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((Going to bed for the night, if you guys don't mind could you make a couple of posts, I really want to get Sanya out of the bed whee That way I can start dealing with the change and when I'm the only one online I can make posts where I'm trying to learn basic things all over again! Made at RP post on the last page too))
(Whats really upsetting is that he had been trying for years after hs to get into the army, and I was so proud, he had finally gotten in. And then he calls me last night...to say that he was sorry he was mia...I thought he was busy training...I've never felt more disappointed. This is a guy I've been in love with since day 1, and he apparently has these unconditional feelings for me. But he always puts himself away because he doesn't feel he's good enough...It is so frustrating, because he's just like my father, and I will not be in love with a man who is JUST like my father. Sorry you guys, I'm just extremely frustrated.)

Skylar gulped, glancing at Bear who had his head tilted curiously. "Um...No Sanya, we did not have a fight with Caellum...not yet. But...you need to not freak out over what your going to...um...figure out in the next few moments."

Bear bit his lip. "Skye and me, and Miss Key...we'll..." he didn't exactly know what to say, this whole thing was knew to Bear, as it was to Sanya. As a dog, he would have just laid his head on Sanya's shoulder and whined. So thats what he did, and nuzzled her hair.
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((aww I'm sorry Victson, I wish I knew what to say to help. I would think that if he was in rehab it means he's going through some troubled times and maybe he needs someone to be there for him. You being there could maybe spark something, change things? I'll reply later, got some things to do today!))
(That's the thing, he isn't going through troubled times he's just troubled or a ******** up. Its really annoying and upsetting. He has so much talent, now he is abandoning all that to become some hippie and has no direction, though I clearly set goals for him. I'm so tired and he makes me feel guilty for trying to have a relationship)
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((Oh, I'm sorry Victson. I know that has to be hard thing to deal with but maybe for you own good, you have to give him an ultimatum. If he changes to this hippie lifestyle it's not the man you once loved right? So maybe you just have to put the choice out there for him. Even if it means he doesn't pick you. It will hurt at first but after some time, you'll feel better. Then again what I'm saying may be stupid, I dunno. Either way, you can always come here and vent to us, we'll listen!))

A confused look crossed Sanya's face, her eyes still darting back from Miss Copperkey's worried look to Skylar's expression as well. "Freak out? I don't understand." Sanya inched her way up the pillow and raised herself up off the bed till she was now sitting on the bed. She flashed a timid smile at Bear, "Stuff like that is cuter when you were a dog. As a big guy... it's a little embarrassing."

Playfully, Sanya went to place her hand on Bear's head like she was patting him. Instead of her hand, the ends of the tied sleeves slapped Bear gently on top of his head. Her eyes narrowed, tilting her head slightly at the sight. She raised her arm up, looking at the cloth that now dangled straight down where her elbow used to be. Instinctively she raised her other arm up, only to be greeted with the same mirrored scene. Both of her arms hanging out in front of her, the cloth sleeves dangling down. She dropped them both down to her side with force, like her shoulders had just given out.

"I can feel my hand... but..." She raised her left arm up again, staring at it. Truly, she could feel the top of her hand itch but her eyes could not see them. Her mind was struggling to make sense of the situation when suddenly it all started to come back to her. That evening, the shadow figure, the attacks, the failing shield, the snow, the blood, the pain, that laugh.

Tears began to form at her eyes, her eyelids began to overfill and quickly the tears rolled down her cheek. She remembered everything but not just that night, she thought of Caellum, she thought of Albie, it was all coming back and it needed to come out. Her crying intensified, the tears falling off her chin stained the white bedsheets pulled up to her waist. It seemed to last for hours, just Sanya crying while the others sat in silence waiting for her to adjust.

Finally she was just sitting there, the tears had dried up even though her body was still visibly trying to cry. After she calmed down, the tension easing up, Sanya bowed her head. "Where... why..." She held up what was left of her arms, Sanya knew exactly what had happened and why she was missing her arms but she just wanted to hear it from someone. So that she wasn't insane and this was indeed the truth.

