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Since nature cant provide us with an introduction, I guess Ill have to narrate one...

A hustling and bustling loud city gives no quarter to the weary traveler. Not far from the edge of the city outskirts, lies a massive Lake. A true near paradise- but no. Next to the Lake sits a sturdy, slightly classier than normal rustic lodge. The landscape around it is very well taken care of- apparently someone takes pride in making sure everything is orderly.

Pushing open the wooden door, one is greeted by a babble of chatter. Obviously, the establishment really was the escape from harsh city life. The main room has plenty of seating for those wanting to sit and eat; and the bar has plenty of stools for one simply wanting a drink to relax away a hard day of work. As usual, one of the two owners can be found behind the bar, both offering a smile and a drink.

Upstairs, there are rooms for visitors who need a place to stay for the night, or if someone wanted to stay more permanently.
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Phandara's Husband

This Tavern is run by Permanently, who plays Sillus, also Ginn rummy, who plays Althea. Respect us.

This is a walk-in Tavern. I don't want profiles, be descriptive enough so that I don't need one!

Take your fights outside. if you make a mess of the bar, authority will Have you gone.

If you're going to fight, I'm not going to see any God Modding. there is no jurisdiction outside, but by that I mean that nobody will save your character, or punish another character for attacking you, but BE REASONABLE.

This brings me to another point, respect everyone here.
Sillus is the owner of Dark Moon, so it would be in your best interest to play nice when you're in his domain.

I encourage romance here, but don't be sloppy. If things are getting too heated time skip or take it to PMs, I don't want to see it, and I don't want to know about every little kink your character has.

BEFORE you post, please acknowledge that once a day passes, a new rp starts.

Absolutely NO Advertising. Its annoying. Pm me if you want a advertisement and I will put it in the affilates.

If you want to get in good with me, make me art for Sillus. XD

I would like to thank Viice for help with the rules
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Phandara's Husband


Owner: Sillus (permanently)
Co owner: Althea (Ginn rummy)
Managers: ----- (-----) ----- (-----)
Groundskeeper: ----- (-----)
Custodian: [does errands] ----- (-----)

if you would like to apply for a job, please fill out a form =D

Username: ()
Charactor name: ()
Job position: ()
Char bio: ()
Likes: (max 5)
Dislikes: (max 5)

None so far ):

Downstairs! (staff-only)
1. Sillus (permanently)
2. Althea (Ginn rummy)
1. Talon Grey (Mia_Bella_Lupul)
Open, feel free to post!
Slowly opening the door to the tavern, a small elf peaks his head into the tavern, bright purple eyes blinking before proceding inside. "Althea...? Its opening day..." he calls out, a frown on his face. Moving behind the counter the man, shifts pulling at the sleeves his on his sweater. He hated it when he was alone, especially since he had only been in this place a few times. "Everything is so dusty..." he whispers to himself as he goes to grab a duster, then procedes to get rid of the thin gray coat on everything.
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Phandara's Husband

From below in her room, the woman hears the front door open, and someone start moving about. "Tch... already?" Placing an encrusted silver bookmark in the Tome she was reading from, the woman sets it down among the many, many others... that seemed to make up her room. If there would have normally been even an inch of spare space there- forget it. Instead, there was a book or a scroll. Walking up the stairs, her ice cold blue eyes scan the area.

Instead of a stranger, her eyes fall upon Sillus. Letting out a soft sigh, he was no doubt wondering where she was. The man really did need far too much attention sometimes. Tapping her nails against the counter, a loud clicking noise echoed through the room. Lifting her hand, the red head inspects her nails... they were becoming too long. Frowning unhappily at them, she shrugs it off and flicks her red hair off of her shoulders. "There you are. Where did you go?"
Turning then Sillus looks at his Althea, a smile crossing him. "Oh! There's this very pretty Garden outside!!" he exclaims as he throws his arms out, expressing how pretty it was. "You should see it, the person that was here before us must have been a very good gardener!" he says nodding. The man was in a very good mood today, most say he acted like a child when he was excited. "There were some dead flowers too.. But I knew how to fix them!" he says in a metter of fact tone.

he then takes a small moment to study his freind. "Hey... Have you been trapping yourself in your room again..?" he asks as he leans over the counter to take a closer look.
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Phandara's Husband

"A garden? Full of plant life and dirt... I'm more interested in possibly artifacts in the Lake." Reaching up to adjust her glasses, Althea hears the last comment and looks up at him just to see Sillus leaning in. Leaning back with a step, she put up a hand. "Like I told you before, I am fine. I can go for a week without food or sleep. It has only been a day. I found a very interesting Tome, and am almost finished with it."

Taking a moment to think, she points at him. "You are a Druid, yes? Then are you very good with plants? I would like to grow some particular plants and herbs... I will make a potion to get me to the bottom of that Lake." Deep within her eyes sparked determination. Being what he was, he could probably get her down there... but then, being what she was, the woman did not trust magic. Especially what she knew he could do.
Sillus leans over the counter. "Hey! Plants and flowers are cool!" leaning back to where he stands behind the bar again, he frowns. "What herbs do you want to grow... I may have some of th leaves in my room." he then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sunflower seed. "I can grow anything Althea. Just name it." he says as the seed in his hand begins to go through the lifecycle of a plant in under three seconds. Smiling he hands out the fully grown sunflower for her to take. "Besides why dont you just try growing it yourself? Its really fun.." he says nodding
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Looking as though she may throw up, the woman backs up. "... I don't like plants. I don't like dirt." Crossing her arms, Althea turns her nose up at the plant offered to her. "The only time I will ever allow myself to become filthy is in the pursuit of Knowledge, books, tomes, scrolls, and other artifacts." Her blue eyes open, glinting a bit when looking upon him. "That is what matters to me most."

Walking around the counter, she looks around the tavern, and then begins to open windows. "Why do you think I wear light colored clothing? It's clean and pure." Smiling at the feeling of wind gently blowing inside, she sighs. "I don't know. I haven't read up on the potion yet. It's in one of my books."
Sillus frowned. "Whats so unpure about dark clothing..." he says as he looks down at the dark gray sweater he was wearing. "Besides.. Black and white arent colors.. Their shades.... I think." he knew if he argued with her though, that she would go into so much detail he would froget what they were talking about. "Well um, go get the book." he says as he watches her open shades. 'maybe I'll find some dirt...' he mutters under his breath.

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