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Friendly Prophet

He wished he had left behind some kind of clock by his bed instead of carrying that small phone around all the time.
He had no idea where that darn thing was or if it was still active.
He could have been gone more than a year or so in this world... he didn't know exactly how the time thing worked.
Of the girls presence, he was sure.
Her scent was everywhere around the place.

It was then that he heard the small murmur of voices outside his room, past it in fact... down the hallway. Perhaps Miss Copperkey was home... or perhaps Sanya...

With a slow speed about him, as he was dreading being hit or yelled at by the young girl, he steps out of his room. It was quiet again in the hallway but he could feel faint energy forms just behind Sanyas door.

He prepares himself for the verbal back lash as he knocks on Sanyas door.
"So you return." Yoshika had been by Sanya's door, waiting in the hall way. She had not been called to return and spent her time pondering why her spirit was still roaming the earth.

She had learned the true reason she returned was to save Sanya's life and with divine help she was able. Her eyes slowly traced the man sitting at the bar, she didn't quite understand how the angel transformation worked but the man before her was definitely different from when he had last left.

"You left her. You left this place. Yet, here you are, standing there once again like it was home."

((BTW Yoshika is not aware of why you left, just that you left. So she thinks you abandoned Sanya and the rest without knowing the full story.))

Edit: Changed location to the hallway.
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Benevolent Cutie-Pie

((Gah! Dinner time, make sure you come back tonight Sammy! So glad you're home and healthy!! Welcome back! heart ))
Sammy Is Neko King's avatar

Friendly Prophet

He spun around to face the youngest of the sisters.
He hadn't thought about her in quite some time and he certainly did not expect to see her of all people.
"This is home and it was kept safe because of my absence. Is your sister here?"
He couldn't hide the fact that he was a bit annoyed at her statement.
Mortal, angel or even demon... The war he had started had caused major grief within his heart.
It was a sort of pain that any amount of physical torture could only take a side seat to.
"Kept safe?" Yoshika let out a snarky puff of air out of her nose, "Hmm, yes, I did hear Miss Copperkey mentioning she would have to improve the security here after what happened."

She walked over towards Caellum, her smaller size made her tilt her head up, peering above the rim of her glasses. "She's here. From the sounds I heard earlier, she is well aware of the change to her body. My advice? You might want to speak with the owner or that Skylar girl first. They're more suited to helping you understand the situation at hand and whether or not you should have contact with Sanya. I'm afraid that in this state, my lack of emotions wouldn't be able to properly explain what happened to you or how to deal with her."

Yoshika turned slightly on her heel, slipping past Caellum while she headed down the stairs to her usual spot by the window.
(SQUEE YOUR BACK *glomp* o____O )

He caught it in his mouth, if he were a dog again his tail would be wagging so hard it would make annoying scraping sound on the floor. He nodded with the biscuit still in his mouth, and not quite understanding her reasoning behind asking him to leave but he obliged anyway. He slowly stood and made his way to the door.

Skye had been coming up the stairs, carrying two blueberry muffins, one for herself, the other for Key, when she saw a familiar sight and Sanya's younger dead sister next to him. She nearly dropped both muffins, but just stood in awe that he was standing in the hallway. She had a few choice words for him, but that would wait because Sanya right now was far mre important.

"Caellum! Um...Go to your room!" She gave him a hard glare before rushing passed and towards Sanya's room. Just before she opened the door, she turned to look at him, sympathy in her eyes. "I'll let her know your back....but there is something that you need to know first before you see her. And I think she should be the one to tell you. Please don't come rushing in."

She turned to open the door, but Bear was just coming out. He looked at everyone before resting his eyes on Skye. "I don't think she wants everyone in there right now." He said quietly, walking past the her and down the stairs.

She walked in anyway, to give her the muffins. Closing the door behind her.

"Here you go hun."
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Benevolent Cutie-Pie

((Sammy said he should be back tonight to RP with us!! But either way he's home now!))

"Thank you... um... I asked Bear to leave cause, I'm just not sure how to eat and he's a guy and all so it's a little embarrassing... I hope he's not mad." Sanya looked at the tray of food with the newly added muffins, she eyed them hungrily as she hadn't eaten in some time. Different thoughts ran through her mind, the concern of not having arms had momentarily left as she was now more concerned with getting something to eat and how to do it. It was obvious what she needed to learn to do, which made her let out a deep aggravated sigh.

She shimmied herself out from under the blanket, scooting a bit away from the food on her tray. She lifted her leg up, holding it in a very awkward position that made her muscles start to burn. She spent the next few minutes attempting to pick up a fork with her toes. She finally succeeded in picking it up sideways and with a gentle poke she tried to ram the muffin on the end of the prongs. Without the proper force the muffin just bounced off the fork and rolled off the tray and onto the bed next to her. It was only a few inches away but with her burning leg muscles it might as well have been a mile away.
"No, I don't think he understands. To himself he is still a dog, afterall. But he isn't mad." Skye sat down on the bed next to her, and eyes the fork, unsure if she should help. "You got this, you can do it." She smiled and egged her on, holding onto the information of Caellum being home, at least until she had a bite to eat.