((BTW, yesterday morning I was talking to Miss Copperkey and she had to go for a drive and she hasn't been back since. I'm probably over thinking it but after Sammy's accident, I'm kinda worried.))
Skye quickly clenched Sanya's shoulder, "We found them." She said earnestly, "And Key here will find a way to reattach them." Her grip tightened. 'Sanya, we're going to be here. As much as I hate to say it, Bear and I just might stay longer than we had planned." She smiled, "besides, you might have some talent you didn't know you had. And now you'll be able to use your magic for more than just protection...you're going to need it. And I'll teach you to fight...I'm a great kickboxer.'

It was all word vomit she wanted to spill so badly, but this was a situation she needed to handle delicately."Sanya. It will be okay. Trust me on this." She winked, one of her confident quirks and gave her real winning smile. "I'd hate to say it, but think of this as an adventure kiddo. And you're healing quite nicely." Okay...maybe that wasn't as delicate as she wanted.

(I'm sure Key is fine, I do it all the time...leave then don't let anyone know I'm alive. Gives me a thrill.. lol And I wouldn't call Sammy's thing an accident. He's kinda a hero who needs to get his behind back here soon so we can finish playing his plot.)
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((Yeah it's ok, I've already talked to her. whee I've never known anyone to get seriously hurt like that so now I worry anytime things don't seem normal. I'll get over it once Sammy does come back though it's going on 3 days since he was supposed to be home. Also, I just thought of story line I could use her arms in in the future!))

Sanya kept her head bowed with her green eyes staring at the bed sheet she had wrapped around her waist. "I...how am I supposed to life? I don't want to depend on people my entire life!" Her voice grew in intensity as these thoughts raced in her mind. How would she cope, how would she continue to live a normal life. She looked up at Skylar, some tears had managed to find their way back to her eyes, making the bright emerald in them shine with vibrance even though her words were full of pain. "Why... why did it not just kill me? Why leave me as a... useless... freak..."
Skye sat next to her on the bed, "I used to go to this defense class when I was in my teens. One day I was doing my thing, not really caring when I saw this girl enter the ring. She had one leg, and she was ripped." For emphasis, Skye flexed. "This chick was 18, had a missing leg, but she was one of the best fighters I had ever seen. She took out three grown men in succession Sanya. You can be that awesome!" Skye sat back, petting Bear on the head lightly, "think of it this way, you will have different strengths then others, and different weaknesses. I'll even fix you a pair of weighted boots to get your leg strength up, and we can work on it when you fully heal."
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She listened to Skylar but her words gave little confidence. Sanya wasn't exactly known for being the most headstrong of people and really up until the day of the incident her instincts were to run away from everything. She raised up both of her arms again, the sleeve flaps angled out in front of her. Her eyes seemed to travel across the length of her small bicep and then jumping to the opposite arm.

She dropped them and crashed back into the bed, her long hair swinging wildly. "I should probably... learn to feed myself first..." With the reality settling in her mind Sanya was running every day activities through her mind and how she would accomplish them. It only made the feeling inside her deepen, she felt sick to her stomach.
"Bear, would you mind keeping Sanya company while I go and get her something to eat?"

He nodded while Skye left, then turned back to Sanya. "We'll help." He said with a smile, then doing what he did best, he scooted her over and crawled into bed with her, wrapped his huge arms around her and just cuddled the way dogs did. "Just pretend I'm a dog. This is what we do." His deep voice rumbled in his chest as he spoke. Time like these, he wished he was a dog. He would be able to sense her emotions, but at least he could be reassuring without being creepy about it.
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Sanya followed Skylar with her eyes as she exited the room, a large shift in the bed turned her attention away. As she turned her head Sanya her gaze was greeted by a large figure. For a moment she had forgotten the current situation, Bear's actions making her utter a small chuckle. "I don't think Caellum would like this very much... be careful! My arms are a little tender still..."

She attempted to rub her left arm with her right but the scene was reduced to her circling her right nub in the air. Sanya frowned before giving up and dropping both of them down to her side. She had stopped crying but the occasional tear managed to find it's way up to the corner of her eyes and escape when she focused on her situation.
He smiled, "I think you should stop caring about everyone else for once. It's time to focus on yourself." He nuzzled her side a bit, his breathing deep and heavy.

