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Albie put the dish in the oven and leaned against the counter. "Ye couldnae exactly turn intae a cat by choice. Ah woods need tae illicit a certain… reaction it ay ye." He crossed his arms. "Don't go introducin yerself tae me. Mebbe Ah have yer name wrong, but yer mah friend e'en if Ah don't seem tae be yoors anymair."

(( Uh, if you have a hard time reading it, I can… stop… ))
-the male would come down from upstairs, stepping lightly in his cargo pants and white sweat shirt. He was trying a new look, but his wife was nowhere to be found to ask about the change. He heard the sounds of conversation and moved to investigate-

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((Chi~ I see you online, do you remember when I told you Miss Copperkey was gonna open a new RP place? It's open and there's an OOC tread too. That's where we've all migrated too. I'll give you the links if you want or look up my post history.))
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((I miss you Copperkey Cafe~!
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"You didn't survive. You were never meant to survive but she acted quickly." The mellow tone of a tiny brunette broke the silence between the two. The quirky but quiet blonde sat beside her younger sibling, resting on an old worn out porch. Her little emerald eyes calmly watched the overgrown grass of the lawn sway with the breeze.

Sanya, the short and petite teen with two little furry black feline ears atop her lightly blonde scalp, an anxious matching cat tail and the motionless cloth sleeves by her side, had traveled back to her home. It had been a long two years since she last set foot upon the quaint wooden boards of the Copperkey Cafe.

The cafe was left abandoned.

The owner, a motherly copper haired magician had somehow been sucked through a mirror to some unknown plane of existence and with her disappearance people slowly began to wander away from the cafe. The wooden features of the cafe had grown a cover of dust and the foliage became untamed and smothered the building with it's green grasp.

The girl felt like she needed to return, she felt an ending in her mind and all her mind could wrestle was the thought of home, of the cafe. She wasn't surprised to meet her younger sibling here, as the sister had passed away long ago back in their home country but was suddenly brought back to help Sanya through turmoils she faced at the cafe.

Yoshika, the youngest Litvyak sister, her spirit had remained at the cafe, possibly for one last reason and it seemed that day was finally ready to take place. The plucky blonde leaned against her sister, gently resting her head on a comfortable shoulder. "Sooooo... how much time do I have left?" Sanya's voice rang concerned but yet oddly relaxed. Deep down, she knew the answer but she no longer feared the unknown, there was no other way but to accept what she was about to hear.

"That all depends. For most people... those that are alive, they never see you, they never hear you, you do not exist. For those that remember you, you are fading, like the warm breath against a cold window. For those that hold you dear in their hearts, you are like a falling blossom, while they can see you, you are vivid and bright but soon you will fall to the ground, out of their view." Sanya smiled at the flower reference, it invoked memories of when the two were growing up and she answered her sister with a light giggle.

"That was papa's nickname for me-" Her emerald eyes glanced at the younger, "My little Sanya blossom. When you allow yourself to be out there for people, you are beautiful and happy, turning frowns to smiles. As quickly as you bloomed, you suddenly retract back into the green shell where you can't be noticed." It was true, Sanya had always been one way or the other, hot or cold, bright or dark.

The blonde gently dug her chin into the younger's shoulder, another memory remembered clearly wrote across her face. "You remember what papa used to call yo-" The brunette did not turn to face Sanya but her lips quickly snapped a reply out, "I remember, there's no need to talk abou-" "Hamster!" The brunette sighed heavily, causing her eldest sister to let out another squeaky chuckle.

"Because you were so tiny and cute! Then when you'd get out of the bath your hair would be all frizzled and he said you look like a hamster!" It was a memory that would have caused both the sisters to laugh for days but Yoshika not quite being mortal made her emotions quite dull. She cleared her throat, continuing the explanation of Sanya's transition.

"Your arms were the only thing that were supposed to be left after the attack. The dark energies from the blade used to cut them off would eventually allow a darker evil to grow from the limbs and live in your existence. Copperkey acted quickly, she stored your arms in a magical sealed box which some how allowed you to continue living.... or so they thought. You had died. It just wasn't your time. So the love they had for you in their hearts, you existed to them, you were alive in their eyes, just not to the rest of the world." It's a depressing feeling to hear you don't exist, to be all alone even though there's many many people around you.

She may have been a little clumsy but Sanya was intelligent enough to know what her sister was talking about. "So I lived for awhile... but as the people who loved me started to fade out of my life, so did my own spirit?" The brunette nodded, though quickly corrected one matter, "Not spirit, your physical form." Sanya raised up to look out across the lawn and into the dieing forest. "Will it hurt?"

Even though Sanya was older than her darker haired sibling, Yoshika had always been the more mature one. The smarter one and as the quirky little blonde liked to tease, the boring one. Yoshika knew this was it, the last time she'd help her sister before they both faded away to wherever spirits go. "No. You, like papa always said, are a falling blossom. You will just fade away to everyone. They will go about their lives and if one would happen to stop and look closey, they might see a glimpse of you but only for a moment."

For the time, the words were halted as the girls remained happy just to watch the nature before them. Sanya would occasionally kick her feet at the edge of the porch, shrugging her shoulders to make the empty sleeves bounce around. "That sounds... peaceful."

"Everything is going to be ok, Sanya."

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