(Okay, I'm gonna be cleaning so I'll stop back in an hr or so)
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Benevolent Cutie-Pie


With her eyes still focused on the food and her brow furrowed, she remained concentrated on figuring this out. "If he was still a dog I wouldn't mind..." She dropped the fork on the bed. This time she approached it like a toddler would picking up a pencil, fumbling it around before finally getting it settled between her toes. She scooted herself sideways while still holding out her leg with the fork and gently with force she managed to ease the fork prongs into the top of the muffin.

A small smile crept on her face while she plopped her leg next to the muffin with the fork sticking out of the top. "Ok so fairly obvious... that's how to do it! I need a break though... it feels like I've been running a marathon..."

"It'll be hard at first." She said with a smile..."um...Sanya. There's something you need to know. Caellum is back." She bit her lip, preparing herself for the eruption. Although, Skye was sure she'd be happy eventually, right now she wasn't so sure if the girl wanted to see angel boy yet.

Upon seeing Caellum, Bear became overwhelmingly upset. The demon in him was keeping tabs on the underworld, and if what he said was true, then Caellum being back meant that it was over. He was both happy, and mad about this, neither was he sure which he was more concerned about.

At this point, Bear still hadn't made up his mind of what he wanted, but he half hoped something would happen so it would force something out of him. This war going on inside him only got worse, he shouldn't have to deal with this.

He walked outside and sat on the floor of the porch, and put his head in his hands. The Nightmare was saying something...not to worry about something...to focus on something else...He couldn't understand. Before he knew it, wet drops began hitting the ground, but he couldn't stop the sobbing. Ugly wretches forced themselves from his chest, as he struggled to put it all away. This was scaring him more than the idea of losing her. The panic of that thought rose in him but it only made it worse, and he just couldn't stop. Eyes wide, he he watched the ground as his body betrayed him.

If Skye couldn't reach her potential in battle, she was never going to and he would never be who he was again. It didn't matter, he was crying. It was too late.
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Benevolent Cutie-Pie

((Hi Victson! Bear crying isn't good at all! BTW since we've just started RPing the new change, I've already had to stop myself from using my arms like 3 times, you'd think it would be easy to remember something like that!))

Sanya was listening to Skylar while she stretched out her leg, trying to loosen the muscles back up so she could have another attempt at eating. "Key Lamb is back? I didn't know Miss Copperkey had a lamb... never heard of it before..." Her eyes focused intently on the muffin, the fork still sticking straight out the top. Slowly she reached over and picked the fork up between her toes, her tongue was sticking slightly out as she tried to focus.

Once she felt she had a firm hold on it she lifted it into the air, bending her knee back towards her she bent her torso over at the same time with the muffin coming very close to her mouth. munch! Sanya had managed to take a sizable bite out of the muffin but the contact made her drop it and the fork back down to the bedsheets. Proudly she chewed her delicious trophy before turning her gaze to Skylar. "Ah, hehe! That's a win for Sanya! ...what's wrong?"
(Meh, I read it in the last unicorn when I was a kid. If a creature that was turned human cries, the chances of them being normal or even able to be changed back slims dramatically. It was something I was planning on doing in regards to Sanya, but I didn't expect Sammy to be back. It was pretty good timing. And thats hilarious. I know I went through the same thing with Bear.)

Skylar couldn't help but smile at her triumph. "Good job! Now try again. I'll get to work on your shoes." She said, standing and going through the girls closet. "Mmm we'll have to make a trip into town, we'll get you a pair of steel toed boots, and I'll put weights on them. You'll be needing lots of exercise now, and practice." She was avoiding the situation. Finally she stood after her babbling. "Caellum is back, you know, your lover boy? Angel dude? I just saw him in the hallway."
Sanya_Blossom's avatar

Benevolent Cutie-Pie

"But if I wear boots... how will I do anything? Seems like a lot of trouble since I'd have to constantly take them off and-" She was attempting to position herself again to pick up the muffin when Skylar's words finally hit her.

"Huh? Caellum? Caellum! Wait... oh mister doom and gloom angel soldier Caellum, he'd probably just say something about the sacrifices of war and what not...I still want my locket back." She frowned slightly before going back to concentration. Again she was able to nimbly pick the fork up but holding it steady and for long periods of time was a different matter.
"They would just be for when your outside. We'll even get velcro so its easy to take off. It'll be just to get your stronger." She pushed, but if the girl didn't want them, she wouldn't force her. Finally, she watched as Sanya continued eating, she was getting the hang of it, and that was exciting. "Well, he probably wants to see you, shall I tell him to wait? I told him to go to his room..."
Sanya_Blossom's avatar

Benevolent Cutie-Pie

"Why would he want to see me? He barely even remembered who I was... let alone care for me. Plus, since... this incident I don't think I can look at his void black eyes..." Another bite but this time she managed to keep control of fork and not drop it. Taking smaller, gentle bites allowed her to relax her body and not strain her leg muscles so much.

There was sincerity in her voice when speaking about Caellum, or the fallen angel Caellum that she was referring too. Her actions seem that she was ignoring the conversation, it was merely her body and mind working independently of each other. One focused on learning to survive while the other brought back memories, times with the blonde idol boy.

"It's a good thing I'm small, I couldn't imagine someone doing this with a pot belly. Oh. Where'd Bear run off too? He can probably come back now, I think I can do this without flashing everyone in the room my underwear."

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