Skye finally came back, in her hands was a tray of a few biscuits, her home made rabbit soup in a cup, and a tall glass of water with a straw. "We're going to figure out how you can eat....did you give it any thought while I was gone?" Skye honestly had no clue, so she tried to make it as easy as possible with what they had. "Darn it I forgot the muffin. Blueberry right?" She asked, pushing Bear off the bed and onto the floor and placing the tray on Sanya's lap. "I'll be right back."

Bear popped up from his fallen position on the floor and licked his lips, eyeing one of the warm biscuits. He sat upright in an indian position, and turned his gaze to Sanya. "Need help?"

((How do you suppose Sanya is going to eat?)
(I'm actually gonna hit the sack. I'll jump on in the morn)
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((Already done my research! Most of the stuff I learned from watching the Tisha Unarmed videos from youtube. But here's how to eat (picture):
User Image
Would come easily for Sanya since she's small))

Sanya eyed the food, instinctively reaching over with her arm to pick something up off the tray. The long tied sleeve just dragged over the food. Another frown, she flicked her arm back to get the sleeve off of her food. She looked over at Bear, her cheeks slightly turning red. "Um no, I can figure this out, I don't want to be treated like a baby." She bent down, gently plucking a biscuit up from the tray with her lips. As she held the warm bread her eyes turned to Bear. She spit it out towards Bear, hoping he would catch it. "Help yourself... if you still want to eat it..."

Sanya was able to easily bend down and drink from the straw, the water was cool and refreshing. She didn't stop till the empty sucking noises rang from the inside of the glass. "Um Bear... could you do me a favor? I think... I think I know how I can eat but I'd rather... you, being a guy and all, not be here... just while I figure this out."

((Night Victson! I'm thinking that with this change, Sanya is going to develop a complex about her nubs (Like taking off her sleeves would be just as embarrassing for her as taking off her clothes) and being fed. Like it would be a big deal if she let someone feed her anything now. I'm moving kinda fast with the "adjustments" but that's just so I can hurry up and get back to normal RP and we can do the big Cafe story line that's planned or anything else!))
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Friendly Prophet

How long had it been for him since the last time he had gazed upon the towering walls of the inn?
Hundreds of years perhaps as time ran through his angelic form much faster in his world than that of the living and yet... yet he smirks much like the way he use to as a young adult.
He recalls the last days he had spent there before he had decided to drift the impending war away from the safe haven of the Copperkey cafe and into hell.
A war which had both damned his soul and rebirthed his body.
Caellum steps around the building, running his fingertips over the material used to build it.
It had been the first time in centuries for him since he had touched anything so concrete and physical. It left an exhilarated feeling deep inside him, eager to see what awaited him and even more so.. Prepared for the verbal abuse he was bound to receive from those who inhabited the inn.
Finally reaching the front door, he was careful to step inside slowly.
He had no real sense of time anymore and since he had arrived at a time where the sky was dark, he couldn’t be sure if it was night or early morning.
In which case, sometime by himself to allow all the memories to flood back and bring with them the human emotions that carried with them was crucial.
He closes the door behind him and takes in the sight and familiar scent. It warmed him in a way which only home could. He wondered if his room would still open for him and with light steps, he heads upstairs. The doorknob opens willingly and he smiles to himself. The room hadn’t changed but it did make his heart feel heavy. It was a reminder of a life he had forgotten. The posters on the walls displayed bands from his early young life and even the logo ‘Define Paradise’ was littered on several items around the room.
As he makes his way to the bed, he passes in front of a mirror and turns to gaze at himself. In reality, he hadn’t changed much as angels did not age but his eyes now reflected sparks of red, golden, and blue which swirled together… continuously moving around his pupils. In his angelic form, he now had gained a new set of wings… making the count up to four. He would gain the 5th and 6th only if his mission was safely succeeded.
Not bothered much by his physical appearance, though he looked a bit disheveled Caellum sits at the edge of his bed. There would be no sleep for the angel as sleep was for mortals. Though he doubted he would sleep much even if he had remained human. He had much to think about.
At the end of the war; a subject which he was still sore about, he had been given the opportunity to return to earth as a mortal or join Michael as a Arch angel. He had declined both offers and instead asked God himself for a personal request. And thus, Caellum would carry his choice for the rest of his life. No one but himself and his father knew exactly what the request had been but it was the very reason why he had returned to the inn.
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((I know you already PM'd me telling me you were home but I squee-ed like a little girl when I saw your post here!))

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