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Skye smiled, at least the situation seemed to bring about a growth in her maturity level. "Well, good for you Sanya. Seriously." She stood and touched her gently on the shoulder, and spoke sincerely "You're like the sister I always had but never wanted." It was a joke obviously by the shining in her eyes and bright smile. "You're pretty much the reason we're staying for a little while longer. Bear and I could have left a long time ago, lived out our last days the way we knew, when we were happy. But kiddo, you kept us here."

She spoke as she went to the window and stuck her head out. Bear was normally on the porch when he wasn't with her, but she didn't see him at all. He didn't look too happy when he left Sanya's room, but she highly doubted it was because Sanya didn't want him to see her trying to figure out how to eat.

Bear was gone, wandering the forest in a daze. He had taken off his shirt, letting the cold air bite his discolored skin. Even the weather was beginning to bother him. Clear river stains ran from his eyes to his chin, though the tears had dried by now. Instead just his eyes were watery, and he could barely see passed them. His steps were clumsy, no longer sure footed the way he used to be.

In the back of his mind, the nightmare was screaming. It had never wanted this to happen, but it was too late. It's too late. He thought bitterly, and another wave of overwhelming emotion took over. He fell to his knees, his head feeling like it was splitting in two from all the pressure. He gripped it, groaning.
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Sanya let her foot rest, still holding the fork on the bed while looking Skylar, watching her walk to the window. "Me? I'm nothing special... I just... I dunno.. but why leave? I thought this was your home now too." Her focused on the girl at the window and no longer on her food. Sanya's cat ears seemed to stir to life on top of her head, sticking straight up in the air.

"He left... headed towards the woods and... something doesn't feel right with him." Sanya spoke with confidence but her she was surprised she could read that far. It seems her powers had improved, maybe compensating for her lost but she couldn't be entirely sure.
Skylar turned to Sanya. She was sure Bear would be fine, but didn't want to dismiss her at the same time. "We are travelers, Sanya, vagabonds. The plan was always to stay a few days then leave...Though things kind of went a little complicated." She shrugged then looked back to the window, a little worried. "He isn't happy." She said quietly, "I know he said that he wasn't sure of what he wanted, but I know he doesn't like being human. It's scary. I think he needs to figure it out though." She sighed, and turned back to Sanya. "But what do I know?"

(Awwww you worried about Bear?)
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((Your avatar creeps me out, it's always naked and now those eyes just stare at me))

"Well you know Bear. Better than anyone else in this world, really no one can understand him as much as you, you've always been there for him."

Sanya had half expected her to dart out the door after him, she was slightly taken back that Skylar seemed to remain calm. It was true though, Bear could easily take care of himself with his size and strength. She gave off a worried expression though, Bear was dealing with a lot more that she thought and she couldn't even begin to imagine the confusion from being an anime turned human.
(He ain't naked. He's comfy. If I were a guy I'd walk around shirtless all the time. And Imma do whatever with Bear once Sammy or if anyone else comes back. He can have his panic attack for now.)

"What time is it?" She asked, looking to Sanya again. Albeit, Skye was getting a bad feeling in her gut, something told her to leave him be, and she didn't know what it was.

(Ugh, shitty post I'm sorry.)
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Sanya raised up her arm and looked at it where her wrist would normally have been. Dropping her arm back down to her side, she joked "Almost six in the evening..." Her words were almost comical, obvious sarcasm as she wasn't, can't wear a watch. She was beginning to accept the change though thinking about it made her slightly tear up.

((I like Bear! He's a good character, very unique. I like it when you guys RP multiple characters since we don't have a large group here. Sammy occasionally RPs Caellum's younger brother and bandmates sometimes and you guys are good enough that the characters stand out from your main!))
(He's something else. He's based off my own butthole of a dog)

Skye snorted, seeing in the corner of her eye Sanya's joke. "Very funny, but is the time right?" It was already dark. If Bear wasn't back by the time it went comepletely dark she'd go out to look for him. She felt bad, the last time she left him alone for an extended amount of time, he was turned human. Her shoulders sagged, "Bear!" She called out of instinct, half hoping he would emerge. Nothing but her echo filled the outside world.

(I might be leaving soon. I'm not feeling well, and kind of just want to sleep.)
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"I'm not entirely sure, I'm still kind of groggy... I don't even know what day it is. Maybe you should go find him now... I can't find his current location though."

She was concerned with Skylar's reactions to Bear running off but she continued to reassure herself that he would be alright. She didn't think she could stomach another tragedy so soon. She half turned her attention to the food but kept focused on Skylar.

((That's ok, whenever you feel like heading off!))
She didn't give much warning before she leapt from the window, to land with a tuck and roll on the ground. She turned to Sanya's window. "I'll be back soon!" She was already at the neck of the woods when the last words hit Sanya's ears.

(I'll probably pop on later smile )
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((Later? What time is it for you? It's 11:30 for me so I'll be heading to bed soon so with that, have a good night Victson!))

Sanya's eyes widened as she watched Skylar jump from the window. "Ah..um.. ok be careful..." She called back to her.

With Skylar leaving, Sanya decided to turn her attention back to the food and continue practicing eating. With some adjustments she was easily able to pick the fork up between her toes like before and reach it up to her mouth. This time she used her other leg to help prop the one holding the fork up, it would allow her to eat more and not get so exhausted. As she chewed the muffin happily a small smile crept up on her face. What happened, happened. This was her life now and she wasn't going to just give up. She'd learn to do anything without arms, determined she continued to lift the muffin up and down from the tray.
(It's like 930, but its been a trying day)
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The young girl had left and Sky had run into him but it had all happened so fast that he had barely caught what the women had to say. He didn't want to wait anymore to see Sanya, he had waited a couple centuries already.
After the initial confusion wore off, he steps behind the girls room and knocks.
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((I'll reply soon but I just left the hospital cause while helping out with dinner I cut the end of my finger off. It wouldn't stop bleeding so they had to cauterize it... The most painful thing I have ever felt but it means I'll be typing with one hand for awhile))
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((I'll reply soon but I just left the hospital cause while helping out with dinner I cut the end of my finger off. It wouldn't stop bleeding so they had to cauterize it... The most painful thing I have ever felt but it means I'll be typing with one hand for awhile))
( D: Sanya please be careful!! sad )
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Sanya was attempting to stand up but decided to drop back down on the bed. The knocking sound made her jump and not knowing who it might be she grabbed thee blanket with her arm and chin and tried to pull it up as far as she could, letting it rest right at her shoulders.

"Um... hello? Come in I guess."

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