again. "I say that because sooner or later, everyone winds up here," she explains, taking your arm again. "This is where you end up when you want to go home."

Please note: One day my entire introduction page randomly disappeared, so I'm still trying to fix things up. Please do not panic. Thank you.

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In Memory

Soon, this page will hold a memorial for Wolfy (Alihen_of_wolves), a co-founder of F&F who due to circumstances beyond her control is no longer able to be here. If you have memories, pictures, anecdotes, or good wishes that you wish to add to Wolfy's memorial, please send them to me.

1. Introduction
2. In Memory
3. Rooms
4. Announcements

If you want a room, PM me with the name you want to be displayed and I will assign you a room. If you have a number preference, I will try to honor it. ^^

Room 11 is unavailable due to mysterious and dark happenings involving an earsplitting and ceaseless scream, a creepy, dimly lit room, and a pair of frightened pruning shears. ninja

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Notice (6/28/10): It appears we are in need of expansion and renovation! This will most likely be a summer-long project, but we eagerly look forward to F&F's new look!

1. Introduction
2. In Memory
3. Rooms
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Indy came rushing in, putting a bag into a small freezer under the bar counter. "Hello!" she said breezily. "How are doing?" She looked chipperly at the two in the bar.
He sat by the water and stared at it without a care in the world. He took a bottle of grape soda from his bag and began to drink.

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